Lead the Way
Chapter 1: Pre Valentine

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Hi people… A new story by me… I hope you'll like it…

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Sakura is the best VJ and Syaoran is the best DJ. They worked on the same station but their eyes never crossed… (not until..) Was it really fate that isn't bringing them together (in important circumstances) or did FATE just let their hearts take over for them?

Sakura's Point of View

It's February 10 and oh God, by this time, I bet the malls are so full. Couples are ever so planning for their big date on the 14th or maybe preparing for that date. Good thing I'll be staying in the studio—just doing nothing but taping. Well yeah of course with my love team partner in showbiz. Ok you people might thing we really are together but no ok? Yes he likes me but I don't like him. His name is Alex by the way.

Yeah he's cute and all but something isn't right. I just want to be friends with him—no further than that. But hey that big guy surely isn't giving up. I am so expecting him to ask me in the 14th. I'm so sure of it dudes!

"Ok, guys!" shouted the director of my show—Mr. Hill. "VJs! Get ready!"

The whole crew started together up and prepared everything. I was just sitting in the couch while my hairdresser was fixing my hair and redoing my make up. Until now, my partner is out of sight. He told he would just make a phone call. Wow, what a long phone call it is.

"Hey where's Alex?" I asked finally when I thought they had seemed to forget about him. Who can blame me? They weren't even worried he's gone.

"He's just taking a quick break," my hairdresser—Michelle answered for me.

I snorted. "Oh so he can take a break while I stay here getting tired?" I said, a little annoyed.

"It's an emergency break for him, girl," she replied.

"Yeah whatever, so we're shooting LIVE without him then?" I asked. That is just so weird. He's leaving me on air.

"Yes, ok you're on," Michelle said to her and handed her some letters of her fans. "You're doing this everyday. Just read the mail and we'll play the song requested."

"Michelle, this will be different," I complained looking at the letters. "These aren't just from my fans. They are from…" I was cute off.

"From the people who adore you and Alex because you are such a good couple," Michelle finished up for her.

I smiled a little. "Ok the last part is not right. You know that."

"Sure I know that you guys are just friends and that you dumped him along time ago but he still ain't giving up."

"Yeah whatever," I ended.

So that's my 10th February. That was my day. I ended up talking and talking in our show reading out mails by myself without Alex. How dare him ditch me today? We have tutorials too this afternoon. Don't tell me he isn't going to be there too? I am so not attending in that class. I'm not spending an hour alone with Mr. Robert.

"Where is Alex, really?" I asked again to the whole crew when I just got out of my dressing room to leave the set.

Everyone then teased her. "So you care about him!" everyone said. "Do you miss him?"

"Shut up you guys!" I almost screamed. "I just don't want to be alone in Mr. Robert's class today."

"Excuses!" they teased again.

"Fine whatever, I'll just call him then," I said, giving up. I'm sure they're not going to stop teasing me.

"Don't be pissed so quickly," Mr. Hill said, coming up to me smiling. "First of all, you don't have any classes until February 16 with Mr. Robert. He's out of town because of the Heart season. And Alex—he's busy. He's unreachable. And by the way, Memorabilia, Hillside and The Partners for Life are all inviting you and Alex to be their guests on Valentine's Day."

"Why us?" I asked out of curiosity, getting the invitations from him. "And is it live?"

"Yes it IS live," he told me. "Don't tell me you're not used to it. You're like always on air everyday. Their theme is most probably about love teams or maybe couples in this station."

"I'll count me and Alex as just 'love team'," I said then said good-bye to all of them. I sighed in relief as I got to know that Mr. Robert is out of town but I can't believe that he has a date? Yes, I'm a bad girl.

It was my first time again for so many years now to be going out of the building alone. Since I worked with the channel 7, I walked out of this huge building with Alex because he was my best friend here. Though he was discovered earlier than me, he treated me as if we've been together since forever but we can just really be friends.

As soon as I was out of the building, a crowd of people came towards me asking for autograph and I was really shocked with all the questions pouring in. Yes I was used of this—fans swarming around you. But what's up with the questions?

"Hey is it true that you dumped Alex because you and Syaoran have an affair?"

"Since when did the DJ and the VJ from the same channel get together?"

"How's your relationship going?"

"How did Alex react in this?"

"Is that why Alex is going out with another girl?"

I was becoming dizzy with all the questions and I didn't answer any of it. My muscles betrayed me and the fingers that were holding the pen were like frozen. Yes I know the Syaoran guy they were talking about but heck, we hadn't even said a word to each other even we are of the same building everyday. He is the oh-so-famous DJ in the building and yeah I admit, I listen to him but I hadn't seen him. And never I thought that some people are spreading rumors about him and me.

I was beginning to suffocate because of lack of air and I hope any moment now, the security would come. I guess my prayers were answered because a guy came rushing in the crowd and pulled me out of it. He then carried me to the garden of the building. Even my visions were blurry, I'm pretty much sure that it's the garden because of the rose scent everywhere. I was the one who made that— I mean made them do that.

Syaoran's Point Of View

10th of February... Oh god, I bet people will all be sending their song requests. Maybe we will have overtime again like last year. I can't believe why couples were getting ready for the big day this early. Heck, there are four more days for that hell day. Yes I'm against Valentines this year because I don't have a date. Well I didn't have a date last year too but this year is different.

Known bitches in the world seem to have flirted with me but I don't like them. I don't give a damn about them. Good thing I will have my break after this. And another good thing—my show is still on the top.

"Ted!" I called out to the other DJ that has the show before me. "Are you going out for break?"

"No," Ted replied. "I'm meeting up my girlfriend downstairs. Don't you have a date?"

"I've never found my angel yet," I said jokingly. "Bye man. Later."

"Oh yeah by the way Li," Ted called me back and I walked towards him.

"What is this?" I asked getting the envelope he was holding out to me.

"They want you to be their guest," Ted answered.

"When is this?"

"This week and it's live," Ted told me. "I think they're showing off commercials already that you will be the guests in those shows. I'm not sure. I think my girlfriend slipped that information to me last week."

"They showed off commercials already without my approval that I can come to their show?"

"They're sure that you can come because your manager knew about it all along."

"So what's with this invitation?"

"Invitations," he corrected me. "They just want to be formal perhaps."

"Invitations? ssssss….. What the?…"

"Don't worry. You just have to answer questions. And you're used in live shows. You always do that here. But this time, your face will be seen like in the magazines."

"Whatever," I said and said goodbye to him again.

With that, I went out of the building. Though I expected the crowd of people waiting there to be swarming around me—I was so not expecting the questions that were pouring down.

Are you the reason why Alex and Sakura can't be together anymore? Are you the one who's going to break their good love team?

But I think you and Sakura can make a good love team too.

But you won't have the same chemistry with Sakura unlike Alex.

How are you going to improve your relationship with Sakura? She's a VJ while you're a DJ.

I can't take this anymore. What are these people talking about? When I was about to tell them that none of it was true, they just left. They just ran off from me and ran to this person. The person was like the positive pole of the magnet that was pulling the negative poles, which are the people to her. Her. I had a glimpse of who the girl was and I recognized that it was the Sakura girl.

I'd seen her on TV and I had read out dedications for her on air. Again, I had a glance on her and it seemed that she was going to pass out any minute now and she did. Good thing I wasn't so late—I reached her on time before she fell and I brought her to the nearest sanctuary—the garden where I usually hang out.

I always go here whenever I'm free. Since it was built, it was my favorite place here on this building. But until now, I never knew who was the one who made the staff build it. But oh well… Now what do I do with her?


Author's Notes:
There's an intro. Is it good? Bad? This is my first time to be writing in first person. I just thought things would work out. If it did in your perception, tell me please? Review…