It was a stormy night in Tokyo. Thunder and lightning were heard and seen in the distance. The worst part of the storm was over an old shrine at the edge of the city. Lightning struck an ancient tree on the grounds. In the shadows a human like creature sneaked closer to the house that was in the middle of the shrine. The creature walked up to the front door and layed a bundle of clothe onto the ground. There was movement from the small bundle and then a baby's cry was heard.

The baby continued to cry until the front door opened. The old priest that lived on the shrine heard the baby cry and went to the front door. He opened it and looked down. He saw the bundle but wasn't if he should pick it up or not. But finally after hearing the baby continue to cry, he picked the crying child up. He looked around the shrine grounds, or at least what he could see of the grounds, since it was still raining. He couldn't see anyone or thing out there. He looked at the small child, what he could see of the baby, and carried her inside of the house. He went upstairs and walked into his bedroom. He layed the child on the bed and went to the bathroom to get some towels, one for the baby and the other for him. He walked back into the bedroom.

The priest started to unwrap the clothes from the baby. The child had stopped cry when the priest put him on the bed. The priest gasped when he unwrapped the child. Wrapped around his middle and over her shoulder was a white fluffy tail with a black tip. The child also had two little fox like ears on top of her head and had little claws and fangs.

"Youkai!" the old priest said.

The priest knew that since the child was youkai that he should kill it but he couldn't bring himself to kill an innocence child even if the child was a youkai. He thought about it for a minute and decided that he would keep the child. He could hide the child's youkai appearance. Everyone one think that the child was his grandchild, even though the priest had no living children. His children had all dead from mysterious causes. So after he decided this, the priest started to dry the child off.

Outside of the small house a creature stood by the ancient tree that had been struck by lightning. Lightning had flashed and the creature could be easily seen. It was a woman, but not an ordinary woman. The woman also had a tail around her shoulder and a pair of fox ears. She looked up at the window that led to the priest's bedroom. She smiled but it was not one of joy, but of sadness. She turned away but looked back at the window. She walked back into the shadows never to return again, unless her child needed her. She went to the old well house and jumped in to the old well. She had to return to her era, for she had another young one to take care of.

The priest had the child Kagome, which was the name of one of his children that had died. Over the years a woman named Rae Higurashi and her seven- month-old son named Sota had moved in with the old priest and considered him part of their family. Mrs. Higurashi helped raised the young Kitsune youkai child. Kagome knew that none of them were her real family but she didn't care. She considered them her grandfather, mother and younger brother.

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