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Jak found Torn on the roof of the Underground hideout. The older man was watching the city as the sun set. He hadn't noticed Jak yet so the blond took the time to think about what he was going to say, how he was going to act and to brace himself for the expected answer.

Jak stepped forward. Torn turned at the sound.

"What do you want?"

"To talk," Jak answered.

"Really?" Torn sounded uninterested. Jak sat near him, legs dangling over the edge of the roof.

A mischievous smirk crossed Jak's face as he turned to face Torn.

"I notice you seem to care a lot about Ashelin," he said.

"And if I do?" Torn glared at Jak coldly.

"Nothing," Jak turned away from the Underground's leader. "Just thinking that maybe you're not as cold as I first thought." Jak gazed out over the city. "You obviously care a lot about the city too.or do you just want rid of Praxis?"

"I want the child on the throne and the metal heads gone," Torn replied.

"So, do you care for Underground members as well?" Jak asked.

"What are you getting at?"

"Do you care about Tess, Samos, Daxter, Hell, even me?"

"Daxter I would like to deep fry and you I don't particularly care about either," Torn told him coldly. "Why? Do you care about me?" Torn asked mockingly.

"Not particularly," Jak replied, sending a smirk in Torn's direction.

"If that's all, I'm going inside," Torn left Jak sitting alone on the roof.

When Jak was alone he allowed himself to finally acknowledge the pain in his heart. The blond sat back against as chimney* and drew his knees up close.

'He doesn't care.not a bit.' Jak thought miserably. 'He-he.oh, Hell, he gave you the answer you expected. Besides, even if he did care a little, he probably wouldn't admit it anyway.' The criticising side f Jak broke in. But, although Jak hadn't expected Torn to admit to caring about him, it didn't lessen the pain.

"Jak?" Daxter appeared next to his best friend. "I saw Torn inside, he said you were out here," the ottsel said quietly. "Not a nice answer, huh?" Daxter knew how his friend felt about Torn and that he was going to see if there was any hope that night.

"He gave me the answer I expected, Dax. But it still hurts," Jak looked at his friend with heart-broken eyes. "I love him but I didn't expect him to love me back and know I know he never will." Jak was trying desperately not to collapse into tears. Daxter climbed into his arms to comfort him.

Unknown to them, Torn had heard every word.

'I'm sorry Jak. I love you too but people like us aren't accepted in Haven City and I won't have you killed because of me.'

Torn turned and walked away as the sounds of Jak finally giving way to quiet tears made their way to his ears.

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