(Flip card 2: Fang the Sniper.)

Area 99:

The President hadn't had slept in over forty eight hours, his shoulders were aching and still he wasn't half way through the work being piled on his desk. It wasn't bad enough he had the clean up on the Station Square bay to attend to, but also the oversee of new diplomatic relations with the new landmasses that appeared on Earth a month ago. Since most of the landmasses were appearing off the coast of America, he had the extensive duty of opening up dialogue with their people. The Russians and the Japanese were doing the same with the large land mass that appeared off their eastern shores. Now the President had had to attend a meeting about rebuilding the militaries numbers after half their air force got destroyed by Metal Overlord, presently he was being lead by the defensive secretary and his personal assistant, Christina Cooper, to see the latest development of Project Giant Wing. The Flag ship of the Egg fleet had been far too large to transport, so as much of the ships software and design was copied, as much salvaged as possible before they destroyed it. Although admittedly it took a lot of demolition charges to accomplish this. The rest of the Egg fleet, what they could pull up from the bay at least, was nearby in separate hangers at the base. Already, new robotics technology was being developed using these new resources. Soon, their current weapons capabilities would match those of the Eggman Empire.

The President had already seen the new robot foot soldiers due to be put into the military sometime within the next mouth. They were based around the Laser hunter design, but with far greater fire power and were able to move a great deal more faster.

Two missiles struck their intended Targets, the smouldering remains falling to the ground. Those two were the final ones and so Omega deactivated his combat mode.

"Very good, it seems the new combat systems are working fine Omega." One of the technicians said, congratulating the large battle android. Once the new battle systems had been developed using the new technology available, Omega had been upgraded for better durability, speed, endurance and above all, fire power. Presently, he was their single greatest robot, and their only example of working artificial intelligence, since the remains of Metal Sonic had mysterious vanished without a trace. They had tried to duplicate his own design, without success however. He was simply too complex and advanced, not to mention he seemed to be a one of a kind fluke in design work. Omega was a logical thinker, and he saw logic in staying with the human military. They were Eggman's enemies and they treated him like a person and not a thing. That made him, if they dare use the word, feel happy.

"Ok Omega, now we'll try the speed run." Another technician, called over, switching the battle simulation area's setting from strength to speed.

"Affirmative." Omega replied, switching to speed mode, legs sinking inside his body two sets of wheels projecting out of the bottom of each foot. His large arms swinging around in front of him, creating a very tank like appearance. The targets, large straw dummies tried to churning projectiles flew up in ranks, simulating an assault from the air. Omega's arms swung completely around, two missiles flying down their length, impacting two of them as they soured overhead. Another three targets flying from the left hand side, but anticipating the attack, the battle android swung his entire upper body to the side, streams of bullets riddling the targets.

"Rather Impressive." The President remarked, staring out the training arena from an overhead catwalk as Omega eliminated target after target. "But I'm here to see the results of Giant Wing." The secretary of defence, a short, dark skinned male with long hair, dressed in a military uniform, chuckled to himself.

"If you wouldn't mind directing your attention to the ceiling sir?" He said between laughs, gesturing upward. The president looked up and stepped back in astonishment. The entire ceiling of the bases largest bunker, which was high enough not to be noticed, was hidden behind the enormous bulk of a giant metal object, floating high above their heads, suspended by hundreds of metal cables and scaffolding. Its metal skin was a bronze colour, with several small, round porthole like entrance points running along its side. It was completely egg shaped, with two large engine like structures on the underside of a large wing that stretched out as far as the hanger could go. A lot of technicians and scientists were on the suspended catwalks, working over the colossal machine as fast as they could go. "What you are seeing Mister President is a quarter of Giant Wing." The defence secretary said proudly, staring up at it with a large smile. The president was left staring in awe. "The remaining pieces should be complete some time this year. Then all we have to do is get them together and then it's a bit like a trillion dollar jigsaw puzzle."

"I saw the blue prints." The President began. "But nothing could have prepared me for this. It's amazing."

"The technicians would be glad to you say that sir."

"Just …what does this do?"

"This is a thermal regulation engine. A steam powered technology we were able to pioneer from the Downed Flagship. It's simple, yet amazingly affective." A loud spout at the back end of the colossal machine spouted a thick cloud of white steam had faded before it reached the ground, leaving a hot humid feeling in the air, a thin grey mist hung like silk curtains around them. "Here's something I know your going to enjoy." He added with a smirk. "This technology is easy to manufacture and is pollutant free. All it requires to work, is water." The President's face went even more pale and he withdrew a small napkin. He gently padded his brow.

"Pollutant free…technology man has been searching for since the effects of pollution were first discovered." He said hardly able to form coherent words. "This is…the greatest discover in the history of mankind. It'll lift us into a new technological age…" He paused, putting a forefinger and thumb to his chin, the wild spark of ambition in his eyes. "If this doesn't win me the next election, nothing will."

"Hey Grandpa." Chris announced, pushing his way up through the trap door into Chuck's laboratory. He had just enough time to duck as a smouldering piece of Metal Sonic's armour went flying over his head. His grandfather yelped in pain, shaking his hand, blowing on it occasionally.

"Yeow that's hot!" He commented, holding his hand under his arm pit, hopping up and down like some deranged kangaroo. Tails looked back blankly at him, the turned back to his blue prints. He rubbed something out with the eraser at the end of his pencil and replaced it with a single note stating, thermal regulation device.

"I take it you've not had much luck." Chris added, climbing inside, picking up the piece of armour with a cloth and placing it back on the table.

"Tanaka, an ice pack please." Chuck asked their butler, who nodded politely with a flare of unrivalled dignity and then disappeared. "You could say that Chris. I hate to admit it, but Eggman's technology is a little complex for a single scientist like myself to understand, let out repair or copy." He sighed and gave the dissected corpse of the android a long glance. "But it is rather impressive and I go enjoy a good challenge." Tanaka re-appeared with a ice pack and a band aid and while he and Chuck were talking, Chris sat himself down at his grandfather's computer and brought up his online diary.

He had used a different name on his user page. He didn't want visitors to visit the site simply because he was the famous Chris ThornDyke, loyal friend of the world renowned hero, Sonic the Hedgehog. He logged himself in and prepared another page to write. Chris paused, realizing that he didn't exactly who what to say. So much had happened, so much had changed. his fingers hovered anxiously above the keyboard, itching to start writing. But he didn't know what to say, what would be relevant?

He thought back to the night when he had been lying in bed, just a normal kid in a normal life. Then, splash! This blue animal drops itself inside his swimming pool and nothing is the same again. Infiltrating Area 99, defeating Doctor Eggman for the first time. Collecting the chaos emeralds, only to fall for Eggman's trick, nearly handing the madman ultimate power. A water demon invading station square, reducing it to near ruin. Everything involving the ARK incident too, how the colony nearly impacted the earth and finally the Rise of the Metal Overlord and the final useage of Chaos Control that left Earth and Mobius fused, possibly forever. Chris realized then and there that there were no words capable of described events such as those. So instead, he typed the only word he knew capable of even coming close.


It was nearing sunset, the fading light casting long shadows over the reconstruction workers presently shifting the rubble, removing the last debris of the collapsed building that Metal Overlord had attack. Luckily, most of the citizens of Station Square had been outside at the time and so there hadn't been, miraculously, a single fatality. Although in other places in the city, some people had not been so lucky.

Staring out at all this destruction now, Sonic could plainly see what kind of chaos would have been unleashed on the world had Shadow and himself not stopped Metal Overlord in time. His thoughts were pushed aside however by her presence.

He had come dangerously close to kissing her, even wanting to! Had Metal Sonic not otherwise preoccupied them, Sonic could very well see it happening. Well, there was certainly no denying what had nearly happened. It was on both their minds.

Amy sat with him on the top of a large building, one of the few not to be damaged by Metal Overlord's attack. She had, for once let her head quills out of their normal pattern, allowing them to gently sway in the mid after noon breeze. Sonics own quills were naturally loose and swayed with them.

Amy was a strong girl, both physically and mentally and that was probably what Sonic admired most about her. She could take care of herself in nearly any situation.

Both tried to open their months to speak, but found they couldn't muster the words so said nothing. Eventually it became just enough to sit there in each other's company.

Amy began to wonder if she would ever have Sonic's devotions completely to herself. Probably not, Sonic wasn't that that sort of person and to be perfectly honest, neither was she. However, she was closer today to her goal then she had ever been; now the possibility of her greatest ambition being realized was higher than ever, she couldn't give up now. But perhaps however, she should change tactics. She looked at Sonic, an idea hatching her head.

"You know Sonic…" Amy eventually picked up the courage to start speaking. Sonic turned to give her his attention. She had an unusual smirk on her face. "You haven't been for you night run yet." Sonic blinked in confusion.

"Traditionally, a night run occurs at night." Suddenly he finally realized exactly what Amy was hinting at. "Oh." He said to himself, his eyes sparkling almost in realization. A nervous smile crossed his face, but the offer was far too tempting to simply pass up. She flipped himself up onto his head and offered her his hand. Instead of taking it, she flung herself at him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Anyone watching would only have been able to see a blue blur darting down the side of the building with a pint highlight trailing after it. At first, Amy had to close her eyes, the wind stinging her eyes. She could feel the very surface of the building underneath Sonic's feet, the shockwave passing through his body and into hers. She managed to open one eye and finally, she could see the world from Sonic's point of view. A strange inspiring blur, the sound sounds the lashing wind and the distant sounds that didn't rely on proximity to be heard, the call of distant sea birds, the constant honking of cars in the congested streets at the other end of the city, even the daily bubble of conversations. Finally they reached the grounds and they were into the streets, racing through a maze of tight turning corners and long runway like streets. The lights on street lamps and through windows were so blurred they appeared as distant and moveable as fireflies.

"Sonic, I love you!" She cried, expecting her voice to be drown on the winds. Sonic however had sharper hearing than most and heard ever bit of it. He'd heard her say it many times before, but there was something different about this time though. Something that forced butterflies into his stomach.

They came souring out onto the highway, which was surprisingly clear of traffic. The sun set completely, and the moonlight began to gently illuminate the ground in front of them, adding a soft silver glow to the tarmac. Amy hugged him tighter, a bright smile on her face. There had been no need for words, a bond had been made anyway.

"Chuck was right." Sonic began, looking back toward her with a smile. She looked at him questioningly. "Can't you feel it Amy? We're home." The pink hedgehog looked out across the bay as the road curved along a cliff path toward the Mystic Ruins. The familiar landmass radiated a certain, undeniable feeling that was spreading out from it, engulfing the very city it seemed. The feeling, felt homely. Then it finally struck her, exactly what Sonic meant. They were home.

"Hey Sonic." Someone called and a blurred red object racing up beside them. Sam honked the horn of his car, smirking at them with a thumbs up. His new car was old and red with a white underbelly, a glass cockpit and side wings, the end of large rocket engine jutting out of the back.

"Oh you again." The blue hedgehog remarked in a flat tone, eyebrows level. "What do you want?"

"What do I always want?" Sam asked back, his car edging forward slightly, the engine purring loudly. "To prove I'm the fastest thing on the planet!" Sonic shook his head with a loud groan. "So come on Sonic, first one out of the city and to the other side of the desert and back wins." Sonic was about to answer when Amy butted in for him.

"He accepts your challenge." She said bluntly.

"I do?" He asked in surprise. Amy replied with a faithful smile and a gaze from her warm, green eyes. There was no arguing with them. "Alright then." He turned to give Sam a confident grin. "Let's race!" He added, before pouring on the speed and racing off while Amy pulled the skin below her eye down and put her tongue out toward the human racer. Sam chuckled under his breath, an evil smile on his face.

"On it's on now hedgehog!" He said to himself, before pushing the accelerator to the floor and racing after the hedgehog, becoming a red blur. As they became two blurs on the horizon, the Mystic ruins landmass seemed to glow in the moonlight.

"I hear you're the best as what you do." Eggman said flatly, his chair turning to face the furry, who simply stood there with his arms crossed. Eggman had been expecting his visitor some time. If Fang was as good as his record dictated, all Eggman had had to do was put out would he wanted to employ his services and he would come to him. Of course, Eggman wasn't really as this safe house in the capital city, the thing that was actually sitting in that chair was a digital representation of him, a hologram created by a hidden projector Fang had done exceptionally well to get past all his security, unnoticed. Thius was promised sign.

"For the right price." The furry replied, an evil glint in his yellow eyes. Eggman examining him further, he was the exact match to his file image he was a Weasel, about as tall as Sonic, his canvas hat making him seem slightly taller. A large belt wrapped around his waist with an overly large silver buckle at the front. A long purple tail protruded out the back, but half way along its length there was a kink in it and the tail from that point on was perfectly vertical along his back. On his feet was a pair of large white boots with a yellow toe end and heal. He remained hidden in the shadows, his purple fur only emerging in the light in patches.

"You'll be paid." Eggman put in, leaning back, his large moustache quickly shifting under his nose. The hologram flicking for a moment. "Quite extensively, all you need to do is kill one person." Fang narrowed an eye in curiosity.

"Exactly how much are we taking about here?" Eggman didn't say anything. He simply turned a black case which lay on the desk in front of him around, flipping it open. Inside laid piles of green notes, each one with the figure 100 on them. Fang simply stared at it, mouth hung open.

"This is only half of what you'll be given." Eggman replied with a smug grin. He snapped the case shut. "But you'll not see a dime until the target I want eliminated is lying bleeding at my feet." Fang hesitated only briefly, slightly overcome by the sheer amount of cash he was set to earn.

"Who's the poor guy then?" He asked, gaining an evil smile, his large tooth overhanging his lips. Eggman clicked his fingers and the computer screen behind him flipped on, showing the image of a blue hedgehog with red sneakers and emerald green eyes. "Oh…him." Fang commented, putting his hands on his hips. Other screen showed the various battles the Eggman Empire had had with the blue rodent, showing the extent of his speed, agility and skill. A deeper, more cruel smile crossed the weasels face. "No need to worry about the thing doc." Without warning, the weasel tore out his gun and fired a shot directly toward Eggman. The bullet wised through the air, missed the scientist, rebounded off the wall behind him and shot back toward Fang. The weasel simply raised his foot and kicked the bullet away, directing it toward the wall on his left hand side. It impacted, striking a dart board with Sonic's poster directly between the hedgehog's eyes, a small smoking hole beginning to slowly eat away at the paper. Fang grinned, sliding his gun back into his sheath. "Your hedgehog problems are officially over!"

End lyrics


Are you prepared to go on the journey?
Just one more morning to come,
Put on a new shirt and,
Sneak out into the night,

Today, the city won't sleep either,
It will just watch quietly,
What you and I will start!

To be shine, to be free,
Do not be bewildered,
The waves of time are strong but gentle,
Very soon, very soon, I'm going out to meet you,
Together, our world will shine,

To be shine, to be free,
Don't be frightened,
The waves of time are strong but gentle,

We'll meet in that far and distant city,
Very soon, very soon, I'm going out to meet you,
Let's go and find our future.

(Let us all reflect for a moment on Sonic X and it's long run on Japanese TV.)

Ok, enough of that!


1) Why did I call the original world Mobius even though the word is never so much as mentioned in Sonic X?:

A: because I had to come up with a name for the original world…it got kind of old calling it…the original world all the time. Mobius is sort of traditional in Sonic comics and old games so the name came up. When I say Mobius...I don't mean the world featured in Archie OR Fleetway. I'm refeering to the SEGAsonic universe.

2) Why did you kill off Bokkun?:

A: Because I hate him. He and Decoe and Becoe play the parts of Coconuts, Scratch and Grounder, pathetic sidekicks that made Eggman a complete joke in the series. I just didn't get rid of the two robots because I could use them later.

3) Wah, no Chocola?!?:

A: Why put him in? He is, to be blunt, a pointless Chao you only see a few times in the Chao races. So I replaced him with Cheese.

4) Why did Metal Sonic use the Master Emerald to transform, he didn't do that in the game?:

A: Because in the game, Metal Sonic transformed on a whim and just looked scary, didn't do anything evil. Heroes, while having superior style of gameplay and the long anticipated return of Metal Sonic, had a pathetically weak storyline. I had to beef it out with stuff that actually made sense.

5) You cut out the Frog forest and haunted house levels, why:

A: Now who would go racing through a haunted house at a time when the world was in peril. Besides in the game, one second they're inside a haunted house and the next they're at the top of the Egg Fleet. O0?

6) Why the SonAmy moments?

A: because that was in the Anime and it was one of the few bits from it's rather anticlimactic ending I wanted to save. That, and I like the couple.

7) Why leave it on a cliff hanger?

A: Look at SatAM, they left that on a cliff hanger and it's never been more popular. Besides, I do plan on doing a Sonic X series 2 project….(Yes, you guessed it, I am a Sonic X fanatic.) Watch this space!!!