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Chapter 1: Un Problema

Marth sat up in bed that night, his eyes widened in horror. He heard a scream down the hall. He was sure the other Smashers heard it as well. He quickly got out of bed, threw some clothes on quickly and grabbed his weapons. He shakily made his way to the door, hearing footsteps in the hallway. He wished he had Link's hearing, then he could tell if the footsteps belonged to one person or many, children or adults, humans or monsters. He opened the door, then let out a loud yell in shock as four kids tackled him.

"Wahoo," cried out the four boys. The laughed and got up. Marth sat up and blinked in surprise. Young Link was there, but he was there four times. One was wearing green, one in blue, one in red, and one in purple.

"That was fun," cried out the blue Link.

"I got him first," cheered the red Link.

"No way, I did," protested the purple Link.

"No way, dress boy! I did," prouded the green Link.

"This is so not a dress, Green. It's a fashionably tasteful tunic with leather boots. Mine's all pretty and yours isn't!"

"Enough," cried out Marth, getting up. All of the other Smashers came running down the hall, hearing Marth scream. He looked at his friends with a helpless look on his face while the four Young Links in front of him were fighting over who go the tackle. Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf looked at the Links in shock.

"Sweet Nayru, there's four of them," shouted Link.

"Good Din, what are we going to do," asked Zelda.

"Holy Farore, Link's gay," yelled Ganondorf.

"I am NOT gay," protested Link, glaring at Ganondorf, who returned the glare. Falco had to get in-between the two to keep them from beating each other up.

"Young Link must have pulled out the Four Sword," sighed Zelda worriedly. "Which means that Vaati is free."

"Which means that the girls are in trouble," replied Link.

"I say we lock all the girls into one room until this Vaati guy is defeated," suggested Falco. "That way they're out of our hair for a while."

"Um, no," casually stated Samus.

"We have to find a way to get these four to work together to defeat Vaati. They're the only ones who can," explained Zelda.

"By the way, where are the munchkins," asked Captain Falcon. Everyone blinked and looked around, then scared looks formed on everyone's faces.

"Mama Mia," started Mario. "They're-a loose in the-a mansion!"