To Be perfectly honest, this is gonna be a long story. I'm constantly working on it in my spare time, so be patient please. Its my first fanfic so please be kind, I'm new to this. Not new to the plot of Chicago everything in this story is fairly accurate. There are a few discrepancies time-wise Ex. Nobody really knows how old Roxie was when she came to Chicago so I added my own assumptions for the purpose of making this story's plot work. Anyway, please review. You guys are my inspiration to keep going. I need opinions! THANX


Like her mother, Roxie, little Reeny Flynn of Chicago is a dreamer. Spunky and ambitious she fantasizes constantly. Now in 1941, As America is on the brink of war, she longs for a family, a secure home, and to know of her father who has always been conspicuously absent. She longs for her troubled mother's peace of mind, and to enjoy a normal 13-year old girl's life. She yearns to be beautiful and to someday be on the stage singing and dancing and living the life her mother always wanted, and wants for her daughter now. But most of all, Reeny dreams of having a sister. Someone she can talk to, share intimacies with, and who will be there for her through thick and thin. Some one who can help her get through this dramatic war-tattered stage show that we call life. She just longs to be happy.

Sharp as a tack and streetwise, Catrina Flynn is as rebellious as can be. Growing up playing with all the boys on her street, Catrina loves baseball, along with entertaining people. At only 14, she's a charmer and knows how to get what she wants. Putting fear and loneliness aside all her life, she has learned from her mother and the mean streets of Boston how to take care of herself and survive in this cutthroat two-bit world. But moving to the city of Chicago is a challenge for Cathy-Fly, a name her mother, Velma, so affectionately calls her. Back in Boston Catrina had put years into gaining respect, and all the kids from the block knew not to mess with her. But now here in Chicago it's a whole new game for her...What can she do without friends, family, or even a father? How can she keep on feigning contentment, when her desire to have a real family, and to learn about her mother and her own mysterious past, continues to grow?

When the two girls meet at a local dance competition, it's as though fate is repeating itself. Somewhere, somehow, they know each other. Although neither girl can quite understand it, both feel a powerful connection, whether or not they like each other at first. Will they find the friend they so desperately need in each other? Will their mothers approve of their daughters' newfound company? And will either girl ever discover the truth of why both their last names are "Flynn"?!