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Jak didn't know how long he'd cried over the body of Torn before burying him alone near the place they had called home for the past six months. They'd had no digging tools so Jak had worked day and night digging a grave with his bare hands. Once it was deep enough the blond, crying softly had lifted the body of his lover into the ground. He placed a gentle kiss on Torn's forehead and lowered him into the ground.

Burying him didn't take as long as digging the grave, Jak noted as he watched the earth cover his love.

Jak spent the rest of the day there, crying by the grave. Daxter found him there a few hours later. Without a word the furry orange ottsel stood next to Jak with a comforting paw on his arm.

"I know it won't help but, so you know, Tess slapped Ashelin for not helping. I just wish we'd been there when Ashelin..." Daxter didn't have to say anymore.

"Daxter, you've always been there for me and Torn too once we were exiled out here. You've already done so much for us. Without you we'd both already be dead and we'd never have had a chance to be happy together like we were," Jak said quietly.

They lapsed into a silence broken only by Jak's quiet sobs.

A few weeks later Jak was still spending all his time by the grave. Daxter wasn't sure if he left at all. He ate very little and was getting very thin. A few days before Jak had begun to talk to the grave as though Torn were still alive.

"...I miss you so much. I love you like I've loved no other person. Daxter told me the other day or maybe it was today. I don't know any more...anyway, he told me he thinks I'm going insane! Maybe I am, maybe I'm not...I don't know anymore..." Jak babbled to the grave. A few wild flowers were growing on it and Jak had carved Torn's name into a rock to place at the head of the grave.

Daxter watched a few feet away. Jak was losing it and he couldn't help. Still, babbling to a grave was better than morphing into Dark Jak and attacking Haven City. Daxter had been afraid that that was what Jak would do but he never seemed angry with the people of Haven City.

By the end of the month Jak was dangerously thin but he wasn't hungry. Daxter tried once to literally drag him away from the grave but wasn't prepared for the force Jak used to slap him away. The little ottsel's heart broke as he watched his friend continued to cry.

At the end of the next month Jak's tears had dried up. Daxter hoped this meant Jak was starting to get over his grief but Tess had doubts. Jak hadn't eaten for days despite pleading from both of them. They'd tried to make him eat by force too but it hadn't worked.

Deep down, they knew this was the end for Jak. He wouldn't last much longer and they wondered if he knew that. Jak was dying and only two people cared. It wasn't the way they'd ever expected Jak to die, mourning and pining for a lost lover. Dying in a fight with some nasty Metal Head or quietly and peacefully in his old age maybe but not like this.

Jak sat, wallowing in despair by the grave. He still whispered to Torn as though the older elf still lived. Sometimes he stopped, as though he was listening to a reply.

Jak did know that he would die very soon. A tiny part of him wanted to live for Daxter. He hated worrying his best friend but why live if only two people cared about him and the one he loved most was dead? The afterlife held more for Jak than life ever did.

His time was coming up. Jak could feel it. He lay down next to the grave, whispering an apology to Daxter for everything the ottsel had gone through because of him. Once comfortable, he closed his eyes.

"I'm coming Torn..."

Jak opened his eyes to find Torn looking down at him.

"Hey Jak," the older elf held out a hand to help Jak up. The blond took it, smiling happily.

"Hey Torn," He embraced Torn and held him tightly. "You waited."

"I said I would," Torn said, holding Jak just as tightly. They stood like that for a while, just glad to finally be together again. When they separated Jak looked around them.

They were standing in a brightly lit meadow despite the fact that there was no sun in the bright blue sky. Fluffy white clouds scudded across the sky though it seemed as though they were only there for decoration. The meadow was filled with flowers of every colour. In the distance to one side of Jak there were mountains and in the other direction there was the sparkling of sunlight on water. Laughter floated through the air and Jak couldn't help but smile as he kissed Torn over and over. Torn was smiling too as he returned the kisses.

"Come on Jak," Torn took Jak's hand and lead him away. "Welcome to Paradise."

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