Treasures Of The Heart


Chapter 1

"Ariel, don't stand there, you'll fall in."  Her mother scolded lovingly.

"Yes, mom.."  Ariel replied.

Ariel walked away from the side of the boat and sat down next to her mom.  Her mom wrapped her arm around her and hugged her.

"Go see what your dad's doing."  Her mother said.

Ariel walked into the cabin and found her dad standing out on the deck in the stern of the ship.  "Dad?  What are you doing?"  Ariel asked.

Her dad looked up, "Ariel..  I'm just looking at the sea, it's so beautiful...  It reminds me of you, we named you after a mermaid that was said to have existed in legend."

"Wow...  I didn't know that.."  Ariel said.

"Yeah, I never told you that..."  Her dad replied.

Just then Ariel's eyes widened in shock, "Uh, dad?  There's a big wave coming!"  Sure enough the wave was about ten feet high.

"Run inside and get your life preserver.  I'll tell your mother."  Her dad said.

Ariel ran inside and put on her life preserver.  A few minutes later her mother and father entered the cabin and put on their life preservers too.  Just after they had put theirs on, the boat rocked greatly.  It tilted so much that Ariel slid out of the cabin.

"ARIEL!"  Her mother screamed.


Just then the wave hit and the wave carried Ariel overboard.  "MOM, DAD!  HELP!"  Ariel cried as she was being carried away from the boat with the wave.  Of course her mom and dad couldn't hear her, so Ariel continued to drift further and further away from the boat.  Another wave crashed down on Ariel and she slipped unconscious.