--- Mount Horizon High School, 1st October ---

"Peter, you wanted me hun?" Sophie Scarbrow asked her husband of two months, as she stood with him in the entrance hall of Mount Horizon High School.
"Yes, I have a new Cliffhanger for you, to replace Katherine," he replied, watching as a silver car rolled up.
"Finally. It's been three months." Sophie smiled.
"Trackers and Ridgerunners are full now, so you get another Cliffhanger." Peter nodded.
"So who am I getting?" Sophie asked.
"A new girl, Cassandra. Sixteen years old." Peter handed her the file, which was unusually thin.
"Not Kim's sister?" Sophie checked.
"No. Thank God," Peter replied, shaking his head gladly.
"Yeah, Kim's bad enough. Thank God she's not one of mine," Soph laughed, relieved. "I shouldn't say that."
"Its true though," Peter winked. Sophie opened up the file and scanned the page. "Wow. Quite thin for someone at Horizon."
"Isn't it? This home, that home, then when she hits eleven, truck loads of information," Peter said, turning the page. "See?"
"Oh well.here we go," Soph shrugged, watching as a man and a woman got out of the car and closed the doors. The man then opened the trunk and took out two cases. Roger Claypool walked past Peter and Sophie and took them off him, taking them to be searched. The woman opened the back door and leaned down.

"Cassandra, we're here," she repeated, again. She stepped back and the girl slowly got out. She slammed the door.
"So, like, we're here Sam, so why don't you just go. Dump me in this freak school and be done with it!" Cassandra yelled. "Can't believe my own 'mother' would cart me off to jail and not even have the guts to bring me to the door."
"Cassy, sweetheart, you know how hard this is for Janet. She couldn't take the time off, Daniel is really sick and she needs to look after him. Its really hard for her," Sam, her 'aunt,' told her, stroking her hair.
"Oh yeah, it's hard to be the one who isn't sent away!" Cassandra laughed bitterly.
"It's hard Cassy, it's very hard. For me and Sam too," Jack told her, seeing the hurt in Sam's eyes.
"Get lost Sam, get lost! Both of you!" Cassy snapped, moving Sam's arm off of her.
Sam stood there for a moment, staring at the girl she had rescued, a little over five years ago. She was an almost entirely different person. At fourteen, she had totally changed, as teenagers do, but when she was let go after her ordeal, she changed again. She'd gone from a lovely, quiet little girl to a cold, angry bitch. And no one liked the new Cassandra.
Jack loved Cassy dearly, but she was out of control. He had had enough, so had Janet, and so one day he pulled some strings and they enrolled her in Horizon.
In the blink of an eye, he clicked back in to Colonel mode. "Cassandra Marie Frasier! How dare you!" He fumed. He paused for a second, calming down. "This is for you. We love you and we want you back."

"But.I'm right here!" Cassy cried.
"No you aren't. Not our Cassy," Jack replied. "Don't blame Sam or your mom, or me for this. We're trying to help you, we've tried other things, and you've just thrown it back in our faces. You're here because of you. Not us. So don't you dare."
Sophie and Peter remained where they were through this conversation, although they could hear most of it. "Two Goths in my group now." Sophie noticed. Sam and Jack walked over to them, leaving Cassy to sulk.
"Mr Scarbrow? I'm Colonel Jack O'Neill and this is my second, Major Sam Carter." Jack introduced them, shaking hands. "I'm afraid Janet couldn't make it. She had to take care of a colleague and she couldn't leave."
"Peter, please. This is Sophie, my wife, she'll be taking care of Cassandra. I do spend a lot of time with the group, but Soph is her group's counsellor," Scarbrow explained.
"Air Force, I hear. Which area?" Sophie wondered. There was something charming about this man, she noticed.
"The boring, dull, grey walled, classified area," Jack smiled.
"I see. You're her godparents?" Sophie checked.
"Yes, she calls us aunt and uncle though. We were very close, until she changed," Sam replied.
"Well.Soph will take Cassandra off to do her admit, search and medical. Then she'll be introduced to her group." Peter paused as Cassy walked up, moodily. Her arms were folded and she did not look happy. ".the Cliffhangers. Hi Cassandra. I'm Peter, this is Sophie."
"Cliffhangers? Does that mean I'm gonna want to hang myself off a cliff? Because that sounds pretty good right now," Cassy mumbled.
"I'm sorry." Sam began.
"No, it's a common reaction Major. If you would like to follow me, I'll get someone to give you a tour of the school and then we'll have a chat," Peter told Sam and Jack. They nodded.
"Bye Cass, good luck," Sam said, kissing her on the forehead. They followed Peter in to the building, leaving Cassandra to stare at Sophie.
"Come on then, lets get you settled in," Sophie said cheerily, taking her down to the admit room. "You need to take out any piercings please," she added, once they had arrived.
She leads her in to a small room containing a bed, a chair and a table. Cass sat down as Soph closed the door and began to look through her luggage. "You're safe here." She began to recite the newbie speech.

Peter spotted Jessica Merrick, a fourteen year old Tracker, passing by, and waved her down.
"Hey Peter, whats up?" Jess asked. Sam noticed how similar she looked, how similar to Merrin. She could tell Jack was thinking it too.
"Could you give Colonel O'Neill and the Major here a tour please?" Peter requested, knowing that Jess was probably his most sensible and perky student.
"Sure. Hi, I'm Jessica Merrick. I've been at Horizon for about a year now. If you'll come this way." She beamed, taking them off.
"So Jessica," Sam began, five minutes later, "do you like it here?"
"Like it? I love it here. Not everyone does, but I do. My alternatives are a lot worse, and I feel really safe here. I'm lucky to be here, with Peter and Heather, my counsellor. They're such good people. Sophie too." They could tell Jess was being 100% honest.

Juliette Waybourne crashed down on the couch, next to her boyfriend Auggie. She curled up on the sofa, resting her head on his chest. The Cliffhangers were slowly gathering in the lodge.
Daisy was in deep concentration as she battled Ezra at chess. It wasn't really her game, but frankly, it was anyone's game when they were playing with him. She was bored, and Ezra was bad at it, so she'd agreed to one game. Ezra loved chess. It made her wonder why, when even a total beginner, namely she, could beat him.
Scott Barringer and Shelby Merrick were whispering in the corner. He was sat in the armchair, Shel on his lap.
"Get a room," Juliette rolled her eyes. She looked around the room, seeing who was missing. Just David now. And right on time, Dave Ruxon strolled in, clad in his gym kit, pouring with sweat. "Now we're all here."
"Why are we all here? I was actually beating Justin, from the Ridgerunners! Beating!" David complained. He grabbed Ezra's soda and took a slurp. He was about to put it back when Ezra shook his head and told him to keep it.
"I don't want your germs. But please hide it before Sophie comes. Cola is a rare delivery here! Do you know what I had to do to get that!" Ezra moaned. David screwed the lid on and put it in his back pocket.
"Newbie, I think." Jules grinned. "Girl, I hope."
"Make sense, we are a girl short," Daisy contributed, planning her next move.
"Yep, looks like a girl to me!" David nodded, as he watched a piercing and gothic make up free Cassandra walk up. "One hell of a girl."
"Holy shmoly!" Ezra exclaimed, standing up.
"Cliffhangers, this is Cassandra Frasier," Sophie introduced her. Juliette jumped up.
"Hi Cassandra. I'm Juliette, and this is my boyfriend Auggie - Augusto Ciceros." She said perkily. "Is it Cassie with an ie or Cassy with a y?"
"With a y," Cass replied shortly.
"Hola," Aug said coolly.
"Shelby," Merrick offered, also coolly.
Scott raised his hand in a small wave, "Hey. I'm Scott."
David circled her, grinning. "Cassy, Cassy, whats up Cassy?"
"The sky?" Cassy said sarcastically.
"I'll leave you guys to it. Daisy, it's your turn to buddy." Sophie announced, as she left.
Daisy grunted and stood up, walking over to Cassy. "Hi. I'm Daisy Graves."
"Lipenowski," Ezra corrected her.
"Graves," she insisted.
"Whos this drooling idiot then?" Cassy asked.
"Ezra. And the other, who is sweating all over the floor would be David Ruxon." Daisy laughed. She had the feeling she might like Cassy. "Come on, I'll show you the dorm."

"Freakfest," Cass mumbled. Daisy snorted.
"Yup. But you're one of them now, Cassandra. I think you'll find, except for Dave, we're all good freaks." Daisy pointed to Cass's bed, next to Juliette's. It was already made up and her luggage was sat beside it. She miserably started to unpack. "Watch out for Juliette," Daisy warned.
"She's little miss perky and princess barf-a-lot all in one. Hey, that's not you is it?" Dais checked, noticing how thin Cassy was.
"No, no. Nothing like that. And I don't want to talk about it," Cass sighed.
"Hey, fine with me, but you'll have to at some point. That's all we talk about." Daisy fell back on to her bed, picking up her book.
"So whats everyones deals?"
"I was a goth. My parents were alcoholics and my dad was verbally abusive. It turned physical and I hit him with a golf club." Daisy smiled. "Oh, the memories."
"Whatever. Shelby and her sister Jess were abused by their stepfather. Shelby ran away and was on the streets for a while. They found her and bought her here. Then about five months after Shel came, Jess ran away and came here. It's a very long story, I'm sure you'll hear it some time." Daisy recalled. "Scott's step mom abused him; David has Attention Deficit and likes drugs. Almost killed a kid."
"Yeah. Auggie was in a gang. Drugs too. And, he's dyslexic. What a deal. Ezra was adopted to save a marriage. Didn't work, he was in the middle and turned to drugs. They used him as ammo against each other, and finally, Juliette's mom is so pressuring and evil that Juliette ended up as a bulimic cutter." Daisy finished. "And that's our little gang."
"That is so messed up. I should fit right in," Cass thought. She
disappeared in to the en-suite bathroom and Shelby and Juliette
entered and sat down on Daisy's bed.
"What do you think?" Asked Shelby, in a whisper.
"She's my kinda girl," Daisy replied. "Definitely. Grim tone. Semi- Gothness."
"She seems nice," Juliette smiled.
"You said that about Amanda, and she turned out to be a reporter. I prefer to wait a week or two before I decide. Not an hour." Shelby frowned, staring at Jules as she made some hanging space for the newbie.
"What?" Juliette snapped.
"Don't flatter yourself Queenie. I wasn't staring at you, I was thinking." Shelby rolled her eyes. "I'm worried about Jess. She was trying to talk to me earlier. I hope she's ok. God."
"I got the stress vibe," Daisy assured her.
Cassandra emerged from the bathroom to find her three fellow 'inmates' watching her.
"So where's the tv?" She asked.
"She's joking right?" Shelby asked Daisy.
"I don't think she is," Juliette replied to Shelby.
"Come on Cassandra, we're at a 'lockdown facility for profoundly dysfunctional adolescents' and you think we have a tv?" Shelby laughed.

"Hey," Ezra greeted their newest recruit as she entered the dining hall. She grabbed a tray and joined him in the line. She was given a plate of pasta, a salad, and a glass, rather, beaker of orange juice.
"Hey any glasses round here?" she shouted.
"What do you think?" Shelby frowned. "People like Queenie around there is no chance."
"God I'm sixteen years old, not eleven," Cassy grumbled. Ezra gave her a sympathetic smile and led her over to their usual table. She ended up sitting between Ezra and David.
"So, Cassy, do you like to party?" David whispered in her ear.
"Of course I do David. But it wouldn't be with you," she responded.
"I like feisty women. You like guys Cassy?" he whispered.
"No. I'm gay," she replied with a grin. She then turned to Ezra and shook her head. He sighed with relief. "So Ezra right? AKA Drooling Idiot. Sorry about that. Had to make the right impression. I'm not putting up with anyone's crap. I've been in homes, I know how you play."
"You can call me anything," Ezra stuttered.
'He had been in love with me,' Daisy thought. 'He should be happy. I did turn him down. But Cassy? She's a little bit.wild for him.'
"You got a girlfriend?" Cass asked Ezra. He glanced at Daisy.
"No," he replied. "Why?"
"Oh, no reason," she grinned. "So what happens tomorrow?"
"Monday.up at seven, breakfast at half past. Form at eight and then double English, break, double art, lunch and double science. Then group," Juliette recalled.
"Whoa, that's a lot. We did five lessons at my old school."
"Sevens not so bad. Only fifty minutes per class. Not an hour. And group is half an hour," Daisy explained.
"That's a little better," Cass sighed.

"Peter could you come? Juliette won't eat dinner," Daisy reported.
"Yep, be there in a minute," Peter nodded. "Thanks."

"Eww! Gross, gross, gross! And did I mention the gross!" Jess exclaimed upon arrival in the Cliffhanger's girls dorm, to find Shelby and Scott making out on Shel's bed.
"Hey Jess," Shelby said, getting up. She hugged her little sister. "Don't tell anyone I did that."
"I won't. Hey, I got to show these two soldiers around today. Aunt and Uncle of a newbie. Carrie? Kaylee?" Jess told them excitedly.
"Cassy. Cassy with a y. She's one of ours," Shelby nodded.
"What's she like?" Jess wondered, sitting on Daisy's bed.
"She seems ok," Scott replied. "Hot." Shelby glared at him. "Not as hot as Shelby though."
"Oh good save," Shel rolled her eyes.
"Where is she?"
"Oh so you didn't come to see me then?" Shelby accused jokingly.
"You were clearly busy with Scott. I won't keep you," Jess shook her head.
"I don't know where she is. Sorry," Shel replied, lying back down next to Scott.
"Careful, Sophie's on the prowl," Jess warned.
"Blinds are closed. I'm ill, having a sleep," Shel laughed.
"You actually told her that? She'll come check on you," Jess raised her eyebrows.
"No. I asked her not to, I'm going to lie down in the quiet."

--- Mount Horizon High School, 10th October ---

Cassy emerged from the bathroom in a small nightie with turquoise cycling shorts underneath. She crashed down on her bed, exhausted. Shelby, she noticed, was absent from the dorm. Juliette was smiling as she wrote in her diary and Daisy was actually going to get a fairly early night.
"Night," Daisy said, turning off her lamp.
"I'll leave my light on for Shelby. Wouldn't want her to trip and die," Jules said, putting her pen down. She locked her fluffy pink diary and put it under the bed. "Cassy?" She whispered.
"What's wrong?" she asked. She had been watching the newbie, watching her when she didn't know. When she thought no one was looking. When her face fell. And that was saying something, as she wasn't doing a whole lot of the smiling.
"I was awful to my family. I feel bad for saying it, but, it's like." Cassy paused, trying to find the words.
"Like you still feel it, still mean it?" Jules finished her sentence for her.
"Exactly," Cassy nodded, surprised to hear Juliette say that.
"Been there. Done that," Jules told her honestly. "When things are bad, we act out. Sometimes rightly, sometimes not."
"So Peter and Sophie's lectures do pay off. Wow. I'd better start listening," Cass grinned. "So what's this about an assault course?" She asked, eager to change the subject.
"Oh its one of Peter's methods of teaching us something. This one won't be too bad. Be glad you weren't here for our solos. Oh wait, you'll do yours soon. Poor you," Jules was about to explain when Shelby crept in and quickly changed in to her pyjamas.
"Has Sophie been yet?" She whispered.
"Yes," Juliette said, just to see what Shelby would do. Shelby laughed, knowing Jules was lying. "No, you're safe. Have fun with Scott?" she asked nosily.
"Yes, thank you Juliette. Shame we couldn't have had longer but Sophie patrols at 10.30." Shelby replied, diving in to bed. Just in time as well, Sophie opened the door and came ín.
"One, two, three and four. Good. Night girls. Cassy, you set?" Sophie asked.
"Yeh but could I make a call tomorrow, please?" Cass asked.
"Oh I should think so," she winked. "I'll add you to the list. Go to the office at half four."
"Thanks. Who are you going to call?"
"My alcoholic heroin addict boyfriend Jason," Cassy laughed. "Sam or maybe Jack."
"Okay, get some sleep guys," Sophie ordered.
"We're trying to," Daisy mumbled, turning over.

"Hey, Sophie said I can make a call? Cassy Frasier, of Cliffhanger fame," she joked.
"Cassy." The girl on reception duty, Ellie, searched the list. "Right. Use the phone through there."
"Thanks," Cass nodded, going in to the little office. She sat down and dialled. A voice answered, but Cassy froze. "Sam? S-sam? Its me. Cassy." She winced, expecting a bad reaction. She could hear voices in the background. Of course, it was Daniel's birthday party.

(Jacks Patio and Horizon)

"Who is it Sam?" Jack asked, passing her a beer.
"Cassandra." Sam replied. "Actually, it's loud in here. Why don't I take this outside?" Jack took her outside and Janet came too. Jan went to grab the phone, but Jack stopped her.
"Hi." Cassy paused.
"Cass, are you okay?" Sam asked, rather nervous herself.
"I wanted to apologise. I was really unfair to you..." Cass began.
"You're forgiven. Old news," Sam replied, but Cassandra wasn't sure she was.
"I wanted to let you know I'm okay here."
"They're treating you okay?" Sam checked.
"Yes. I.I think you're right. About Horizon. The Cliffhangers are all really nice, and there is a Tracker called Jessica and she's like my best friend. She, Juliette and Daisy are really cool. Shelby's cool too," Cassandra said, but she still wished she was in Colorado Springs with them.
"Oh we met a Jessica. She was really nice. Pretty girl, reminded us of an O.W. girl called Merrin," Sam replied. "The boys being okay?"

"Yeh. David keeps flirting and I think Ezra has a crush. They're all good guys really. Daisy was a goth, and she's really cool. We're so alike. Shelby is Jess's sister. She's okay. And Juliette, she's perky, but nice." Cassy smiled sadly.
"Good. Work easy?" Sam guessed.
"Fairly." Sam was a genius, so Cass had always worked extra hard to be like her. "How are you?"
"I'm okay. Broke my leg badly a few days ago. So I'm staying with the Colonel for a while." Sam took a sip of her beer. "So I'm in a wheel chair. But it's fine."
"Ooooh," Cassy teased.
"No, I'm staying in the guest room Cassandra. Don't be silly. Your mother is at work and SG-1's on stand down for a few weeks so it worked out best," Sam laughed.
"Wow. Give my love to Teal'C. I miss our water gun fights. How is he? I know he's a bit phone shy so I won't ask for him," Cassy said.
"Phone shy? Word shy!" Sam grinned. "He's doing great. Haven't seen much of him this past month - he's been doing a lot of work with the rebel alliance."
"Is there anything you need?" Sam asked before she went. Sam missed Cass, she had rescued her and had wanted to adopt her. Her job didn't allow for children though. It was too dangerous and she was never home.
"Could do with more clothes. Half outdoor half indoor please," Cass replied, perking up a little.
"No problem. Call me any time, okay? You have my cell and my home phone right?" She checked.
"Yes and Jack's. Your home won't be much good will it?" She replied.
"No I guess it won't. Well, take care honey, and I'll see you soon. Bye," Sam handed the phone to Jack and updated Janet.
"Hey sprout," Jack greeted.
"Hi Jack. Do you like having Sam live with you?" Cass asked cheekily. She knew they loved each other. She knew they knew that it couldn't happen though.
"Yes.its cosy. Way too much girl stuff - who knew our Sam used five types of bubble bath? No, it's nice to have some company. Nice, good old friendly company," Jack replied, making it clear.
"Killing you, huh?" Cass knew.
"In a word, yes," Jack whispered. "Daniel is calling me in. I'm on food duty. I'll talk to you soon. Take care," he said, passing the phone to Janet. Sam stayed with her and Jack went off to help Dan.
"Cassandra, baby?" Janet started. "I'm sorry, are you okay?"

(Back to Horizon)

"I'm sorry mom, I have to go. My time is up," Cass lied, hanging up the phone. She couldn't handle it, not yet. Janet was lovely, but she could be pressuring. She just sat there for a while. There was a knock on the door and Peter entered.
"I just need a file," he said, searching the shelves.
"It's okay. I'm done," Cassy sighed.
"You alright?"
"You don't look it."
"I talked to Sam, and Jack. But he put Janet - Mom on and I told her I had to go. I couldn't deal." Cassy shook her head angrily.
"I'm sure she knows how hard it is for you."

"Hey Cassy, I was wondering, umm, would you.go out with me?" Ezra asked, sweating. Cass could see he how nervous he was, ready for rejection.
"Sure Ezra," she beamed. "Took you long enough," she teased.
"You look lovely when you smile. Shame you don't do it more often," he complimented.
"You know as well as anyone, messed up teens find it hard to laugh and smile," she replied, trying to ignore the compliment.
"Do.do you mind if I."
"Kiss me?" Cassy said, leaning in and kissing him.
"Goodnight," she smiled, feeling him watching her as she walked off. She grinned.

Cass just managed to get in to bed before Soph appeared. Once she was gone, she went straight to sleep - something she'd been dreading.


Cassandra Frasier was humming happily to herself as she walked home. She had her hair in a plait and she was wearing hipsters and an orange crop top. It was a lovely spring day, the sun was shining and the birds were singing. She turned around to see a black jeep. She didn't think anything of it and carried on walking. She went down a couple more streets and saw it was still following her. She speeded up, taking a few shortcuts, but when she emerged from the walkway, it was there. She took her cell phone out of her pocket, still walking, pretending like everything was normal. She said 'Sam' and her phone dialled. But Cassy reached a dead end, it was blocked. By men. "Hello?" Sam's voice echoed.
"Help!" Cassy yelled as two men grabbed hold of her, a third taking her cell phone, hanging up and dropping it on to the floor. Sam had taught her self-defence, but it was useless. Six big men, altogether, against one, thin, five foot three-inch girl. They split in to two, one man shoving her in to the first black jeep. They bound her hands and gagged her.



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