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He watched her from across the room, she was sitting with Edge and Lita, and looked to be sipping coffee or something. He knew he shouldn't be staring, but he couldn't help it. He wished he could go over and talk to her, but he could just imagine what the guys in Evolution would think if he went and talked to Trish, it would be going against the lifestyle they had brought up.

Truth was, he had had feelings for Trish for a while. He had had his eye on her since he came over to Raw, in September 2002. He had just never worked up the courage to actually tell her about his feelings. Silly, though it seemed, it was the truth; he was a coward. Or not really a coward, but there had never been a right time to tell her about his feelings.

When he first came to Raw, he had thought about telling her about his feelings, but she seemed to be on the arm of every guy in the universe. It seemed every week a different guy would save her and they would build up a rapport between them for a few shows. He wished to be one of those guys, but he was always beaten to the punch. The time never seemed right to step in and say that he liked her.

Then there had been that whole thing with Jeff. He didn't know what that was, but he knew better to intrude. Those two had history and he didn't want to impose on history. So he took a step back and in turn fell in line with Hunter and Ric, and formed Evolution. Not that he regretted that, they were his friends, but he did regret not telling her back then. Maybe then he'd have a chance.

He'd forgotten about Trish for a while, seeing as how he was busy with his new friends, but she always seemed to come storming back to his mind, when he least expected her to. It was hard to deny his feelings for her, but there never seemed to be a right time to talk to her. It was almost as if they were from different worlds.

Then she'd fallen into a relationship with Chris Jericho, but luckily for him, they had broken up after realizing they were not compatible. It was almost a blessing for him then. Now they were both single and he could tell her how he felt, but there was one problem. Or maybe it was really three problems.

Namely Ric, Hunter, and Dave.

He was part of Evolution, and dating Trish exclusively, it would almost seem sacrilege to his fellow group-mates. They were all about screwing every chick they came across in whatever city they happened to be in that night. That life was fine for now, but Randy didn't want to be a forty- year-old man with nobody to love and leading an empty, hollow life.

"You know staring isn't the best hobby."

Randy turned to see Dave standing behind him, "What're you talking about?"

"Man, if you want to nail Trish, go for it, but don't stare at her like she's going to vanish if you look away."

"Oh please," he said, putting on airs, "I wasn't staring at Trish."

"Oh, then who were you staring at? Edge?"

Randy scowled, "I wasn't staring at anything, I just happened to zone out."

"Yeah, and I'm the fucking Easter Bunny. Where's your head Randy? You don't want a chick like that. She'll turn you soft."

"She wouldn't turn me soft."

"Like hell she wouldn't. You want to be a one-woman man?"

"No," he said, but he was lying. He didn't want to end up alone, he wanted a wife, kids, the whole package. He was young, yes, but that's what he wanted for himself.

"Good, because that ain't what Evolution is about man," Dave said, clapping his back, "Look at them, they think that love and all that bullshit rules the world. Randy, we fucking rule the world."

"We do rule the world," he muttered, "We can have anything we want."

"Yeah, that's right," Dave agreed whole-heartedly, "You want a hot chick, you just gotta walk down the street and they'll throw themselves at you with their legs spread and their panties around their ankles. You don't want someone like Trish."

Randy looked at Trish wistfully. Dave wasn't right, neither were Hunter and Ric. Their views on the world were skewed. He didn't know when he had become so different from his friends, but sometimes he just couldn't ignore. They were good guys, they really were, but they just weren't all there. They wanted a jet-setting lifestyle. He didn't, not forever anyways.

"Yeah, I can have any girl I want," Randy muttered, then said under his breath, "Just not the one I want."

"What was that?" Dave asked.

"Nothing, I didn't mean to stare at her, I mean, you know, her tits are just there and you can't help but stare."

"Yeah, that is true, I'll give that one to you," he smirked, glancing over in Trish's direction.

Trish could feel eyes on her and she searched around the room. Her eyes fell on Dave and Randy, who were both staring at her. She gave them a dirty look. She didn't want anyone from Evolution looking at her. She wasn't a piece of meat, which was how they viewed women. She wouldn't' tolerate anything from them, and she hoped they were stop staring at her.

She noticed that Dave was staring at her lecherously, but Randy was looking at her differently. She couldn't exactly decipher the look he was sending her way, but she didn't want to either. She wasn't exactly fond of Randy Orton. He was part of Evolution and by default that garnered her dislike. Tired of them looking at her, she stood up.

"I'm out of here you guys, the brainless idiots are staring at me."

Edge glanced over his shoulder, "Oh, don't worry about them Trish. They wouldn't do anything to you."

"Yeah, but I'm not fond of being looked at like I'm going to drop to my knees and beg them to fuck me."

Lita laughed, "Please, in their dreams."

"I'll talk to you guys later," she said.

Trish left the room and Randy sighed. He turned back to Dave and gave him a shove out of the room. They walked back to their dressing room where Ric and Hunter were sitting, two skanky women sitting in each of their laps, fawning over them. Randy sat down, as did Dave, and not two minutes later, the girls were now sitting in their laps.

"So where'd you two go?" Hunter asked.

"I found this one gawking all over Trish Stratus," Dave said, pointing at Randy with his thumb, "I think someone wants to nail the blonde. Maybe he can tell us if she's natural."

"Shut up," Randy snapped. He wasn't going to stand for anyone saying anything about Trish like that, friend or no friend.

"You got a crush or something?" Ric asked.

"I think he does," Dave smirked.

"No," Randy said.

"You know, I once tried to bed her," Hunter mused, "Too bad I was still with Stephanie. Of course the dumb broad probably wouldn't have known if I did have an affair. She was probably getting double-teamed by Angle and Jericho."

The room laughed, except for Randy. It was times like these he really questioned his affinity with this group. Was he really like them? Soulless, money and power hungry to a hilt? Sometimes he felt so out of place. He gently pushed the woman off his lap and went to the door.

"Where are you going?" Hunter asked.

"I just need a walk."

"Hey, if you go screw Trish, don't leave out any details when you get back," Dave said.

Randy shook his head, "Not cool Dave."

"Don't knock her up," Hunter chuckled, "The last thing you need is a little rug-rat with that skank. You know, I bet Trish is one of those girls that appears all innocent but is actually just a living mattress."

Randy had heard enough and left the room, disgusted with the way they were talking about Trish. How could he tell them how he felt, they knew nothing about relationships. Hunter had been married to Stephanie for two years, and he didn't even know her by the time they got divorced. No, he didn't even know her and now look where she was. Well, she was happy, but that was beside the point. They didn't know women.

He walked aimlessly down the hallways, thinking about things, Trish mostly. He wanted to talk to her, but he was afraid that she wouldn't want to talk to him. Of course she wouldn't want to talk to him; she probably hated him. Pretty much everyone in the company hated them. He had grown accustomed to it over time. It was weird knowing that everyone hated you. It wasn't how he pictured his life.

He kept walking looking down when he heard someone yell, "Watch out!"

He looked up and saw that he was about to walk into a huge crate. He stopped and moved out of the way. Then he looked behind him to see who had saved him from getting a face full of wood. To his surprise, it was Trish and she was standing there, looking at him.

"Thanks," he mumbled.

"You should watch where you're going you know," she told him, "I don't think it'd be good for your image if you had your two front teeth missing."

He laughed, "Yeah, I don't think so either. But thanks again."

"Don't mention it, it wasn't a huge effort."

"Yeah, but I think it is for someone you....don't like."

"Yeah, but even the people I don't like don't deserve to get hurt."

He felt a little crestfallen when she hadn't said she didn't hate him. But what more could have had expected from her. She wasn't going to like him, she wasn't going to just be all crazy about him and fall into his arms. That only happened in the movies, and this was not a movie. This was life.

"I hope I can return the favor someday," he told her.

"I wouldn't expect you to," she said, snapping a bit, "I would assume that you would be the one that I'd have to run away from."

"Because I'm with Evolution?"

"Wow, so you do have brains, I'll have to tell my friends," she said, cocking her head to the side, "I guess that rattling I always hear isn't just your pea-brain rolling around in your head."

"I've never done anything to you," he pointed out, a little offended by what she had said.

"No, but I'm figuring it's only a matter of time before you do," she told him, "I think we're all just expecting it to happen."

"Well maybe you shouldn't," he said, stepping closer to her, "Maybe I would stop it before it ever got that far."

"You stop a beating? I'll believe it when I see it."

"I don't think you know me at all Trish."

"And you don't know me Randy Orton, but I'd appreciate it if you stop staring at me all the goddamn time. I'm not some little floozy who would just fuck you because you smiled at me!"

"Who said anything about fucking you!?!" he said loudly, then lowering his voice as some people around him looked over at them, "I never said anything about that."

"I've seen the way you look at me," she hissed, "You just want to use me and then drop me. I'm onto you and all your friends Randy, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that."

She stormed off, leaving Randy in her wake. Well, that pretty much cemented how she felt about him. It was actually just about what he expected from her. Evolution had screwed any chance he had with Trish Stratus. He shouldn't have been surprised really, it was something he had known for a long time. He just had to come to blows with it.

"No Trish, I don't think you know the way I look at you. I don't think you know at all."