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Well, on with the LAST chapter!


"How.. does it feel.. to treat me like you do.. and get pay back..?" He gave another really hard punch in his chest for good measure's like Inuyasha had done to his ribs, Kouga winced.

Inuyasha got up on his knees, and then to full stance, a tad bit dizzy. "As you said, it feels good."


Grave Of The Fireflies

Eighteenth Shot: Finale:

Grave Of The Fireflies


Kagome stood behind the grave stone, watching Inuyasha and Kouga battle it all out. She still refrained from crying out, and rushing out to help him, 'No matter what,' She told herself, 'I will not go out there..'

She never knew, that she would be going out there, and making the biggest sacrifice of her life.


They both were panting heavily, and staring each other down. They didn't move for about two minutes, and then finally, Kouga made a move. He ran up to Inuyasha, pulled his hair back, and kicked him in the chin. Inuyasha's head went flying upwards, and his body along with it, flying into a tombstone. The one right next to Kagome's.

Luckily, he shook his head to to opposite side, and didn't notice Kagome next to him. He jumped up, and ran to Kouga, but Kouga did some really odd move, and had Inuyasha in a head lock. He was squirming around, and trying to be let loose. He couldn't kick him this time, so, he bit him arm, drawing blood. Kouga stayed strong, and just took all his pain out on Inuyasha, but choking him harder. Inuyasha couldn't breath for much longer, he didn't know how long he could hold on for.

His vision started to blur, and he closed his eyes. He stopped struggling, and Kouga just dropped him. Inuyasha lied on the ground, face first into the ground. Kouga turned his back from Inuyasha, to look around in the area, just to make sure no one was there, or had witnessed that at all.

Inuyasha was still alive, and just used that act on him as to let go of him. But, even though he wasn't dead, his life was still flashing before his eyes..

All the times with Kagome...

The piano...

His parents.. friends.. other family..

Everything.. since he was a little baby, until he was sixteen. Right now.

One last picture went through his mind. Kagome, standing outside on his porch, and her wind blowing freely in the wind.


Kagome walked down the corridor, and went outside on the back porch. It was breath takingly beautiful outside. The stars were bright, and the moon shone down on her frail form. The warm breeze threw her hair around softly in the back of her, and the smell was wonderful. Cherry blossoms were scattered around the palace, floating with the breeze, and one landed in her hair.

Inuyasha was following her and was about to scream at her, but then he saw her form. It was.. like..

A girl out of a fairy-tale.

Fairy-tales were something he ultimately hated, because they were never true. A happily ever after ending. No, those NEVER happen. Something, or someone in the REAL life, gets hurt, or dies. Never, is it happy. And he knew, this was no exception but...

She was just too beautiful for being real. He at the moment, thought he was just dreaming, and he would wake up in his flannel sheets, and look up at the dog poster he had on the top of his ceiling. But, this wasn't a dream.. this isn't something he would wake up from. This was reality.

He whispered, something only for his ears, but Kagome caught it. "Beau..tiful"

-End Flashback-

If he died here today, he knew he would die happy. He knew this would be a last resort thing.. and this was his last resort.

He fingered the dagger in his pocket, and pulled it out. He got up behind Kouga, and stabbed it in his back. Kouga let out an anguished scream, and fell over in pain.

"Kouga.. its over. Death, is coming for you." He slammed the dagger in him once again, blood coming out of him in gallons. Kouga gasped for breath, and Inuyasha smiled. "Death is your escape. Welcome it, feel it."

Inuyasha stood up, when he saw Kouga was dead.

Or, he thought he was.

Kouga, with little strength he had left, pulled a hand-gun out of his coat pocket, and aimed it at Inuyasha. Inuyasha couldn't see, for he had his back turned to him, was about to get on the pathway to walk home.

"If I die, I won't die alone, Inuyasha."


The whole area, turned quiet. No one moved, nothing. The Inuyasha turned around, in surprise, as to hear Kouga speak, and the loud bang that pierced his ears.

When he turned around, he soon regretted it. That scene would be forever etched into his memory...

"KAGOME!!" He literally screamed as loud as he could, and threw the dagger that was in his hand to the ground.

Kagome, had blocked the attack, that Kouga had fired. He was now dead, too much loss of blood. Inuyasha didn't care at all. Kagome, who had been standing, fell to her knees, eye's went dead, and then face first into the ground.

She had been shot, right in the heart. Right where she kept Inuyasha...

"Kagome!!" He ran over to her, and pulled her up in his arms, and on to his lap. "Kagome.. Kagome.. KAGOME!" He shook her, and she finally opened her eye's just a little.

"Kagome.. I told you not to come.. I didn't...want you...hurt..." Tears started filling his eyes, and they made his way down his cheeks. A few made their way to Kagome's,

"Why are you crying?" She said, softly.

"You...your hurt... we had a promise, Kagome." He said, holding her even more tighter to his chest.

"Promises are made to be broken, Inuyasha." She put her bloody hand to his cheek, and stroking it gently. She left blood smears on his cheek, but he welcomed it with all his being

"I will sing you the rest of the song now Inuyasha.. you won.. my luck worked.." She smiled, even in this situation.

Inuyasha couldn't stand it anymore, he let out choked sobs, but when she began singing, it was quiet. He let her.. and this time, her voice had never been more beautiful and sincere. It was soft, but so meaningful, as she looked into his eye's. The fireflies still danced around them, leaving their cold, but warm glow on the tombstones.

"I see your face and I smile,

Hoping you won't forget me either."

Her eyes faded, and her heart became very slow. She still continued, "Even in death.. Inuyasha.. don't forget.. me.." The song ending which she was singing, continued..

"I will watch over you, forever. Don't forget,

Just like, in the Grave Of The Fireflies."

"I love you.. always," Her eye's closed, and she used her last breath of air, instead to save herself, to save the rest of the song just for Inuyasha...,


One last breath.


And the fireflies' light, which was once full of hope, and happiness, went dim...

AN: .....end.


For all you people who want to know the full song, this is what it was:

"Been a fool, been a clown,

Lost my way from up and down.

And I know, yes I know,

And I see it in your eyes.

That you really weren't suprised at me at all,

Not at all.

And I know by your smile it's you.

Don't care for me, don't cry,

Let's say goodbye, Adieu.

It's time to say goodbye, I know that in time.

It will just fade away, it's time to say goodbye.

I stand alone, and watch you fade away like clouds,

High up and in the sky.

I'm strong and so cold,

As I stand alone.

Goodbye, So long, Adieu.

Oh how I love you so, lost in those memories.

And now you've gone,

I feel the pain, feeling like a fool, Adieu.

My love for you burns deep,

Inside me, so strong.

Embers of times we had,

And now here I stand lost in a memory.

I see your face and smile.

Oh how I love you so, lost in those memories.

And now you've gone,

I feel the pain, feeling like a fool, Adieu.

My love for you burns so deep,

Inside me, so strong.

I will forever remember your kindness,

And I won't even forget you in death.

Embers of times we had,

And now here I stand lost in a memory.

I see your face and I smile,

Hoping you won't forget me either.

I will watch over you, forever. Don't forget,

Just like, in the Grave Of The Fireflies.

And... smile."

This is a song from Cowboy Bebop, called 'Adieu,' but for the last verses, I played around with the words to fit Kagome's situation. So, this song belongs to me, and Cowboy Bebop. For the lyrics, (real ones) go to www. animelyrics. com (remove spaces.)