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"Where is Raven?" Starfire squeaked. "I have searched for her everywhere, but she is nowhere to be found! She could have been kidnapped by Gordanians, or sucked into a zadock of darkness, or-"

"Relax, Star," Cyborg said. "She's sleeping. I just saw her."

"But she is not in her accustomed room!" Starfire wailed, her voice rising frantically in pitch.

"She slept in my room last night," Cyborg said easily.

Dead silence.

"You mean you and Raven…" Beast Boy stammered, turning pale. "Gross! Ew!" He ran around the room with his hands over his ears. "I'm too young for this! ACK!!"

"No, no, not like that," Cy hastened to amend. "She didn't want to be alone in that big scary room of hers, so I let her sleep in my room. Notice I only said room."

"Is she all right?" Robin asked.

"She's exhausted," Cyborg said. "Poor little thing just conked out last night. She didn't make a sound."

He thought back to earlier in the morning. His first thought had been of her. Raven was still fast asleep when he checked on her, her broken arm resting on her thin stomach. He managed to brush a kiss on her forehead without her waking.

"Um, hello?" Beast Boy said. "Space cadet much, Cyborg?"

"Sorry, I was just…just thinking," he blustered.

"Sure," Robin said, giving him a knowing glance that meant You were thinking about a certain girl… Cyborg glared at him.

"Look," Robin said. "I don't mind you two…you know…becoming an item. As long as it doesn't mess up the dynamics of the team."

"I don't think it will," Cyborg said. "And really…I love her."

"Really?" Beast Boy said.

"I'm pretty sure," Cyborg said. "Yeah, I do." He smiled. "She's my girl now."




Author's Notes:
Another story that originally was going to be longer, but I lost all my steam. Oh, well. It's still pretty cute, isn't it?

Well, I tried.