Title: Alone Forever

Chapter: One

Series: One Piece

Pairings: Zoro X Sanji

Rated: PG-13

Authors Note: I get Shounen Jump and we have yet to meet Sanji! So I am just taking him off of what everybody else has had him as. Though even then, he's out of character. So is everybody else in the story.

Enjoy. . . . ?


Zoro softly growled and flipped over on his bed so that he now laid on his stomach. It was 3:25 A.M. and everybody was asleep except for him.

It wasn't that Zoro didn't WANT to sleep, no. It was the fact that he COULDN'T sleep. He hasn't been able to sleep for the past couple of days.

And no, it wasn't because Luffy snored or that Usopp talked in his sleep.

Zoro growled and sat up. Leaning against the wall with is arms propped up on his knees, he sighed and stared at the sleeping figure across the room from him.

The Source of his problems.


Zoro glared at the sight of him.

'Bastard.' He thought. 'Do you have any idea how sexy you are?'

Zoro continued to glare at the blonde cook for another minute before he climbed out of bed and walked out of the door.

He rested his hands on the railing and inhaled the cool ocean air.

Exhaling he closed his eyes.

Valentine's Day is the day after tomorrow.

Zoro knew that Sanji was going to make a big meal and Luffy, Nami, and Usopp were going to decorate the ship.

They were also going to stop at the nearest island to stock up on supplies or get gifts.

'Whatever.'' Zoro thought, reopening his eyes. He was planning on maybe telling Sanji how he felt, thus the reason of insomnia.

Zoro looked up at the moon shinning down on him. It seemed to magnify the dark circles under his eyes and his green hair seemed to glow in its soft light. The stars seemed to wink teasingly at him as if laughing, saying he couldn't do it. That he'd be alone forever.

"Shut up." He growled.

He turned and walked to the front of the ship where there was a hammock. He laid down with is hands behind his head and closed his eyes, not wanting to look at the laughing specks in the sky.

Maybe he could get a few minutes of sleep outside.

Nami sighed from where she stood in the crow's nest.

She knew that Zoro hasn't been getting any sleep.

Just yesterday he pretended to be asleep when everybody else got up.

'He pretends for out benefit. So we don't have to worry about him.' She thought.

She also knew why he wasn't getting any sleep.

The handsome cook of the Going Merry was to blame.

She sighed again and watched as Zoro tossed around in the hammock below.


Authors Note: All chapters are going to be about this long. But I have them all written out so all I have to do is type them. And I will update once or twice a week.