Part II Music, Dancing, & Fireworks
They party was still going strong two hours later. Krel was out on the dance floor waltzing with Onithn, a trade off for getting him to try a muffin. Onithn smiled at her. "I thought you said you were not good at this."
Krel put on a grumpy face. "I was trying to talk you out of making me do this."
Onithn spun her in response. "You can't tell me this isn't fun?"
Krel tried hard to suppress her smile, but the corners of her mouth curled upward despite her efforts. Onithn grinned and then dipped her. Krel started laughing, "Alright, this is fun. I'm glad you were here this year."
Onithn continued to lead them about the dance floor, making them look better then some of the adults waltzing around. Krel, despite her griping, wasn't too bad of a dancer herself. "I am glad too. This is the first year mi familie, were asked to come to England. I hope they will be asked again soon."
The music ended and Krel curtsied to Onithn gracefully. "Thank you for the dance."
Onithn bowed. "It was my pleasure." He offered her his arm once more and she took it letting him lead her off the dance floor. Krel spied an empty table in the corner and motioned to Onithn. Half way to the table, they were intercepted.
"Hey there Trouble. What have you got planned in that beady little mind of yours?"
Krel smiled up at her father. "Me, got something planned? Posh! I don't know where you would get an idea like that("
Mr. Ansell gave her a small smile. "Alright, now I know you're up to something."
Krel gave him an evil smile and then remembered the boy next to her. "Oh, dad, this is Onithn. Onithn, this is my dad."
Onithn and Mr. Ansell shook hands. "Nice to met you my boy. Are you keeping Krel out of trouble?"
"Yes, sir. She's been with me most of the evening, forcing me to eat her muffins." Onithn made a face at her. "Does she always eat those awful things?"
Krel stuck her tongue out at him as her father answered, "Yes, she does."
"Hey!" Mr. Ansell laughed at his daughter's reaction. "Not all the time(I mean, I eat cupcakes too."
Mr. Ansell spied someone in the distance and waved them over. "Well, I'm glad to know she's in good hands. I know how much she detests this 'boring ol' Ambassador's Ball' we make her come to every year. But it's nice to see her out of her tee-shirts and jeans."
Mrs. Ansell walked up. "Krel, dear. There you are. I was wondering where you had run off to." She started fussing with the bow holding up Krel's ponytail. "I do wish you would have let me curled your hair("
Krel shooed her hand away. "Mum stop. It's enough that you got me in this monkey suit to begin with."
Mrs. Ansell's eyes traveled to Onithn. "Hello."
"Mum, this is Onithn Udy."
Krel's father perked up. "Udy? You're Jycob's and Karen's boy?"
Onithn beamed with pride. "Yes, sir."
Mrs. Ansell smiled. "They were good people."
"You knew them?"
"Used to work with them when we first started." Mrs. Ansell shared a sad smile with her husband. "The German Embassy was our first post together. It was your parents too. Then we got switched to America and your parents to Britain. We lost track of each other when he-who-must-not-be- named was at his height."
"So you are here with your grandparents then?" Mr. Ansell looked around. "Haven't seen them in years. It would be nice to say hi."
Onithn glanced around the room and spied his grandparents near the head table talking with Cornelius Fudge and another gentleman with a very long silvery beard and glasses. He turned back to Mr. Ansell. "They are over by the Minister of Magic."
"Ah, yes. I've been meaning to talk to Cornelius too(" Mr. Ansell took his wife's arm and started across the ballroom. "It was nice meeting you Onithn. I hope to be seeing more of you." Krel's mother waved as they walked off. "Come on, Maggi."
Krel quickly covered the remaining distance to the table and sat down, muttering to herself. Onithn placed a cup of tea on the table in front of her and then took the seat next to her a few minutes later. Krel picked up the cup as she looked at Onithn. "With milk." He said smiling, sipping his own.
Krel returned his smile and took a sip herself. "Hmmm. Good. Thanks."
"So Krel, when do you start school?"
"I haven't received my letter yet, but next year at Hogwarts. I can't wait." She watched as he idly played with the tablecloth. "Something wrong?"
Onithn seemed to snap out of his thoughts. "Did you know your parents knew mine?"
Krel leaned on the table with her elbows. "No."
"Oh." Onithn picked up his cup to take a drink, but didn't. Krel was about to ask him what was bothering him when the music changed. He put his cup back down on the table.
"Excuse me, Onithn." Krel looked up to see an older, more distinguished looking version of the boy sharing the table with her, only the eyes were a light brown instead of gray. "We are getting ready to leave. It is late."
Onithn sighed. "Ganz richtig opa." He shared a small smile with Krel. "It was nice meeting you Krel."
"You to, Onithn. I hope to see you again soon." She smiles up at his grandfather. "Goodnight Herr Udy." She checked her wristwatch. "Oh, and I wouldn't pass by the musicians on your way out."
Mr. Udy gave her a curious look. "May I ask why?"
Krel gave him a mischievous smile. "You could, but then it would spoil the surprise."
"Trouble indeed." Onithn and Mr. Udy smiled identical smiles. "I was warned about you."
Krel winked. "That's Trouble with a capital 'T'. May I ask, who was praising my skills?"
Mr. Udy laughed. "You have Herr Fudge to thank for the kind words."
"Hmm. I shall have to remember that for next year. Mr. Fudge is a big fan of my work."
They guys chuckled. "Well, Fraulein Ansell, it has been a pleasure." He put an arm around Onithn's shoulders. "But I am afraid my wife is not feeling well. I hope to see you again. I would love to hear of your work with Herr Fudge." He smiled. "And danke schon for the warning."
Krel smiled. "Any time. I'm always up for a good story. Gute Nacht."
Onithn gave her an approving look. "You're German is very good. Gute Nacht, Krel."
She watched the Udys skirt the musicians, just like she had advised. Krel counted silently in her head as she turned her attention to the band. Five – four – three – two – tight on schedule, a loud snap sounded from the musicians' corner of the ball room, followed by red and green sparks shooting out of the musicians' instruments. Soon the sparks started taking the shapes of the notes that they came out on, swirling in and around the people on the main dance floor to the dancing crowds delight. Krel watched Onithn and Mr. and Mrs. Udy stop and admire the spectacle before they headed out the door.
Krel shifted her gaze to her parents standing with the Minister of Magic and the man with the long white beard and glasses. The bearded man and her father both had amused looks on their faces, in contrast to the horror stricken look plastered onto the face of her mother. Fudge looked like he was going to spit fire as he scanned the crowds no doubt looking for her. Krel smirked from her dark corner. She knew she was going to hear it from her parents later, but as she leaned back in her chair, watching the spectacle, she couldn't help but think. Man, I came up with a good one this year.