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Draco looked wildly around; up, down, side to side, and down again at the spot where Harry had been standing a second before. He looked around once more, before deciding on a course of action. Using the spell 'Diffindo' that Professor Sprout had taught them in Herbology (which he had then spent 17 straight hours practising on Crabbe and Goyle's hair), he cut a vine, tied it around his middle, and jumped down onto the seemingly solid ground that Harry had fallen through....WHACK. He fell flat on his face on the actually solid ground that Harry had fallen through, and lay there for a second with his pride in tatters and mud on his trousers.

'Ah. Right. Bugger, that didn't work then. It did in the film. Oh, sod it.' And with that he pointed his wand at the ground, and it opened up, revealing Harry playing poker with an obliging tree root.

'Fabby! Draco! What took you so long? Was that you throwing yourself at the ground, love?'

'Yes, it was' Draco replied rather shortly, looking mournfully at his pink and brown trousers. 'Let's go.'

'Oh. Ok, see you later, Willow'. And Harry climbed out of the hole, and stood waiting for Draco to follow him. The tree made a grab at Draco's ankle as he clambered out, but he used the trusty, well-practised Diffindo spell on it, and quickly closed the hole in the ground. Harry looked rather shocked at his new friend attacking his boyfriend, and promptly burst into tears; the stress of the last few years finally snapping his poor little fragile Gryffindor mind.

''We'll never succeed! We might as well just die now!'

'No, no. We have already succeeded. OK, what are the three terrors of the Forbidden Forest?'

'Er, unicorns, giant spiders, giant giants, werewolves (not the nice kind), Voldemort...'

Draco interrupted Harry before he could continue with this too-long and, quite frankly, disturbing list. 'No, the three terrors we've encountered tonight.'

'Oh, Ok. Er, fire poppy things, the evil tree that thrashed me at poker, and, oh, Merlin, Draco, what about the BHR's?'

'Bloody Huge Rats? I don't think they exist. AARGH!!!'