Some life this had been.. Well more like Death. Zane had to admit it had gotten pretty boring lately. The job was very repetitive; find a client and take their soul. Not exactly a pleasant job, but it was simple enough. In fact, sometimes he quite enjoyed it, and was occasionally able to save souls from death or comfort them until death. They had even started to call him "Friendly Death". He had enjoyed the position of Death. But lately the job had lost its spunk.
His beloved Luna was in Purgatory College studying politics and he was asked kindly not to interfere with her studies while she was attending. He longed to be with her, but knew he mustn't slow her in her studies. For in 15 years or so she would lead a political rebellion against Satan, and help lower Sin in the world, as told to him by Fate.
Then he snapped awake. He had a job to do. Zane looked down at his watch. Oops! He had spent so much time day dreaming he only had 3 minutes to get to his next client. He mounted Mortis, his faithful death horse, and took of in the direction his rings pointed.
Mortis finally landed near a church in a very rich part of some town. He followed one ring which had an arrow magically placed on it that currently pointed to a church. Strange, normally Death only attended to souls who were balanced between good and evil and could not be placed normally in Heaven or Hell. Oh well. He began walking towards the church and a second ring shaped like a cat eye did something. The eye grew larger. This confirmed it his client was going to die in a couple of a minutes here in somewhere in the church.
Zane began walking past the rows of people, concealed from being noticed by means of his death robe. Apparently his client was upstairs for his arrow on his ring was jittering from side to side. He went up and still it jittered. Must be in the attic. He walked up into the attic and there was a man on the floor with a bottle at his side. It was suicide.
"What did you do?" There was nothing but silence. "You can't fool me you still have a minute and a half or so of life."
"Alright what do you want Death?" The man sounded slightly drunk and arrogant. "I want to die in peace."
"What is it you have done to yourself?"
"I just drank some poison that I could find." He said as if it were no big deal. "I have no family, no one even knows my name. What's the point of living."
"If you do die now you have a chance of going to Hell or Heaven. I could help you so that you could survive sometime longer and do some good before you die to make it more possible for you to go to Heaven."
"Doesn't matter to me where I go. I'm just tired of life." He started hacking and coughing up mucus and blood.
"Very well if that is what you wish." He looked down at his watch. It was time. He reached his hand toward the man and grabbed inside of his head. He caught his soul and carefully pulled it out.
This was the saddest part of his job. When people didn't care about the alternative and only wanted to die. They had lost their will to survive and just gave their lives away.
On Zane's way to his next client he examined the soul found it tilted more towards good and he sent it off to heaven.
He then continued on with his job for the rest of the day. After he was done he had found that only one soul had to be sent to Purgatory today. It was an abnormally low number. He then headed for Purgatory and dropped off the soul. Then something hit him that he had always wondered so he figured he'd ask now.
"Who is in charge of Purgatory?" He asked the computer assistant at the front desk.
"Why the Purgatory Main Frame of course." She responded.
"Where is that?"
"In the deepest reaches of Purgatory. Your female called Luna is there as we speak. Now if you don't mind I have work to attend to." She then turned around and began filing papers.
He then returned to his death mansion and rested.

I hope I can continue this story it's a hard topic to work with but I'm enjoying it. Hope you like the story, when I finish it that is. (