Chapter one "Harry aren't you coming up to the library with Ron and me?" Hermione asked after lunch on Saturday. Harry didn't see why they'd want to go to the library as the last of the summer sun was still struggling on before winter took it's rightful place and it was still warm outside but he shook his head.

"No, sorry, Dumbledore wants me to meet him remember I got the owl at breakfast I think it may have something to do with either Voldermort or the forth coming war." Harry sighed with dread and disappointment, was it so long ago that Dumbledore would just ask him up there for a chat?

"Oh ok we'll see you later then we've got that essay to finish." Ron huffed.

"No you've got that essay to finish." Hermione corrected him taking the red heads hand within her own and grinning. Harry rolled his eyes, they do make a cute couple he thought as he began to make his way grudgingly up to the headmasters office.

Upon reaching his destination he spoke the password and jumped onto the stone step's that begun to move. He knocked on the heavy wooden door before entering.

Inside Albus Dumbledore sat waiting for him with Minerva Magonigal and Severus Snape who stood either side of the elderly wizard like body guards, there were two scarlet arm chairs placed conveniently in front of the desk and Harry vaguely wondered who the other was for. "Professors." Harry nodded politely.

"Good afternoon Harry, I called you here to have a little word, not about anything Voldermort related do not worry but I was wondering if you were 'seeing' any one?" Harry looked questioningly at the headmaster as any teenager would if there life lives were inquired about by their teachers.

"Well yeah Seamus and I are still dating why?" It was a well known fact that Harry Potter the-boy-that-lived was gay, most girls had been extremely disappointed at losing one of the hottest guys at Hogwart's.

"Well that may be a problem however we will tackle them when we come to them. This may come as a bit of a shock to you Harry but not all the wizard's in this school are fully human in fact one is half veela do you know what that means?"

"Yeah that they need to find their mate, but what has this got to do with me?"

"Isn't it obvious, the veela has chosen you as it's mate."

"So your telling me that Seamus is a part veela and he didn't tell me." Harry stated outraged.

"Harry will you calm down Seamus is not the veela it' Severus would you be so kind."

"Yes Albus."

"I'm warning you this may be a bit of a shock."

Snape left the room for a few minutes before returning with... "The last time some one said what was before I saw Mione lain out in the hospital wing...Malfoy?" Harry hadn't noticed the boy behind his potions master until a flash of blonde hair caught the corner of his eye. Draco was smiling shyly at the Gryffindor who took note that it was actually a genuine smile not his trademark smirk. "And please every one welcome Malfoy the amazing bouncing ferret."

"Harry there really is no need." Dumbledore insisted.

"There is every bloody need what's he doing here?" Harry complained bitterly, the smile had faded slightly from the Slytherin's face.

"Harry, Mr Malfoy is the part veela I've been talking to you about." The headmaster explained tirelessly.

"You what, but he hates me why would he chose, me as his mate?" Harry questioned not chancing a glance at the icy blonde who was currently much more fascinated by his shoes than the conversation.

"I will allow Mr Malfoy to answer that one." Dumbledore said looking meaningfully at Draco who for once in his life had gone people shy.

"Well I don't really chose, a veela knows who his mate is by smell, your smell is intoxicating." Draco paused sniffing the air, a sudden scowl appearing upon his face. "Wait a minute you have another's scent on you." Draco finished angrily glaring at Harry who was giving a 'you haven't told me' look, the headmaster shook his head.

"I've got a boyfriend, that's who you can err smell." Harry explained, Draco looked devastated at that information and immediately bent his head to once again study the floor.

"Who?" The blonde asked quietly.

"I don't think I should tell you." Harry said at once.

"Please so I can..."

"What beat him to a bloody pulp, curse him?"

"No, protect you." At that last statement Harry's blood began to boil and every one in the room apart from Draco of course who had no idea this was the wrong thing to say knew it, Harry hated the thought of someone protecting him as he had always had to look out for himself and he was used to it.

"This may come as a complete shock to you." Harry spat spitefully. "But I don't need any one to protect me, I've some how lived with out you for sixteen years, I think I can live my life without ever seeing you again." Harry finished his voice slightly raised.

"But I can't." Draco said sadly.

"Can any one say 'not my problem'."

"But with out your love Draco will die within two years." Dumbledore persisted. "I still don't see why I should have to give up my entire life for him, I love Seamus, I'm not going to leave him for you." "We are not expecting you to but it won't last forever and we are plainly asking you to consider learning to love him." Dumbledore continued though it seemed pretty pointless now as Harry's feelings had been made crystal clear.

"In my opinion the world will be glad to lose filth like Draco Malfoy to the world of the dead." Harry sneered before storming out of the office to find his two best friends.

"Well at least he said your first name." The headmaster comforted the blonde.

"Yeah great shame it was while he was insulting me." Draco sobbed before following his mate out the office in tears.