Valentine declarations

Warnings/notes : Seto/Joey, slightly weird, slight fluff, slight hints at Yami/Yugi and Bakura/Ryou.

Disclaimer : I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh.

written at 14th november 2003, by Misura


"Kaiba, you may be a bit of a bastard, but I still have this strange wish for you to kiss me. And since today's Valentine and we only live once, I was wondering if maybe you'd oblige me," Joey sincerely told his bathroom-mirror, which obliged by making him look quite handsome, even if he did say so himself.

He sighed, hoping it would be enough. Writing declarations of love wasn't something he considered himself to be very talented at. In fact, this was his first attempt at one. Still, Kaiba probably hadn't received that many either, considering the way he tended to treat people.

In fact, maybe it would be better to scrap the 'bit of a' part in front of 'bastard'. It would certainly be closer to the truth, even if it didn't sound too nice. But then again, Yugi tried to be nice to Kaiba all the time, and it wasn't as if the CEO seemed to like him any better for the effort.

Yugi ... Joey chuckled, remembering the frantic phone-call he had received from Yami the previous evening. It appeared Yugi had 'forgotten' to explain the special significance of the fourteenth of february to his yami, which had resulted in Yami not having a clue. Until he had met Bakura, that was, on a shopping-spree to make sure Ryou was never going to forget this year's Valentine.

Bakura being Bakura had of course immediately inquired about Yami's plans for Yugi, ready to criticize and ridicule them, only to find out that Yami had none. Which, in a way, was even better. The grand, wise Pharaoh being fully ignorant about such a widely known holiday, tsk, tsk.

It was fortunate there had still been a mall to shop in after the ensuing argument. And even more fortunate that Yugi had just happened to walk by and asked what the yamis were fighting about, so that Bakura could make vague hints and smirk, while Yami evaded the question and tried to distract Yugi from pursuing the matter further, for fear of ruining the surprise.

Yugi and Ryou were lucky, Joey mused. At least they knew they were loved back. Bakura might not be the easiest person in the world to live with, but judging by the blissful expression on Ryou's face whenever he spoke about his yami, he definitely cared about Ryou. Even if he showed so little of it in public.

"Joey! You're going to be late for school!" His father's voice interrupted Joey's musings, bringing his thoughts back to the present. Valentine's day. Grabbing the corrected speech, he read it one more time.

"Kaiba, you may be a bastard, but I still have this strange wish for you to kiss me. And since today's Valentine and we only live once, I was wondering if maybe you'd oblige me." His reflection stared back at him goofily, like an idiot. Ah well, he'd just hope for the best. Kaiba'd probably kill him regardless of his expression, simply for making the statement.

By the end of this day, he'd either have been kissed by the person he loved, or he'd be dead and never have to worry about Kaiba returning his feelings ever again. A win-win situation, in other words.


[meanwhile, elsewhere]

"Joey Wheeler, you are a mutt and a lousy duelist but I am deeply in love with you. I would like you to consider my invitation to have dinner with me tonight, so that we may get to know each other a little better and ... This is utter nonsense." Seto glared at Mokuba, who shrugged.

"You might put a little more enthusiasm in it," Mokuba suggested.

"That's not the problem," Seto shook his head. "The problem is this stupid speech! How can you even *think* this would work? It's no use."

"Well, I admit that you might have written a better one, since you're the one in love and all," Mokuba snapped, slightly peeved, "but no, you had to complete your project last night."

"It's not that I'm not grateful for your effort to help me in this - " Seto began quickly, not wanting to start the day with an argument.

"All right, then," Mokuba grinned. "Try it once more, with feeling this time. Oh, and you got the first part of it wrong. My text said 'Joey Wheeler, you are a handsome guy and a pretty good duelist' not what you made of it."

"But he's *not* a good duelist! He - " Seto protested, cut off by an impatient gesture from Mokuba.

"He got in the finals of two big tournaments, so he's not that bad. Plus, it'll warm him up to you if you flatter him a bit. Consider it a little white lie for the greater good." Mokuba smirked. "Does this mean you *do* agree that he's handsome?"

"No. The 'pretty good duelist'-part just irked me more," Seto grumbled.

"Suuuuure." Mokuba rolled his eyes. "I so believe that, big brother."

"I don't have time for this." Seto stared pointedly at the clock. Mokuba was unimpressed.

"Valentine's only once a year, so you have to grab this opportunity and make the best of it."


Yugi looked slightly panicked, Joey noted as he walked in the classroom, not late for once. Yami was nowhere in sight, as usual at school. After being explained the benefits and the drawbacks of school in the present day, both Yami and Bakura had quickly declared the knowledge they had acquired from their hikaris was enough for their needs.

That Ryou was missing as well *was* unusual, since the quiet, soft-spoken boy was usually one of the first ones to arrive. Perhaps Bakura's Valentine-celebration had something to do with it. Maybe he ought to give Ryou a call later, just to ask if everything was all right.

"Have you seen Kaiba this morning?" Joey inquired, putting his mind back to his own plans for Valentine.

"He arrived pretty early, with a scowl on his face that was even worse than his usual one," Anzu supplied, sourly holding a big teddy-bear in her arms. Joey wondered whose it was.

Yugi smiled. "Maybe he just didn't sleep very well, because he's nervous."

"Kaiba being nervous?" Joey chuckled, shaking his head incredulously. "That's hard to imagine."

"Perhaps because you simply have no imagination to mention, mutt," Kaiba sneered, brushing past without looking at either him or Yugi and Anzu.

"Speaking of the devil ... " Anzu murmured.

"Well, at least you know where he is now," Yugi remarked.

~to be concluded in the second part?~