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Chapter 26

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"Russ?" Jesse repeated Emma's last word and Emma just nodded. "The pimp—Russ?" Jesse continued.

Emma raised her eye brows. "How many Russ do we actually know, huh, Jesse?" she spat out irritably, folding her arms across her chest and murmuring something under her breath.

"Well then that would make it easier." Shalimar shifted on her seat, raising her arms to emphasize her point. "We know him and he knows us—well, Emma and Jesse at the very least." She added throwing a glance at Brennan who is lying peacefully on the med bed near Adam.

Adam shook his head. "Not necessarily." He crossed his arms in front of his chest, almost like Emma who was still throwing Jesse exasperated look, before he lifted his gaze to his team.

"Why not?" Shalimar's brow met. "That pimp obviously has to hots on Emma, we all sense that. We don't need Emma's ability to discern that." Shalimar exclaimed almost about to stand up. "She could meet him and trick him into giving her the file."

"Easy said than done." Adam began pacing around the room. "I trust he does not work alone." He searched Emma's eyes for an answer and Emma just nodded. "Yeah, he would not be doing it for nothing. There might be a reason." He started explaining, throwing each member of his team glances while he pause. "There should be. He would not go through all this efforts without reasons wh--." Adam suddenly halted and turned to Franscis. "Doctor, you've seen the man, I trust."

Franscis stared at Adam blankly for a moment and then shook his head. "We never met. We just talked on the phone."

Adam frowned as he gazed at the young doctor. He opened his mouth to speak but closed it back again finding that he was unable to make out any word. There was a moment of stunned silence as they all looked at Franscis, all unable to speak. "You never saw him?" Adam asked him again and he shook his head at once.

"He must have set this up." Shalimar interrupted them. The whole team was now looking at Shalimar.

Adam, who appeared to be thinking, threw a question at her. "Set this up?"

"Yeah, that would really be easy." Shalimar continued, smirking on her sit. "You might after all know this person." Her eyes darted towards Franscis before she raised her right brow. "What mess have you been doing?" she demanded.

"That's enough!" Adam raised his voice to be heard for Shalimar was almost shouting at Franscis. Shalimar turned to him, her brows knitted. "Adam, he's under our roof. It's only right that we know everyth—"

"I said that's enough!" Adam announced, effectively silencing Shalimar and the rest. "There are ways to extract that fact. This is not it." He told them. Shalimar opened her mouth as if to say something but decided against it. Adam turned to Emma who was now leaning against the glass wall, staring blankly on her feet. "Emma," He called out to her, nudging her back to reality. "You should rest. I know the broadcast have consumed your energy." Emma nodded silently. "Jesse, take Emma to her room." Jesse straightened and nodded before he moved towards Emma, guiding her out of the laboratory. Emma threw a glance at the sleeping form of Brennan before she finally followed Jesse.

Shalimar, Adam and Franscis watched as Emma was shepherded by Jesse. Adam let out a loud sigh as he turned his gaze toward Shalimar. "You can rest here with Brennan." He glanced at the Mutant before turning towards Franscis. "I dare say, we have lots to talk about, don't you agree?" Franscis nodded silently. "Then my office would be a good location." He said and then beaconed the young doctor to follow.

Franscis followed Adam quietly. They threaded the Sanctuary silently away from the lab. The young doctor's mind was nudged by Shalimar's question. He wondered who wanted him dead and why. The only person he could think of is the head of Genomex but he has left the place long ago and he have already told them countless times that he does not have any files and that he is not going to work for them anymore. Why would they want him dead then? His mind was occupied that he bump against the wall when Adam made a turn.

"Are you okay, doctor?" Adam inquired.

Franscis blushed in deep crimson and nodded. "Uhm, yes." he said gingerly petting her head.

Adam nodded and motioned, again, for the door waiting for the young doctor to follow him.

Shalimar watched as Adam ushered Franscis to his office. Then when there was no one around but the still unconscious Brennan, Shalimar's tears flowed freely from her eyes. She wanted Brennan so badly and she was so close to having that aim. Brennan has agreed to marry her and that had made everything perfect. It does not matter if she does not have Brennan's heart; it does not matter if he is still in-love with someone, no, it does not matter. But now her dreams which took her a few years to make is slowly crumbling down. And the worst part is she's losing a battle which she has made on her own. She knew she was playing a dirty game. She knew all along that if only Brennan would think carefully he would soon realizes that Shalimar's child couldn't possibly be his.

Glancing towards Brennan, Shalimar took a couple of step towards his sleeping form. "Brennan, I love you. Why can't you love me." She murmured into a quiet sobbed before she heard Brennan moan for someone. She held her breath as the name ate her heart out. "Emma. Emma!" Brennan called out and a silent plea. "Emma, stay." Brennan moaned and held Shalimar's hand. He was still asleep and perhaps, Shalimar thought, that he was dreaming. Shalimar responded by gripping Brennan's hand tighter.

"Emma, stay, please." Brennan moaned again.

"Yes, I will." she said softly as tears continued to fall from her eyes.