Melanara dodged a bullet and called to Katt.

"Hurry up, Katt!! I'm trapped here!" Melanara called through her purple comlink, the sound of screeching tires alerted her to arrival of her partner.

"About fraggin' time, Katt! I was pinned down and Devon won't let me carry a gun so I couldn't fire back!" she said as she wheeled the T-Top out of the warehouse, turned on Pursuit Mode and roared down the road toward's the rendezvous point with the semi with room for Katt and Kitt both. Kitt infront and Katt in back.

"Hello, Melanara." Kitt said, Melanara grinned at him.

"Hey, Kitt. Do you know where Devon is?"

Kitt thought a second. "In the front, why?" he asked curiously, but Melanara was already moving toward's the front.

"Devon, can I talk to you?" Melanara asked.

Devon was sitting at a table, he looked up at her and nodded. She sat across the table from him and put her head in her hand's.

"They followed me, Devon. They followed me and Katt outside of her scanner range. That whole thing was a set up."

Devon sighed.

"I thought this might happen, Melanara. Who is exactly is this former employer of yours?" he asked her, she sighed.

"He never told me, he just called, told me the job and I never asked question's, that's why I was the best. I just never expected him to come after me, he seemed displeased, but never homicidal! I don't know what to do, Devon." she sighed and shook her head.

"We will deal with this. It's not just you who's dealing with this, Melanara. We are in it together, Bonnie, Michael, Kitt, Katt and I are behind you. You're not on your own anymore." he said, placing his hand on her's, she sighed and placed her other one on his.

"Deal. So where do we start?" she asked him. Devon thought for a few minutes.

"Why don't you and Katt go back to the warehouse with Michael and Kitt and see if between the four of you, if you can find any lead's on who ever tried to kill you." he said. She nodded.

She spotted Michael just coming out of the kitchen and grinned.

"Just the Knight I was looking for!" she said so sweetly that Michael started worrying immediately.

"Someone tried to kill me, and Devon want's you to come with me to the warehouse where someone just tried to kill me." she said, trying her best to convince him. It failed.

"No. I will not."

"Please? For me and Katt?"

"Read my lips. N-O."

Kitt joined in the fight to get him to do it.

"Oh,come on Michael. It's not like we have an assignment. Please?" he added after a minute.

Michael sighed.

"I'm out numbered aren't I?" he asked, there a was nod from Melanara and sound of agreement from Kitt, since he couldn't nod. "All right, let's go." he said, Melanara grinned and waited for an okay on Katt's condition from Bonnie, hopped in and backed the car out so Michael could back out and then both cars raced down the highway back toward the warehouse.

"Why are we going back to that place, Melanara?" Katt asked.

"Because we're going to try to figure out who tried to kill me, so it doesn't happen again." Melanara said and turned into the warehouse district.

"Okay, that I can understand. But with Kitt and Michael? What exactly did Devon say?" she asked, Melanara sighed.

"He said that maybe between the four of us, we might be able to figure out who is behind this. They did have a pump shotgun, that sound I could recognize if I was deaf, dumb and blind." she said and sighed.

"Katt, open a line to Kitt." A beep signified that the line was open.

"Keep an eye out, I don't know if they're still here or not. I managed to get a gun away from one and take another one out."

"Okay, will do." Michael replied. The two T-Top's advanced slowly through the warehouse, stopping when Katt found something with her scanner.

"I'll take a look." Melanara said and got out of the safety of the car. She pulled a semi-automatic out of her gun holster. Katt sounded through her comlink.

"Where did you get that gun?" she asked, Melanara sighed.

"Katt, I am the best, not an idiot. I alway's a carry a gun unless Devon see's it and takes it away from me. Don't worry, I grew up around guns I know how to use them, trust me."

"Now where is that thing you found?" she asked. Katt's scanner lit up again, then she spoke.

"A hundred yard's to your left."

Melanara moved the said number of yard's with Katt close behind and Michael and Kitt following another lead to far right of them. Melanara found it.

"It's the body of the guy I dropped. Anything else?" Melanara asked. Katt again scanned.

"Nothing." There was a note of disappointment in her voice. Melanara sighed.

"Damn. Open a line to Kitt." Another beep for the open line.

"Michael, anything?" Melanara asked her current case partner. He shook his head.

"Nothing. You?"

Melanara swore. "Huh? Nothing." Melanara swore again.

"Let's go home. Bonnie and Devon should be there by now. Kitt need's to recharge." he said. Melanara nodded.

"Your right and so does Katt." Melanara agreed.

They arrived home all right, but when they did.............


"Melanara, your parent's are here to see. Your's too, Michael." Bonnie said. Both Melanara and Michael blanched. Melanara sighed.

"We better get this over with, Michael. See you in a few minutes, Katt." Melanara looked overly grim. When she, Michael and Bonnie had left. Katt and Kitt started to talk.

"Well, Michael's parent's already know about me. I wonder how Melanara's parent's will react to you?"

"I don't know, Kitt. And that worries me.................


"Hello, Mom, Dad." Melanara said as Michael said the exact same thing to his parent's. But with less hesitation.

"Melanara! We're so happy to see you." Melanara's parent's exclaimed and hugged her, she hugged them back happily, but again hesitantly.

"What's wrong?"

Melanara sighed, looked at Devon and then Michael, both nodded in assurance.

"I am an agent here at FLAG, I have a partner. No, not Michael. Her name is Katt. And she's an AI." she smiled.

"She's in the garage. And so is Michael's partner, another AI." Melanara smiled again and walked out the door. Her parent's and Michael's following curiously. They reached the garage, Melanara went over and placed a hand on Katt.

"This is my partner. Katt, introduce yourself."

"Hello, I am Knight Associates Two Thousand. And I'm happy to meet you." Katt added after Melanara kicked her tire.

"And I am Kitt, Knight Industries Two Thousand. Michael's partner." he said. Melanara's parent's were shocked, so she continued as if this wasn't anything new.

"Katt and I have been together for three year's and she's the best partner I never had." she said and earned a chuckle from her Father, she sighed. That's a good sign, she thought.

"So, what's the difference between her and Kitt?" Melanara's mother asked. Melanara grinned a little foolishly in relief. If her parent's weren't angry then that was a very good sign.

"In abilities, nothing. But programming." she started but Katt put a little pressure on her foot. Melanara bit her lip and motioned Michael to push the car back, which he did. Melanara sat on Katt's hood.

"I meant, Personality, until someone so rudely half-rolled on to my foot, she is totally different. She is cocky, arrogant, and totally like me, where as Kitt is a little like a pussy cat. And she back talk's way too much." Melanara chuckled at the indignant sounds coming from Katt.

"She's pushy, bossy and domineering." she continued, grinning like that ate the canary, for about a minute, before she ended up on the floor of the garage.

"Oof, Katt! What was that for?"

"Pushy, am I? Bossy, am I? Then that was for those comment's." the AI said mock-fiercely, Melanara grinned, the battle was under way. Melanara and Michael's parent's watched in astonishment as they traded insult's. Melanara finally laughed so hard it was hard for her to breathe.

"I......Think....You got me......Katt." she panted after she stopped laughing and got up.

"Let's go eat. Melanara." Devon said, she nodded and got up, leaning on Katt.

"Nice fight...........

Melanara's parent's and Michael's sat with Devon on one side, while Bonnie, Michael and Melanara sat on the other. They ate lunch together chatting happily until Melanara's comlink beeped.

"Yeah, Katt?" she asked with a mouth full of sandwich. Katt's reply was scathing.

"I'll tell you after you swallow and not before."she said, Melanara swallowed and then asked again.

"Okay. What is it?"

"Garthe and Karr are back." she said. Melanara, who had a mouth full of soda, spit it out.........on Devon.

"Sorry, Devon. Repeat that again when I didn't have a mouth full of soda, please?" she asked, Katt did as requested.

"Wonderful. Well, at least it isn't Goliath. Mom, Dad. Michael and I have to go." she said, got up, took a swig of soda, swallowed and headed out the door with Michael close behind her. Her mother sighed.

"Who are these Garthe and Karr?" her father asked, Devon sighed.

"Garthe Knight is who Michael was made after, his face at least. Karr is Katt and Kitt's prototype, he is very dangerous. Don't worry Katt and Kitt will protect them and they've dealt with Garthe before. He's as evil as Karr." he said. They blanched, he felt the same worry they did, but he didn't it show it and tried to comfort them.

"They will be fine. Katt, Kitt, Michael and Melanara are good at dealing with maniac's like Garthe Knight and Karr." he said.

But what he didn't add was that he hoped they would be able to handle him............................


"Got any idea where he is, Katt?"Melanara asked the AI. Katt scanned the police bandwaves.

"A few miles southwest of here."

Melanara nodded.

"Relay the information to Kitt, please." she said. Katt spoke after doing what Melanara asked.

"So what are we going to do after we find them?" she asked, Melanara sighed.

"I don't know. Open a line to Michael, we need a game plan, Katt."

Another beep to signified an open line.

"Michael, we have a problem. What are we going to do, when we find them?" she asked.

"I don't know, Melanara. How about you take Karr and I'll take Garthe." he suggested, grinning.

"Oh, no. You got Garthe last time. This time I get Garthe and you get Karr. And speak of the devil and he shall appear. Look up ahead." Melanara said as both cars raced across the dessert to meet Garthe and Karr.

All three cars stopped at the same time, three feet away from each other. The three driver's got out of the cars. Katt, trying to lighten the mood a little, played the theme from ' The good, the bad and the ugly' Melanara grinned at the intended pun.

"Smile while you can, Raya. You won't get much of a chance to after I'm done."Garthe snarled, Melanara laughed.

"You know what Garthe? You talk too much." she said, ran forward and landed a solid punch on his jaw. He staggered back, then caught himself.

"You were lucky that time, you won't get the chance again!" he roared, while Melanara and Garthe went for each other's throat's, with Katt cheering Melanara on, Michael and Kitt were battling Karr....Again.

"Kitt! Isn't there something we can do to stop him?!?" he demanded and they dodged another charge at them.

"I'm afraid that I can't find anything, not even his sensor is vulnerable anymore. Garthe took care of that, definitely. I honestly don't know what to do." he said. Suddenly, Karr stopped, then gunned the engine, flung open the driver door and spoke to Garthe, who was struggling not to get beaten to bloody pulp by Melanara.

"He's calling us back, get in, now." he said, Garthe grunted in response. Garthe managed to get two legs under Melanara and sent her flying onto Katt's hood, she landed with a loud 'Oof!', she shook it off after Katt snapped her out of the shock. By that time, both Garthe and Karr were long gone.

"I wonder who Karr was talking about?"Melanara wondered out loud as she tried to stand, but collapsed infront of Katt, who did a quick scan.

"You're ribs are broken from the impact of your land after Garthe sent you flying."

Melanara glared at her. "Thank you, Mr. Spock. Can we go home now?" she asked, Michael sighed and helped her inside Katt......................


"DEVON!" Bonnie yelled as she and Michael helped the injured Melanara out of Katt.

"Melanara! What happened?"

Melanara fixed Devon with an icy stare. "Three guesses and the first two don't count. Garthe sent me flying before he and Karr vanished not so heroically into the sunset. Oh, just what I need." she groaned as her parent's poked their head's into the garage, saw she was hurt and came rushing over.

"I'm fine! It's nothing Dr. Wesley can't fix!" she yelled over the clamoring her parent's made, but at that moment her mother rounded on Katt.

"You were supposed to keep her safe!" she said, only enforcing the guilt Katt was feeling, but at the look of pain on Melanara's face, her programming, of being short-tempered like Melanara, kicked in.

"It's not my fault she chose to attack him! It's not my fault he was able to send her flying! It's not my fault.......It's not my fault......." her voice faltered and broke. Melanara wrested out of her friend's hold and went over to Katt opened the door, albeit painfully, got in and then closed it, sound-proofing the interior..........


"It's all right, I'm fine, I'm here. It takes a lot more to kill me than a few broken ribs."

Katt made a faint whimper. "That's just it, he could have killed you and there was nothing I could have done except run him over after it was already done! I couldn't......if you........" Katt just couldn't finish the sentence, the alternative was unthinkable. Melanara chuckled softly.

"I do believe you could Katt. But listen to me, I'm here, more or less, anyway." she said so ruefully, that she made Katt laugh.

"See? That's why we're such a good team! I can make you laugh and you can make me laugh, it's just the way we get along! Never mind what my mother say's." she said and leaned back painfully.

"Go get patched up, now."

Melanara chuckled painfully. "Yes, mother." she climbed out, Devon and Michael were there to support her.

"Bonnie, please go get Dr. Wesley." Devon said, she nodded and hurried off toward the hospital wing. Devon and Michael helped Melanara into the chair Bonnie was sitting in.

The Doctor walked in, saw Melanara and sighed. "Again? I swear, you're worse than Mr. Knight over there." he said pointing at Michael over his shoulder, who stuck his tongue out at him, the Doctor regarded him with a stern eye. The tounge was in a second, Kitt laughed.

"I always bring out the worst in him, for some reason. Just one or two broken, eh, Katt?" he asked.

"Yes, Dr. Wesley."

He nodded. "Come with me. Michael, help her will you?" he asked, not as a question more a command. Michael nodded, wrapped one of Melanara's arm's around his neck and supported her to the hospital wing, her anxious parent's, who hadn't spoken since she had talked with Katt, walked, silently, along behind them. Dr. Wesley, Michael and Melanara went in, a minute later Michael got shoved out the door, it closed behind him with a solid THAWCK! Michael was laughing.

"I do believe I insulted her." he chuckled. Devon sighed and smacked his head in an oddly American gesture.

"I'm surrounded by crazy people." he sighed again, Michael, Bonnie and Devon laughed, all sharing a private joke, making the Raya's feel out of place. Devon still chuckling, motioned that he wanted to talk to them.

"Your daughter's life has changed, please try to understand, she and Katt share a special bond. If they didn't....Well, you two wouldn't be here." he said, just then Melanara came out of the exam room.

"He patched me up, of course he may have to patch you up when I catch you, Michael!" she yelled, Michael's eyes widened in mock-alarm and he ran outside. The Doctor came out after hearing Melanara's yell and saw his patient running after Michael and smiled.

"Will she be all right?" Melanara's mother asked the Doctor, he nodded and laughed as Melanara tackled Michael.

"See for yourself. If she can tackle him and not be hurting, she'll be fine." he said and smiled as they wrestled on the ground, a minute later they both came, limping and panting, but smiling.

"Devon, we have to talk. We, Michael and I that is, with Kitt and Katt along too, think Garthe and Karr are working for someone." Melanara said as they moved to Devon's office. Michael took his familiar place sitting on the corner of Devon's desk and Melanara perched on a couch, sitting cross- legged on it.

"What makes you say that?" he asked, Kitt spoke up from Michael's comlink.

"We heard Karr say 'He's called us back', on that basis, I think it's safe to say they're both working for someone together."

Devon sighed. "This is turning out to be more complicated than we thought. Are you two sure you want to continue this?" Devon asked, all three knew this was a one time offer out of it, but Michael and Melanara didn't take it.

"We started this and we'll finish it Devon," Michael said, Melanara finished it. "Garthe and Karr will stay down this time. I swear it." she said. Devon sighed knowing, somehow that would be true.

"All right, any idea's on who might be doing this?" he asked, feeling sick at heart knowing how many people it could be, but Melanara and Michael were the best, they'd get through it or die trying, the latter was.............unthinkable...........................

The End


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