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Notes - A valentine's fic for Shishido and Ohtori, with a slight AtobeJiroh bit at the end. This means Shounen Ai, if you is not liking, then you is not reading. There.

Summary - Ohtori never knew his double's partner could be so descriptive.



Shishido rolled his eyes for the three-thousand-seven-hundred-and-sixty-second time that day, if he had to suffer another squeal from another girl proclaiming her undying love to some unsuspecting guy, he would murder someone.

'I swear, this has got to be the stupidest day of the year… One more squ…'


Shishido's eyebrow was twitching; his tolerance only lasted so much, and which girl would proclaim her *undying* love to…, wait, KABAJI? Shishido whirled around dramatically, and sure enough, behind him, he saw Kabaji being hugged, no, squished, by a girl who was half his height.

He shuddered mentally. The image was scary, very scary, that guy looked like Frankenstein's cousin, how any one would ever like him was… well, impossible to comprehend. Shishido shuddered once more, he was sure to have nightmares that night. Girls who wore pink all the time had bad taste, girls who liked Kabaji, had no taste at all. Shishido shuddered again. She must part of an alien mutant species created genetically in a science lab by deranged and demented scientists who were part of a plot to destroy the world!

Or maybe not.

Today was valentine's day, and in Shishido's opinion, the most pointless occasion of the year. Atobe, on the other hand, seemed to enjoy it and took great amusement in being flooded with three times the usual fanmail. Although Shishido wondered why having to dump all those lame letters with pink hearts and, horror!, perfume, (which he considered a crime) in the dustbin could make someone happy. It was just a stupid day to give girls a reason to spend money, dress up and try to flirt with the so-called, object of her affections, something, which he knew, would change every week. Girls, Shishido thought, were the most weird creatures to roam the earth.

But the fourteenth of February was the most important day of the year for Shishido, which was why he was carrying a huge present and a card in his hand right now, and standing right next to a locker, which was not his, waiting for a special someone.

Where was he? As far as Shishido had been concerned, Choutarou had never been late, ever. Or at least, Shishido always came in late, with a grand entrance prepared and complete with cherry on top, and perhaps he had missed Choutarou coming in late.

He scanned the crowd impatiently, looking for his doubles partner. Instead, he spotted his captain looking at him. For once, Atobe, not Kabaji, was the one holding Jiroh; well, Atobe was holding him differently, he had his hand…, Shishido really did not want to know. Atobe leveled him a look, with a smirk on his face and a raised eyebrow, appearing supremely amused. He responded with a nod and was about to turn away when Atobe jerked his head to the side. Shishido turned his gaze to the direction Atobe motioned at, and his eyebrows, like Atobe's, went up immediately.

On the other side of the corridor, Choutarou was being ambushed by a slightly (read: very) crazed girl who was trying to kiss him. Said boy looked very frightened and was desperately trying to escape her clutches. So this was the crazy psycho girl Choutarou had been trying to avoid for the past few days, it seemed that she finally managed to corner him.

Shishido looked on with amusement, he had no doubt that Choutarou would find a way out of his… unfortunate encounter, but he slowly inched towards the two, just in case. He, for one, wouldn't let anyone do anything to his doubles partner.

Choutarou seemed to have caught sight of him, since the taller boy started gesturing frantically at his senior to help him. Still, Shishido watched on, this was good blackmail material. Atobe, however, grew tired of the girls squeals and gushes and ordered Kabaji to help his Kouhai.


Kabaji detached the girl who was clinging on to him so easily that made Shishido wonder why he had not done it earlier, and took three steps to cross the entire expanse of the hallway and pried the crazy psycho stalker girl off Choutarou, who was currently turning blue due to air depravation.

Choutarou sighed in relief and thanked his Senpais, then approached Shishido. He opened his mouth to say something to Shishido, presumably to ask his Senpai he why did not help him, but Shishido closed the gap between them in two steps and whispered softly, his mouth dangerously close to Ohtori's ear.

Happy Birthday Choutarou. I presume I'll see you later?'

Then without waiting for an answer, he passed the present and the card to him and walked off, whistling innocently. Ohtori was still blushing profusely at his senpai's proximity. He opened the card and read it, it was a simple birthday greeting, with a note at the bottom.

My letter is in the present.

Ohtori opened the present, it was a key, and a note was clipped to it, an address penned in neat handwriting written on it. He unfolded the letter that lay at the bottom of the small box and read it, his already red face became redder and redder as he reached the bottom.

He never knew his Senpai had such good vocabulary, nor had he known that his Senpai could be so descriptive.

Atobe was still watching, his smirk never leaving his face and his eyebrow still quirked. He knew Shishido had something up his sleeve when he asked to leave practice earlier the day before. Strolling casually up to the other Hyoutei Regular, Jiroh still slung snorking happily over his shoulder, his smirk intensified.

"Ohtori, I just wanted to ask again, are you still free for the party today at my house?" Atobe asked, already knowing the answer, but asking only for the sake of seeing his Kouhai squirming. Making people squirm was fun, no wonder Seigaku's Fuji enjoyed it.

Ohtori shifted uncomfortably, his blush further intensifying and he was looking everywhere but the letter and at his captain.

"Uh, I've just got some new plans for tonight, Atobe-san. I'm afraid I can't make it anymore. Gomenasai Senpai.." Ohtori said eventually, still looking as though he wanted to bolt, Atobe chuckled, he was right, he had seen those keys before, more specifically, he had seen them in Shishido's bag.

"Ah, Shishido can't make it either…Never mind." Atobe finished, an evil grin in place of his smirk, the day just got better and better, he wondered what Mukahi would do if he found out. But he decided, for the sake of all their nerves and eardrums, that he would let the errant double's player find out in his own time, preferably after he lost his voice.

Atobe turned and left, noticing how Ohtori left quickly in the direction Shishido took, even though his classroom happened to lie on the opposite side of the campus.

Atobe always wondered (or perhaps not) why Shishido had chosen to live in an apartment on his own after starting to play doubles with Ohtori. But for now, he had better things to do, for one, Jiroh was still sleeping, and there was an empty classroom handy nearby…

Oh Damn… the bell had started ringing.


Author's notes

Okay, this was my first TeniPuri fic, so you have to forgive me if I made any errors. Atobe and co. may seem a bit out of character since I haven't really researched into Hyoutei yet. Forgive my Jap as well, it's kinda rusty, haven't used it in my fics for quite a while.

This is a valentines day fic, I actually have a few typed out. I'll post one more in two days time and the rest on Valentines day.