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Harry did come upstairs eventually, looking deathly pale, but alive. Mrs. Weasley shrieked a little, although Dumbledore kept her from suffocating him. Instead, she let out her 'mother energy' by hushing the silent group of friends. "Did you hear? He needs quiet?"

"Yes ma'am!" Ryua whispered, winning a nervous grin from Ron and Hermionie. Harry, on the other hand, just fell into a hospital bed and could only drink half the potion he was handed before he went right unconscious. The others pulled up chairs and sat in for a grim night, full of unanswered questions.

Some time, well after midnight, McGonnagall came storming into the hospital wing, Fudge right behind her. Hermionie woke with a jerk, her head coming up off of Ron's shoulder, and Fred and George looked up from their joke shop books. The others snapped to attention, as McGonnagall was rarely in a rage. As she began to rant about Barty Crouch getting eaten by a Dementor, Ryua's sleepy brain started to sluggishly move. Crouch... Crouch... both of them had been ruthless, but they had both taken different sides. But Bartemus was dead now, and Barty died years ago in Azkaban...

Unless he didn't die. If he managed, some way, to get smuggled out, there were surely enough people who remembered him fondly or at least with a deep-tied comradeship... he'd been a number one supporter of the Dark Lord.

And Harry had been having those headaches, and visions of Him returning...

And the Dark Lord would have quite willingly killed someone as decent and non-threataning as Diggory...

Oh shit.

Ryua blanched in her chair, barely hearing the argument in the background. If He was truly back, even if He was going to bide his time... He'd be gathering supporters. He'd be checking on the Death Eaters. And he wouldn't be pleased.

Which meant that her father would quite possibly be coming home either celebratory, or in a great deal of pain. Either one meant that he'd be quite likely to curse Ryua around the house for a while, and when he was done, she'd be presented as a possible candidate... oh, forget possible, she'd be thrown directly into top ranks. She'd be branded with the Mark before she had a chance to blink. And then she'd be forced to betray her friends, bit by bit...

I shouldn't be hearing this. I want to, but I shouldn't be hearing this... He'll get it out of me, and I'll lose them whatever tiny advantage they have left... Luckily for her, Mrs. Weasley seemed to be thinking along the same lines. Quietly, not that anyone would hear her over the ruckus McGonnagall was making, she touched Ryua's shoulder, urging her to her feet. Numbly, she obeyed.

Out in the corridor, with the heavy oak door shut, it was much quieter. Quiet enough that Ryua's mind could fully concentrate on the lovely events placed before her. "Oh, Mrs. Weasley... I'm dead. I am so dead."

"Nonsense, dear!" she hissed. "Everything will turn out just fine, you'll see. You're a good girl, and I've brought you out here for your own protection, not because we don't trust you..."

"But, they'll go after me. They'll want me as a Death Eater, and I'll be expelled..."

"Don't think such things! You're too young."

"Too... young?"

"Yes, of course!" Mrs. Weasley was very firm, as if by being firm, she could actually make it true. "He won't pull you out of Hogwarts, it's too dangerous, and if you come to school, fifteen years old, with a Dark Mark, it'll bring it all into the open. You're perfectly safe."

"I... I have to go. It's what would be expected... I should tell the others..."

"No! No, you can't let them know- can't tell them anything because... we threw you out the moment anything occurred, remember? You know nothing to tell. Do you understand? You know nothing."

The words stung, a little. But nothing to notice. Ryua just nodded, and stalked off to the dungeons, trying to get herself in an angry, affronted mood instead of petrified.

It worked. All her four years of schooling her expression into one of haughtiness paid off, and she managed to convince everyone that she'd been tossed out before they would say anything interesting, and they all turned away bored. Except for maybe Zabini, but he just stared like that all the time. She didn't think he guessed anything, or even was aware of much. Hmm, I wonder what his problem is?

It turned out that she didn't have to keep her knowledge a secret for long. At the farewell feast, Dumbledore calmly announced the return of Lord Voldemort. She acted surprised along with everyone else, although remembered to act pleased too. She did raise her goblet to Diggory, and Harry, although she was one of the few who did so. I don't care. I'd rather stand out for being respectful than blend in as a heathen.

And on the train, she ran into just a wee bit of trouble with standing out. She'd managed to lose Zabini in a compartment of Hufflepuffs, and made her way to the Trio's compartment. "Are you sure you should be here? You know, with your family and all..." Hermionie asked cautiously.

"Of course. I'm supposed to try and find out all the details about the inner workings of whatever Dumbledore's planning. Not that you three would ever tell me anything useful to the Dark Lord, right?"

"Uh, of course not. So, how do you feel about taking OWLs next year?" Harry said in a falsely cheerful voice.

"Well, I cursed my way through my Charms final this year, I doubt the Ministry examiners will accept that next time... Hermionie, what are you doing with a jar full of leaves?"

"Oh, that's Rita Skeeter!" Ron said from his bench, which he managed to take up the whole of.

"Skeeter? You finally caught her? Good job, she deserves to be humiliated. Or if you want, I could feed her to my snake..." Parsyl obligingly reached out from Ryua's bag and tapped her nose on the glass, sending the beetle scurrying under a leaf.

"Nah, I've got it all figured out," Hermionie said, sliding the jar back into her bag. Before she could elaborate, however, Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle walked in. She held her peace, concentrating on polishing Parsyl's scales, trying not to pay any attention to what was going on. Parsyl hissed and slipped out from under her fingernails before long however, Ryua was digging hard enough to hurt. And when he said "Well – second – Diggory was the..." she jumped to her feet, throwing her father's static curse at all three of them. For a split second, she thought her emotions had really ran away with her magic, then noticed Harry, Ron, Hermionie, Fred, and George all had their wands aimed too.

"Interesting effect," said George, "Who used the Furnunculus curse?"

"Me," Harry said, lowering his wand with a cheerful smile.

"And what was that nasty electric spell? It did something really weird to the tickling charm I set on Malfoy here..."

"That was mine. It changes the ionic charge of your skin, so all the particles of whatever is touching you bombard you with the kind of force only opposite magnets can pull. Quite painful, and your tickling charm is one of his personal hates. An excellent combination, Fred, if I do say so myself."

He looked kind of scared for a second, then his face split into a nasty grin. "Now, this is a Malfoy who uses her evil powers for good!"

"Or evil," George put in as he kicked out Crabbe.

"Depending on whether you're us,"

"Or them!" A last kick tumbled the purple-tentacled hulk into the corridor. The other two followed quickly, and they sat down to play Exploding Snap.

Just before the train pulled into the station, Ryua got up with a sigh to go start reviving her brother. Draco might not buy it, but if she was acting angry and worried enough, maybe she wouldn't get blamed for siding with Gryffindors in a duel.

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