(Episodes 45-47 of Sonic X, biggest rip off of BDZ EVER! If they're going to do a Sonic Heroes adaptation, they're most likely going to mess it up, so here's a Sonic X Heroes Adaptation from a die hard Sonic fan just in case that happens.)

S.O.N.IC         Go!

S.O.N.IC         Go!

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 Episode 48: the Metallic double ganger

Cream didn't know what to say, to think. Emerl had betrayed them. He'd been hanging around not because he was anything like Gamma, no; he just wanted to get close enough to scan the bio information of Sonic and the others and then use their own abilities against them. That much was proven during the Chaos Emerald tournament when, after collecting data from Knuckles, he turned on them all. She really thought he had been their friend, but it all just a lie to gain their trust. Vanilla put her arm around her daughter, trying to comfort her.

"He was my friend mom." She sniffed.

"Chao." Cream muttered, hovering around her sympathetically. Everyone around them was deadly quiet, even Sonic who was staring out of the car window with an absent look on his face, having lost the mood for a run.

"Must have been Eggman's idea." Chris said with a sigh, trying not to upset Cream further by saying anything improper. He was sitting next to her on one of the back seats, Ella on the other side, giving Cream a kind smile whenever she could.

"A despicably clever ploy I must say." Chuck Thorndyke, Chris' grandfather snarled from the front seat, his white eyebrows knitted into a frown. (Is it me, or does he look like that doctor from back to the future?) "Even I was fooled." Everyone was silent for a good while after that, the only sounds coming from the traffic outside. None of them knew exactly what to say to her, to each other about the whole thing. Out of all of them Cream had been, what she considered, close to Emerl and they could see that she was taking his betrayal the worst. Sonic, Amy and Tails sat together, each lost in their own thoughts. Amy wasn't making passes at Sonic, Sonic wasn't making wise cracks with Tails and Tails wasn't tinkering with his latest invention. The fact that all their eccentric behavioural habits seemed to be null and void in this time and place made the atmosphere very melancholy. Someone had to break the silence.

"It was too easy." Sonic muttered after Tanaka pulled the limo off the free way. Every looked his way, a little confused. "I mean, despite collecting all our data, Emerl was a push over." He frowned. "I know Eggman can do better than that, he's up to something."

"When isn't he?" Tails asked, shrugging his shoulders.

"You did have help from Knuckles and Rouge remember." Amy added looking over Tails' shoulders, raising a finger questioningly.

"Suppose so." Sonic muttered, crossing his legs and leaning his elbow on his knee, in turn leaning his head on his hand. "But I still can't shake the feeling Eggman hasn't finished yet."

"Perhaps we should talk about this later?" Chris asked, gesturing toward Cream, who was cry lightly into her mothers shoulder. Sonic shut his mouth, his lips pushed together. He didn't show it, but inside rage was burning. Eggman had played them all for a bunch of suckers and he did not intend to let him get away with it. He was going to track that mad man down and put an end to this, one way or the other.

After that, they travelled in silence until they pulled in the drive at Thorndike manor; the large white brick house a red tiled roof. Bathed in moonlight, it didn't seem to have the same appeal it did during the day.

"How about I fix some food for everyone?" Ella asked when Tanaka opened the door of the car for them.

"Thanks for the offer, but I can't seem to find my appetite right now." Chris said with a fake smile. The others declined as well, and to be perfectly honest, Ella hadn't the stomach for food right now either. She just made the offer to try and break the unbearable silence.

Amy was about to go in, but she noticed that Sonic wasn't following. He was simply sitting on the steps outside the manor, looking up toward the stars. She glanced back toward the hallway inside, before walking over and sitting next to him.

"Penny for your thoughts?" She asked, Sonic gave her a brief, sideways glance.

"It's nothing." He said after a moment.  Amy wasn't satisfied with that answer.

"I haven't seen you like this before. Come on Sonic," Sonic sighed, closing one eye, resting his head on his hand.

"I'm just pissed off Eggman got the better of us, that's all." Amy nodded slightly, looking down toward the ground.

"Yeah, poor Cream." She sighed and then stood up. "Well, I'm sure you'll get him back for it." She added with a quick smile, which Sonic return, before she followed the others inside. Sonic nodded approvingly to himself as he looked up toward the moon, more specifically toward Eggman's mechanical half.

"Yeah, I'm sure I will."

Even though Knuckles had permanently disabled the rotational capabilities of the moon, Eggman's half was still very much active. It was his final base, the one place he had retreated too once Becoe and Bocoe had been arrested when they tried to participate in the tournament. It was, the Final Egg.

The lights shining from the mechanical oval were kept off at all times, to create the illusion that the base in inoperative. From the earth, it appeared to be nothing more than the moons other half. Interplanetary ships belonging to the reforming Eggman Empire left regularly from the dark side, delivering platoon after platoon of Eggman's latest robotic foot solider, the Egg Pawn to another secret base. He was trying to keep his operations as much as a secret as possible from the Government spy satellites, which he had been taking out one by one.

The time was almost near. All the preparations had been made, all his forces were combat ready and his greatest Accomplishment, the Egg Fleet was near completion.  He was leaving nothing to chance this time however. Doctor Eggman stood, towering over a holographic projection of the globe, which had been altered considerably now that Earth and Mobius had melted together. Most of the Pacific Ocean was now gone, replaced by the large landmass known as the Mystic Ruins. Lakes, mountains and inland seas from Mobius had also rooted themselves in various different places around the world. With the current confusion the Government was in, Eggman was hoping for little resistance once he made his move. However, there was one spoiling element that needed to be removed before he went ahead.

The Command room of the Final Egg was a massive robotics laboratory separated into two floors, the lower simply being an arena were Eggman pitted his robots against each other to see which design was superior. The upper was filled with fold down tables and small, closed of area filled with mechanical arms operated by a single console on the far right hand side from the rooms' entrance. Various parts from failed robot types lay on the tables. Two Egg pawns stood on either side of the entrance. Eggpawns were small, around robotic men that bore a resemblance to Eggman. They were one half orange and one half black, a smiling head poking out the top of the round frame. Their legs were short and stumpy, not allowing them to run very fast. Their choice of weapon was a large silver lance that they both lead in their right hands. A suddenly bleeping came from a panel near to him. Eggman blinked and then pressed a button shutting down the map.

His face gained an excited look as he realized that this had been the hour he was waiting for.

"Doctor Eggman." The doctor looked up from his thoughts, Bokkun, Eggman's purple; chao like messenger robot was hovering in front of his creator, holding a large screen in front of himself. 

"Remind me, why exactly did I build you?!" Eggman screamed angrily, pushing the robot aside, in absolutely no mood to receive another exploding message, regardless who it was from.

"But Eggman." Bokkun cried, trying to force his way in front of the Doctor as he marched toward a computer panel on the far side of the command room.

"Bokkun!" Eggman snarled, turning back for a short moment. "I am this close to dismantling you and using what's left to repair that busted Egg Walker down in hanger 08!" He added, turning toward the console. "I'm too busy right now." Bokkun hovered back for a moment; his head tilted on one side at the doctor began to type away on the computer console, his arms a blur as his fingers swept over the keyboard. After a few moments of doing nothing, Bokkun edged nearer.

"Whatya working on?" Even though Eggman was trying to concentrate his ego did not alloy him to pass up an opportunity to brag.

"Emerl may have failed me, but from his remains I was able to pull a lot of the data he culminated from those annoying rodents." He said proudly with a large grin. "I never really expected him to succeed anyway; he was a prototype, a test run of my new AI systems." He turned back to his computer panel one last time, entered one last program, before authorising the command. "Ever since Sonic started interfering with the Eggman Empire's business', I started work on a project to combat him. I realised that I needed a robot capable to matching him, and his friends blow for blow and return it ten fold. Over the years, the constant battles in which Sonic has beaten me time and time again." He drawled on, his voice dimming into an angry mutter. "I was secretly collecting samples of his biological, brainwave, cellular and acrobatics data, studying it, analyzing it, finding ways to improve on it." Bokkun of course, had nodded off half way through Eggman speech, a small series of snores radiating from him. Eggman growled angrily. "Why did I have you built?" He asked, genuinely curious. He made a mental note to see how Bokkun's design would fare in the arena against the superior E100 models.

He pushed past him, advancing over toward a large flight of metal stairs that lead downward Eggman quickly began down them. The stairs twisted around several corners before he came to the bottom. The stairs opened into another laboratory, like the one above it had pipes and wires coursing all over the floor and ceiling. A large lock down door impeded his path, but after punching in his user ID into the pad on the right hand side wall, it quickly slid to the side. Beyond was another room, completely oval and like the robotics lab above it, its ceiling and floor was coated in wires and pipes. A large control panel in the shape of a ring stood in the centre of the room, running around a green glass tub about four feet wide, lancing from the ceiling to the floor. It emitted a strange green glow, bathing the room in an eerie glow. The hum of the machines around Eggman seemed to amplify the strange, quiet atmosphere. The drilling sounds coming from the laboratory above almost seemed to disappear. As he approached, a spiky shape floating inside the glass tube became visible.

A small screen on the panel directly in front was on with the words "Ready for AI integration."

"Wonderful." Eggman muttered to himself. "Computer, switch to voice command."

"Switching.settings modified, waiting for next command." Announced a flat, emotionless voice from a hidden speaker somewhere in the room.

"Download AI files from Aplhahedgehog00 into temporary memory banks."

"Downloading.." During the temporary silence, Eggman reached into his pocket and withdrew a CD inside a rectangular plastic cover. Everything he'd been collecting during his battles with Sonic was here, contained on his disc. Every move, every attack, every technique Sonic had used against him had been recorded, taken apart, studied and then pieced back together, perfected. Eggman pressed a button on the side of the machine and a slot slid outward, he gently removed the disc and placed it in. "Download complete." The voice announced again.

"Good, transfer all files into permanent database on my command and simultaneously transfer files from DC 1 into memory banks as well."

"Awaiting command." Eggman breathed in deeply, savouring the moment, before stepping back with a large evil grin on his face.


Bokkun floated in the room and was about to try and get Eggman to accept an exploding message when it began. The glow emitted from the tube began to increase, swallowing the field of view completely. Eggman kept staring however, no matter how much the light hurt his eyes; his gaze was fixed completely on the shape inside, which had suddenly begun twitching. Bokkun floated closer, looking over Eggman's shoulder in intense curiosity. The hum from the machines grew louder and louder, synchronized with the increasing glow. Small bolts of purple lightning danced wildly around the tube for a few moments, before leaping into the middle and striking the very shape within. A blinding flash of light emitted and even Eggman had to shield his eyes.

As soon as it had begun, the glow died away and the hum reduced itself back to the normal.

"Procedure.complete." The computer announced, Eggman snapped his head up, searching through the diminishing green haze for his new creation. Suddenly, there was a loud smashing sound and then a good inch of liquid began lapping around Eggman's feet. He looked down only for a moment, before staring ahead of himself again. A pair of red eyes, shaped like a pair of half rings began glowing brightly as a dark shape advanced forward.

"Oh, a new robot!" Bokkun exclaimed wildly, flying past Eggman, who was still standing stock still. "I like this one." As the green glow died down, the new addition to the long list of robots Eggman had created was revealed.

Obviously its design was built to match Sonic, having long quills that lanced off in straight lines from the back of its head and metallic blue skin. Its nose was a pointed metal spike, similar spikes lancing out from either side of the head. Its fingers were steal talons with a curved edge on the end. A purple drape hung from its waist, hiding part of its right leg. It had a very skeletal like appearance, the limbs thin apart from the joints. Its feet were bright red like Sonic's sneakers, with a white line running along the bottom edge. Its eyes were blood red, highlighted by a black visor. Those eyes, Eggman couldn't get over the malice at which his new creation stared at him. Such hatred, Eggman had seen nothing like it before.

Without warning, it seized Bokkun with a lightning fast swipe, holding the small messenger robot tight by the throat. Bokkun struggled to break free but his efforts were in vain. Eggman backed away, horrified as this new machine lifted its other arm and pointed it directly toward the struggling messenger bot, the talons spread wide ready to strike.

"That's Enough!" Eggman declared stepping forward. The robot turned its head to look at him, one red eye locked on him. "Let him go." Reluctantly it seemed, it released its grip on Bokkun, allowing the small chao like robot to fall to the floor, eyes wide in terror. Eggman knew that something must have gone wrong, it was supposed to be a killing machine, but it was only supposed to kill what he told it to, not one of his own machines.

"I am unit 02 of AI program alpha." It announced to him, kneeling down in front of him, one arm supported around a leg. "I await your orders master." Eggman was pleased with the attitude it adopting however the hatred in its eyes still bothered him. Perhaps he should double check over his figures to see if he made a mistake. In the meantime however he should see how well his new toy performed.

"You need a better name than that." He said slyly. Unit02 looked up at him. "I think Metal Sonic suits you far better."

"Metal Sonic." He repeated. "Designated name recorded."  Bokkun picked himself up, coughing loudly.

"Go to the city called Station Square and starting causing havoc, you'll find it on the eastern American coast, you can't miss it." The glow from Metal Sonic's eyes seemed to increase slightly. "Eventually the blue hedgehog you were modelled after will try to confront you, grind him into the ground!"

The sign on the front of the small house on the docks turned from closed to open, the Chaotix detective agency was now open for business. Days passed, and no one came with any kind of offer for them. Vector slammed his head down on the desk in front of himself, half open. He'd gone through all his music tracks three times already and it was starting to get extremely repetitive, and with no money to buy more, he was stuck with it.

"Ok, that's one empty fridge." Charmy the bee announced, hovering out of the kitchen with a note pad in his hand. "One empty larder, one empty."

"Alright already!" Vector snarled, his teeth glinting in the early morning light. "We know, WE KNOW. The kitchen is bare, not as much as a scrap of food!" Charmy hovered backwards for a few feet, blinking ever few seconds. Vector collapsed back to the deck again, looking sorry for himself as he pressed a button on his walkman to restart his tape.

"It's been days now!" Espio said, becoming visible again, revealing his position on a ceiling rafter. "Lets face it, this line of business is dead, we need some fresh work and quickly." Vector looked back at the chameleon, before slouching back down.

"But detective work is all we've ever been good at." He said, looking like the most pathetic crocodile on the face of the planet. Business for the agency had been going downhill ever since that whole Egg moon saga.

"You could sell that piece of jewellery." Espio said with a slouched grin. Vector snapped right up, looking down at the golden chain he had around his large neck and then stared at the chameleon angrily as he leapt down to the floor.

"My father gave me this!" He said, grasping it between his clenched fingers. Espio shrugged his shoulders.

"So what, it's gold isn't it?"

"Forget it."

Charmy, anticipating another bout in the ongoing saga of Espio VS Vector, buzzed off into another room through a set of salon doors. Vector climbed up over his desk to confront his fellow agency member.

"Why don't you sell your processions?"

"I don't have any."

"Bull, what about that DVD player you stole the other day?"

"You made me steal that!"

"I didn't tell you to keep it!"

He could hear them arguing even from the other room, so Charmy took himself to the outside porch. The early morning sunlight sun across the bay and directly into him. It was warm and comforting, and the sounds of the city nearly blocked out the arguing pair inside. Vector had tried everything legal to keep their business up and running, but it seemed that even he couldn't keep the tax man away forever. It just seemed that no one was willing to pay to have a good mystery solved. After a few moments, Charmy noticed something lying at his feet. It was a paper wrapped parcel, not very large, only about the size of a milk bottle and tied up with ordinary string. He bent down and picked it up. A small note was attached with string. Holding it between two fingers, the bee read it to himself.

"Chaotix, I've an offer you can't refuse." He looked at the parcel with a puzzled look, before he shrugged his shoulder and went back side. He found the two of them with their hands around these others throats. He hovered past them and placed the parcel of Vector's desk.

"Just what is that?" Espio asked, forcing Vector off him. Charmy simply undid the string and upon finding a small box inside, opened it up. Inside, to their surprise, was an ordinary two way radio. Vector, once he composed himself, picked it up.

"I apologise for the rather unorthodox means of communications gentlemen, but for security reasons I simply can not be out in public right now." Announced a voice so suddenly Vector nearly dropped the device. Chaotix backed off slightly, staring at it in bewilderment.

"Just who are you?" Espio asked, becoming the first to recover his nerve.

"I'm not at liberty to say." It replied. "However, I've heard good things about you boys, and require your detective services."

"Of course sir, we're completely at your service.so long as you have a large wallet." Vector butted in before either of his comrades could say anything else.

"I can pay most handsomely," The voice stated with a hint of pride. "This may not be a secure line, so I'll make it quick. Come to Warehouse nine on the east side of the river tonight at midnight, I'll tell you want I want done then. Until then, goodbye." Without anyother word, it went dead. Charmy tried talking into it, but he got no reply.

"Well, that was certainly out of the ordinary." Espio said to himself. "You're not seriously going to accept the job are you?" He asked, but Vector was already at his desk, adding up all the bills that needed to be paid, so he'd know how much to ask for. "You can't be serious!"

"The man said he'd pay handsomely." Vector said, almost drooling.

"Vector, this was an offer made with a walkie talkie in the mail, it's got to be some kind of trap. We have enemies you know." Vector stood upward, hands down on the deck, staring angrily.

"Espio, don't be stupid. Besides, it's our policy never to turn down work that pays." The chameleon narrowed an eye.

"Since when has that been our policy?" He asked, the back of his hands resting against his hips.

"Since we started receiving letters with the title (Final notice)." The crocodile stated sharply, brandishing a piece of paper toward Espio before going back to writing. "Right, I think the minimum we can ask for in 100,000,000." Espio rolled his eyes.

 A good run usually cleared Sonic's head; however it was doing little for him today. Emerl's betray had got him boiling mad and he felt like he needed to take retribution out on something, so he stopped every now and went to give an unfortunate lamppost a kick. Several days had passed from the end of the Chaos emerald tournament and so far Doctor Eggman hadn't made a move. The government was still on high alert for anything that could be the Eggman Empire on the war path, but so far nothing had stirred.

Sonic had to admit, the humans had done a pretty good job of fixing up the city after Chaos had turned it into a post apoplectic Venice. Looking at it now, you wouldn't have guessed that only a few months ago the water demon was swallowing it whole. With the wind in his face, Sonic didn't care especially where he went, as long as he got there in the shortest amount of time possible.

He stopped when he realized that a simple run wasn't what he needed to clear his head. He needed to really push himself, to go faster than he had before. He jogged for a little more until he came the main street. There wasn't that much traffic today, so Sonic thought that he might get away with it. He said running with the traffic. Kids sitting in the back seat of cars spotted him and began pointing. Gradually he began increasing his speed, overtaking vans, trucks and cars, leaving the blur of the city behind him. Now, with no one in front, he poured on the speed. Instantly taking himself beyond the speed of sound, a sonic boom shaking every window in a one mile radius.

He stayed in his state, travelling in what seemed like mute since he was beyond the reach of sound, only for a moment before he smashed back, slowing his pace down a little. The roar of the city caught up with him, like a massive assault on his ears. It wasn't for every long, but it did make him feel better. He slowed to a stop just outside central park.

Like most public places on a weekday it was next to empty, so, taking advantage of a peace and quiet, Sonic settled himself down on a park bench. While he had managed to take out his frustrations however, he still felt rage gnawing at him. He sat there for a while, his eyes closed and head resting on the back of the bench, trying to suppress the hunger for revenge. He wasn't sure how long he'd sat there, but by the time he'd opened his eyes again, it was dark, uncountable numbers of stars looking down on him.

He sighed.

Without warning, a loud explosion shook the ground. Birds few in flocks out of the trees and lights from the surrounding buildings flicker off for a moment. Sonic looked around, confused.

"What the hell was that?" He asked himself, upon finishing the sentence, spotting a thick column of smoke rising from behind the buildings at the far end of the park. Eggman had to be behind this, he was sure of it. His anger amplified itself and in a rage, he sped off, flying across the grass and through bushes with ease. A thick crowd of astonished people had gathered out on the street, starting up at a large department store that was currently on fire. Tall flames leapt skyward, trying to leap across the gap onto the other buildings. Mannequins in the shop window had fallen out of the already shattered windows, some already burnt down to nothing. A couple of squad cars were already tearing down the main street, sirens blazing, a fire engine coming down the street from the far end. Sonic leapt over the crowd and into the street in front of store. It had been nearly completely destroyed, torn to pieces. Half the wall had fallen in, engulfed in a fiery inferno. He narrowed his eyes when he suddenly saw a figure standing aloft the burning building. The figure seemed to notice his scrutiny and its head turned toward him, a pair of glow red eyes latching onto the blue hedgehog. It spread its arms wide, before launching itself upward, heralded by an explosion that tore down what remained of the building. Sonic shielded his eyes from the flying pieces of brick as the crowds screamed and ran for cover, the police cars and fire truck swerving to avoid falling pieces of flaming masonry.

He could see now that this mysterious figure was another of Eggman's robots, but it was like none he had seen before. It looked almost exactly like him, apart from a few details. The flames from the collapsing building behind him reflected in his blue metal skin.

"He said you'd show up, although I didn't think you'd get here that quickly." It admitted, tilting its head down. Sonic took a few steps back. There was something different about this one. It wasn't the glowing red eyes, or the curved steal talons, but something about this strange new robot intimidated him. "Now." It continued. "Die."

(In Chris' voice)

Metal Sonic, is he unstoppable? Sure seems that way, even with a ring, Sonic can't stop him. Has Eggman finally won? Find out next time on Sonic X, Shadow's  rebirth. Don't miss it!

(This continuation of Sonic X is based on the assumption that Emerl doses betray them and it does look that way from the sneak peak at next weeks episode.)