Chapter II: I Don't Think He's In Shu Anymore, Tuta...

Shu roared, shaking the iron bars of his cell. The guards were gone, they left when they heard of Hai Yo's all you can eat barbecue!

All you can eat...PORK barbecue! Shu's mouth was watering, his eyes showed his clear intent to eat as many baby back ribs as he could, his hands were tender from shaking at the bars for the past few minutes...He wanted that food, dammit!

"Mmm...! All you can eat pork barbecue!"

A voice... Who could that be?

"I can't wait!" The same voice... A child...

A young boy with his hair in a single bun walked towards the cell, almost oblivious to Shu's presence.

He rubbed his stomach and licked his lips, "I can't believe Hai Yo is making an all pork barbecue! Pork chops, bacon, ribs, roast pig, everything!"

That was the last straw.

A bright aura surrounded Shu. The young boy looked up at Shu, screaming and backing up against a wall.

"I WANT MY BABY BACK RIBS!" Shu screeched, the bright aura shooting into the air, then flying straight at the child. The aura surrounded him for a moment or two, then disappeared...

Shu fell back, "...Ugh..." He held his head, "What happened? What am I doing here? Tuta! What's going on?"

Tuta's head was down, "Hoo...hoo...hoo..." The boy chuckled...


"Hee...hee...hee..." Tuta raised his head, "MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!"


Tuta continued his maddening laughter as he left to the kitchen, following the scent of barbecue sauce.

Shu stared at the door Tuta had exited from...What just happened?


Kahn, Wakaba and LC Chan waited at the door to the kitchen. The rest of the stars were eating, aside from those who were part of the plan (Even Viktor, who begged for just one rack of ribs).

Tuta was coming down the hall.

"Now." Kahn said, going into the hall.

LC Chan and Wakaba gave a signal by waving their hands and standing in the doorway. They pulled out a paper seal for each of them.

Across the room, Ayda and Huan blocked the doorway. Huan then whistled a tune to himself. They held two paper seals as well.

In the hall, Viktor and Flik took two paper seals from their pockets and waited.

Kahn approached Tuta, the young possessed boy tried to act casual, "Tuta. I need to speak with you." He said.

"...Sorry," Tuta said, "but I'm hungry... I want to eat..."

"No, you won't, Luca Blight."

Tuta stepped back, growling.

"Luca, this has gone on long enough! Exit Tuta's body and into this," He held up a crystal ball, "or I'll exorcise you and trap you in a much hotter climate. We can do this the easy way for the hard way!"

A bright aura surrounded Tuta.

Kahn opened his jecket, revealling a paper seal pinned to his shirt, "Don't try it, Luca. This seal will prevent you from possessing me."

The aura disappeared, "...FINE!" Tuta charged forward and kicked Kahn in the leg.

"AUGH!" Kahn fell to the ground, holding his leg in pain, "Something tells me I should have planned for that tactic." The crystal ball he held flew into the air, and shattered on the ground.

Tuta charged at LC Chan and Wakaba. They held up paper seals like the one Shu had.

Tuta hissed at them, running off.

"CATCH HIM!" Kahn screamed, "Without that ball, I'll need to exorcise him myself!"

LC Chan and Wakaba ran off to capture Tuta.

Kahn painfully got up, he limped to the door and stood there. If Tuta came back that way, he could still block him.

Outside of the castle, Kinnison sat under a tree, deciding not to join the others for the barbecue in the kitchen. Shiro was with him, like always.

He then saw something in the distance... Tuta, running to the castle gate. Not too odd, except that he was being chased by Wakaba and LC Chan...

Shiro began to growl, then bark loudly as Tuta came closer.

"What is it Shiro?" Kinnison asked, "What are you barking at?"

Tuta stopped short of Shiro, he then roared at the large wolf.

Shiro backed off, whimpering.

"Tuta! What's going on?" Kinnison backed away. Something had to be wrong if Tuta could scare Shiro like that.

Tuta ran off, trying to get to the castle gate.

As he got there, there was a bright flash. Tuta was launched back a few feet.

"Nice try!" LC Chan shouted, "Kahn put up a barrier on all of the gates! You won't escape so easily!"

Tuta growled, getting up and turning to LC Chan, "YOU'LL NEVER STOP ME, PIG!" He screamed as Wakaba restrained him, "LET ME GO! LET ME GO!"

"Sorry, Luca, but Tuta exactly the strongest star of destiny, your super strength is easier to hand in this form!" Wakaba said, chuckling.

Kinnison watched the event unfold, trying to figure out exactly what was going on.

Kahn approached Tuta, "Luca, I have all of the necessary materials to exorcise you and rid you from this world!" He held up a black hand bag, "Let's see here..." He held up a pistol with a label that said "Property Of The Howling Voice Guild" on the barrel, "Silver bullets," he handed the gun to LC Chan. The Martial artist carefully held it, "Oh, you can relax, it's not loaded."

"Oh, good..." LC Chan held it normally... Which made it go off into the air.

"...Or maybe it was." Kahn said as a duck fell to the ground, missing LC Chan by a few inches. He pulled a cross out of the bag.

Tuta hissed, glaring at the cross, then roaring at it. He struggled harder to get out of Wakaba's grip.

"Is he supossed to do that?" Wakaba asked.

"...Actually, no, he isn't..." Kahn handed the cross to LC Chan, "But, it never hurts to see what it can do to him!" He then pulled out a bottle of garlic, "Hm...I don't think this will help." He dug through the bag, trying to find something, "Ah! Here it is!" He pulled out a small crystal ball, "Once I transfer you into this, Luca, you'll be sealed forever!"

Tuta screeched, a white aura surrounded his body.

"I have seals on everyone here, Luca! You won't be able to escape Tuta!" Kahn raised the ball, lightning flashed in the sky and thunder roared.

The aura continued to glow.


Tuta hissed, then screamed loudly as the aura began to vanish. Tuta fell limp in Wakaba's arms, "...Ow..." The boy moaned.

"There! Luca is sealed forever!" Kahn chuckled, "Well, I suppose we have a feast to return to, and friends to alert with good news." He walked off, passing by Kinnison and Shiro. LC Chan followed, while Wakaba carried Tuta to Huan's medical tent.

Kinnison stood there, with his head down in thought.

Wakaba stopped, "Uh...Kinnison, it's a long story. We'll tell you what happened tomorrow with everyone else, okay?"

"...Of course." Kinnison said, his head was still down. Wakaba left, a smile spread across his face.


Shiro whimpered in fear.


The feast was a happy one. Luca was finally gone.

Huan rushed to his office to check on Tuta.

Kinnison joined in the feast after a while, but he seemed to avoid LC Chan, Wakaba and Kahn. They understood, however, he had just seen them exorcise Tuta. He probably thought they were insane.

Wakaba watched as Kinnison went straight for a plate of ribs on a buffet-esque spread of food...

...Then she looked confused as Kinnison took about half of the plate and piled it onto a smaller plate. She never knew he had that much of an appetite.

"Hey, where's his" LC Chan whispered to Wakaba.

Wakaba shrugged, "Kinnison probably told him how pork bones aren't good for dogs...At least, I've heard that they aren't."

"Yeah, they're like chicken bones." LC Chan added.

Wakaba kept a close eye on Kinnison, then seeing something odd...Under his sleeve, his skin was bloodied... Looked like he had been cut or bitten.


Huan was putting a few bandages of scrapes Tuta (who was asleep from exhaustion) has received from the ordeal when he heard the sound of something scratching his door. Huan walked to the door and opened it...

Shiro limped into the office, then sat next to the patients' table. He seemed to want to be treated.

"...I'm not a vet." Huan said.

Shiro whimpered.

"All right. I'm done with Tuta, so I can take a look at you." Huan kneeled to Shiro, "What hurts?"

Shiro held up his paw, Huan looked at it, "Feels broken... Did you fall?" Shiro shook his head, "Fight a monster?" Shiro whimpered, "...Monster?" Shiro shook his head, "Then who?"

Shiro whimpered again, looking away saidly.

Huan then noted some blood on Shiro's lip, "...You fought a human?"

Again Shiro whimpered, as if he had been betrayed. Slowly, the dogwolf nodded his head.

"...What happened, Shiro?" Huan then realized that he was talking to a dogwolf hybrid, he wouldn't get any answers outside of barking, "...On second thought, let me just bandage you up. You'll need to stay off this paw for a few weeks."

Shiro nodded, sadly.

Huan also noticed that Shiro received many bruises...Whoever he fought, fought back, and Shiro was not the kind of dogwolf to attack humans... There was a reason for all of this...

...But what?


Riou finally woke up...

His room was dark, except for moonlight shining through a window.

He was alone.

...Or was he?

Riou heard breathing, a chill ran down his spine..

...He smelled barbecue sauce...

...This was...more than likely a bad thing...

Two yellow eyes appeared, glowing in the darkness...

Riou began to shake as they came closer.

"...Lord...Riou..." A voice...

Riou whimpered.

The sound of paper rustling was heard, then the figure stepped into the light.

Ridley stood with a large paper bag, "Hai Yo prepared a feast tonight, I brought you a doggy bag." Riddly said, smiling. His kobold eyes, however, glowed in the darkness.

Riou sighed in relief, leaning back, "Oh, thank you, Lord Ridley."

Ridley put the bag on a nearby table, "Good night, sir." He bowed his head and left.

Riou carefully got out of bed, he still felt shaken from what happened earlier... Why would Shu suddenly turn on him like that? Why did he try to throw him off of the balcony?


Kinnison had finished eating, he proceeded up to Riou's bedroom...

...Now was the time...

The door to the room, however, had a seal upon it... One of those annoying "holds sacred symbols on a piece of paper duct taped to the door" seals...

Kinnison drew out a sword he stole from the dojo and cut the seal with ease.

The bottom half of the paper floated to the ground. Now he could enter.


Riou was eating a pork chop when he smelled something weird. He sniffed the air, "...Barbecue sauce?" He said aloud, smelling it again.

Riou hadn't bothered to light a lamp, he ate in the moonlight. He looked into the darkness...

A pair of glowing eyes awaited him.

"Ridley?" Riou asked.

Footsteps...Ridley was approaching.

...Or not.

The figure stepped into the moonlight...It was Kinnison.

"Oh, hello Kinnison." Riou bowed, "Would you like some food?" He motioned to the plate of food from the doggy bag.

Kinnison shook his head. His eyes glowed in the darkness...

...Wait a minute...

Kobold eyes glow...

...Human eyes... ...Don't...


"There's... ...another pig...I would rather eat..." Kinnison reached to his side and unsheathed a sword.



Hai Yo was cleaning up after the feast, mostly, he was picking up bones from where Kinnison sat... He had never known someone to have such an appetite...


What was that?

Hai Yo looked to the doorway...No-one was there...


The noise was getting louder...


Riou ran by the doorway, Kinnison after him (laughing madly) and holding a sword.

"...Oh, dammit! KAHN!" Hai Yo shouted, grabbing his trusty wok and running after Riou and Kinnison.


Kahn was in the bar, celebrating with, Viktor, Flik, Wakaba and LC Chan over the defeat of Luca Blight.

"We rule!" Wakaba shouted, holding up a glass of juice.

Viktor, Flik, LC Chan and Kahn laughed, toasting their mugs of ale.

Their celebration was cut short as Huan burst into the bar, panicked, "Guys, I don't want to alarm you, but-"





Various bar patrons turned to the door in confusion, hearing the sounds of what sounded like a chase.

"...Don't tell me," Kahn began, "Luca posessed someone else, he's chasing Riou, while being chased by Hai Yo and a Dog?"

"Exactly." Huan said, "They all ran by my office, Shiro joined in the race despite a broken paw." The doctor shrugged, "This is one hell of week, isn't it?"

"Well, we can just trap him in the crystal ball this time..." Flik said, getting up.

"Uh... No." Kahn said, getting up but looking away.

"Why not?" LC Chan asked.

"I threw the ball into the lake." Kahn explained, still looking away.

"...Why?" LC Chan, Viktor, Flik, Wakaba and Huan asked.

"Well, if it broke, Luca would be released...So, I threw it in the lake to prevent the chance of it being broken..."

"...You didn't CHECK to make SURE that Luca was inside of the ball?" Flik shouted.

"Well, I assumed he was trapped... " Kahn faced the others finally, they were glaring at him, "Give me a break, it's my first exorcism! I'm a vampire hunter, remember?"

"Guys... Riou?" Wakaba pointed to the door to the main hall. The group exchanged 'Oh, crap'-esque glances and ran into the main hall.

Riou was in the corner of the room, trembling. It should also be noted that a sword was wedged into the wall, only a few inches above his head.

Kinnison was on the ground, with Shiro on his back, pinning him. Hai Yo was repeatedly hitting him in the head with a wok.

"...This really is one hell of a week..." Wakaba said.

The others nodded in agreement.

"We need another crystal ball or crystal ball-like object!" Kahn said, "Crystal balls are the easiest items to seal spirits in. Everyone still have your seals?"

The others nodded.

"Viktor, Flik, make sure no-one else comes into the room." Kahn ordered, "Hai Yo and Shiro will keep Luca subdued, Huan you help them. LC Chan, Wakaba, look for another crystal ball or similar object! Move out!"

The group split up.

Kahn prepared for the exorcism.


Wakaba and LC Chan looked through LC Chan's room.

"What about this?" Wakaba held up a rubber ball.

"I think it needs to be crystal or glass...Besides, I like that ball." LC Chan said, "Maybe this?" He held up a snow globe, with a sign that said 'Greetings From Rockaxe' in it.


"Well, we have nothing... ...Hey! Wait! I never use this... It's the right shape, might not be glass, but..."

"I could see Luca using it to his advantage." Wakaba stated as LC Chan picked up a bowling ball.

LC Chan sighed, "...Maybe we should see a shop?"

"Hey! Jeane's rune shop might have empty crystals!"

"To the rune shop!"


"Let me go! LET ME GO!"

It took the power of two men and a wolfdog hybrid, but eventually, Kinnison was tied to a chair.

"Luca, if you had us tied up, would you let us go?" Huan asked.

"...Grrrrrr..." Kinnison growled at Huan.

Viktor and Flik held off a crowed of soldiers and stars of destiny that tried to get in from the bar.

Wakaba and LC Chan finally returned, holding a crystal ball.

"Oh, good! Where did you find it?" Kahn asked.

LC Chan and Wakaba exchanged glances, "Uh..."


Jeane stared in horror as the door to her shop was broken down.

She inspected the store... It was empty...

Nothing seemed to be missing...Wait...

...Where the hell did the crystal ball on her counter go?


"...Nowhere." LC Chan and Wakaba said.

"All right, Luca! This is the end!" Kahn raised the crystal ball, "BEGONE FROM THE BODY OF THIS BOY, DEMON! BEGONE!"

Lightning flashed through the windows, thunder roared from outside.

"...Where does that always come from?" LC Chan asked.


Kinnison hissed.


Kinnison roared.


The white aura surrounded Kinnison, "NO! NO! YOU PIGS! I'LL BE BACK! I'LL BE BACK AND I'LL DESTROY YOU! I WILL!"

A bolt of lightning shot from Kinnison's eyes and into the ball, Kinnison screamed loudly. The lightning and thunder from outside became more and more violent. The crystal ball glowed brightly with an unknown energy...


"...Is...Is it over?" Viktor slowly approached Kahn.

Kinnison had collapsed, while Kahn was kneeling on the ground, panting.

"...Yes..." Kahn held up the crystal ball.

A mini-Luca Blight in full battle armor floating in the middle of it, screaming curses and making obscene gestures at Viktor.

"I just need a minute to put a seal on it... Luca is too weak to be a threat anymore..."

"...Wait..." Riou stood up, "You mean... Luca...was alive?"

"No," Kahn said, "his spirit, however, posessed Shu, Tuta and Kinnison... They had no control over their actions... That explains their odd behavior..."

Riou was silent.

Shiro stood next to Kinnison, he whimpered and began licking his master's cheek.

Kinnison slowly stirred, "Sh...Shiro...? What...happened...?"

The wolfdog wagged his tail and barked happily. Kinnison was back to normal.


Things returned back to normal in He Fei Castle by the next day...

Kahn put a seal on the crystal ball, Luca was forever trapped within it. He left back to South Window.

Shu was released, his name was cleared.

Tuta and Kinnison recovered, they were being treated by Huan for slight exhaustion, and Kinnison for a bite on the arm from Shiro. Shiro had apparently attacked him when he was possessed by Luca, being able to sense Luca's aura.

Viktor and Flik went to the bar and shared the story with everyone they could.

LC Chan and Wakaba went back to their normal training in the Dojo.

Hai Yo received a rather odd cooking request from Riou...



Riou sat at a table in Hai Yo's restaurant, he had a napkin tied around his neck.

Luca, in the crystal ball, was glaring at the boy. He was positioned right across from Riou.

"Since you tried to kill me repeatedly," Riou said, kindly, to Luca, "it's time I had my own revenge..."

Hai Yo walked to Riou, with a plate of pork ribs and an extra large bottle of barbecue sauce.

Luca's attention turned to the ribs, he licked his lips. He drooled, looking at the delicious, tender, juicy ribs that fell off the bone. The barbecue sauce was even a popular brand from Highland, Luca's personal favorite...

Hai Yo sat the plate in front of Riou, he looked at the demon prince in the crystal ball, grinning, "Mmmm... Ribs." He said.

Luca watched in horror as Riou started to eat the entire plate, smothering each rack of ribs in barbecue sauce, always telling Hai Yo how excellent the ribs were... ...In front of him...

Luca's stomach growled, a small whimper escaped his mouth.

...Welcome to Hell, Luca.

The End