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Chapter 16:

It has been close to a year after the events in the Mukoma lands. Vitani lay under a tree, the hot sun high in the afternoon sky as she panted for breath.

"You can do it child," Jungu, the baboon shaman encouraged as she sat by the lioness's side.

"You're doing wonderful, just a few more contractions and the cub will be here," Kamaria said softly as Vitani grunted and clawed the ground.


"Dad, I can't see anything," Jabari commented as the two males sat on a rock, not far off from the laboring Vitani.

"Trust me, you don't want to see that," Jafari replied as his son began pacing under the bright sky.

"Stop pacing, you're worse than I was waiting for you to be born," Jafari said.

"Ha, you were ten times worse than your son is being now," Jungu turned and smiled, bowing, "your majesty."

"Watch it Jungu," Jafari said, a smile also on his face.


"You know, I can handle a lot of things," Vitani shut her eyes and breathed, "but I can't handle this, this is all your fault Jabari!!!!!!"

The lioness shouted as more pain gripped her, and Kamaria laid a gentle paw on her back.


"I have to go to her," Jabari said to his father as he took off and ran towards his mate.

"I'm coming," Jafari said as he to sprint the few yards to his wife's side, not looking at Vitani.

"The second one is easier," Kamaria said as Jabari smiled and Vitani looked up.

"Don't even think about it," she retorted as a powerful contraction seized her and she grunted and pushed again.

"That's right child, it will be here, just keep going," Jungu said as she motioned for everyone to move back.

"Why do we have to move," Jabari inquired.

"Because you're about to witness the miracle of life, now hush!"

Kamaria whispered as with one final push and a scream from Vitani, the cub was out of her body. Vitani, using the instincts that have guided lionesses of many generations before her, freed the cub from its imprisonment and began to fiercely clean it.

"Wow," Jabari breathed as Jungu quickly began inspecting the cub and its mother.

"What a strong little one," Jungu smiled as she handed back the cub to Vitani.

"Let me see him, my son, this is my heir, I can't believe it!! This is wonderful…."

"You have a daughter," Jungu cut the future king off as he stared down at Vitani's worried face. The new mother lowered her head over the tiny girl cub, licking her head as it rolled on its back, waving a paw in the air.

"I'm sorry Jabari, I…"

"A daughter," Jabari said quietly as he approached Vitani, looking down at the tan colored lioness cub in her paws, "that's even better."

"What are you talking about? I thought kings want only male heirs."

"Vitani, I did assume that our cub was a boy, but the fact that she is a girl," he stopped and looked down at the little cub, now beginning to nurse on her mother, "that's even better than a son, she'll be a fantastic ruler."

Jabari's mate smiled as she closed her eyes, "you honestly feel that way?"

"I couldn't be anymore proud than I am at this moment," Jabari whispered as he bent down and nuzzled Vitani and then his daughter.

"Yes Vitani," Jungu said, "Jabari is right, your daughter will change things between the two prides."

"What do you mean?"

Jabari inquired as Jungu smiled, "just wait."

"Hey, look!"

Kamaria spoke up as she looked up and saw Simba and his pride, running towards the Mukoma lands.

"We'll go meet them," Kamaria said as she and her husband ran off in order to do so. Jabari lay down next to Vitani as the cub batted at the air. Sighing, the future king laid his head upon his paws, looking at his queen. Never in his life, had things ever felt as peaceful as did they at that moment. Vitani moved her body closer to his own, rubbing her head against his soft mane.

"I never thought I could belong anywhere," she whispered, "thanks for proving me wrong."

Jabari turned his head and licked her cheek;

"I knew you belonged here, the first moment I saw you."

Jabari smiled as he recalled the day he had shown her the Mukoma lands, "I told you this was the tree of the beginning, all future kings," he stopped and looked at there now sleeping daughter, "and queens are born here."

All Vitani could do was smile.

"Are we too late?"

Simba's voice interrupted the couple; as Jungu began looking over Vitani once more.

"No Simba," Jabari answered, "you're just in time."

Jabari stood and smiled at the king of the pride lands, as him, Nala, Kiara and Kovu all gathered around the new family.

"What is it?" Kiara inquired as Kovu smiled.

"My big sister, a mom," he said as he looked at Vitani, "do I have a niece or nephew?"

"Niece," Vitani replied as Kovu nuzzled the cub.

"She looks a lot like you," Kovu remarked, "has your bangs and everything."

"Yeah, but her fur is a lot like Jabari's," Kiara said as she licked the cub's head, "I'm an aunt, right?"

Vitani giggled as often new mothers do, "you'll be the best."

"It is a beautiful cub, congratulations," Simba said as smiles and nods were seen as they all agreed.

"This is all great you guys, but can I talk to Nala, alone?"

All were surprised at Vitani's request, but not as shocked as Nala was as she walked up to her daughter.

"Sure," Jabari said as he gave one last nuzzle to Vitani, and he led the others away.

"I have a granddaughter," Nala smiled, "she's beautiful."

"Mom," Vitani said quietly, "I realize that how I treated you in the past was wrong. Looking at my daughter, I know that what you did must have been the hardest thing for you to do. I'm sorry for how I treated you. I know living under Scar couldn't have been easy, and I realize that you were doing it because you thought it was the best for me. I want to start over; I want our relationship to start over again."

By the end of Vitani's speech, Nala had tears running down her face as she bent and nuzzled her daughter and granddaughter.

"Oh Vitani, of course I forgive you," Nala said as she patted her daughter's head.

"Two blessings in one day!"


Jungu, who had been not far off, looked up and saw Rafiki perched in the tree above them.

"Hey you, that's my tree!"

"Now sister, you never liked to share with your big brother."

Vitani and Nala exchanged astonished looks; as Rafiki laughed.

"You know each other?"

Nala inquired as Rafiki jumped down from the branch he had been sitting on, just seconds before.

"Yes, he is my brother," Jungu replied as she rushed over and hugged Rafiki.

"The winds told me that the future of the Mukoma lands was about to change," Rafiki stated, "so I told Simba and here we are."

"We come to pay homage to the Mukoma land's princess," Kiara said for Vitani had signaled them over.

"Yeah, a girl," Kiara's little brother stuck out his tongue.

"Mukimba, don't act childish," Nala said as she walked over to her son.

"Who ever thought of a girl, ruling a kingdom?"

Kiara growled and pounced on her brother, "Mukimba, shut up, you're just jealous that you lost the bet."

"What bet?"

Simba inquired;

"Oh," Kiara said as she got off her brother, "on our way here, we bet on what Vitani had, a boy or a girl."

Mukimba's face turned serious, "I'm sure she'll be an awesome queen, just like you will be."


"Totally sis," he replied as he walked over to Vitani and patted the cub's head.

"Alright, have you decided on a name?"

"Yes," Vitani spoke, "Nadia."

"What's that mean?"

Kovu asked, lying down on the warm grass;

"It means hope, and that is what she is to us. She's hope for a better future, for all of us," Vitani replied as all smiled.

"Nadia, queen Nadia," Jabari smiled, "I love it."


"So mom, that's how you became queen of the Mukoma lands?"

Six month old Nadia lay on her mother's back, the two of them bathed in the moonlight from above.

"Yes Nadia," Vitani answered, "your father and I went threw a lot, but look where we are now."

"Yeah, the Mukoma lands and the pride lands are altogether, because of you and dad."

"Also you Nadia," Vitani said as her daughter slid off her back and walked in front of her, "will grandma and grandpa come visit tomorrow?"

"No sweetheart, we're going to visit them, aunt Kiara and uncle Kovu are being crowned as king and queen. We have to wake up early so we don't miss it."

"Does that mean I gotta go to bed?"

Nadia inquired as her ears drooped;

"Yes," Vitani replied as she arose to her paws, "come on now."

The queen turned and slowly walked back to the den she shared with everyone in the pride. Nadia followed her as they saw Jabari watching them from the entrance of the den.


Nadia exclaimed as she ran past her mother and in to her father's paws, "mom told me a really cool story!"

"Oh really, what was it about?"

"I told her how I became queen," Vitani smiled as she made her way towards her mate and nuzzled him.

"Now," Vitani began, "its way past a certain cub's bedtime."

"But moooooom…"

"Nadia," Jabari said as she sighed and looked at her parents.

"Goodnight mom, dad, I love you," she said as she nuzzled Vitani and Jabari.

"We love you to, now get some sleep, we have a big day tomorrow."

After there daughter ran inside, Jabari looked over at his queen.

"It's amazing how things turn out," he began, "you expect to lead your life in a certain direction, and look what happens, something unexpected."

"An unexpected blessing," Vitani said, "I couldn't agree more."

The two lions sat under the stars, Vitani's head upon Jabari's shoulder, neither one of them wanting to brake the moment of peace. However, knowing they must, they silently made there way in to the cave, past Kamaria and Jafari, and laid down where Nadia slept.

It was now, as Jabari's breathing became even in his sleep, that Vitani allowed herself to think about all that she had been given. Closing her eyes, she pulled her daughter closer towards her, holding her sleeping blessed child as she to join her family in slumber.

-------------------------------END OF "UNEXPECTED BLESSINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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