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Chapter 20: A Change of Goals


Kioynia's mother really didn't contemplate much on the proposition brought to her by Liantrianious. Like most leaders she wanted to expand her land, and as such access to various resources. The chance to not only keep what she has, which she knew she was about the lose to the demons, but to gain even more and possibly even access to the surface was to great an opportunity for her to turn a blind eye towards. So against the advice of the high council she went ahead and accepted the ancient dragoness' alliance.

There was much screaming from the council of elders followed quickly by schemes to overthrow the current ruler-ship which was also sub sequentially followed by the mysterious disappearance of the council of elders and the appearance of several dragons walking around with satisfied smiles on their faces as they rubbed their fulfilled stomachs. A day later the empress expressed her solemn regret at the death of the high council and swore vengeance against the demons for their atrocious attacks against such noble and respected members of their race.

There were concerns on just how the dragons would help in the battle against the demons seeing as their size prohibited them from transforming in the vast majority of the tunnels. The tunnels were large, but only the smallest of dragons would be able to fight properly within them. It was decided that the dragons would take human form while in the tunnels, and draconic ones in the large caverns. A dragon's power was fully intact in human form; they just lacked the natural defences that their scales and draconic bodies provided them.

In total there were twenty-four gates, ranging from Alpha to Omega. Each gate wasn't a gate in the regular definition. Rather it was a choke hold point that separated a rather nice piece of land from the demons. There were six outer gates that the demons had to pass through to get to Arkon lands: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, and Zeta Behind those seven came the rest of the gates, scattered throughout the underground labyrinth in such a way that two more 'walls' were constructed between the demons and the five fortress cities. The difficulty with the gates is that you must hold them all, or don't bother holding any. Should one fall it would allow the demons to not only come around and attack the other gates from behind, but to also move on and attack the inner gates, which would be poorly defended. This is partly why the elders kept the greatest warriors back from the front lines. They wanted to be able to send them to the inner gates when the outer ones began to fall.

This time though, this time it would be different. The empress had no desire to simply 'take' more land. She wanted to demons to be beaten back so far, and so badly, that they would never consider attacking her people again. If the demons see that the Arkons are in alliance with the dragons, they would be far more hesitant to attack in the future, even if said alliance would collapse, the demons would never know and that fear would always be there.

Gohan and his friends won't be idle either. They've decided to participate as well. There were various reasons of course. Vegeta and Karreth wished to test their might against these demons. They didn't want to get rusty while they wait for their ticket into the next universe. Bardock wanted to study the way both the Arkons and the Demons fought so that he could pick up new strategies, techniques and abilities. Gohan disliked being idle while his friends were off heading into danger, so he was going to tag along which brought Sapphire along as well as she didn't want to leave Gohan's side while in this strange environment. Trunks decided that, if he was to ever get used to fighting with one arm, this would be a good place to do it, that and many of the Arkons were laughing at him and called him a cripple and a useless weakling. He had a few people to show up.

Currently Gohan was lounging on one of the sofas in the living area of the house he and his friends were kindly donated for the duration of their stay. It wasn't very opulent compared to their standards, but for Arkon standards they were being treated as if they were royal guests getting almost royalty treatment. Beside him at the other end of the couch sat Sapphire with her legs curled up on the couch beside her as she leaned on the edge. Trunks sat in a chair across the room in the corner where he was inspecting his sword, making sure everything was fine. He'd been given detailed instructions by the divine beings that had created it on how to maintain its current peak condition.

The room itself wasn't much. Just a long sofa against the back wall with several chairs positioned throughout the room. The floor was covered in a soft carpet, except for a little area near the door to Trunks' left that lead out into the city proper. A couple of small, wooden tables were placed at each end of the couch and one beside each chair. Aside from a hanging light from the ceiling that gave off a soft glow illuminating the room there was very little else. Vegeta was disgusted at how little they had been given, until he was pointed out that the Arkons had no access to wood, or to anything capable of producing the soft carpet that covered the floor. They were relics that had been preserved from ancient times when the Arkons lived above ground. After that Vegeta didn't touch the subject again, he grudgingly admitted that perhaps they were being treated properly.

There was a knock on the door and a smile graced Gohan's face.

"I was wondering when he would get here." Gohan said. "But I wonder who's with him."

With a wave of his hand the door opened to reveal three people: Rahkhain, the person Gohan had wished to see, Toril, his best friend who Rahkhain had wanted along, and Kioynia, who had simply joined them on their walk over, not really giving any real reason as to why she joined them.

"Ah, Rahkhain, glad you came. But… did you really need the escort?" Gohan asked in amusement.

"I'm sorry Lord Gohan. Toril's my best friend, and he was kind of down that he wasn't immediately sent back to the front lines so I've been trying to cheer him up since. Kioynia…"

"I go where I please. And it is no ones business as to why." Kioynia answered for herself.

"Uh huh, well, it's none of my business if those two gentlemen there peak your… interest I guess." Gohan said as he stood up, the meaning behind the words were lost on no one. Rahkhain and Toril exchanged nervous glances before glancing at Kioynia to see her glaring at Gohan. "And don't call me Lord Gohan. I'm no lord. I'm just the most powerful mortal to ever exist that's all." Gohan said with a simple shrug.

There were a couple more incredulous looks exchanged between Toril and Rahkhain.

Gohan stopped and shook his head a couple times. "Kami… I'm acting weird today…." He muttered to himself. He began walking again until he stood before Rahkhain. "This won't really take long. I've just had this peculiar feeling about you this the moment I laid eyes upon you. With Sapphire it was far more obvious, but you… It's almost as if something is hiding it." Gohan said.

"Uhh…" Rahkhain didn't have a clue as to what to say.

"Don't worry. It'll be but a moment." Gohan said as he lightly tapped Rahkhain's forehead. There was a sound, much like that of a lock being opened, and then a rune appeared on Rahkhain's forehead that glowed briefly for a moment before it dimmed down and disappeared.

"What was that?" Toril asked.

"That… means he is one of the chosen." Gohan said with a smile. "I knew I had a feeling about you. I kind of feel sorry for you. Now you're going to have some super being with powers beyond even immortal comprehension ordering you around like he does the rest of us." Gohan said with a laugh. Seeing the confused looks on their faces Gohan just waved his hand and smiled. "Don't worry. Toril and Kioynia, it doesn't affect you at all. And Rahkhain, you'll understand soon enough. One way, or another."

"Was that all you wanted to see me about… Gohan?" Rahkhain asked, a little nervous. At this point in time he was thinking Gohan was not all together up there.

"Yes, pretty much. You know Bardock? The tall man that kind of looks like me? Well, when he gets this really ancient look in his eyes and his presence is enough to make you want to tremble in your boots, just be sure to obey him. You can either do it voluntarily, or he'll force you. If you do it voluntarily, you may actually end up gaining something by the time this is all over." Gohan replied as he walked back to sit on the couch.


"Gohan." Kioynia said as she walked forward. "My mother wanted me to tell you and your friends that you'll be split up, one sent to each gate. Liantrianious brought it to our attention that you're all beings of extraordinary power so my mother, with the advice from the generals, wishes to even out the power at each of the battle lines."

Gohan nodded. "That should be fine. It'll give a chance for a few of my friends to make some decisions on their own without relying on me to save their asses if something goes wrong."

"But…" Sapphire said as she sat up quickly. She really wanted to be by Gohan's side.

"Don't worry Sapphire. You'll do fine. Don't let the people here get you down. You're more powerful virtually all of them anyways. Only Rahkhain here comes close to your level, and he physically can't hurt you. It is impossible for him to do that while you both carry those runes on your forehead." Gohan said as he reassured Sapphire.

"We leave tomorrow." Kioynia said. "The placement of you and your friends will be delivered tonight."

Gohan nodded, "That'll be fine. I'll see you on the frontlines tomorrow." Gohan said as she left the house. Rahkhain and Toril were quick to follow.

Gohan leaned back and sighed. "I wonder what race it is that we're supposed to…" Gohan trailed off as he got a far away look in his eyes.

Sapphire looked at Gohan questioningly. Not getting a response she turned her questioning gaze towards Trunks. He just sighed and lowered his head.


- -oo-O-oo- -


The next day…

The vast majority of the Arkon forces were assembled at the six outer gates, backed up by dragons and Gohan and his friends. Gohan was situated at the Alpha Gate along with Liantrianious in her human form and Kioynia and several other renowned warriors including General Bob. The heaviest fighting would take place there, since it was the closest gate to a major demon city.

At the Beta Gate stood Trunks and Toril. Trunks had a determined look on his face. He was going to prove to these fools that he was a power to be reckoned with. He just wished he wasn't also trying to convince himself.

Bardock was located at the Gamma Gate. He was oddly quiet and distance, almost as if he wasn't totally there.

Karreth and Jiraya were at the Delta Gate. Jiraya was a legendary pervert, not that many females cared. He was famous enough that most welcomed him with open arms. But not Karreth. She'd already lost count the number of times she'd punched him into the walls for attempting to grab parts of her body. She idly mused to herself just how many more hits it would take to open up a tunnel between the Gamma and the Delta gates.

Vegeta stood alone at the very center of the Epsilon Gate. Many of the warriors had been insulting him by saying he should go home to his mommy and what not. If the fighting didn't start up soon Vegeta was going to lose his cool and begin his own private war against the Arkons.

And at the last of the outer gates, the Zeta Gate, Sapphire and Rahkhain stood ready. Oddly enough no one made any lewd comments about Sapphire, and considering her beauty that was particularly unusual. Or maybe not considering the glares Rahkhain was giving anyone that so much as glanced at her. Rahkhain didn't know why he was so protective of Sapphire. The only thing he knew was that the thought of these hormone driven idiots with Sapphire disgusted him to no ends.


At the Alpha Gate…

"Alright you scum sucking bags of shit!" Bob roared as he position himself in front of everyone. "Ahem, except you two." He said apologetically to Kioynia and Liantrianious. Gohan just rolled his eyes and laughed to himself. "This is the day we make history! No more will these child gobbling parasitic fuckers…"

"I don't think they eat children…" Gohan interrupted. "There just simply isn't enough to them for it to be worth it. And I hardly consider them parasites; they're a little big for…"

"Shut up, I don't care. Don't interrupt me again or I'll flatten you into the ground." Bob snapped.

Gohan just laughed heartily. He knew the threat was hollow, everyone did. Liantrianious had reported earlier that Gohan was possibly stronger than even herself. Kioynia fought hard to keep a smile from her face. She wasn't supposed to laugh at things like this.

"As I was saying, before this ass licking virgin interrupted me, this is the day we'll…"

"Bob…" Gohan started.

"Shut up!" Bob yelled, "Now we'll teach these demon spawn cretins just…"

"Seriously… Bob…"

"SHUT UP!" Bob roared. "What the might of our great race is capable…"


"I SAID SHUT…" There was a sonic boom as Gohan appeared behind Bob just in time to knock a way a very nasty looking barbed spear that had been hurtling towards the general at super sonic speeds.


And so began the first, greatest and final Demon War that literally shook the foundation of the planet.


At the Beta Gate…

Trunks frowned as the first demon came into sight. They came in all different shapes and sizes. Some so deformed and grotesque he would have puked right there had he not seen worse while others were so beautiful that they could literally stop hearts. Trunks however came from a world of death and destruction and after Buu had destroyed everything that the androids had not….

"Let's get this over with. Wars sicken me." Trunks growled as he stepped forward.

"Hey, Trunks, these are demons, you're going to need our…" He started but was abruptly stopped as a massive gust of wind blew him backwards.

Lightning crackled around Trunks as a massive golden aura erupted from his body. The earth began to rumble and shake as Trunks' power expanded, soaring to heights those around him could only dream of. With a scream of rage Trunks' body bulked up as his hair flashed a brilliant yellow and his eyes turned a deep, teal color.

"Wh-What are you?" Toril gasped out as he stared at this new being in front of him.

Trunks tilted his head and looked back, "A saiyan." He said as he turned ahead.

With a wave of his the foremost demons exploded into a shower of blood and gore, their entrails and inner organs splashing against the sides of the tunnel, as a wave of yellow energy ripped through the first couple lines of demons.

"A very pissed off saiyan." Trunks amended as he began his advance, wiping out a dozen demons with each wave of his hand. "Please try to keep up. I may miss a few, do take care of them."


At the Gamma Gate…

Bardock had exploded into super saiyan mode much like Trunks, albeit minus the speech. He began destroying the demons at such a rate, although not as quickly as Trunks, that the people accompanying him began to wonder just what exactly he was.


At the Delta Gate…

Karreth was glad to note that Jiraya, although a pervert normally, was actually reliable and capable when push came to shove. He was destroying the demons with such ease and efficiency that Karreth couldn't help but acknowledge that he truly did earn the right to be considered one of the strongest Arkons.

But he wasn't alone. Many other warriors, some just as powerful as Jiraya, were also up there ripping their way through the ranks of the demons.

"As much as I enjoy letting these men do all the work for me…" Karreth said as she watched in amusement. "I simply love a good battle too much to stand on the sidelines."

With a burst of power she exploded into super saiyan and joined the others. The demons didn't stand a chance. Where Jiraya and the others used an assortment of weapons to kill the demons, Karreth simply tore them limb from limb, earning major points in the books of the men there.


At the Epsilon Gate…

Vegeta had wasted no time. The moment he had sensed the demons coming he had taken it up to the next level and became a super saiyan. He shot forward and met the demons as they rounded the last corner coming into the gate.

They didn't know what hit them.

Like a ballistic missile Vegeta exploded into their ranks, blasting, ripping, tearing and otherwise completely obliterating everyone and everything that moved around him. The constant insults and belittling he had to take because of the Arkons had put him in a foul mood. He knew taking it out on the Arkons would mean facing Gohan's wrath, but taking it out on the demons…

By the time the Arkons knew what was happening Vegeta had already destroyed the first dozen ranks and was nearing the first intersection past the gate. If he wasn't allowed to satiate his rage and anger on the Arkons, someone else had to do.

The demons had made the distinct displeasure of being on the receiving end of that wrath.

It was not going to be a good day for them.


At the Zeta Gate…

The demons were rushing down the tunnel like a huge tidal wave. The Zeta gate was the furthest from any major demon city, which was a good thing because it was the hardest to defend. The tunnel was easily large enough to house a transformed dragon and still give it enough room to manoeuvre and fight without hindrance.

"Damn… there are a lot of them." Rahkhain said as he gripped his large sword. He was fully decked out in his enchanted dragon scale armor. On top of that he looked like a walking armory with the number of different weapons strapped to his body. "Sapphire, you better…" He looked to his side.

Sapphire was in a trance, mumbling a few incoherent words. With a suddenness that surprised everyone she opened her eyes and slammed her hands together.

Now normally this wouldn't surprise too many people.

But when the tunnel does the same thing, the surprise level goes through the roof.

Needless to say only the very forefront demons were still alive as Sapphire spread her hands apart again, returning the tunnel walls to their original shape, size and location. To say that the demons were confused, and a little scared, was an understatement.

Behind them, nearly a hundred demonic forms, or what was left of them, could be seen literally plastered to the walls.

Several dozen twangs later and the remaining demons were turned into pin cushions as countless arrows pierced their bodies.

"You know..." Rahkhain began as he looked at Sapphire under a new light. "You're quite handy to have around."

Sapphire smiled, "Why thank you." She said softly as she began to daintily make her way through the pools of blood that were beginning to form on the rough tunnel ground.

And so the war began that way: The saiyans leading the way, blasting and destroying all the demons within sight while the Arkons followed quickly behind them, killing what few the saiyans missed. The Arkons weren't worried, they'd get their chance. After all, there were many intersections and the saiyans couldn't be in every place at once.


Several hours later…

The war was going far better than anyone could have hoped. With the aid of the saiyans and the dragons the Arkons were quickly pushing the demons back; where once before the Arkons may have questioned the strength of the saiyans now they have come to respect it. No longer was Vegeta treated as a child, Trunks criticized for his missing arm and Karreth discriminated against because she was female. Above all the Arkons respected power and strength and those three had shown they had plenty of that.

Bardock quickly gained the trust and respect of not only the common soldiers, but the commanders and generals as well. Time and time again he foiled demon counter-attacks with not only his strength, but the tactics and plans he devised on the spot. It takes a quick thinking and intelligent person to create plans and coordinate ones forces to react to surprises on the battle field.

At the moment general Bob and several other high generals were gathered at the Theta Gate, which was a small cavern just within demon territory, discussing the progress of the war. The cavern was chosen because three of the exits led to the Alpha, Beta and Zeta gates while the fourth and fifth led further into demon territory, towards the first of the major demon cities.

"The war is going far better than we could have ever anticipated." Dartiran murmured as he stared down at the table before him. Spread across the tables were various maps describing the lay of the land in the area. Several other command posts had been set up near the other gates to help coordinate the attacks over there.

"Hmph, those dragons seem to be holding up their side of the bargain." Bob grumbled. It was well known that he was one of the more gruff of the generals. "I wonder for how long though."

Dartiran laughed. "Don't be so uptight Bob, like they said before, they need our help. Our own scouts have noticed the increased titan activity in their areas so their claims of encroachment are not wrong. They help us, we help them, everyone is happy. What worries me slightly is these saiyans. However did they attain such power?"

"How they attained their power isn't really of much concern." Jilail said. "All that matters is that they are on our side, using their power to help us. I've talked to a few of them myself and can say this, they are loyal. They will not betray anyone, as long as they are not betrayed themselves." Jilail looked down at the map and placed a finger on a large open circle with several tunnels leading into it. There was a name on it and lots of little designs. "This will be the first city we will attack. It's not a city of major importance as it's not near any major demonic supply route or a major center of demon power but the mere destruction of it will draw out their best, and boost the moral of our troops several fold."

"It would also give some of our troops the experience in fighting demons in their own cities, something we all lack." Dartiran said, agreeing with Jilail.

"Che, we better put some a couple saiyans or some of the stronger dragons there then." Bob said, "If they will counter-attack with their stronger forces we wouldn't want to be overwhelmed just as we attained our first small victory."

The other generals agreed and runners were sent out to the front lines.


- -oo-O-oo- -


Several hours later…

Countless booms and explosions rippled through the caverns as the demonic buildings exploded or crumbled to the cavern floor. Dragons flew dealing death and destruction from above as many Arkons ran through the city streets slaughtering what demons they could find. Most of the forces at the Beta and Zeta gates had converged on the city to destroy it.

Currently Trunks was walking beside Sapphire and Rahkhain as they picked their way through the rubble in the city. Despite being prepared for an assault the demons just couldn't withstand the onslaught of the Arkons, not with Sapphire and Trunks destroying their primary defences within moments of entering the cavern. A few quick energy blasts and several powerful spells had completely decimated the main fortifications allowing the Arkons to spill almost unimpeded into the city. A lot of fighting still took place but it was nothing that couldn't be handled without the aid of Trunks and Sapphire.

Sapphire was exceedingly useful, the only race on the planet capable of using magic were the Titans and only the dragons had any experience in fighting magic users. Which meant that Sapphire was overlooked until it was too late and even then the demons had no way of countering her attacks because they'd simply never encountered it before and had no idea how to react to it.

"When do you think the demons will counter-attack?" Sapphire asked.

Trunks shrugged, "Could be any time now, may not even happen at all. The demons may have just left the city to rot and kept their most powerful for when we actually hit a city of importance." Trunks responded as he stepped around a pile of corpses.

"They're probably just scared of us. Look at how easily we took the city." Rahkhain said.

Trunks sighed as he shook his head sadly. "This is nothing to be proud of Rahkhain." Trunks said as he looked around sadly. "Look over there." Trunks said, waving his hand towards a small pile of smoking corpses. "Are you proud of being a child killer? They may be demons, but they probably weren't even a year old. And over there, an elderly couple, probably didn't do anything more than simply stand there as they were killed. Do killing the old and the young make you happy? Appease your sense of justice and appetite for revenge?" Trunks asked in a sickened voice.

Sapphire looked down, unhappy, while Rahkhain appeared to be lost in thought.

"This has to be done though." Rahkhain responded finally after a few minutes of thought.

"Yes, I know, which is the reason I am here. I do it because it has to be done, not because I relish it." Trunks murmured as he looked around.

Trunks looked around as the three of them exited the city at the far end. Behind them explosions and screams could still be heard as the fighting continued. The last few pockets of demonic resistance were slowly beginning to crumble.

"I don't think the demons are going to be counter-attacking any time soon." Trunks said as he took a few moments to stare down several of the huge tunnels leaving the cavern.

"How do you know?" Rahkhain asked.

"Because I can sense the stronger demons, they aren't moving despite them having already been given word of the attack and subsequence subjugation of the city. It appears as if they don't care about this city at all and have decided to let it fend for itself." Trunks responded.

"I thought as much, the demons don't even care about their own kind." Rahkhain said as he spat on a nearby corpse.

"Or they have great tactical sense." Trunks returned calmly. "To counter-attack us would be folly, they know we have exceedingly powerful people leading the attacks and they know should they attack us they would be destroyed. If I had to hazard a guess I'd say they are gathering the majority of their forces at the most important cities."

"There's no way they would do that. These demons are barbaric…"

"No they aren't. They are powerful enough to match you race one on one, and have had the tactics to overwhelm your people ever second generation. If you would take time and look at the architecture of the buildings here you'd realize that they also have their own type of culture and way of life. They aren't barbaric. They are simply different, they have a different view on life, on how things should be ordered and done." Trunks replied.

"Don't tell me you are beginning to feel for these demons." Rahkhain said, slightly annoyed.

Trunks smiled lightly. "No more than I care for your people." Trunks calmly replied. "I don't agree with how some of the things are done in your society but I don't let that bother me. Just like I don't agree with how many things are done in the demonic society. I said it before I'm not here because I want to be, I'm here because I have to be. I'm here to help a friend in his quest, despite not knowing what it even is. Gohan is my best friend, and I will stick by his side until the end. My loyalty isn't to you or your people, it's to him."

Rahkhain stared at Trunks with a mixture of emotions. He hadn't a clue of how to respond to that.

"I'm with Trunks, Rahkhain." Sapphire said with a smile. "Gohan is a good person and I know he would never do anything if it wasn't the right thing to do. Don't let what Trunks said get to you. There may be… problems with your society, but you have a lot of good things too, and we never base people on what society as a whole is. Your society may not be the best, but we both know and like you as a person."

Trunks smirked. "Sapphire, you just had to go and ruin the moment by adding some light to it." Trunks replied, the grin still on his face. "Ah well, let's head back and see where the generals want us next. I want this war over with as soon as possible. I hate wars…" Trunks trailed off as he turned and headed back into the city.

Sapphire turned to Rahkhain and smiled at him. "Come on, let's catch up before Trunks gets too far away."

Rahkhain shook his head and quickly followed Sapphire. This was too confusing to sort through at the moment. He was just going to concentrate on winning the war, he could think about all that philosophical stuff afterwards.


- -oo-O-oo- -


A month later…

The war had gone well for the Arkons during the first week with the Arkons continually pushing the demons back further and further. However by the end they began encounter larger and/or more powerful demons, demons that were far too powerful for the average Arkon to compete with. It seemed almost as if for each new tunnel they took, they lost an old one forcing them to spend time to retake the lost ground before continuing on. If it hadn't been for the dragons and the saiyans that Arkons would have too few warriors capable of standing up against the strongest demons to be able to even keep the ground they currently had, let alone gain more.

It also became more and more apparent as the forces moved deeper into demonic territory that these demons were anything but simple-minded brutes with immense strength. They appeared to create strategies and tactics that were comparable to the Arkons and this made the generals quite nervous.

But despite all of this the Arkons persevered and kept on pushing the demons back, taking strategic position after strategic position and destroying city after city.

The Arkons were currently moving on what they had deemed as the 'capital' city for the demons. They weren't sure but they decided to dub it as thus considering it was by far and large the biggest of the cities and the last of the truly powerful demons had collected in that one single spot. Regardless of whether or not it was the capital city a win here would spell almost certain victory for the Arkons.

There were only four entrances to the demon capital, one from each of the cardinal directions. There were two layers of defences protecting the city. The first was a series of small ditches and walls between the entrances and the city itself, the ditches were filled with spikes and/or other nasty concoctions. In addition to this there were many holes that were covered up that wouldn't open up at the weight of a single Arkon, but if several were to walk on it the covering would collapse spilling the people on it into a pool of liquid fire.

The second defence was a huge wall that surrounded the city itself. There were many towers and several levels to the bulwarks. The demons didn't use arrows or cross bolts when they defended the walls, they used wickedly barbed spears, globes of fire, acid, and body parts.

After the walls the demons didn't really have too many defences, aside from knowing the layout of the city and where all the good ambush spots were. The only other true fortification was the small wall and moat of lava that surrounded the demon palace where the demon emperor and his family resided. It was in there that the most powerful demons had gathered.

The armies that Bardock and Karreth were a part of weren't going participate on the actual assault on the city, their armies were spread out across the seven outer most gates, preventing any of the smaller demons from sneaking through and attacking the undefended cities of their homeland. They had a few scouting parties out beyond the gates to slow down any kind of major demon counter-assault or to destroy any demon stragglers.

The other armies were currently converging on the city from all sides. Gohan's from the north, Vegeta's from the west, Trunks' from the south and Sapphire's from the east.

"This is it, the day the demons meet their end." General Bob said as he stomped his way through the tunnel. "They're no match for the might of the Arkon race!"

Gohan just smiled to himself, "Yes, just make sure to stay out of our way when the truly powerful demons attack us." Gohan said in amusement.

Bob scowled but said nothing. This would be the final battle, one way or another. After the capital city fell the demons wouldn't pose a threat to the Arkons with their few remaining cities. They were too far away from Arkon territory to mount any kind of sustained assault, and even if they could the remaining demons would be too weak to force themselves past even a lightly defended gate.

"Now now Gohan, no need to tease the mortal." Liantrianious said as she smiled at Gohan. The verbal exchange between Bob and Gohan throughout the entire campaign had brought some much needed humour to the army but now was hardly the time to start it up.

As they rounded the corner they found themselves face to face with Bardock.

"Bardock… what are you…?" Gohan trailed off. "Oh, it's you again."

Everyone gave Gohan a questioning look.

"Bardock! What are you doing here? You had your orders, you should be at your post making sure those cretins are kept in line." Bob snapped as he stepped forward.

Bardock's eyes shone briefly just before a force of energy slammed into Bob and knocked him back into the first ranks of the army.

"I'm not here for you, I'm here to speak with my chosen one." Bardock said monotonously as he stepped before Gohan.

Bob was about to get up and give Bardock a piece of his mind when Liantrianious held him back and shook her head.

"It's time we left Gohan, gather up the others, we're leaving." Bardock said.

Gohan's eyes hardened as he stared down at the being before him. "We haven't finished what we set out to do, I thought we had to destroy a race before we could move on."

"Things have changed, the rules of the game me and my sister are playing have changed."

Gohan frowned. "I'm not leaving until we finish up things here. I said I would help the Arkons defeat the demons, and I'm not going back on my word." Gohan said.

Bardock stared at Gohan for a few moments before nodding. "Fine, but the moment the Arkons no longer need your help I expect to find you ready for transportation." Bardock said as he turned and disappeared.

"Who was that?" Liantrianious asked softly.

Gohan sighed. "Someone whose very demanding. And one with many questions to answer." Gohan shook his head and began walking again. "Come on, let's get this war finished. The sooner it's done the sooner I can move on, and the sooner I can get home."

"You better not be chickening out on us now saiyan." Bob spat out.

Gohan gave him a sharp look. "I 'never' go back on my word."

As they neared the exit Gohan slowed and stopped, the rest following suit. The plan was for Gohan, Trunks, Vegeta and Sapphire to smash the initial defences. After that the main Arkon armies would spill into the enormous cavern and do battle with the demons therein as the dragons and saiyans, Sapphire included, sought out the most powerful demons and take them down.

As Gohan felt the other three armies fall into their places Gohan spiked his power level twice to signal that everyone was in place and ready. Sapphire had no trouble picking up the energy spike as she had created a spell earlier in the war that allowed her to sense the energy levels of others. It wasn't perfect but when someone spiked their power deliberately she could easily pick it out of the masses.

Gohan held his hands out before him before he brought to his sides and began his father's trademark technique.

Trunks brought his hand before him.

Vegeta stretched his arms and legs to either side.

Sapphire began tracing some runes into the air.


Blue energy began dancing down Gohan's arms and through the air as they began to coalesce between his palms.


A bright yellow aura erupted around Vegeta as his energy began to spike. The Arkons around him stepped back a little, they'd seen this attack before and didn't want to be anywhere near it.


A small ball of blue energy sprung into life in Trunks' out-stretched hand. Blue energy pulses began to ripple outwards from it as it slowly began to grow in size.


A grid of runes appeared around Sapphire as she continued to trace runes into the air at nearly supersonic speeds. Rahkhain brought out his large two-handed sword and stood prepared to defend Sapphire from any sort of surprise demon assault.


A ball of blue energy sprang into life between Gohan's hands as he brought them forward and screamed the last bit of his attack. A massive wave of bluish-white energy exploded forth from Gohan's outstretched arms and shot out through the exit of the tunnel and into the cavern beyond.


Vegeta's aura became all spiky as he cupped his hands in front of him and roared. A massive beam of yellow energy shot from his hands, blasting the tunnel wider as it ripped it's way out into the cavern beyond.


The blue ball of energy quadrupled in size and formed rings around it as it shot out from Trunks' hands. It's entrance wasn't nearly as flashy as Gohan's or Vegeta's but it's destructive power was on par with their own as it shot its way out and into the cavern beyond.


Sapphire slammed her hands into the two largest runes in the rune grid she had created and smiled to herself. A slight rumbling was the only warning the demons received before her attack hit them.

In unison the four attacks slammed into the demonic defences and in unison the defences collapsed. Vegeta's and Gohan's energy waves simply rippled over the defensive structures, creating a massive hole in them for the Arkons to spill through, before they smashed into the city proper before exploding into massive domes of yellow and blue energy, killing thousands of demons. Trunks' exploded at the defences, destroying the entire thing as opposed to simply drilling a massive hole through it. However after the initial explosion the rings around the energy ball exploded outwards and slammed into the foremost demons down near the city. Sapphire's attack, while not flashy, was more effective than any of the others. Both the ceiling and the floor of the cavern changed as billions of small, razor sharp, stone projectiles shot up from the ground or down from the ceiling. No one was spared, every living thing between the eastern entrance and the city were killed as the shards actively sought out all living creatures. Not even the cockroaches survived.

A massive roar shook the cavern as the four armies spilled out from their respective entrances and into the heart of the demon power.

Before the demons could reorganize from the complete annihilation of the primary, and in the case of Vegeta and Gohan secondary, defences their enemy was all over them, hacking and slashing their way into the city.

More roars filled the air, deeper roars that were anything but human as the dragons all began to transform into their true form. Into the air they rose, their massive wings propelling them above the city. The air-borne demons tried to fight back but were no match for the dragons. Death ran through the streets, death rained from above, death sprang from beneath the earth and from the ceiling above. Everywhere the demons went death was there to meet them.

And then three balls of energy could be seen streaking through the air as they blasted through the city, their very aura destroying the city structures and the demons within them, towards the very center of demon power, the demon palace located in the heart of the city.

Sapphire constantly teleported throughout the city. She had opted out of fighting the strongest demons in favour of taking out the greatest pockets of resistance within the city itself. Her goal was to minimize Arkon casualties while Gohan and the other two were supposed to keep the most powerful demons away from the four armies entirely. Rahkhain was beside her the entire time, constantly watching her back as she slung spells back and forth. Her teleportation carried the two of them to wherever the fighting was the thickest.

"So Gohan, you ready for the grand finale?" Trunks asked as he and Gohan reached the palace at the same time.

"Always, Trunks, always. Let's get this over with." Gohan replied.

"Don't tell me you two planned on starting the fun without me." Vegeta shouted as he drew near.

Gohan chuckled. "Of course not 'your highness' we would never do that!"

Vegeta scowled at him for a moment. However as he stared down a smile soon replaced it. "Ooo, looks like they've decided to come out and play with us." Vegeta said as he pointed down at the palace.

Sure enough several powerful energy signatures had left the structure and were streaking up towards them.

"It's time to dance." Gohan said as he grinned down at the demons.

Vegeta and Trunks shot away, distancing themselves from each other. The demons split apart as well, two headed towards Trunks while another two headed towards Vegeta. The most powerful of the demons that had rushed out to die went straight for Gohan.

Gohan shot towards the demon and a massive boom echoed through the air as the demon rushing at Gohan slammed his powerful fist into Gohan's face with earth shattering force. Unfortunately for the demon Gohan didn't even feel the blow as he continued to barrel into the demon. With powerful hands Gohan grasped the demons face and threw him back towards the ground.

A high energy density blast left Gohan's left hand and shot towards the demon with blinding speed. The demon shrieked in agony for a mere moment as the blast slammed into him before he was completely destroyed by it. The large explosion illuminated the sky, revealing a powerful force shield around the palace.


Trunks teleported behind the first demon and rammed his sword through the second. Finesse was hardly needed against these creatures. With a kick Trunks sent the second demon tumbling away as he whirled around to face the first.

Just in time to be on the receiving end of a clawed fist. The claws went through an after image as Trunks zanzokened behind the demon and with an arm outstretched Trunks unleashed a torrent of raw energy that rippled over the demon from behind, completely obliterating all traces of it.

Te second demon had just begun to recover from Trunks' initial assault when he began to lay into it again. Trunks ripped the sword out from the demon, leaving a terrible gash that nearly cut the demon in half before quickly swiping the blood of the blade, sheathing it, and ramming his fist into the demons bewildered face. A moment later the demon fell to the cavern floor below, decapitated.


Vegeta was having the time of his life toying with the two demons that had gone after him. The two of them obviously didn't fight together having almost no coordination in their attacks making it pitifully easy for Vegeta to block them. Vegeta was almost lazily blocking all of their attacks with a single arm and leg, using the second hand to cover his mouth as he pretended to yawn.

The demons grew quite disgruntled at that.

Vegeta glanced over at the battles Gohan and Trunks had been a part of, noticing that their demons had already been dispatched and they were calmly watching Vegeta fight his two opponents.

Vegeta grinned and waved at them before he brought the free hand forward and blasted the face off one of his opponents. The demon careened away as pieces of it's face dribbled off and fell from the sky. Vegeta grinned wickedly at the demon as he fired another energy blast, one that ripped away the bottom half of the demons torso. With an agonized cry the demon plummeted from the sky, in far too much pain to be able to coherently do anything.

The last remaining demon, noticing its compatriots had been destroyed fled from its battle with Vegeta in a feeble attempt to get away. Unfortunately it didn't get far as it flew straight into the awaiting jaws of Liantrianious as she flew by for some quick fast food.

"Why thank you Vegeta for that fine morsel." Liantrianious thanked Vegeta as she hovered in the air before the saiyans.

"Hmph, you owe me." Vegeta said as he crossed his arms across his chest.

The ancient dragon just laughed heartily for a moment before she glanced down at the palace.

"My my, what an annoying fortification." Liantrianious said as she analyzed the shield around the palace. "It must be pretty powerful with the demons constantly reinforcing it over the eons."

"Che, we can destroy it easily enough." Vegeta boasted.

"Ah, let her destroy it for us Vegeta." Gohan said as he floated over beside the prince. "After all, it's polite to let the ladies go first."

"Fine, whatever."

The ancient dragon just smiled in amusement. She tilted her head and aimed it at the very top of the shield, which so happened to be directly over the very center of the palace beneath it.

Liantrianious opened her mouth and began to breath deeply. Particles of blue and white energy began to get sucked into her mouth as the breath grew deeper and deeper until without warning a massive wave of bluish-white energy shot out from her mouth. The energy beam slammed into the shield, and kept going like it was thing more than tissue paper. A massive rumble began, shaking the planet to its very core, as the demonic palace exploded into a dome of bluish-white light, a dome that continued to expand until it had overtaken the entire inner compound and some of the city around it. The shield had evaporated almost as soon as the energy beam slammed into the palace, doing nothing to protect its inhabitants from the full fury of Liantrianious.

"Well, that's a rather spectacular way to end a war." Gohan noted as he watched the bright display of energy in the city below.

"I could have done better." Vegeta declared.

"Sure you could Vegeta." Trunks said jokingly. "Just admit it that she did a better job than you could have."

Vegeta looked down and didn't respond.

"All that's left is cleaning up what little resistance is left within the city." Liantrianious murmured as she gazed down at the ruined city below.

"And with the destruction of their leaders and most powerful members of their race…" Gohan continued.

"It's over." Trunks said with finality. "Many of them have lost their will to fight, they know it's hopeless. Now all we have to do is hunt down the rest and we can get out of here."

"No Trunks, we're finished now." Gohan replied.

"What? I thought we had to…" Trunks trailed off.

Gohan shook his head. "Apparently the rules have changed, we don't have to anymore. 'He' is probably collecting the others right now and then we'll be off for whatever place we're going to now."

Trunks sighed in relief. "That's great, one more stupid war finished." Trunks said.

"Come, lets report to general Bob, although I'm sure he's well aware of what's just happened." Gohan said.


- -oo-O-oo- -


Two hours later…

Just outside the ruined demon city…

Everyone was gathered there on the outskirts of the city: Liantrianious, General Bob, Kioynia, the other powerful Arkons that had been a part of the attack, Gohan and his crew including Rahkhain.

The war was officially over. The demons were no longer any kind of a threat to the Arkons, they had their supremacy. The last of the demons within the city had been exterminated a few minutes prior to the meeting. The demons weren't completely exterminated, they still held a few small villages deep underground or on the very fringes of the explored tunnels but they were few, and weak and too far away from any kind of Arkon presence for them to matter.

"So, the demons have finally been beaten, we've won!" General Bob crowed as he grinned elatedly down at the ruined city.

"Yes, and with surprisingly few casualties too." Kioynia said. "Only several thousand of our own died in this war, a mere fraction of the force we put out to fight the demons. You did quite well, Bob, you and the other generals were able to pull off a nice, clean victory."

"Well it is what you pay us to do." Bob said, adopting a slightly humble attitude. After all, she was royalty.

"And you, saiyans is it? You all fought bravely as well. Without your contribution we would have never made it this far. You were instrumental in our complete victory." She said as she addressed the saiyans. Rahkhain cleared his throat. Kioynia smiled, "Ah yes, and the lovely Sapphire as well."

Kioynia turned to Liantrianious, who was now in human form. "And you, you and your kind also greatly helped us win this war. You upheld your part of the bargain to help us destroy the demons once and for all, and for that we thank you. When my mother receives word of this I do not doubt that she will be sending soldiers to help you with your battles against the Titans, if for no more reason than to keep our men occupied. We wouldn't want them to get fat and lazy on us." Kioynia said with a smile.

"It was a pleasure helping your people." The ancient dragon replied. "It was a welcome to know that not all the races of this world are secular and violent towards outsiders."

"And now it's time for us to go." Bardock said as he stepped forward.

"When are you going to explain what exactly is going on?" Gohan asked. To be honest he was getting perturbed at the fact he was running around the multi-verse for some unknown reason at the tune of some unknown super being that could squash him like a bug.

Bardock shook his head, "All will be explained when the others have joined."

"In other words you're a stick in the mud that hates explaining himself twice." Karreth said.

Bardock didn't reply, he simply pointed behind Gohan and a trans-universal portal opened up.

"Come, it's time that we go."

Gohan sighed and turned to the portal, "Alright, everyone in, or you'll find yourself thrown in." Trunks, Vegeta and Karreth all jumped into the portal. Gohan turned to Rahkhain. "That includes you too."

"What? Me?" Rahkhain said as he stepped back. "You want me to step into that weird portal?"

Sapphire faked a sniffle. "You're going to let me go in there all by myself?" She asked quietly. "Alright… if that's the way you are…" Sapphire turned and stepped through the portal. She didn't know where it went anymore than Rahkhain but she knew her lot had been thrown in with Gohan's until the end, whatever that may be.

Rahkhain gaped at the portal for a moment before he tightened his resolve. Courageously he walked through the portal; all the while his legs shook like crazy.

Gohan chuckled and turned to everyone else. "It was a pleasure meeting you all. Perhaps sometime in the future we may meet again. Until then… Good bye." And with that he left that universe.

Bardock gave Liantrianious a little nod before he too joined the rest through the portal. With that the portal shut tightly, leaving behind a number of confused and bewildered people, and a dragon who wished them all good luck.

To be continued…


A/N: Done, bleh… took too long, I know, I got several reasons, 1) World of Warcraft 2) Writers block at the very beginning of the war 3) Lack of motivation 4) real life job. With all that it made it hard to get the chapter done. However I DID say I would finish the story, and I'm not going back on my word, I'll finish it, one way, or another.

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Mystic Gohan - 675,540,000 Normal Trunks - 38,540,000
Super Saiyan Trunks - 173,430,000
Super Saiyan II Trunks - 511,618,000
Super Saiyan II Trunks (1 arm) - 415,500,000 (Like Gohan with Cell, his power is only that low because he 'believes' it to be so.)
Normal Bardock - 33,980,000
Super Saiyan Bardock - 152,910,000
Normal Karreth - 25,345,000
Super Saiyan Karreth - 114,052,000
Normal Vegeta - 24,500,000
Super Saiyan Vegeta - 110,250,000
Sapphire - 190,750,000
Rahkhain - 176,190,000

Now, I know what you may be thinking: If Gohan will have trouble in the next universe, how the hell can any of the others (aside from Trunks) be able to do anything? Ok, other 3 saiyans, level 2, or they die, either or. Sapphire, her power is different, her 'power level' is her strength, it determines what level of spells she can cast, and at that strength she can cast them all, and the spells she casts are amplified by the runes she uses so she can cast a spell that is equivalent to Gohan's full blast kamehame-ha... although granted it'd take far longer to conjure up such a spell. As for Rahkhain, he's likewise, his power is his base power + his armor bonus + weapon bonus + rage bonus' (I haven't really gone into his stuff yet but it'll be more explained later... I hope. This is why I dislike having lots of characters.). Anyways I may give him some sort of transformation, maybe not. We'll see but rest assured when all is said and done with him he's at least on par with 1 arm Trunks.