As much as I love the books, I regret to say that all of Harry Potter belongs to J K Rowling. This includes all of the characters except for Ryua (who's mine) most of the places, and an awful lot of the spells. Oh, and if you see something that looks like one of your stories, I'm really, really sorry. I don't mean to plagiarize. I've just read a lot of really cool fanfics, and they melt into my brain, but I'll try not to use any of it.

The Beginning

"Now, just push Narcissa, I know you can push harder..."

Ooh, I'd love to see him try to push harder, that useless, disgusting, ignorant idiot...mudblood! Narcissa thought to herself. She would likely have said something unladylike at this point, but was having troubles breathing. Why did Lucius pick this aggravating doctor anyway? (because he's a pureblood. Aargh!) Why couldn't he let me have a decent midwife? It's not as if he's having babies. Oh, it's all his fault...

And so it was. Narcissa Black-Malfoy was expecting, and expecting big. Actually, she was expecting twins, and was desperately hoping the firstborn at least would be male. Lucius so wanted a male heir... if it wasn't, he would berate her, and write off the daughter as stillborn at the least ... NO! Although she often had little say in Lucius' decisions, she would sooner die than let her children come to harm. It had to be a son, it had to be...

"Excellent!" The loud cry shocked Narcissa out of her pain-soaked reflections and she jerked her head upright. The doctor was busy with a bundle of squalling cloth at the end of the bed.

"What is it? What is it, you little, insignificant..."

"Now, now, little mother, no need to get upset. You must birth the secondborn before you have this little one, you know that." Actually, this made no sense whatsoever to Narcissa. She wanted her son... her son, oh, no, it just had to be... "And here's your second! Well done, my dear!" the seedy wizard said with an oily smile that did nothing to reassure the panicked, exhausted new mother. "Here you go, now, relax, oh don't glare at me that way, your firstborn and secondborn. A fine son and daughter." Narcissa, relieved, reached out to take the two bundles. "Now, leave. I wish privacy with my children. You have done your job." Still intimidated by the aristocratic bearing of even an exhausted Narcissa, the shady doctor slunk out of the room. She looked down at her twins, a peaceful, happy expression slowly coming onto a face accustomed to sneers or tears. But why, she thought, did he not let me see my little son at first? Oh, oh, no, he wouldn't... but what other reason...? For Narcissa realized her daughter was the firstborn, and should be the legitimate heir of the Malfoy fortunes, but Lucius would never allow that. Well, too bad for him, she thought grimly. If he must, he may name my son his heir, but he will know the truth, and so will she. I swear it.