Chapter 3: Silence, of the Clams

Whew, been a long time hasn't it? Around 400 years? Well, I swear, I'll make it up in this chapter, with a little bit of trio of 9999, Violence, Sex, bad jokes, and puns, and who could forget metaphysics

"Paine, you wanted to see me?" Paine turned around to see Yuna standing off to the side of the entrance to the bridge. Paine nodded. "Yes, I want to talk to you." Yuna nodded, and they walked towards the elevator. They rode upwards to the deck, and Yuna said, as they got out. "So, what is it you want to talk to me about, Rikku seemed nervous." Paine sighed. "Well, I do have a quick temper, I admit that. I want to talk to you about me, and you two." Yuna nodded and said. "Okay, what do you want to say?" "I want you to first know, I'm happy for both of you, and I wondered when you two would notice each other." Yuna blushed for a moment and said. "I'm still getting used to this. It felt weird at first, but now it's natural." "Love strikes you no matter what you are, who you are, or who the recipient of that love is." Paine took a deep breath and said. "Yuna, I'm going to tell you something that will be hard to believe." Yuna shrugged. "There's nothing you could tell me that I wouldn't believe, we've seen and done everything." Paine smiled a real smile. "I don't doubt that at all, Yuna, but it's rather remarkable. Let me begin. This world, this universe, is but one of many. There are more parallel universes, so to speak; then there are grains of sand in all of Spira's beaches."

She paused to let this sink in. Yuna nodded. "I believe I understand." "In many ways I am the one you've known for a few years now, and in many more ways, I am far different. Yuna, I remember the day I first traveled here, to Spira." "Are you saying you're from a different universe." Paine sighed. "That would be an easy explanation. But to continue, I first traveled here, to Spira, far enough, and long ago, to have seen Zanarkand before it was destroyed, let me finish." She said as Yuna started to say something. "It was long enough ago, that I saw the birth of Zanarkand, and many countless cities before that. The reason I am telling you this is because of someone, years ago, asking me to look out for you. Auron." Yuna blinked. "He knew you?" "Yes, he wanted me to watch over you, because he knew he would disappear when you defeated Yu Yevon. He wanted someone he could trust to watch over you, to continue being your guardian. And who better to trust than someone who has seen it all. Do you know what Bahamat represents?" "He's one of the strongest Aeons, he represents a balance of nature, at least, that's what I learned from reading." "True, he is a balance of both good and evil. Which is what I am as well, for Aeons he is what I am to humans, to you, to all humans of all universes. Defeating Sin, defeating Yu Yevon, defeating the evil Aeons, all this is easy, compared to what I am going to tell you." "Well, you have been leading up to something big, I'm sure." Paine smiled again.

"Indeed, and throughout all universes, throughout all the worlds, that I have been in, throughout all time, I am a balanced. I am to the balance of harmony, what Yevon is to the Yevonites." Yuna shivered despite the temperature being warm. "You're a God?" Paine smiled and chuckled "An exaggeration, I must admit, but to balance, I am more like the strict rules to follow, the guidelines of time, space, and all other forces. It is not easy what I am telling you. For someday, I shall leave again, and go to another universe, one that needs balance. Yuna, this world is perfect for you, this world is perfect for Rikku, but this world is not for me. I have been on this world a grand total of over 5000 years. Not all of it is sequential, Yuna, I see imbalance, and I fix it. I see chaos and order unbalanced, and I fix it. For all the worlds, nothing must be safer than the balance between good and evil, Sin, Yu Yevon, and Yevon Himself. That is why I am here, now, to protect you, and to make sure that you've truly beaten Vegnagun.

The balances are getting off kilter, and they must not be that way. Please, Yuna, take my advice, and be prepared for something, something rising from the darkness. Vegnagun may have been defeated, or has he? I'm not sure myself, Yuna, but together, we must be ready for anything." Yuna nodded. "I believe I understand what you're saying. What could we come up against anyway? We defeated them all." "I know, just something is not right with the balance. It may be just a matter of time. Anyway, enough of me, go back inside, I have things to think about." Yuna sighed. "Typical Paine." "That's me, alright. Metaphysical being or not.


Yuna yawned and was about to fall asleep when the red alert klaxons started going off. She jumped out of the bed, and noticed the sky outside was dark. She got herself ready and ran up to the bridge. She took one step on the bridge and stood stark still. "Why, Lady Yuna, so surprised to see me here?" Seymour said with his trademark smile. Everyone on the bridge pointed some kind of weapon at him, and even with the threat, Seymour took a step towards Lady Yuna. "You cant' be here, you're dead. We defeated you all four of your incarnations, and we defeated you the last time you showed up here. How can you possibly be back? HOW?" Seymour smiled. "Lady Yuna, it's just like fate to keep those it controls blind to the world around them. Ah, truly, is it hard to come back from the dead, even without a body? Didn't stop me at all, Lady Yuna." He took a step towards her. Yuna pulled her guns up and pointed at him. "Don't even move an inch again." "Lady Yuna, surely, in light of the events, and the fact that no matter how many times you kill me, I come back, what makes you think those are going to do the least amount of difference? Please, hear me out, Lady Yuna." "As long as you stop being so damn polite!" Seymour sighed. "Well, they always taught me to be polite. Anyway, Yuna, I've come back for a reason, to give you one last chance to join me, join us, and forget about these people. Why care about them, when you can be so much more?" "Go back to the Farplane, and stay there!" Yuna shouted and shot him with a single bullet. His head snapped backwards and he groaned. "Pity her..." He faded away. Someone shouted to her. "Yuna, hey, Yuna, wake up!"


Yuna jumped out of her bed, smacked her forehead against Rikku's and said. "OWW!" Rikku grumbled. "What did you do that for?" "I had a very scary dream, and it just freaked me out. It was Seymour, and he was back." "Ah, and what did he want again, to have you send him to the Farplane again?" "No, he wanted me to join him, no, join us, he said, who could he be talking to." "I don't know, Yuna, but don't scare me again. You've been asleep for seven hours." "WHAT?" Yuna said, gasping in surprise. "Yeah, you've been so asleep we thought you were in a coma. I'm glad you're okay though." Rikku kissed her, and held her for a moment. "I'm not Stoned, I'm not going to break easily." Rikku kissed her a few more times, and said. "Let me take your mind off of everything, Yuna." Rikku kissed her again, and pushed her back down on the bed. "Now, let's relax." Yuna moaned as Rikku quickly if not sneakily removed Yuna's clothing, and started kissing her breasts.


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