Intangible Desperation
By David B

I'd like to thank Square-Enix for this lovable poster from FFX-2. ( OH, and definitely inspired by the poster, and the game. Tension is what I do best, especially UST. Oh, I also don't own the rights to more than this story. I swear. Um, like I said..

I'm also rallying the family, with a pocket full of shells.

Prologue: You think I could write after all these years

When did it happen, she wondered, when she looked upon her friend, and instead of finding friendship, she felt love towards her? When did that happen? She knew she was going to go crazy if she didn't figure these emotions out. She took a deep breath and walked towards the bridge.

She walked onto the bridge and looked around, thankfully, she was not there. She walked over to the leader of their gang, Brother. "Hi," Her voice came out a squeak. She tried again. "Hi, Brother, any reports of evil fiends?" Brother shrugged. "Same old, same old "Okay, let me know. Any missions though?" "Plenty, but I haven't heard anything really needing us." "Thank you, Brother." "No Problem, that's how they say it right?" "Yes." "Ah, thanks." Brother thought for a moment and said. "Hey, have you seen Yuna?" Rikku blinked. "No, I'll go look for her though! You can count on me!"

She left quickly, and headed for the lounge area, where their beds were, along with a bar. Rikku entered the lounge and saw Barkeep looking tired. "Hey, have you seen Yuna?" "Yuna's not here. She just left, poof, like that. She said she had something to do, but she wouldn't tell me where she was going?" "Hmm, okay."

Rikku walked up the stairs to their beds and looked at Yuna's bed. While it was not different from anyone else's, there was just something about it. It was her, she realized, her scent was on the bed. It was so different from her own, a nice soft smell. She sighed. "Daydreaming doesn't get you anywhere Rikku." Rikku took a piece of paper out from her pocket, and wrote a note to Yuna. Then she left, and she didn't know where she was going. There was a small area near the engine room where she could talk to Yuna; everywhere else was a little too public. She just hoped Yuna would care about her feelings, even if she was still in love with him, even Rikku wasn't sure if the sphere was of him, or if it was of someone a lot like him. She didn't want Yuna to be disappointed. Even though, this letter would probably disappoint her even more. No, it wouldn't, she thought, it just will tell her, my feelings. "She won't kill me, I hope."

Prologue Notes:

For those of you still reading despite my horrid writing skills. ( The next chapter is better, I swear! Trust me. And the ending to that is hopefully better. Hehe. Please, read and review, tell me how much I suck. Or how much I don't suck. More of the latter is preferred of course.

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