Italics = thought

Bold Italics = speech from a supreme being

"Quotations" = speech

"Bold Quotations" = Words shouted out extremely loud, like loud enough to cause seismic waves.

'Apostrophes' and "CAPITALS" = words that are emphasised

A/N: One thing.  This is a semi-serious story.  I just finished 1 serious story, and am doing another.  This'll be serious, but it'll have parts here and there that are inserted just for laughs and would not normally be placed in any story.  I'll do my best to try to make the humorous parts actually humorous but no guarantees because everyone has different tastes.
A/N: No, I am NOT going to do a disclaimer... why?  Why the hell would I?  I know this is a fan fiction, YOU know this is a fan fiction, I have no intention of selling or using it to generate any kind of profit so why the hell should I make a disclaimer when it's not needed?  One thing I WILL do though is say this: I own all 'original' thoughts, concepts and people created within this story.  I don't mind if you use a concept or idea I create but at least give me a little credit for coming up with it.
A/N: Argh, lot's of author's notes, oh well, might as well get them all, or at least most, out of the way now.  I currently have no proof reader so bare with any grammatical or spelling errors.  I'm generally a pretty good speller/grammatical person so there should be relatively few mistakes, hint notice the word relative; the bigger the chapter, the more mistakes, so expect that.


In the beginning there was a single gem.  This gem was perfectly spherical in shape with an infinite amount of edges and existed within the emptiness of the void.  The orb was sentient, and being sentient, loved to admire itself, its perfect beauty and flawless nature.  But like all sentient creatures, even the greatest obsession becomes dull after an eternity.  So to amend that dullness it decided to satisfy its own longing for activity, for entertainment and enjoyment.

The first universe appeared at this time and began to orbit around the orb.  The orb manipulated, played, and twisted events and occurrences within the universe to fit its own pleasures and delights.  The universe grew, and so did the races.  They became stronger, more powerful, more technologically advanced, and more peaceful.  The orb grew bored with this universe and set out to create enjoyment anew.

Out of nothing a second universe appeared, this one too began to rotate around the orb, only slightly further out then the first.  The orb once again began to play, twist and manipulate events within this universe for its own delights but like the first this one also grew and became more peaceful.  Soon the orb became bored with the second universe as it had with the first.  They had become to powerful, technologically advanced and peaceful for it to enjoy anything.  It had accomplished all it had wanted with the universe so it was time to move on.

A third universe appeared out of nothing, but this time the orb decided to take a different approach.  It twisted, manipulated and played with events in this universe as well, but it made sure to take it in a different direction, the opposite direction.  Magic soon became abundant within the universe and came to a point where no plant or animal was born without a semblance of magic residing within it.  This one turned out better then the previous two universes.  It supplied the orb with thousands of eons of enjoyment but in time it grew bored.  All possibilities had been played out and it left it like it had the first two.

Then another, the last, universe came into existence finishing the creation of the Multi'Verse.  Within this universe the orb sought to combine both technology and magic, and succeeded to a point.  A race could not possess both, they lacked the mentality to handle both but it didn't mean each individual race couldn't special in one area or the other.  This universe provided much entertainment for the orb, more then any other, but something went wrong.  A child, with an aptitude for magic, was born into a world of technology.  This unnatural mixing set into something the orb was not prepared to accept.

Suddenly it happened, something that had never occurred in the history of the Multi'Verse.  A mistake so profound it shook the orb to its core.  The orb tried to regain control, to manipulate events back on track but it was too late.  A chain of events had been set off, one that kept growing and growing.  The orb was unable to compensate for what was happening and, with a resounding crack that was heard throughout the Multi'Verse, it shattered.

The shattered orb, now nothing more then an infinite amount of tiny pieces without mass, was held in place by the rotation of the Multi'Verse, and with its destruction two sentient beings came into existence.  Both were bent on reconstructing the orb, but in their own way, a way that conflicted with the others.  This wasn't the only consequence of the shattering of the orb.  The Multi'Verse began to orbit erratically around the shattered orb causing timelines and events to occur that should not have been.  People lived where they should have died, others died where they should have lived.  And in the midst of all this chaos the mistake spread throughout the four universes.

The two beings fought one another over the shards of the orb.  They each had acquired half the shards and desperately tried to wrestle the shards from one another.  It was in the midst of one particularly large fight that they noticed something: the Multi'Verse.  They had been so absorbed in their own fight they hadn't noticed it before.  With mutual agreement, the only one they would ever agree upon, they decided to let the mortals decide their conflict for them.  Neither would admit that they were incapable of beating the other.

One of the beings created a special race, his chosen race, and sent them out into the Multi'Verse.  Their goal was to destroy her brother's champions.  The other being decided to resort not to an entire race, but to a select few beings. These creatures were so diverse and different from one another and spread so far apart throughout the Multi'Verse that there was no hope of being found until they announced their presence.

The two siblings eyed one another before they leaned forward in anticipation.  The games had just begun, and neither had any intention of losing.

A/N: There, the prologue of the Gohan story. I decided to make it the history, all of them major events that had occurred up to the beginning of the actual story.  As you can see it's going to be extremely unique.
A/N: Two things, this is set 1 month after the Buu saga, so you can forget the end few episodes with the tournament, Ubuu and all that.  Also there are many variances in this.  The universe is exactly the same as the series right up to the end of the Buu saga, but that's where it stops.  At that point it changes radically, extremely radically.
A/N: I'm not sure how often I'll be able to update but...  I'll try to not make it TO many weeks apart but no guarantees.  University is a bitch to handle and I'm getting so much work piled on me that I can barely breathe.