So here it is the final chapter you've all been waiting for and I apologise to any readers I might upset with my chosen ending but I decided this before I started to post the first chapter. I would like to thank every one who reviewed my story your messages have encouraged me to continue. So without further ado Chapter sixteen.

Harry had been in labour for the majority of the day, Madame Pomfrey had ushered every one out of the hospital wing to make her life easier.

This included Draco who was now pacing the corridor outside waiting to be allowed back in, his veela instincts to protect his one true love being tested as Harry's cries sounded from the next room.

At ten in the evening eight hours after Harry had been admitted into the infirmary over Harry's screams a babies was heard and much to Draco's relief the Gryffindor's voice came into his mind.

//I will always love you Draco.//

//I love too Harry.//

Draco replied as a grimaced looking Madame Pomfrey opened the hospital wing doors.

"I am truly sorry the child is fine but Mr Potter did not make it through the birth."

There was a deafening silence as the shock of what she had said sunk in. Neither teen seemed able to let the horror they felt show.

It was too unreal to think that Harry, a seventeen-year-old boy who they had practically grown up with was gone.

Ron and Hermione being the two people that had been at Harry's side always went horribly pale. The red head put a comforting arm around his girlfriend as she began to cry. Ron's grief seemed beyond tears.

Draco's face was as always emotionless; the loss of his lover shown only in his stormy grey orb's that displayed the pain in his heart.

"But how, he spoke to me just before you came out he can't be gone."

"That must have been his final message to you Draco I'm very sorry for your loss. Oh and you might be interested to know that your child is a boy."

It took half a second for the blonde to decide what he was going to be called. "Then in honour of his mother he shall be called Harry." Draco said close to tears.

As the four of them walked unsteadily into the infirmary their eyes landed upon Harry who looked as if he were in a peaceful sleep unfortunately he would never wake.

For the first time Draco began to cry, the tears of a veela are much like unicorn blood as in it is silver in colour. The tears trickled down his pale cheeks as he walked over to the cot Madame Pomfrey had conjured only minutes before.

He gazed lovingly at the baby within and even in the circumstances couldn't help but smile at the beauty of him. This was there first and last child, a symbol of the love they would forever share.

Draco picked up baby Harry and cradled him in his arms, before taking him over to the motionless form of the seventeen-year-old boy.

"Look it's your mummy." Draco cried, Poppy came and took the small child so that the veela could grieve.

The blonde reached inside his robe pocket and brought out a small black box lined with a velvet lining.

He opened it and took out a simple white gold ring with a small diamond next to an emerald on the top. He slipped this on to Harry's ring finger and whispered into his dead lovers ear. "I was going to ask you to marry me today."

Ron, Hermione and Poppy stood back and watched in awe. Draco leant forward brushing his lips over his mates, which were still slightly warm to the touch. "I will always love you Harry no matter what."

Every one was silent as Draco stroked the raven hair, unable to let go or to believe what had happened.

All on lookers knew that Harry was Draco's one and only mate; he could and would never be replaced.

However the blonde would always have his little baby boy, Harry who would grow up knowing his father a hero to the world he rightfully belonged to. Until the end.