Blast! The sound echoed through the halls of Gotham City's jailhouse. A section of the concrete wall was blasted into a circular shape. The cloud of light brown dust finally cleared and only a shadow of a tall man could be seen. The shadow twirled his bo-stick in his fingers and took a step in.

His one eye seemed to swim around the entire section of the joint. Footsteps could be heard throughout the entire place.

"There he is!"

An officer with heavy armor and a laser stepped out of the shadows and towards the stranger. The stranger narrowed his eye and got his bo-stick ready as the officer aimed his laser at him. There was a blast and a swish. The stranger lunged at the cop; his metal stick raised, and with one blow knocked the officer off his feet. The officer's body was mangled and extremely bloody.

The stranger turned around and resumed walking toward his destination. A clanging could be heard throughout the entire hall. Jinx was banging a metal mug against the rusty cell doors. Mammoth was sitting on the bed playing an electric guitar while Gizmo was singing in his most pleasant tone possible:

On the day I was born

The nurses all gathered 'round

And they stared in wide wonder

At the joy they had found

The head nurse spoke up

Said to leave this one alone

She could tell right away

That I was bad to the bone




Bad to the bone

Bad to the bone

Jinx rolled her eyes, dropped the mug, and turned toward Gizmo. Mammoth stopped plucking the guitar strings. "Will you just SHUT UP!" she exclaimed, her arms waving around as if trying to get rid of the aroma in the old cell. Gizmo's mouth turned into a frown and his puny eyebrows lowered.

He projected a fearful growl and lunged on his evil comrade. Everything seemed to happen in a flash to Jinx. She was standing in front of the bars, both feet planted onto the ground, and the next thing she knew, she was shoved onto her back. Gizmo narrowed his beady black eyes and began throwing punches right in her face.

Mammoth dropped his electric guitar and widened his eyes for he had just seen something unusual. Slade had broke down the bar doors with his one and only bo-stick. He stumbled into the cell. Slade scrambled to his feet and began sweeping the dust off of his costume.

He turned his attention to the three, his body swaying back and forth. He spread his arms out and shouted, "Have no fear! Daddy's here!" Jinx and Gizmo put their fighting to a halt. Slade grabbed the three of them and embraced them in a really tight hug. There was a cracking sound. "Oh my spleen!" Gizmo exclaimed while gritting his teeth.

"Spine, not spleen you idiot!"

"Well since I can't tell my spine from my spleen maybe I should..."

Slade looked at the two.

"No need to argue friends! There will be no peace amongst us if you two keep arguing."

Jinx, Mammoth, and Gizmo exchanged surprised looks. "I think he's on one of his drinking sprees," Mammoth said, scratching his head. Jinx and Gizmo nodded in agreement.

There was a crack, a boom, and the sound of dust.

"Titans Go!"

Five dark figures rushed out at the four villains. Slade released his henchmen and took out his bo-stick. Robin followed suit. Balls of pinkish sparks flew everywhere. Raven's eyes turned white. Just as she was about to chant her three magic words, Beast Boy flew right past her. She put down her arms and stared after him. The lights of the joint flickered on and off.

Jinx saw her chance and seized it. A pink blast erupted from her hands and flew towards the daydreaming Raven. Beast Boy saw the pink ball and immediately flew to her protection. He transformed into his regular form and shoved her out of the spark's way. They both crashed into a wall. He rubbed his head and quickly checked to see if his female teammate was okay.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Are you?"

"Just as soon as I sweep this dust out of my hair I should be okay."

Jinx, Mammoth, Gizmo, and Slade stopped fighting and started chanting.

"Raven and Beast Boy sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g First comes love, then comes marriage..."

Raven could feel her blood boiling and her heart burning up. Her pale hands immediately turned black and her eyebrows formed into a scowl. The trashcans in the jailhouse grew black and struck the three so hard that they fell unconscious.

Robin strolled up to her and said, "Nice work." He then walked over to the four villains and placed them in a cell. Beast Boy scrambled to his feet.

"That was some awesome power you gave them."


"You're welcome."

He placed his hand on the back of his green neck as he blushed.

"Thanks for saving me."

"Oh. You're welcome."

They walked out of the joint side by side.