Title: Horror Vacuum

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Summary: Weapon X stands on trail and Logan is called up as witness

Rating: Probably PG, we're talking Logan after all....

Warning:I am not familiar with the justice system in America or Canada. That's why I wrote this from Logan's perspective. I figured he wouldn't know these things very well either. As for the terms I had to use, I'm sorry if it's not correct. Besides that, my grammar is probably horrible, sorry 'bout that.

Note: Italics are thoughts

Telepathic conversation


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Chuck's already in the dining room waiting for me to join him with breakfast.

"Goodmorning Logan."

"Mornin'." I grab a few croissants, order a cup of coffee and grab the newspaper that lies on our table. After a few minutes of comfortable silence Chuck speaks up.

"Did you sleep well?"

I almost choke on my coffee when I remember my conversation with Scott and Jean and the fact that I still have to explain the shredded mattress.


Seeing that this place is crowded with waiters and other hotel personnel I decide to continue this conversation on a 'higher' level.

Had a nightmare and scratched the bed pretty good.


My look is enough to convince him that his gift is needed to cover it up. 

He clears his throat and again we're eating in silence.

After breakfast I go back to my room to redress. Under normal circumstances I'd refuse to wear a monkey suit, but Chuck convinced me it'd be better if I did wear one. It gives credibility. I doubt that for I never trust people who wear suits, but he knows more of this trail stuff than I do, so I'll resign this one time. I stretch and take a deep breath before I go downstairs were the car is waiting.

We don't speak on the way to the court. I stare outside to the houses and people that we pass. Each of them clear for only a second before turning into a blur and disappear. I try to meditate to put my mind at ease, but every time I reach that point of peace my minds turns back to the coming events. I'm nervous. And maybe even scared. 

When we arrive there, Ben and Nick Fury are waiting for us. Like yesterday I help the professor in his wheelchair and we go up to meet them.

"Hey Logan, Professor Xavier."

"Hey Nick. Wow, never expected to see ya out of that damn uniform for once." Lame joke to hide the fact that I'm nervous as hell. I can see he knows that too. Luckily he decides to take it easy on me.

"Ah well, after years of wearing it, it was time to try something else. Besides you look a bit like a penguin yourself."

I roll my eyes at him. "Don't push it, Fury."


"Sure." I take the cigar and light it. Together with Chuck and Ben we walk to the entrance were we're stopped by a security officer.

"Sorry Sirs, but you are not allowed to smoke in here. Please put those cigars out. Thank you sir." I glare at the kid, barely legal to smoke himself, but proceed to do what he says. Fury on the other hand...

"What? Do you have any idea who you talking to?"

"I'm sorry sir."

"I smoke where I want to smoke!"

"Nick, come on put it out."

"You do what that shrimp says?"

"Yeah, I do. And so do you."

He grumbles, reluctantly puts out his cigar and drops it in front of the young officer while glaring at him fiercely. 

We enter the building, walk once more through the large hall and go straight to the same room we went yesterday. There we have some coffee and wait for the second trail to begin. Ben told us it would be one of the younger scientists, one who actually had been cutting into me.

They call up Fury first. He'll them them about the raid he had done in some sort of laboratory, finding evidence of earlier experimentation on mutants by some shady corporation, with a list of names. It turned out that 'shady corporation' was nothing less than Weapon X working for the Canadian government. After that he hunted down all of them and now we're here.

The same guy as yesterday opens the door and tells me to follow him. I go to the witness box once again after saying the oath. 

I take a look at the place were the accused is supposed to be, but to my surprise it's empty. I raise my brows and look at Chuck for explanation.

Where's he?

It was decided for safety reasons that he will not be here when they show the tape.

I growl. What?

I want him here.

Why should I suffer, while he's sitting on his ass drinking coffee someplace else? Let him see what he did. Let him sweat for a while. Let him think I'll kill him, he deserves it.

Logan? Why are you so angry?

Before I can answer him I hear another voice talking to me.

"Mr. Logan? Mr. Logan do you hear me?" I glare at the guy for disrupting our mental conversation.

"What?" I bark. Seeing his frightened look I try to sound a bit nicer.

"I'm sorry. What did you say?"

"We'll start the tape, are you ready?"

I glance at Chuck once more and I can see he's very concerned. I'm okay. He nods.

"Yeah, I'm ready."

The guy walks to a television and pushes a few buttons. Everybody shifts in his or her seats to get a better look and I brace myself for the things to come. When the blur on the screen is gone I hear a static voice...

 "Tape 54. Weapon X subject 121086.  Code Wolverine. Under supervision of Professor Hines. Phase three; optimize regeneration process internal organs. "

I see myself lying on the surgery table. It seems strangely distant, like it's not me I'm seeing.  My hands are bound and there are several persons in labcoats around me. One of them gets a scalpel and starts cutting in my abdomen. A thin line of blood appears and they wipe it away.



They cut deeper. I wince as soon as they are through the muscle tissue. Some people around me shift in their seats and clear their throats. I hardly notice them. I'm staring transfixed at the image on the screen. The constant beeping of the monitors shrill in my ears.

"Scalpel 3.Taking sample of liver. Tray."


"Heart-rate rising. Breathing normal."

I want to look away, but I force myself to keep watching. I have to see this. I have to know what they did. A knot is forming in my stomach and I clench my fingers tightly around the armrest of the chair. I watch with disgust as they bring a weird looking thing into the cut.

"Electrolyses of the internal organs. Time 14:23. Clear."

I can see my body getting shocked, trembling all over. My grip on the armrest tightens, knuckles turning white. I breathe in deep. Trying to clear my mind. I can feel the animal lurking, waiting for a chance to get out.

"Complete regeneration on 14:26."

"Heart-rate rising! Breathing faster! He's waking up!"

"What? It can't be! More anaesthetic. Raise dose to 4.6."

"No not more anaesthetic! It will influence the regenerative process."

I hear a low moan, almost too soft to hear. That's when I snap. My breathing goes faster and a red haze forms before my eyes. I grip the sides of my head tightly trying to shut everything out. But I can't. The pain is too real. Logan! N.. I have to get out!

Get out! Get out! Get aaarrgghhh!! I stand up and flight to the exit, almost tripping over chairs and people. The security guards at the door try to stop me, but the need to get away is too strong and I throw them off of me. I run down the hallway, making my way past shouting people. I gotta get away!

I burst into a room, not caring which one and close the door behind me. Trying to catch my breath. My eyes dart around the room searching for threats when they come to rest at a gray-haired man staring at me in shock, coffee spilled on the floor. He's too scared to move, staring at me like a deer caught in the headlights. I can sense there is someone else in the room shouting at me, but I ignore him. All my attention is focused on the man in front of me. As we stare in each other's eyes, a vague feeling of recognition starts gnawing in the back of my head. I know him. Very slowly a memory is forming in my mind. A memory full of pain and fear. And him. My claws get out on their own accord as my mind tries to process what's going on. He jumps startled at the 'snikt' of my claws. Slowly he backs away from me.

"I-I'm s-sorry, I r-really am...P-please don't k-kill me? I'm sorry..."

Too late. He knows it too. Just when I'm about to attack a group of armed security officers burst into to room, jumping on top of me. I struggle to get free, but something, or someone is stopping me from moving.

I can feel his presence in my mind and the fog is slowly clearing. Logan. Please calm down.  A wave of calm washes over me and I breathe in deeply. I hear people around me talking frantically, some of them hurrying away. The security guards on top of me blocking my view of what happens. I hear Nick's voice telling them to get off of me. Ben telling the audience that's gathered around us that there is nothing going on. And Chuck still in my head trying to keep me calm. One by one the guards get off of me, guns still ready to shoot me when necessary. I stand up slowly, still dazed. They're all staring at me, unsure how to proceed. I push past them hurrying to the exit of the building. I hear Nick calling me when I open the door and run.


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