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Summary: Harry has lived a muggle life in hell, because his family made very sure he never got his Hogwarts letter. Now, at the age of seventeen, he's needed by the magical world, but he's anything but the spoiled little boy they expected. R for abuse, rape, slash, drugs, etc.

Warnings: There will be at least mentions of abuse, rape, slash, whoring, sex, use if drugs, under age drinking etc in this story and at most possible graphic descriptions of any one of them. Although they will remain in the R limit. There will be no further warnings from here on.

A/N: Another one, that's the third ongoing story I've started now, but I couldn't help myself. Now I know this isn't an original concept, but I liked the idea so much that I wanted to write it myself. I've only found two fics based on this idea and neither of them were to my taste or ever finished, so here you go, enjoy.


Chapter 1: Needed

"Hey Haz, there's a girl looking for you!" He could barely hear Jacob's voice over the loud music, so he made his way through the mob of dancing and snogging people.

"Any good?" He asked once he had reached his friend. He wouldn't say no to a nice dance partner right about now. He had to leave his last one on the couch after the man had passed out.

"Bit of a prude dresser, but she's pretty cute." Jay was trying to spot her in the crowd to point her out.

"Cute? Never heard you say that about a girl before." He looked at Jay in surprise, normally.... "Did Liz give you some of her stuff again?" He drew his own conclusion when his friend pointedly ignored him. "She did, didn't she? Dammit, I warned you about that, she doesn't know where to by it pure."

"Yeah, yeah, I know, won't do it again, blah, blah..." Came the reply. "Look there she is, the one with the white blouse, black pants and braided brown hair.

Harry looked to where Jay was pointing and spotted her almost immediately. Now he understood what Jay had meant with prude. Most girls at the club were dressed in severely less than she was, that and she had almost no make up on. Cute was a good word for her though.

"Thanks Jay, see you later." He clapped his completely wasted friend on the back and made his way to the girl.

"Hi there, heard you were looking for me. May I ask why?" He said with a smile and a mock bow.

"Are you Harry Potter?" Ah, straight to business, he didn't like that. The last time someone had been looking for him, his family had told the police some bullshit story about him, but she looked too young to be a cop. He wasn't taking any chances though. The exit was to his left, two windows through which he knew he fitted behind him, an emergency exit behind the bar to his right and another one by the bathrooms in front of him.

"Yes, why?" He asked, while checking his surroundings for other 'out of place' looking figures.

Just as she opened her mouth to answer, Jay walked up to them and pointed to the bar. "Haz, there are more people looking for you."

Now he was really on edge. "Who?"

"Over there, that very shaggable blond and tall, dark and weird. I don't think they're cops, but you want me to cover for you anyway?"

"We're not you know, cops I mean. We're from the school your parents went to and the headmaster would like very much to talk to you." The girl said quickly. "I'm Hermione by the way, Hermione Granger."

The story was so weird, he just had to believe it. Like Jay, he didn't think they were cops and she did say something about his parents. He never knew anything about them, his aunt had made it very clear that no one was ever to talk about them, so he might chance it, if only to meet someone who had known them. After all, it wasn't like he had never spent a night or two in jail before.

"Nice to meet you Mione." He said and he grinned at the look on her face when he said her shortened name. "How about a dance before we go meet those two. They are with you, right?"

"Yes, but I think we should go right now." She looked hesitant, probably because she felt so out of place.

"One dance won't hurt and I don't think those two would leave without us." He grabbed her hand gently and led her away from Jay, who gave him thumbs up, onto the dance floor where couples of all sexes were pounding and grinding to the beat.

Smiling at her, he pulled her close. He sunk slightly through his knees, trailing his hands over her sides and moved back up, rubbing his body against hers. "Loosen up, no one is looking at you, and your friends..." she snorted at this. "...can't see us from where they are, so have a little fun."

She smiled and moved back against him. "Alright, but if you ever tell anyone at the school about this, I'll chop your balls off. I have a reputation to keep up after all."

So it was that he brought a very flushed Mione back to her companions.

The two of them couldn't have looked more out of place if they tried and they seemed to be equally uncomfortable.

"You found him?" The tall dark man asked rudely before anyone could even introduce themselves.

Hermione just nodded, still a bit breathless.

The blond immediately started moving towards the exit. "Good, then we can finally get out of this dump."

The dark man followed the blond and Harry glared after them. They weren't only very rude and annoying, they insulted his favourite hangout too.

With an apologetic look Hermione motioned for them to follow the two men and walked after them.

Still wanting to know what exactly was going on he followed too, but not before he made sure his stiletto was secure in the hidden pocket on the right side of his black jeans.

"So mind telling me what the fuck is going on? Mione here said something about my parents." They were standing outside now, just in front of the doors, where the music was much softer and they could talk without yelling. The alley in which they were standing was nothing much to look at, just like the building which housed the club. Less chance for any authorities, the ones who weren't on the owner's payroll anyway, to find the location and subsequently the more shady business going on inside.

"Let's start with you telling us why you refused your invitation to study at Hogwarts?" The blond snapped at him.

"I haven't got a clue what this Hogwarts is, but if you came here just to ask questions, I'm leaving." He crossed his arms over his chest and glared even harsher. It was a good thing they had found him this early in the night, otherwise he might have reacted to the haughty kid a whole lot more aggressive. He didn't take any shit when he was either drunk or high, although he wasn't stupid enough to be both at the same time.

Before a full blown argument could start, the older man put a hand on the blond's shoulder. "Both of you calm down right now." The man sneered at them. "Mr Potter, maybe we could go somewhere more private and comfortable to talk."

He stopped glaring and looked all three of them, Hermione smiling at him encouragingly. "Fine, this way."

He led them through some alleys towards his home. His own home, it might be small, but he liked it. He had left the Dursleys when he was fourteen and had moved in with Jay, two years later he had found this place for himself.

Pulling out his keys he opened the many locks and went inside, followed by the strange group of three. He flicked on the lights and gestured to the old, faded black couch, which fitted only two people. He himself sat down on a pillow he had placed across from the couch in front of the small TV and placed another pillow on the ground next to him where Hermione sat down, seeing as the two man had claimed the two-seater.

"So what is this all about? And lets start with names." Harry had really had enough of them avoiding the main issue.

"My name..." The older man with the black hair started. "...is professor Severus Snape, this is Draco Malfoy and I believe miss Granger has already introduced herself to you."

Harry just nodded, holding back an amused smile. Weird names for weird People.

"We are here as representatives from Hogwarts." Snape continued, but Harry cut in.

"Hogwarts is the school Mione talked about earlier?" He saw Hermione nodding and asked the next question on his mind. "What kind of school is it? She said something about my parents going there, but I've never heard of it."

"Don't be daft boy, you wrote the letter declining the offer to attend the school six years ago."

"I don't know this school." He answered harshly. "And I don't like being insulted, especially in my own home."

His three guests looked at him in shock he wasn't really sure if it was because of his tone or him not knowing the school, but he guessed that latter.

He really didn't know anything about any letter or school, but he had the dawning feeling that the Dursleys had something to do with this.

"So you never got your Hogwarts letter?" Hermione asked.


"And you never wrote a reply."

"How could I, if I hadn't even received any letter to reply to." This was starting to get annoying, they still hadn't given him any answers as to why they had been looking for him.

The two students looked to their professor for guidance, they clearly didn't know what to say anymore.

Snape cleared his throat and began talking, starting off his long explanation with a simple question.

"Mr Potter, do you believe in magic?"


"So I'm a wizard, like you?" Harry was dumbstruck. If it hadn't been for Snape's demonstration, he might not have believed it.

"Well I'm a witch," Hermione corrected him. "but yeah, you're magical, just like us. Otherwise you wouldn't have gotten a Hogwarts letter."

"But I didn't get a letter." Harry said, getting more and more confused.

Snape however was getting impatient and quickly stopped that line of conversation. "It was on file that you were sent one, so you are indeed a wizard."

"Well me being a wizard certainly explains a few things."

"Like what?" Malfoy asked.

"I think I turned my teachers hair blue once." He smiled at the memory. The punishment might even have been worth it.

"Did other weird things ever happen around you?" Hermione asked with a curious look on her face.

"Sure weird things happen to me, take you guys for instance." He said sarcastically.

"Seriously." She said, clearly not amused with him.

"Now that I think about it, yeah some strange shit has happened over the years."

"It still happens?" Snape asked in shock, but Harry didn't understand why.

"Yeah sure. Just last week there was a shoot out and this bullet came right at me. The next thing I knew I was two streets away from where I had been standing.

Malfoy gaped at him. "But that's apparation, that's impossible without training."

Harry didn't like the sound of this. He knew from experience that it was never good to stand out or be special, you would always get targeted and apparently he already was somewhat special, being this boy-who-lived and all. Ignoring Malfoy's outburst and wanting to change the subject, Harry asked about the one thing that had been bothering him the most.

"If you found me, how come these deatheaters hadn't found before? You said they were hunting for me because I defeated their lord."

"They were looking for you, but since you were still at the Dursley residence they couldn't get to you." Snape answered. "When it became clear you wouldn't be learning magic, they lost interest. You weren't considered a threat anymore."

Done with his explanation and clearly fed up with all the questions he was asked, Snape starting to ask questions of his own. "Now that's cleared up, I would like to know why you are not with your relatives, where the headmaster placed you and where you should still be. You gave us a lot of trouble tracking you down."

"I gave you a lot of trouble? What about my trouble? You people left me there, never checked up on me when I was a child and then forgot about me when I apparently said no to a magical education."

"We are not here to hear your little drama story. It was incredibly stupid of you to leave their home. You were left at the Dursleys because of the blood protection your mother gave you, it was the only place where you were really safe."

"SAFE??" He jumped up and stared at Snape in disbelief. "You don't know shit about my life. You just come in here with your stories and you dare judge me."

Harry moved his hand to the hidden pocket with his knife. "If you are here to bring me back to those, those... people, you'll have another thing coming."

"Harry sit down please, we're not taking you back there. The plan was to take you back to Hogwarts with us, if you want to that is." Hermione intervened quickly.

"Of course he does, why wouldn't he?" Malfoy drawled. "It's not like he wants to live in this dump, right?

"Oh do shut up Malfoy." Hermione snapped at the blond.

"Watch your mouth mudblood." Came the retort, accompanied by a glare.

"There's more to this, isn't there? Why else would you suddenly come looking for me now?" Harry sat back down, ignoring the two students, and looked at Snape for answers.

"You are right. The headmaster informed us that there is a prophecy that might concern you and the dark lord." Snape sneered, clearly disliking what he had to say next. "He wants his boy-who-lived back at Hogwarts to be trained, because apparently you are possibly the only hope the wizarding world has of defeating him."

"What? But why now? You said that Voldemort..." The three trained magi shivered, Malfoy even flinched, at the name. "...that Voldemort was gone, that I had already defeated him somehow."

"I never said you-know-who was death, only that he was removed from his body. The deatheaters have resurrected him and now the headmaster wants you back as his back up plan."

End chapter 1.

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