Drabble: "Fixing A Hole".

By: "A Gentleman of Leisure"

Spoilers: Post 'Chosen'.

Disclaimer: The usual - not mine.

A.N.: This story was prompted by Rob Morris's story "Recalling Sunnydale".


"Governor Schwarzenegger, sir. What are we going to do about the Sunnydale Crater? People are beginning to talk".

"Remind me - where, exactly?"

"Two hours drive north-west of Los Angeles, sir".

"And it's how big?"

"Five miles across, and more than half a mile deep".

"Something that size has to be an asset".

"It might be a tourist attraction?"

"Or a landfill site? We could earn money from both uses!"

"Brilliant, Governor Schwarzenegger, sir. It would take at least thirty years to fill".

"And after that we can build a new town on top of it. Call it, say - Santa Barbara!"