Dark: This is a story that I made because... THERE ARE NEARLY NO LORD OF THE RINGS CROSSOVER WITH INUYASHA STORIES! Can you believe it? Well I can't. I admit, I'm a sucker for weird/cool crossovers so I made this fic.

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Warning: Harsh language that Kagome uses for the first few chapters, because she's stressed out.

Fire. Burning waves of embers licked away at the shrine but my concern wasn't wasted on my home. No... I was worried for only the people residing IN it. My family...

"MAMA!" I cried, as I struggled, pushing my way through the massive crowd that had gathered around. "SOUTA! JII-CHAN!" I jerked my arm sharply, trying to loosen the grip a police managed to snake on me.

"LET ME GO!" I snarled viciously, trying to wrench myself out of his grasp. It hadn't registered that I had just snapped at an officer of the law, all that mattered was that my family, my only family was being endangered and I had to help them, or die trying! With one last furious tug, my hand came loose. I tuned out the shouts of "GET HER!" and the surprised gasps as I broke through the crowd. I pushed another man roughly out of my way and I ran straight for the fiery door. As a body of a firefighter was hurtled to block my way I had no alternative but to jump. I shut my eyes tightly and prayed to the Gods and Goddess that had kept me from killing Inuyasha. I popped one eye open as I felt my feet touch firmly onto my ground, I looked back in confusion at the fire fighter that was now behind me.

Gapping, I decided to question myself later. Although it frightened me I had more... pressing issues to deal with. I ignored the gasps and whispers of astonishment and horror coming from around me as I plunged through the fiery opening. "MAMA!" I cried, praying feverishly for an answer. A raspy 'Kagome' came from the bedroom, and without a single hesitation I barged in. I paid no heed to the ceiling that looked as if it would collapse at any moment as I yelled out again.

I winced sharply as my left arm brushed against the burning wall embedded in the fire. I began to gasp for breath. I wheezed; and realized that the smoke was finally taking affect. Lightheaded and dizzy; I started to sway back and forth drunkenly. Nearly tripping over my own two feet, I tried to steady my self. 'Sleep.' A soft voice soothed; much like a mother would do for her child. 'Sleep, yes sleep.' I nodded sleepily. I yawned but that was enough to snap me out of my trance. I shook my head to clear it of any thought that I might regret later.

"JII-CHAN! MAMA! SOUTA! WHERE ARE YOU?" I halfheartedly wanted to curl up into a ball and rock myself for comfort. My head felt like it was about to explode and yet me tell you yelling did NOT help.

I nearly gave into my strange urge until a small whimper shattered the fearful silence. Forgetting everything but rescuing my family, I literally threw myself into the fire that was surrounding my kin. When I got there I'd wished I didn't see the sight that played out in front of me. Grandpa, whom was always so active and chasing demons away, was sprawled across the floor, in an awkward position. Mama who was always so proud and bold was slumped against the wall and her sleeve was covering Jii-chan's noise the other covering my little brother. Souta... To my great relief though, they were breathing, struggling, heaving and puffing, but breathing nonetheless. I stood there watching them until the ceiling groaned in protest of the fire and it broke.

Panicking, I strained myself to save them. I grabbed my brother and slung him onto my shoulder, my back cracked as I did the same for my grandpa. Making sure to be gentle with my ototo (Dc: It means little brother... My father speaks Japanese...) and my grandpa, I carried my mother bridal-style.

Somehow I managed to drag their body out of the fiery pits of 'hll.' The firemen were gapping at me, their mouth opening and closing like a blabbering fish on dry land.

"SOMEBODY HELP THEM!" I barked, the medics quickly strapped my family up and carted them away.

I ran. It was that simple. I couldn't handle the pressure of everything that had taken place today and so I ran. I knew that running from my problems wasn't the best thing to do... it wasn't even smart, but I did it anyways. I wanted to hunt down the idiot that was responsible for the mess in my life and kill him for ruining my already ruined life. I passed a sign that said: You are now leaving Tokyo. Leaving Tokyo... right... cool...

LEAVING TOKYO? THE HELL? I HAVE BEEN RUNNING LIKE... I glanced down at the hello-kitty watch my mother had bought me for my birthday, FIVE MINUTES AND ALREADY I WAS AT THE OUTSKIRTS OF TOKYO? WHAT THE... I stopped.

Feeling as though the last ten years suddenly caught up to me I collapsed wearily onto a nearby porch, leaning my head onto the gray railing I groaned.

"How did I run so fast? Come to think of it... how did I jump over the man and survive the fire?" I raised my hand and rubbed my temples, as if the motion would somehow ease the throbbing pain that began to rage like a storm in my head, only to find that I had claws. 'WHAT THE HOLY PINK POO ON TOAST?' I franticly looked into the nearest window. I what I saw actually knocked me flat on my butt. I saw me... but I had three long dark blacken strips etched on my cheeks, like 'the great' Sesshomaru, note the sarcasm, instead of my usual curved, human, NORMAL ears, I harbored pointed ears and embedded onto my forehead was a crescent moon, only unlike Sesshomaru it could have surpassed the whiteness of snow! It also harbored wings, one snowy white, angel-like and feathery while the other one a devilish wing. The moon to my surprise looked like there was something hiden behind it. My hair grew in lenth, much to my distaste my hair looked that of Kikyo, but unlike her the tips of my hair was silver! I glanced down at my hand again to make sure that I wasn't just hallucinating. Claws. Nervously I unconsciously licked my lips, but as my tongue grazed my teeth I flinched. 'THAT HURT DAMIT!'

That proved it I was a demon. Finally the fact of what I just concluded sunk in and I did what any normal teenage girl, turned demon would do... "Sht." I gasped in horror... I just swore... that proved it... I really was a demon; no longer was I Kagome the miko... I was Kagome the demon miko.

I leapt roof to roof after all, you too would want to test out your abilities after you turned demon if you did, right? You know, I could really get used to this. The refreshing breeze brushed by, my hair dancing with the beautiful melody of the wind. The feeling of cold concrete beneath my feet was new and I liked it. I kind of get why Inuyasha walked barefoot, it-felt good. True my nose wrinkled in disdain as I sped by polluted stands and sweaty, mucky humans, and I was still panicking about how I turned into a demon, but it was still mystical feeling.

A pale hand was thrusted in front of me, silently willing me to stop. And stop I did... After I crashed into a fuking WALL! Do you know how HARD they are? Do you? I covered my mouth, I just swore again!

I started to curse things that would make even the most vicious sailor blush, but you can't really blame me...

"Ahem." Startled, I snapped my head up wrong move; my neck would be sore for many days now. Owie. I know this is off topic but would you believe me if I were to say that the person I was now starring up to was glowing? Well not to worry, I don't quite believe me either.

"What are you?" That wasn't me, so... "I ask once again, what are you?" Nope, definitely not me.

"Excuse me? Aren't you supposed to ask who are you and not what are you?" Oops, I think I was a bit too harsh.

"You do not look human, are you a mutilated ghost?" She asked. Obviously she didn't acknowledge that I nearly bit off her head. Thinking that it would be best if I walked out of the 'mental' woman's life and never ever let anyone talk me into saving people from really hot fires ever again I replied.

"I am neither now if you'll excuse me, I'll take my leave." I started to walk away, backwards of course; after all, you never turn your back to an enemy. Before I could leave completely out of the 'freaky' lady's view she gripped my wrist, hard. "YOU SHALL NOT LEAVE!" She screeched, her nails dug deeper into my skin, drawing blood. "YOU DO NOT BELONG WITH THE LIVING!" and she threw me against the floor.

I clutched my head in agony. Figures, just when I got rid of my headache somebody decided to throw me onto the ground, to cause another one. When I popped open my eyes I was met with a very different place. Now, the migraine was at the very back of my mind.

Questions of 'where am I?' 'Why am I here?' 'How should I kill that woman when I get back?' and 'I wonder if the hospital has magazines' Floated about, and I couldn't answer them. How annoying. You know, I just noticed that I'm acting quite out of character. Well... That was random. Anyways.

As I walked and pranced about my newly improved ears picked up the sound of something familiar... Hmm... The sound was getting closer. It was on the tip of my tongue. 'Something that sounds like whizzing... Oh I know!' "It's an arrow!" I exclaimed, and then I flattered. An arrow... That was heading in my direction... Two words flew from my mouth that described this situation very well. "Oh sht."

As fast as I could I ducked into a bush. Just in time too. The arrow that my ears warned my about was sticking out of a tree that I leaned on a couple of milliseconds ago. Wait... My ears perked upward as it picked up a faint noise.

"Do you think what Legolas struck was an Orc?" My eyes narrowed into slits. So the guy who was bold enough to try and kill me was named Legolas.

"No. It moved to swiftly to be an Orc."

"Be on your toes and keep your eyes open men."

As soon as this was said blond and three brunets entered the clearing. They were clearly dumfounded when they saw what the arrow hit, even the blond, whom I was sure, never usually showed emotion, looked shocked. Oh if looks could kill, that blondie would have died thirty times over when I saw what he was carrying; a bow and arrows...

Careful not to make a single peep I stepped out from the bush that was covering me, conveniently I was behind them. Crossing my arms, I pouted.

"So do you usually try and lodge sharp looking arrows into an innocent people's head or was I just an exception? And I am most defiantly not an it." At this I stuck my tongue out. Very mature, I know. It was priceless when they all jump and twirled around. I'm sure they got whiplash. How I sometimes wished for a video camera on hand. Unfortunately the blond, he just turned around; he's no fun, hmpf.

They all took out their weapons. I sighed. "You do know that I could have skinned, killed and well killed you already right?" They clung onto their weapons more desperately. I suppose I just made things worse.

"Yeah, great way to apologize for nearly sticking that fuking arrow into my head! Grab more weapons and try and kill me again." The guys seemed stunned by my language and behavior. I mentally scoffed, what where they? Born in the 80s? My ears twitched once again as another whizzing sound came. Well I guess this answered my question. I twisted myself so that I caught the attacking weapon.

"You know, you could just say sorry, no need to shower me with this oh-so- lovely spar, you know." My voice was heavily laced with sarcasm 'Hmm I wonder if I still have my miko abilities...' I plopped down cross-legged made an invisible barrier. 'Yeah I guess I did.' As I lazily cracked open my left eye, I could tell that they were confused with my actions easily. Kami they are so easy to read! The bedazzlement was written all over their faces. Legolas put on a poker face as an effort to hide his emotions from me.

A loud growl came from my direction. Legolas, and company looked to and fro, looking for the person who made that bear-like sound. All right! I admit it! I, myself, looked around wearily for any other 'evil doers', like Legolas and company; that is, until I realized that it was my stomach that was protesting from the lack of food. Of course my 'sparring partners' didn't need to know that. I grinned evilly too bad Naraku couldn't see me, I'd bet that he would cry in shame, that I had bested him in his own cruel, evil game.

Yep. It was just another normal day for Kagome Higurashi.

Does anyone else find it freaky when I talk in the third-person? I mean when Rin does it, it's cute, but me? Hmm. I wonder why? I mean I'm coo-. Hey! Don't lea-. I'm not don- STOP THA-!

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