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Authors Notes: I live in South Western Ontario and this story was inspired by the unusual weather we have been having this winter. I hope you enjoy the first chapter!

Beeeep Beeeep Beeeep

"Oh too early. Much too early." murmured a very tired blond trying to shut off her alarm clock. She found the snooze button easily as she hit it every morning in the attempts to get a few more minutes of sleep. Satisfied with the ceasing noise she rolled over and drifted back to sleep.

"Serena wake up!" meowed her amber eyed friend. With very little success in waking her, the indigo coloured feline jumped on to her protégé's chest. The wait of the dear guardian caused the young girl to sit up quiet rapidly sliding the cat from her body.

Regaining her footage Luna stated "Well at least your up. You are going to be late for school if you don't get up and out the door in the next five minutes." Serena looked at her clock in alarm and jumped out of bed and into her junior high uniform. Scrambling around her room gathering her books and backpack, she scolded the cat for not waking her earlier, to which Luna rolled her eyes. Flying down the stairs Serena pulled her hair into her trade mark two bunned style. She ran through the kitchen past her mother and grabbed a piece of toast. Attempting to eat her toast Serena grabbed her winter jacket and loafers and made her way towards the front door.

"Wait Serena you may need.." But it was too late she was already out the door into the worst snow storm Tokyo had seen in years. Her feet sank into knee high snow and a mix of ice pellets, snow, and wind blew all around her. Serena took one look around and hopped back into her warm house.

"You have got to be kidding me" Serena muttered to herself.

"As I was saying my dear" started her mother "you may want your boots and perhaps some mitts and a hat."

Serena frowned at this and in her cutest voice said "Maybe you could just drive me to school today?"

"Sorry hunny your dad has the car at work" replied her mother. This caused Serena to scowl. The thought of going back out into that blizzard was unpleasant to say the least. So reluctantly she put on her boots, grabbed a hat and some mittens and prepared herself for a very unpleasant walk to school.

The cold was almost unbearable. Her cheeks burned, and her legs were freezing. A skirt did very little to protect against the icy cold. "Since when does Tokyo get this cold anyway?" Serena growled to herself. The snow was coming down like a blanket she could barley see what was in front of her. It crossed her mind to transform into the champion of love and justice Sailor Moon, and blast her way to school. Though she new if Luna ever found out, she would be in some serious trouble, so she trudged along slowly. If she thought she was going to be late before, she was really going to be late now. Thoughts of detention drifted into her head and caused her to pick up the pace. This was probably not the best idea as it ended with Serena face first in a pile of snow. Picking herself up and brushing off snow Serena remarked to her self "At least when the sidewalk is covered with snow it doesn't hurt to land on." She walked a few steps further when a red sports car pulled up beside her and a familiar voice rang in her ears.

"Meatball Head you look like the abominable snow man, do you need a ride?" Serena was angered by the comparison of her to a monster, and normally the thought of being trapped in a car with her mortal enemy for any length of time was unbearable, but it was an offer she couldn't refuse. Serena stepped over to the car carefully as not to trip again opened the door and slid into the warm car.

Serena turned her head towards her dark haired rescuer, and saw a mocking smile on his finely structured face. "And what is so funny Darien Chiba?"

Pulling away from the side walk Darien stated "Well I was just thinking you have a hard enough time walking on normal days when the roads aren't covered with snow and ice. What made you think you could do it on a day like today?"

"Haha very funny jerk, but I can guarantee you if you were walking outside today, you would have just as much trouble" retorted Serena sticking her pink, still cold nose into the air. "And why did you offer me a ride if you are just going to make fun of me anyway?"

"Because I may be a jerk Meatball Heard, but I'm not heartless and you looked pathetic lying there in the snow."

"I was hoping he didn't see that" Serena quietly said to herself.

The warm car caused the feeling to slowly return to her body. Serena made a mental note to wear pants tomorrow and change into her skirt once she arrived at school. She rubbed her legs in an attempt to speed up the warming process. Driving in the direction of her school Darien looked over at the blond sitting next to him. Her face was undoubtedly pretty. Pink lips, round sky blue eyes hooded with dark fluttering lashes. His eyes traveled down to her legs. Her skirt had risen to just above her knees, revealing pink thighs. He had to admit she did have pretty nice legs, even though he could see at least three burses on each. I suppose she is pretty good looking, when she's not falling down. Darien thought to himself. He saw Serena's hands rubbing up and down her thighs, and an image of his own hands providing her this service flashed through his head. Surprised by this sudden thought Darien jerked his eyes away from her and concentrated on the snow covered roads.

Lost in her own thoughts of detention Serena stared out the window as her school came into view. She glanced over at Darien to find him focused on the roads. "I guess the roads aren't much clearer than the sidewalks hu?" remarked the blond.

"You got that right" he said, as he pulling into the drive way of Serena's school. "Tokyo isn't use to getting this much snow and no one really knows how to deal with it, especially you. Why would you were a skirt in this weather?" replied Darien.

"Errrr and here I thought maybe you were going to start being nice to me" and with that Serena exited the car, and walked up towards the school, only slipping once. Darien couldn't help but laugh at the fifteen year old's coordination problems. The collage student then looked at his watch and realized he was now probably going to be late for class too and drove away.

Serena stomped her feet free of snow upon entering the building. She had to admit it was odd for Darien to offer her a ride, but looking back outside seeing the weather get even worse she decided had it been reversed she probably would have done the same for him. Though she doubted she would ever find Darien laying face down in a snow drift. Remembering how late she was Serena speeded up and ran towards her class. "I'm really sorry I'm late Miss H" started Serena while changing out of her boots and into her loafers "but it is unbelievable outside" came Serena's attempt to get out of detention.
"It's alright Serena, take a seat" was the formal reply from her teacher. Surprised Serena looked up and was shocked to see there was only a hand full of students in the room. She took her seat quickly before Miss Huruna changed her mind and decided perhaps she was deserving of a detention. The room was fairly silent with so few students. Lessons had not yet commenced as Miss H. waited for the possibility of more students arriving. Serena sat at her desk, bored with no one to talk to. Looks like Molly didn't make it today, Serena thought to herself. Sighing she opened her book bag and searched for a comic to look through while she waited for lessons to begin.

"Serena, Wake up!"

Jerking awake, Serena opened her eyes to an empty rather dark class room. Seeing the confusion on Serena's face Miss H. explained to the C - student that the building had lost power and the students were being sent home. She also informed Serena that she would be serving detention tomorrow for falling asleep five minutes after arriving. A little depressed about the detention Serena grabbed her belongings and exited the class room happily. Serena glanced around the empty halls and saw fellow sailor soldier and friend Amy taking several books out of her locker.

"Wow can you believe we go the whole day off Ames" said an excited Serena as she walked towards the short blue haired girl.

"Well I don't know if I'd go as far to say that Serena" replied Amy "with the afternoon off we'll have more time to study for our mid term tomorrow."

"Oh Amy you have got to be kidding me" groaned the blond "you can't study on snow days, it's like a rule. I say we walk over to the arcade and get a bite to eat"

"Serena you know as well as I do that this is a big test tomorrow, and you especially need to study"

"But I can't study when I'm hungry. I promise I'll study really really hard right after we're done eating."

Amy feeling a little hungry herself, and knowing Serena would not give up any time soon agreed to Serena's deal. The two exited the school and stepped back out into the blizzard. It was a good thing the arcade was just around the corner because Amy was having almost as much trouble as Serena walking in the snow. The skies were black with snow clouds, and the snow didn't seem like it would be letting up and time soon. As the girls trudged along the side walk, Amy wondered if this odd weather was perhaps an evil scheme conspired by the negaverse, and made a mental note to do a little research on her computer once they arrive at the arcade. Serena's mind however was only occupied by two things, food, and Andrew the blond collage student who owned the arcade.

The girls arrived not too long after they set out. The arcade luckily still had power a detail Amy had considered, and Serena had never thought of. The girls entered the building and were grateful for the warm air surrounding them. As they looked around they realized the arcade was completely empty other then the bored looking blond standing behind the counter. Not caring in the least at being the only customer Serena stomped the snow off of her feet for the second time that day and waltzed right up to the man who occupied several of her thoughts.

"Hey Andrew!" greeted a happy Serena

"Haha Serena you are the only person I know who would risk a snow storm for mediocre diner food and video games." Andrew said with a kind look on his face. Serena smiled. She as well as Amy took a seat at the counter. "Well maybe not the only person" Andrew laughed. Hearing the door open Serena looked behind her and was disappointed to see her morning rescuer walking towards them.

"I didn't make my self late this morning helping you out so you could ditch school and hang out here Meatball Head" said Darien as he approached them. Slightly confused Amy and Andrew looked to Serena for her reply.

"Well even though it is none of your business, school is closed today. And how can you be late for class if you're not there." asked Serena.

Taking a seat on one of the bar stools Darien replied "Class was canceled for I'm assuming the same reason why your school sent you home, the weather. Or was it because you failed yet another test and they decided not to let you attend anymore?" Darien asked mockingly. Serena narrowed her eyes, stuck out her tongue and spun around in her chair turning her back to him.

"Well I'm glad to see you two are getting along better" Andrew said sarcastically. Amy sat quiet next to Serena. She never knew really what to say when Serena and Darien got into it.

"Serena, Amy would you like something to eat?" At the mention of food Serena perked up and eagerly ordered a large fries a burger and a large chocolate shake. Amy just ordered some fries. Andrew disappeared into the back to fix the orders.

"Serena it amazes me that you don't weigh six hundred pounds the way you eat. Honestly I have never seen such a small person eat so much food." Mocked Darien

Spinning back around to face him Serena replied "For your information I get a lot of exercise!" Amy giggled knowing Serena was referring to her adventures as Sailor Moon. This reminded Amy that she wanted to examine a few things on her computer so she politely excused her self and took a seat at a near by booth and did a little analyzing.

"Why do you care about what I eat anyway?"

"I don't give a damn what you eat Meatball head. It was just an observation. And I was slightly concerned that you may eat poor Andrew out of business leaving him with out a job."

"I don't know why I talk to you anyway" said Serena sticking out her tongue yet again.

"Oh that's mature."

"Don't talk to me."

The two sat in silence only for a minute when all of a sudden the room when dark. Amy looked up from her computer, when she heard Serena start to wail, and Andrew reappeared behind the counter.

"For the love you God Serena stop crying!" said Darien annoyed with noise coming from the blond. "What are you crying about anyway?"

In between sobs Serena said "I don't like the dark" The room was surprisingly dark considering the large window occupying most of one wall. However with the skies so black with clouds even though it was only mid morning you would have guess it to be much later in the day.

"Well ladies and gentlemen, that's it" started Andrew "with no power I'm afraid I'm going to have to close." Ceasing her wails and disappointed that she wasn't going to get anything to eat Serena put her coat back on and her and Amy walked towards the door. Serena tried to push the door open, but it didn't budge. She pushed again a little harder but still had no luck. Starting to get frustrated she pushed the door with all her might but had no success at all. Watching what he thought a pathetic display Darien walked up behind the two girls.

"Don't tell me you can't open the door Meatball Head" Darien laughed.

"I think its really stuck Darien" said Amy "It looked like she was pushing really hard."

"Really hard for Serena doesn't mean a whole lot" he replied.

"Well let's see you give it a try Jerk" said Serena moving off to the side. Darien walked over to the door and cockily tried to push it open. It didn't budge. He tried again pushing it harder. It still didn't move.

"Well it looks like Mr. Big and Strong can't get it open either" laughed Serena, pleased with Darien's failure. He shot her an evil look, and then tried ramming the door with his shoulder.

"What the hell is wrong with this fucking door?" Darien yelled. Serena was practically on the floor in stitches.

"I think it might be frozen" said Amy examining the frame.

"Oh come on you expect me to believe that the door froze in the fifteen minutes we've been in here" said a very annoyed Darien.

"I think she may be right man I mean look outside" said Andrew approaching them.

"Well there has to be some way to get it open" Darien scowled.

And so for the next half hour Darien and Andrew acted out ridicules schemes to get the door open with absolutely no success. The two finally gave up and took a seat next the girls at the counter.

"Why don't you just call the fire department, the phones are still working" stated Amy. Both Darien and Andrew shot her an annoyed look.

"You couldn't have suggested that before now?" said Andrew on the way to the phone. Serena sat surprising quiet on her stool. A few minutes later Andrew returned with bad news. He informed them that the fire department said there were people trapped all over the city and with the weather the way it is it could take up to twenty four hours to get them out.

"We're all going to die in a heap!" wailed Serena

"Thank you for that vote of confidence Serena" said Amy

"We're going to stave!" Serena cried.

"No we won't Serena, there are plenty of things we can eat without heating them" said Andrew trying to comfort the blond.

"Oh good" said Serena "Then we'll just freeze!"

"Serena stop crying!" yelled Darien "We are not going to freeze, it won't get that cold in here for a long time, and I'm sure Andrew has got blankets somewhere in here." This made Serena feel a little better but she wasn't totally sure she wasn't going to either stave to death or freeze. Darien and Andrew went into the back to look for some candles and blanket. Amy took this opportunity to express her thoughts about the negaverse to Serena. She told her about her research, and that she found nothing unusual at all.

"Amy that's it!" said an excited Serena.

"What's it?"

"Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury could get that door open!" stated Serena

"And how do you plan on explaining the presences of sailor soldiers and absence of Amy and Serena to Andrew and Darien?" asked Amy.

"Oh I guess I didn't think about that" said a disappointed Serena "We could just blast out and not worry about it right now."

"Serena." said an annoyed Amy.

"Yeah I know."

"Well we'll have lots of time to study now" remarked a happy Amy. And with that Serena dropped her head to the counter and prepared herself for a long day. She was trapped in a powerless arcade with Darien of all people, and a friend who was going to make her study. "Well at least I get to spend a whole day with Andrew" Serena said happily.

That's all for now, I hope you enjoyed it. The second chapter will be up in about two weeks. I would appreciate any reviews!