This is weird little fic about Valentine's Day. It centered on. Melody. Yes I know it's a shock, my stomach churns every time I think about it. But it just popped into my head and I had to write it.

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Here we go.


February 11th, 12:00 pm - Three Days before Valentine's Day 

Werner sat at chair idly looking over some papers as he bit into a sandwich. Leehalt was definitely overworking him. Werner sighed deeply as he set the papers aside. He did want to rejuvenate Filgaia, but work during his lunch hour? Eating was more important than pleasing Leehalt. That's for sure. Werner took a huge bite out his sandwich. He really missed Ekatrina's cooking; then again he really missed her.

            Suddenly Melody plopped into the chair next to him. Werner vaguely wondered why she couldn't sit somewhere else. Melody, though usually nice, was vain. There was no other way to describe it. A conversation with her would usually entail hearing her life story twice over. And Werner really wasn't in the mood.

            However, Melody seemed to lack her usual bravado as she mumbled, "Umm. Werner do you know what special occurrence is coming up?"

            Werner thought for a second then replied, "Is there a sale on clothes or makeup?"

            Melody gaped at him. "Are you making fun of me?" she asked.

            Werner hadn't meant to insult her. It was a pretty logical answer. He apologized anyway.

            Melody nodded. "Hmm. it's okay I guess." She inhaled deeply. "The special occurrence is Valentine's Day. Its three days from now. And we're having a party. Isn't it great." she announced with much more enthusiasm than needed. Leehalt, who was nearby, muttered something under his breath that sounded remarkably like "senile woman." Melody flashed an obscene gesture behind his back but otherwise ignored Leehalt.

            "Yes, it is," answered Werner instantly thinking of Ekatrina. He had forgotten all about the holiday even though the party had been scheduled weeks before.  Werner suddenly became aware of the awkward silence he had created. "Do you have anyone special in mind?" he blurted out suddenly. He said it to be polite but immediately regretted it; he didn't want to hear about all of Melody's potential boyfriends. But it was too late to take it back.

            Melody's cheeks flushed slightly as she managed to blurt out, "No not really. How about you do you have anyone?"

            "My wife of course."

            Melody was shocked. She hadn't known. "Oh well. that makes sense" she mumbled, casting her eyes downward. She glanced up, smiling forcibly. "Eh well get her something nice you hear? Something like chocolate," she announced.

            Werner nodded, a bit surprised by Melody's behavior. "Umm. sure."

            "It's what every girl wants from her Valentine," she added. Noting Werner's puzzled look she stood up. "Well I got to get going okay? Bye." He watched Melody walk away more than a little confused about what had happened.


            "You knew he was married?!" exclaimed Melody her temper flaring up. Malik nodded half-heartedly.

            "Yup, I did," he replied, failing to understand why she was screaming at him.

            "Ugh. and you let me almost make a fool out of myself?" she asked in disbelief.

            Malik sighed quietly. "I didn't know you were going to do something so stupid, okay. Now if you'll excuse me I have work to do." He turned away.

            Melody, in her frustration, picked up a blank sheet of paper from Malik's desk. Malik watched with a sort of detached interest as she crumpled it into a tight little ball. He was slightly surprised when it hit him in the face.

            "Take that," she declared. Malik stared at her.

            "That was strange." he began after a considerable amount of time had passed. "But I suppose it was better than the time you threw a chair at me."

            "I couldn't throw it today, you're sitting on it," stated Melody as she pointed at him. Malik laughed.

            "And people say I'm weird."

            "You are Malik. You are," mumbled Melody suddenly sounding tired.

            "What's wrong?" asked Malik with just a hint of concern.

            "He's married," yelled Melody.

            "Oh is that all?" asked Malik as he picked up a pen and scribbled something on a piece of paper. Melody glared at him.

            "You're so insensitive," she scolded. He nodded and looked over some notes that he had jotted down. "Well, say something," Melody commanded.

            "I say that he's off limits and you should chase someone else." replied Malik. He paused as if thinking. "Also I doubt you'd succeed in breaking Werner and Ekatrina apart if you're that type of woman."

            Melody scowled at him. "Why couldn't I? And who could ever replace Werner?"

            "You can't because Ekatrina and Werner love each other and have a daughter. Also anyone could replace Werner."

            "So what, I could care for Virginia. And who is anyone?"

            Malik sighed and put down the pen he'd been chewing. "You can't rip a child away from their mother, it's not right." He muttered something to himself that Melody couldn't hear. "And.anyone is anyone."

             "Who's anyone? Someone like you?" asked Melody. Malik threw his head back and laughed. Melody glared at him. "What's so funny?"

            "Nothing. I'm not included in 'anyone'. I meant someone like Duran or maybe even Elliot."

            "Well then, in that case I must separate Ekatrina and Werner."

            Malik shrugged his shoulders. "If you insist in wrecking a perfect family relationship, have fun and talk to Leehalt, he'll help." Malik seemed in hurry to get her out of his office it seemed. Melody, taking the hint, thanked him and left.

            Malik picked up the horribly chewed up pen as if to write something. He suddenly started laughing. "Someone like me?" he mumbled shaking his head in disapproval. He began to chew the pen once more.


            ". And I said I wanted to break up Werner and Ekatrina.and he told me to come see you." concluded Melody hiding her anxiety. The way Leehalt looked at her when she said 'Ekatrina' made Melody wonder if she'd make it out alive. She was very relieved when Leehalt simply smiled.

            "Malik's right," began Leehalt pleasantly. "I can help you. but it'll take a little work." He paused, glancing about suspiciously. Paranoia was one of Leehalt's dominant traits. "Come closer." He commanded. Melody leaned in close eager to hear what Leehalt had planned.

            He whispered something in her ear. Melody nodded. More whispering. Shock. Whispering. "Leehalt that just may work!" exclaimed Melody pulling away. "So we start tomorrow?"


            Melody smiled. Maybe Leehalt wasn't as crazy as she had thought. And maybe. just maybe Valentine's Day would actually be great.


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