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Summary: The gang has covered every subject in science. Apart from the fatal reproduction. Can the gang handle growing up and maybe even coping with a responsibility greater than having to deal with a black hole?

Chapter 1: Nobody told her the rules.

"I had a great time tonight." Josie said standing infront of Vaughn's house. Vaughn stood infront of her blushing. "Me too." They'd been to a football match. "Did you? I thought the fight with the referee might have deterred you slightly." "Hey that was NOT a penalty." He said. She giggled. They stared at each other for what seemed like forever. He leaned closer to her. She stood on tip toe slightly and they kissed. His hands slid around her waist and hers around his neck. He gently pushed her against the wall. She blushed. "What was that all about?" she asked when they broke apart. "Don't know, you've got two hours til curfew you want to come in for a drink?" "I'm 14." She said raising her eyebrows. "I meant a hot chocolate or something." "Won't your dad kick off?" "Nah not if we hide in my room he never goes in there. I have a little black hole in there myself. If something goes in there it doesn't come out." She laughed and followed him up to his room.

"Where's Josie?" "She went out with Vaughn." "Like on a date?" "I don't know. Maybe." "Cool I like the fact they've admitted it." Marshall said. "Unlike a certain OTHER two people I know." Said Lucas tapping away on Marshall's/his computer. "Who?" Corrine asked puzzled. "Never you mind." Marshall said hurriedly.

"Vaughn why did you kiss me out there?" she asked tentatively. "Why do people usually kiss Josie?" "Coz they like each other." She stated slowly. "Well there's your answer then." He said rolling his eyes. She blushed. "You fancy me?" "You're a very pretty girl Josie. And you have a killer personality." He leaned forward and for the second time that night he kissed her. She relaxed into the kiss and let him deepen it without complaint. He gently pushed her backward onto the bed. She blushed. That's right he was fifteen.

Josie woke up the next morning. "Damn it I'm late for school." She muttered looking at her alarm clock. It was then she realised it wasn't her alarm clock. She looked to her right. Vaughn was lying on the bed next to her. She groaned. Great. She sat up and called. "Vaughn I'm taking a shower." Vaughn didn't say anything he himself was just waking up. Josie knew she liked him. But why did she feel so dirty. The hot water hit her body and relaxed her muscles. She sighed. She knew she was late. But she didn't really care. She clambered out and pulled her clothes on. "Hey." He said to her. She blushed. "Hey... er good morning." She said awkwardly. He bravely leaned over and kissed her gently. "Now that's something to wake up to." She said blushing deeper. "Come on we're late for school."

"Josie didn't come back last night." Corrine voiced worriedly. Lucas sighed and Marshall bit his lip. "She might have stayed at Vaughn's" "And that really makes us feel better."

"Won't it look suspicious if we walk in together." "Durst will kill you if she thinks you were any place other than mine." "True." "JOSIE!" it was Corrine. "Woah Corrine." "Where were you? You could have called." She gabbled. "What are you my mother and I didn't realise it was illegal to stay at your friends house." She snapped. "Yeah well we're late for science coz of you." "You could have gone without us." Josie said looking at her feet. "Did it ever strike you that we might be worried?" Marshall asked. "It won't happen again."

"So... we're keeping this quiet?" "I'd just feel really awkward you know how Lucas has that thing for me." "Who wouldn't." he said kissing the side of her neck. She rolled her eyes. He raked his finger through her hair. "It's just I'd feel better if we kept it to ourselves for a while ok Vaughn?" "S'ok with me." He said.

They managed to keep it secret for two whole months before they slipped up. Vaughn came to Josie's room after seeing an Old School 101 concert. They were outside the door. "See you tomorrow?" "Yeah." He said he leaned over and passionately kissed her. "Busted." Said Corrine from the doorway. Behind her stood Marshall and Lucas. Josie blushed. "G'night... you guys are in so much trouble." She closed the door on her boyfriend "Why were you spying on us?" "Hey Josie, you're 14 you really think you should be kissing boys like that?" "Lucas I'm nearly 15 I can handle a bit of french kissing." "As long as French kissing is ALL you do." Corrine said. "What do you take me for." Josie asked throwing her coat on her bed.

She started to unbutton her top when she realised what she was doing. "Guys out!" "Spoil all the fun." Joked Marshall. The boys left. "So is he a good kisser then?" "None of your business Corrine Baxter!" Josie exclaimed. They went to bed without further discussion. Josie tossed and turned. Her alarm clock read 3:00 am. She glared. "Not going to school in the morning." She muttered and went to the bathroom. She felt sick. Life sucked.

"Josie?" Corrine asked looking around the room. "Alright I'm not up for hide and seek." She moaned. There was no reply. "You didn't turn really, really small again did you?" she murmered. "No." "Josie?" "I'm in the bathroom." Corrine wandered sleepily into the bathroom. "Not feeling too good?" "Understatement of the year. No century." She said. She was pale and looked smaller than usual. "You want to go to the nurse?" Corrine asked brushing her teeth. "NO! the nurse feeds you junk and sticks you full of pain killers so badly you're loopy for days!" "Ok I'll cover for you in drama. See you."

"Where's Josie?" Lucas asked when Corrine stepped into the room. "Ah she's ill." "Why doesn't she go to the nurse?" "That's what I said." Corrine sighed. Lucas was the only one who was in her drama class. [a/n: I can't remember if Marshall is in it but I know Vaughn isn't] "But she'd rather stay in our room all day." "True I hate the infirmary food." "She won't be hungry anyway."

At 11: 20am when Josie heard the bell for 3rd period go she wandered down the corridor. "I'm not skiving all day." She said as Marshall stared at her. "You look terrible." "Oh thanks a lot that really makes me feel better." She said sarcastically sitting down on the table. "Today we are studying reproduction." Z said. The class roared into applause apart from the gang who rolled their eyes. "Great. Just what we need."

The next day Josie was sick again. "Are you sure you're ok?" Corrine asked. "I'll be... fine," Josie muttered. "Just fine." "Listen if you're still sick tomorrow you're going to the nurse." "I'm not sick... I'm just kinda sleepy ok." "Yeah well whatever. Anyway you're lucky you miss math." Joked Corrine. "I hate Math." She said hiding under the covers. "Sure you do." Corrine muttered.

"Josie still skiving?" "She's not skiving she's sick." "She was well enough to turn up half way through yesterday." "She's tired out we made a deal if she's still sick by tomorrow I'm forcing her to go to the nurse. She can't just miss school all the time." "She's only human Corrine she's entitled to be sick sometimes." Vaughn said. "Oh you just hope she's up for a game of tonsil tennis." Lucas seethed. "Hey!" "Guys stop fighting."

"Hey Josie you feeling better?" asked Marshall sitting on the end of Corrine's bed. "A bit. I'm still kind of sleepy but other than that I'll be fine. Oh and tomorrow even if I am sick I'm going to school. I'm NOT letting Corrine talk me into going to the nurse!" Vaughn smirked. Typical Josie. "You won't believe what you missed today." "What?" "You shouldn't have skipped school." Corrine taunted. "Hey," "Well Madison asked Vaughn out," Josie clutched his arm protectively. "Well of course he said no. She was furious and started slagging you off. So anyway we all ganged up on her. She wasn't so high and mighty then." "Well you guys should thank god I was off sick or I probably would have pounded her face in."

The next morning Josie forced herself to get up for school. "Feeling better." "Yeah." She said painfully. "No you're not." "I am... ok I'm not, but I don't want to go to the nurse." She whined. "What do you think is the matter with you." "Infection?" she said. "My mum's a doctor [she's something anyway] maybe we should ask her." "No." she said. "Tough you won't go to the nurse we're calling my mum." "NO!" she pouted. "Josie! The last time you were sick was the JoCoberator incident." "Alright, alright just shut up ok."

"Mum my friends really sick. Uh huh... Around 3 days now... feeling better later on in day. Josie she wants to talk to you." "What?" she asked. Corrine thrust the receiver toward Josie. "Hello Mrs. Baxter." "Hello dear Corrine says you're not feeling so good." "I'll be fine she's worrying over nothing." "Even so can you just tell me what exactly is the problem?" "Erm... sick my stomach feels a bit off and I'm really sleepy." "Sick only in the morning.?" "Yeah actually." "And how old are you?" "14." "Do you have a boyfriend?" "Er... yes but..." " When was the last time you were on love?" "A while ago but..." "I suggest you take a pregnancy test honey. If it's negative It's probably just the flu or something. If it's positive it's these boarding schools they're not a good idea. ok. Bye." And she hung up.

"What did she say?" "Never mind." "Don't make me ring her back!" "We're late for class." She murmered and started to wander down the corridor. She was thinking. Not always her speciality. Corrine's mother couldn't be right. Could she? She was 14. Not a chance. "And the result of this means your body is ready to have a baby... of course when you're older." Z explained. Josie watched in puzzlement. It was possible. She bit her lip. "So you're feeling better?" Vaughn asked. "Leave me alone." She muttered and took off. "What did I do to her?" "Don't know but she's been a bit off since she talked to Dr. Baxter." "You called your mum?" asked Marshall sceptically. "Of course she's a bit off,"

Josie sat in her room waiting for it to come through. It couldn't be. Slowly a small blue line became visible. She sighed. Negative. But wait. There's more. Slowly another line appeared. "NO!" she yelled at it and cried. She never cried. "Josie, what's the matter?" Corrine asked dropping her bag the second she came through. She ran to the bed were the red haired teen was shaking. She didn't say anything. "Josie, are you ok?" "No of course I'm not I'm stupid I've ruined my life!" she cried. Corrine grabbed Josie's hand and tried to pry it apart. A small piece of paper fluttered to the floor. Corrine picked it up. "No," she whispered. "Yes." "JOSIE P TRENT!" she yelled. "Don't yell at me!"

"Where are the girls." "JOSIE P TRENT!" yelled a voice from the girls room. "hmm wild guess here but maybe their bedroom?" "Don't yell at me!" "Josie you total idiot what were you thinking!" Corrine wailed. Josie suddenly grabbed the test and hid it under her pillow. "Guys." She said awkwardly. Corrine was fuming. "This isn't over." She snapped and fled the room. "What's all that about?" "Corrine is insisting on being awkward." She said and stood up. "I'm sorry but I gotta go talk to her." She took off too. Corrine was on the phone.

"MUM WHY DID YOU TELL HER TO TAKE THE TEST!" "Corrine keep it down," Josie hissed. "It's better she knew than not. What did you want her to do wait nine months and then suddenly a baby appears." Said her mother on the other end. "The boarding school system is going down hill." She said. "Don't you ever think about getting yourself into this situation Corrine." "Mum, I won't... just... what are we supposed to do?" "I suggest she tells her mother and you stay well clear." "It's not like it's catching mum." And she hung up.

"Josie... how could you. 14. And you're..." "Don't say it." She hissed. "Please."

"Guys do you have any clue what's wrong with Josie?" "No why?" "She just pushed past me earlier and said leave me alone. I don't know what I did." "Well maybe you're a bad kisser." Said Lucas. Vaughn glared. "Shut up Randall." "Are you guys fighting again?" Marshall sighed. "Look Josie isn't feeling too good. Maybe she just wants to be left alone she upset Corrine and blew us off earlier too. She'll come round. In the mean time try not to kill each other!"

"What did your mum say exactly." "Don't get pregnant yourself Corrine and that you should tell your mum." "I CAN'T!" she complained. "You know my mum. She'll over react she'll kick me out she'll stop me going to Blake Holsey!" "Ok. That's just what she said I didn't say you have to. I say... you should tell Vaughn." "NOT A CHANCE!" she yelled suddenly. "What do you think he'll do? He'll dump me Corrine I've had a rough life. My mum was a crap mum his dad is a crap dad how do you think we'd be." "You're not serious? You're thinking about keeping it?" Josie looked hurt. "I don't know. 15 with a..." Principle Durst walked by so she lowered her voice. "Baby. It's not my style but... if I don't I'll always wonder. If it was a boy or a girl. How old they'd be. If I adopted it. I'd be even worse a mother than my mum if I adopted."

"You can't raise a baby at a boarding school Josie." Stated Corrine. "I know but... what am I supposed to do? Who am I SUPPOSED to tell?" Corrine relaxed herself, "Well relax stress is not good. Anyway breathe ok. Right well when mum was having me she always said 'keep positive or the negative will come back at you.' so calm down ok." "How am I supposed to stay positive how am I supposed to keep calm? I'm 14!" she complained. "Quit complaining. Worse things have happened to people. Now. As for who to tell." "You say Vaughn and I will hit you." "Ok, I was actually going to say professor Z but." "Oh yeah tell a professor 'oh professor Z by the way I've had sex with my boyfriend and I didn't stop to think I could get pregnant.'" "Josie..." "Nobody told me the rules ok Corrine." Corrine looked puzzled. "You mean." "yes, I was never told ok I only found out in science earlier. So I didn't know it was that wrong ok. I didn't want this. But now it's here I have to deal with it." The bell rang.

Josie sat in English. Poetry. Normally she found it a bunch or soppy mushy gushy stuff. She looked across Corrine was writing about Marshall. Of course she hadn't put his name on it. Marshall was doing likewise for Corrine. Lucas was writing something about hatred and being kept in the dark and taken for a ride [she couldn't help but feel the poem was about her and Vaughn] Vaughn wasn't writing he was staring out the window he wasn't writing. She began to scrawl.

"Hello Daddy. Look at me your little girl All grown up in her own little world. I've changed a lot since we last met. I don't even remember you, I'm sorry I forget.

I'm more interested in boys Now than those silly little toys. Now I need you more then ever I've wrecked my life forever. I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Mummy Daddy I need you.

Was it hard looking after me? Were you guys too blind to see I'm not your baby girl anymore I'm not the girl I was before.

All grown up now with a present on the way I only really realised today. Daddy I miss you Mummy I want you. Why aren't we together now Was it my fault somehow?

Does having a baby ruin your chance Is it one of those things like 'save the last dance' When they never turn up? Does this mean my time is up?

Mummy Daddy please come home I don't want to do this on my own. My boyfriends great but right at the mo I need you guys, you know."

"That's excellent Josie." Whispered Marshall close to her. She jumped and then realised they'd been reading over her shoulder. "Since when were they called mummy and daddy?" "Bit of a give-away Jose." Corrine whispered into her ear. She blushed. "Who said it was about me?" "It's obvious."

"Josie I never knew you were a poet." The teacher said surveying her. She seemed to know that this was not just a poem written on the spur of the moment, that it was honest feeling. "Er... sometimes." "Very interesting."

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