Title: Viva Las Vegas-
Spoiler: This story takes place after Thanksgiving.
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Chapter 10

When Stiles opened it he was surprised to see all the people from CSI. Nick, Catherine, Sarah, Warrick and Grissom. Grissom spoke up. "Since you will be leaving tomorrow, we thought we would show you how to ring in the New Year Vegas style."

Catherine immediately noticed the way they were dressed, roses on the table and ring boxes. "I think they figured it out themselves." Catherine pointed to the table.

"Who had New Year's Eve?" Warrick asked.

"I believe I did." Sarah said with a big smile. Terri and Stiles just looked at them.

"Ahh." Grissom said. "Will you be keeping your marriage a secret from family and friends back home?"

"Yes." Stiles said, looking at him a bit confused.

"Then I believe I won the pool." Grissom said smiling.

"Ok." Terri asked "How did you guys know? We didn't even talk about it until tonight."

"First things first." Catherine asked "Did you pick a chapel yet?" they both nodded no.

"Are you Elvis fans?" Warrick asked.

"Of course we are who isn't?" Terri answered, Stiles smiled and nodded in agreement.

"I'll call my buddy at The Alladin."

"You two are going to be married by one of the best Elvis impersonators in town." Nick said with a smile.

Warrick hung up the phone. "He has an opening and if we leave right now, you two can be Mr. and Mrs. in less than 30 minutes." Terri and Stiles smiled.

As Terri and Stiles entered the chapel, Terri couldn't believe she was going to be married by an Elvis impersonator and wouldn't be able to tell anyone, especially Joshua.

They were greeted by Elvis and filled out all of the necessary paperwork. Nick and Catherine agreed to stand in as best man and maid-of-honor. Grissom, Sarah and Warrick took their seats in the front.

Stiles and Nick took their places at the front of the small chapel. Catherine walked down and they all waited for Terri. She was escorted by Elvis singing "Love Me Tender", Stiles couldn't take his eyes off of her.

When it came time to exchange rings. Stiles asked to say something. "Terri, you have completely changed my life. I can't imagine us not together. I don't know how I made it this far without you. I give you this ring as a symbol of us. Our love, friendship, and fidelity to one another. Into your hands I place my heart, and trust that you will take good care of it." He place the ring on her finger.

"Stiles, since the day I first met you, you have surprised me and kept my life interesting." everyone laughed. "I can't imagine you not being a part of my life. I feel like I started living the day I met you. The Claddagh rings are perfect to represent my feelings for you. Into your hands I place my heart and trust that you will take good care of it." she placed the ring on his finger.

"I pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride." He then broke into "Can't Help Falling in Love". Stiles and Terri kissed and then began to dance to the song.

Everyone clapped as they danced and laughed. "I love you Mrs. Stiles." he whispered in her ear.

"I love you Mr. Stiles." she whispered back.

Elvis ended the ceremony with a boisterous version of "Viva Las Vegas". Everyone sang along and laughed.

They had a big party, and rang in the year 2003 with their new friends as Mr. and Mrs. Stiles. Terri asked Catherine. "Ok you never answered, how did you know we were going to get married? We really only started dating a little over a month ago. I never dreamed we would be married this soon."

"I explained this to Stiles. I've lived here a long time. The way you two looked at each other I could tell." she laughed. "His reaction to Nick's flirting that sealed it."

"Speaking of that what happened that the two of them became such good buddies." Terri and Catherine both looked at them laughing and talking like they had been life long friends.

"When I couldn't take the testosterone levels at the apartment anymore, I just asked Stiles how long the two of you were involved."

"You see." Grissom overheard the whole conversation. "When Nick sees a beautiful woman, he has a one track mind. He completely blocked Stiles out and paid no attention to his feelings for you, which by the way, I agree with Catherine, are written all over his face. Nick would never try to come between two people in love."

Nick and Stiles walked over to them. Stiles kissed Terri on the cheek. "May I have a dance with the lovely bride?" Nick asked. Stiles kissed Terri's hand and turned her over to Nick.

"Come on Stiles lets cut the rug." Catherine said as she pulled him onto the dance floor.

When the evening was over. Terri and Stiles headed back to their room. They said good night to everyone, and thanked them. Warrick said. "As soon as the pictures and video are ready I will send them to you."

Terri and Stiles continued to celebrate their wedding night with champagne and each other. They were both very happy, and very in love. They were determined to face all the obstacles ahead of them together. They hoped they would always be as happy as they were laying there in bed, but of course that won't happen. They needed to get back to the real world, and real problems. It was going to be hard to keep this secret.

The End

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