Lead the Way
Chapter 2: Finally

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It was actually his first time to see her this close. He sometimes sees her on TV—that is, if he has time to watch but most commonly, he'd seen her face in magazines. He is a model too and they work in the same building so he wondered why they have no projects together. I guess we live in two different worlds.

He decided to wake her up by shaking her but he made no success at all. She was just there on the bench, sleeping peacefully. I guess she's so tired too and suffocating ain't just THE reason she passed out. He gave up waking her after a few minutes and lit a cigarette from his pocket. He walked far from Sakura but he made sure he could still see her.

This girl owes me a lot. He should be in his own cozy house, sitting on the couch watching TV while eating popcorn but he isn't. He's here in the garden with the "best VJ in the country". Syaoran looked up the sky and noticed that the clouds are dark. Rain.

There was a bright lightning then was followed by a loud roar of thunder and he looked quickly to where Sakura is. In his surprise, Sakura stood up and looked around. Syaoran threw his cigarette on the ground and lit it off using his foot. He picked it up and threw it in the nearest trashcan.

He walked towards her, almost in a rush. "Hey," he said, getting her attention.

"Who are you?" she asked him—kinda rudely.

What's with the tone? Why don't you just thank me? "I'm Li Syaoran," he replied bitterly.

"Oh," was all she just said and he was sure she was taken aback with his reply. He thought it was strange as she put her hands on her head. What is up with her? "Did you--" she stammered but Syaoran knew what she was going to ask.

"Did I bring you here? Yes," he said it for her.

"Oh," was her reply again. Syaoran looked at her weirdly and she noticed it. "I figured that out actually."

"Ok, so what was supposed to be after 'did you—'?'" he asked, irritated.

"Naaah, it ain't important," she said with her hand waving across her face as if trying to get rid of the words she just said. She noticed that Syaoran gave her a look that she should answer so she continued. "I was about to ask you if you—uhmm… smoke… But I kinda figured the answer out too."

"Why do you care if I smoke or not?" he asked RUDELY.

"I didn't mean to offend you or anything," she said softly trying to calm him down because she could clearly see that he's very annoyed. "It's just that-- my head aches whenever I smell smoke so yeah… That's the reason why I woke up and because of that load thunder." She added the last part quickly.

"But I was so far from you," Syaoran objected. He doesn't want the blame to be on him for the reason HER HEAD HURTS NOW.

"It's called diffusion when air molecules--" Sakura saw Syaoran blinked. She's lecturing me about science? What the…? "Sorry…" she shyly said.

"Forget it," he said simply. "Let's go. It'll rain soon."

Sakura just nodded and followed him to the gates of the garden. When they were there, they immediately had a glimpse of people possibly waiting for them to come out. "We can't go out there," he said to her—more of a whisper.

Sakura sighed. "Did you know about the—uhmm… rumors about us?" she asked.

"Yeah, they were asking me stuff a while ago then when they saw you, they came to you and yadayadayada, we're here," he replied.

"I wonder who started THAT rumor. I mean I hardly know you. This is actually MY first time to see you," she told him.

"Same here, perhaps?" he said sarcastically. "What is the matter with all those people!" he complained.

Sakura didn't say anything more. There was silence between them as they waited for the people to go to their homes but it seemed like the people weren't planning to leave. "Hey," Sakura said, breaking the silence. "Thanks by the way," she said sweetly.

"No biggie," he replied simply. She doesn't forget to say thank you then. "Wait, do you have a car?"

"Yeah, but it's in the open parking. You?"

"My car's in there too," he said. "So now how do we get out of here?"

They thought for a while. They both felt weird honestly because they were there waiting in the garden thinking of a plan to get rid off the people when they don't even know each other.

"I'll just try to call someone ok?" Sakura told him and excused herself. She took out her celphone from her back pocket and dialed Alex's number. She waited for him to answer but she was just answered by his voice mailbox. She dialed Michelle's (her hairdresser from the studio) number.

"Hello?" was Michelle's answer.

"Sakura here," Sakura said then winced when she felt a raindrop fell on her cheeks.

"What's up?" Michelle asked. Sakura could clearly hear the continuous voices in the background.

"Do you know where Alex is?" Sakura asked.

"Why do you want to know where he is?" Michelle teased. "You miss him?"

"I just need his help," Sakura said, trying to get away of Michelle's teases. "Look, I'm stuck here in the garden with Li Syaoran—yes the DJ—and there are fans out there waiting for us to show up. As soon as those fans see us, they will ask us questions. Hey did you know the rumor spreading about us?"

"What! You mean, about you and Li?"


"Who started that gossip?"

"I—We have no idea! I actually passed out—suffocated because of those people."

"Are you ok now? Why do you need Alex?"

"Yeah I'm ok. Both our cars—mine and Syaoran's—are in the open parking and of course in order to go there we're going to pass THOSE people so I need Alex to pick us up perhaps?"

"I'm sorry Sakura but Alex really is out of reach. I don't even think he's in the building right now—and he has your car right now, remember? And I wish I can go down there to pick you guys up but I can't. Urgh, Direk is calling me. Sorry…"

"Ok then. Bye…" Sakura hung up with a frown on her face when she looked back at Syaoran.

"Who were you calling?" Syaoran asked her.

"I called my bestfriend but no answer so I called my hairdresser," she replied while stuffing her celphone back in her pocket. She's not carrying any bag because she would actually just go home to rest. No need to bring stuff and they don't have tutorials today. "She's busy so she can't pick us up. Can you ask any of your friends to pick us up here?"

"He's on a date right at this moment I think," he replied then looked at where their fans are waiting. Where are the securities anyways?

It seems like his thought was heard from up above. Securities came rushing towards the people and led them away. The security guards were shouting at the people but they didn't take notice but one security guard said something that made the people run fast and go away. Sakura and Syaoran wondered what he said.

"Shit," Syaoran said under his breath.

"Wha--?" was all Sakura managed to say because raindrops began pouring on both of them.

It was raining so hard. They were both totally soaked. Sakura moaned as she remembered that her celphone is just in her pocket. Syaoran laughed softly at her then she just glared at him. They didn't care anyways even though they were wet from head to toe. At least those people are finally gone.

They walked to the open parking together—Sakura following Syaoran. Syaoran took the remote control of his automatic car from his bag then a dark green car beeped loudly over the sounds of raindrops.

"There's my car," Syaoran said walking towards it. When Syaoran realized that Sakura seemed to not care going to her car, he asked, "where's your car?"

"Uhhhmm… My bestfriend has my car and I forgot that he has it…" she said slowly.

Syaoran, out of his will, smiled. "I can give you a ride," he offered.

Sakura's wet face brightened and she smiled at him. "Really?" she asked him and he nodded. "I owe you bunch."

"Don't mention it," he said and led her inside his car.

Syaoran opened the door for her and she got in. He got in quickly and noticed Sakura's uncomfortable state in the front seat.

"I'm spoiling your clean car," she said to him, blushing slightly. I'm getting this seat wet.

"Don't worry," he flashed a smile to her again. "I'm spoiling my own car too." Before he started the engine, he took something out from the backseat—a jacket—HIS jacket. "Here," he said offering it to Sakura and putting it over her shoulders.

"Thanks," she sweetly said and smiled again.

This time, Syaoran started the engine and set off. "Where do you live anyways?" he said when they were off the road. He was driving while he was drying himself with a towel. He offered Sakura a towel too.

"Blue Pacific Condominium," she answered.

"Oh, my cousin lives in there too," he said, eyes straight on the road.

Sakura's Pointof View

Ok… He's kinda cute in fairness. And I never knew he would be this kind—to someone he just met. But what if he's just acting to be kind? He could be good in acting even though he is just a DJ. Well, I wouldn't actually put a just. My bad… I know even I only met him a while ago that he's not JUST a DJ.

In fairness, no one actually knows who this guy is. He's hot and famous all right. And I so believe that now. But he's still a big mystery. Where did he get the good looks? The charm? The smirk? The voice?

I often see his face in magazines. He's a great model, I agree. He has that look. He has—something that can't be described in words. He's—photogenic. Duh, why else will he be a model? Man, he's just too perfect.

And he's such a gentleman. He let me borrow—actually erase that. He lent me his jacket. He even offered me a ride in this magnificent dark green Lexus of his. I know he's handsome and all but I still don't agree with the rumors.

What is up with that? I know the other part of me is appreciating that: hey I'm being teamed up with a very handsome GUY! But still, NO! I disagree! That is the only thing I hate about this job. Once you enter the showbiz, people who have nothing to do would try their very best to dig up things from you even if they are so false!

Grrr… Now this is making me irritated again. Last time, it was Alex but he's just my bestfriend and I don't really care if I got teamed up with him with all those gossips blahblah. I'm used to it—you know, people teasing him to me. So yeah, heck! This guy! This guy who's going to drop me off home! Is being teamed up with me! Me! Two words: What the…?

Where the hell is Alex anyway? How come people are hiding him from me? What is he up to? What is he doing? What's with the emergency break? And why did he borrow my car in the first place? AND! Why is his celphone unreachable? Slash that: why is HE unreachable? Urrgh! So just look at me now… Sakura Kinomoto—the teenage VJ is riding a car with the best DJ whom she only met just hours ago… Make that minutes ago!


There was silence between them. Syaoran glanced at Sakura. She was looking out the window, deep in thoughts. What is she thinking? he wondered. He couldn't take the silence surrounding them so he switched on the radio of his car. He thought this would make Sakura jump but no, she's still staring out the window—still deep in thought.

"Take My Breath Away" by Jessica Simpson was playing on the radio and Syaoran began to hum along with the music. He doesn't care if Sakura would hear him—he thinks she's not even aware of him. They stopped on the red stoplight. Again, Syaoran looked at Sakura but she ignored him.

Watchin' every motion
In this foolish lovers game

All of a sudden... "Cat!" Sakura screamed and this brought her back to Syaoran.

"What?" Syaoran asked her.

On this endless ocean
Finally lovers know no shame

Sakura looked at him after she was completely convinced that there's nothing to watch outside the window anymore. Whatever that was. "There was a cat on the alley and there was this man pushing a cart," she explained quickly so he wouldn't think she's crazy. "I thought the cat would be—you know, run over by the cart."

"Ok..." Syaoran said simply. "So you were watching the cat all along?"

Turnin' and returnin'
To some secret place inside

"What do you—mean?" Sakura asked, completely clueless.

"I glanced at you like so many times and you're just looking outside. So... the cat seems interesting to you than watching the road while I drive?"

Watchin' in slow motion
As you turn around and say

"No... I was just thinking and yeah, the cat..." she paused. "Can we just forget it?" she looked at him intently this time but too bad, her eyes didn't meet the pair of amber's as Syaoran was concentrating on the road.

"You said it," Syaoran said. "So... what were you thinking? You seemed so deep in thought."

My love

"Stuff," she said placing her elbow on the armrest on her side.

"I'm not your father to receive that kind of answer," he said, smiling at her.

Take my breath away
Take my breath away

Sakura laughed at this. "Ok... Ok.. I was just thinking about yeah stuff... Who started the rumor... Where's my bestfriend?... Those-kind-of-stuff..." And why you're so cute...

"That's something to think about," he agreed. "I really wonder who started THAT rumor. Oh well, I don't want to talk about it. Who's this bestfriend of yours? She OR he seemed so special to the most well known VJ in the country sitting beside me."

Watchin' I keep waiting
Still anticipatin' love

"What's with the 'most well known'? I'm sure there's someone out there more well known than me, most talked-about DJ," she teased. "Anyways, my bestfriend? He's Alex—my partner in our show."

"Oh, that guy," Syaoran said, remembering the guy with Sakura when he watched the show. "You look good together. I heard you guys are going out?"

Never hesitatin'
To become the fated ones

"Not true..." Sakura said.

Turnin' and returnin'
To some secret place inside

Watchin' in slow motion

As you turn around and say

"But you like him huh?"


"Why not? He seemed like a pretty good guy."

"Yeah, he's nice and all but we're just friends."

My love

"It all starts with friendship..."

"Why are you asking me anyways?" this time, she turned her whole body to face him.

Take my breath away
Take my breath away

"I don't know," he shrugged then he stopped at a red stoplight again. He faced her. "You look like an interesting person to me."

"Ok..." she said, trying to hide her slight blush. "But we just met, how can you say I'm an interesting person?" she pointed out.

Through the hourglass
I saw you
In time you slipped away
When the mirror crashed I called you

"I don't know. I guess it's my instincts, perhaps?" He turned away from her because the stoplight is green already. "And I trust my instincts?"

"Wow, you think highly of yourself," she said, her tone even.

"Are you being sarcastic?" he started to be annoyed now. She ignored the question. "Why did I just met you?" he muttered under his breath.

"Huh? What did you say?" she asked.


And turned to hear you say
If only for today
I am unafraid

"You said something..."

"Never mind that..."

"But you said something and I wanna know!"

"I don't want being demanded, pet."

Take my breath away
You take my breath away

You take my breath

"I'm not demanding you to say it. I'm asking you to say..."

"Asking huh? How come there's no please?"

You take my breath --
You take my breath away
You take my breath away

"Urgh... I just wanna know what you said... But if you don't want to tell me, then don't," she pouted and looked down.

"You look so cute when you do that," he said then reached for her chin so that she would look up.

"Hmph..." she looked down again.

Syaoran smirked and stopped the car. They reached her condominium. She was still looking down and Syaoran made her look up again.

"I don't know why but I can kiss you right now." His hand is still on her chin. Before Sakura could say her natural 'what', he leaned in closer to her and kissed her. He held her tight and his hands glided to one of her cheeks. He let his other hand pulled the locks of her wet hair from the rain. This made her head fall back making it easier for him to kiss her with more hunger.

The hard raindrops outside the car and the heat coming out of the car didn't stir them both. If they could have been standing, Sakura would definitely fall down as her knees began to weaken. But she knew—deep inside that he would be ready to catch her.

They both felt the same thing.

It seems like they knew each other.

Long time ago.

Why is this happening anyways?

She doesn't why he's done it. Kiss her.

He doesn't know why he did it.

It confused her...

It confused him even more...

But both of them didn't let go...

Take my breath away...


To be continued...