For Sale

By iyo (who was formerly known as gingko-chan)

This is the second, and final chapter of For Sale.'s White Day, the day where all people who have gotten chocolates from someone on Valentine's Day have to give a gift back. Only in Japan though. I don't even know how I got this idea...I'm more twisted than I thought...but people should already know that :)

This is actually a collective of ideas that I've been storming up from Valentine's Day. Ideas came to me all throughout those days, at many different times. Yup, you can imagine the wierd looks students gave iyo when she laughed insanely at a particularly messed up idea. There goes my reputation as a normal, mentally stable student. shrug

I'm also seriously doubting the quality of this fic...maybe I should wait till it's 3 am to write...I function better when I'm half-asleep. But we'll see how this turns out.

Anyways, here is the fanfic, For Sale.

ADDED AS OF MAY 27, 2004:

Well, I have finally decided to finish. This is the perfect environment right now too! I've had very little sleep for the past few days, and I really seem to write better when I haven't had enough sleep :)

Before White Valentine's Day

Naruto walked down the streets of Konoha, occasionally glancing at the happy couples strolling down the street.

Everyone seems so happy...I wonder what Sasuke's doing? Probably training....or running away from his fangirls.

Naruto chuckled at the last thought. Suddenly, snatches of conversation reached his ears.

"Ne, you know what? I've decided that I'm gonna give Tsuzuki-kun a kiss for his White Day's present."

"Really? That's a great idea! Kisses make the best White Day presents. I've heard that there is a legend that whoever gets a kiss on White Day will get love."

The girls eventually walked away, leaving Naruto to ponder. A kiss?

He thought back on Valentine's Day when Sasuke had spent an entire evening with him. He had almost spent the entire Uchiha fortune on him as well....I guess that would count as a Valentine's Day present from him...So, I should give him a kiss then?

The Next Day....

Naruto went around town, distributing his White Day presents. But to talk about all of them would be boring. So let's just stick to a few of the more amusing ones, okay?

Naruto & Neji

Naruto sparkled with brightness and light as he handed the White Day present to Neji. Well, he did in Neji's eyes anyway.

Inner-Neji twirled in a field of flowers, 'Naruto is so adorable! I just want to hug him and steal him away!'

Then, Inner-Neji's eyes grew into red slits, 'But there's still Uchiha!!'

Inner-Neji magically produced an adorable round-headed Uchiha Sasuke plushie/voodoo doll. He had his hands around the little plushie's neck and began to squeeze...

"Uhh...Neji? What are you doing to that squirrel?"

Neji snapped back to attention, and looked down at the poor squirrel he was about to strangle. He quickly released it, but he could have sworn he saw it give him an evil glare.

Neji looked into Naruto's smiling blue eyes, and immediately he looked down at his feet, "N-Naruto...I-I....I really like the chocolate!"

Naruto smiled in a sunshiney way, "No problem, Neji."

"W-what I mean to say is that...I-I-I..."

Neji took a deep breath, 'This is it. Your final chance. Don't blow it!'

"IreallylikeyouandIwanttostaywithyouforever! Idon'tcareifI'mcursed,IjustreallywantedyoutoknowhowIfeel!!"

Neji looked into a pair of jade eyes....'Wait a minute, JADE?!'

A certain bubble-gum haired girl had shoujou-tears in her eyes. 'Neji liked her! But her true love was Sasuke, and she could never forget him!!'

"I'm sorry, Neji-kun! I could never...never forget Sasuke-kun! I can't accept your feelings!"

Neji looked at Sakura, mortified as he saw her run off into the distance. "I'm sorry" echoed as she ran while cherry blossoms gently floated onthe breeze. Which was kind of wierd...considering that the only tree even remotely close to them was a pine tree. Can you imagine pine needles floating in the breeze? Cool, needle rain!

Now to the most important part...

Naruto & Sasuke

Naruto was rushing around the village of Konoha, looking for a certain Uchiha Sasuke.

Where is that Sasuke-bastard?

He stopped when he saw a familiar dark head escaping into a park. Aha! Found you!

Naruto ran after Sasuke, preparing to give him the best present ever.


Sasuke turned around, "What, dobe?"

"Dobe janai! Sasuke, you bas-...Forget it. I didn't come here to argue with you."

Naruto suddenly began to feel very nervous, and began picking at invisible lint on his shirt. "Anou...I-I heard that for White Day, you're supposed to give a kiss to the person who gave you a present. And I thought...that you probably gave the biggest present to me. So I should give you a kiss in return, right?" Sasuke froze. Did he just hear right? Naruto was going to...KISS HIM?

Inner Sasuke pranced around, 'Naruto feels the same way!'

His thoughts were cut off when Naruto shoved a box at him, "I couldn't find kisses though."

AN: Naruto is of course, referring to Hershey's Kisses. Which do not belong to the authoress.

Naruto continued, "So, I made you some chocolate instead. Here!"

Naruto shoved a box at Sasuke, who tried desperately to hide his disappointment, "Uh...thanks. I guess."

"Ehh? You don't like chocolate? Figures...Here, give it back. I'll just give it to Neji. He's been saying that he really likes chocolate."


A blushing Naruto handed the box of chocolates (originally meant for Sasuke) to Neji admist a nightmare-ish purple and black background.

"Here, Neji-kun. This is for you. You're the only left to take care of me...Sasuke-kun wouldn't take the chocolate. He hates me!

Neji smiled and gently patted Naruto's head. "Don't worry, Naruto-koi. I still love you. I'll eat all the chocolate that you ever give me and I'll never complain."

Neji ate the chocolate and smiled evilly, "It's sweet. But I bet you're even sweeter."

Neji gently pulled Naruto over for a kiss while Sasuke shouted, "NOOOOOOO!!!"

Sasuke broke out of his trance, and ripped open the packaging of the chocolate. He stared at it. " this a green cockroach?"

"No!! It's a frog!"

Sasuke shrugged and popped the whole chocolate into his mouth and chewed. Then, he collapsed on the floor from the sheer nastiness of the grass-green, frog/cockroach-shaped, neon-yellow-eyed chocolate's taste. He fell to his knees, choking.

"SASUKE?! Are you okay? Your face is all red!"

Naruto lightly leaned his forehead on Sasuke's. He had seen Iruka do this many times, whenever he was sick.

Sasuke blushed from the closeness of Naruto's face. In his mind, Inner Sasuke was chanting, 'Kiss Naruto! Kiss Naruto! Come on, just go ahead and kiss Naruto! He's so close! Beside, one little kiss won't hurt. You can always beat him till he has amnesia afterwards. This is too good an opportunity to pass up!'


Suddenly, Sasuke's overactive imagination kicked in again.

Naruto was running towards Neji in a sparkling, flowery background. "Neji-koi!!"


The two embraced while flowers swirled around in the background.

"Neji-koi! I'll stay with you forever! All because Sasuke-bastard didn't kiss me when he had the chance!"

Just because Sasuke-bastard didn't kiss me when he had the chance...

...because Sasuke-bastard didn't kiss me when he had the chance......

...Sasuke-bastard didn't kiss me when he had the chance...

...Sasuke-bastard didn't kiss me...

...didn't kiss me...

Sasuke's image whirled down a black and purple nightmare vortex, and shattered. "NOOOOOOOOOO!"

Back in real time, Naruto was still fussing over Sasuke. "I knew you shouldn't have eaten that chocolate! What was I thinking, making my own chocolate? I can barely even boil water!"

When Sasuke's eyes had glazed over because he was daydreaming (more like day-nightmaring) Naruto went hysterical. "Sasuke! Don't die! I promise I'll never feed you green chocolate again! What do you want? Tell me and I'll get it for you on the next White Day..."

At this point, Sasuke had come back to join the world of the living, "Shut up, dobe. I don't need you to get me anything."

Sasuke's hand reached to the back of Naruto's head and he pulled him down so that Naruto's face was level with his.

"I'll just take my own present right now."

With that being said, Sasuke pulled Naruto down and kissed him. It was short and they pulled away, blushing.

"S-so...I guess that means you're okay?"

"More than okay. So tell me, Naruto, who told you that you had to give kisses for White Day?"

I have to thank them.

Wow...this is probably my first and only finished fanfic. That calls for a celebration - Hope that was okay...It was kind of not very funny. Not to mention a little sappy and OOC for Sasuke. But you have to admit though, Sasuke thinks a lot. In the Naruto guide, at the back where Team 7 is trying to determine what Kakashi looks like under the mask, Sasuke was only convinced by Naruto planting wierd images of Kakashi's face in his mind. lol. Anyway, Hope that everyone enjoyed this.