I can teach you a game
Of spells, inchantments, and Hogwarts
Tell me, Harry, now when did
You last play a game for fun?

I can teach you to fly
Take you field by field
Over, sideways and under
On a magic broomstick ride

A brand new game
Of bludgers, quaffels, and snitches
Slitherins to beat
It's quite a feat
For Griffendor's seeker

A brand new game
A quidditch field I never knew
And from way up here
The skies are clear
And now I'm playing a brand new game with you
Now I'm playing a brand new game with you

Unbelievable hights
Indescribable reeling
Steering, avoiding those bludgers
Through an endless beater's charge

A whole new game
An almost invisible snitch to see
Chasers and keepers too
The're all brand new
And now I see it's where I want to be

A whole new game
With brand new challenges to pursue
I'll chase them anywhere
There's time to spare
When quidditch is all you have to do

A whole new game
That's where I'll be
A thrilling chase
A snitch to race
For you and me