"Pass me the frogs spawn!" Hermione hissed, "Quick, if anyone finds us then we are in huge trouble"

"Alright, alright, keep your hair on!" Ron hissed back, fighting back the temptation to strangle her.

Harry was reading out the list of ingredients, overseen by Hermione, of course. "What's next?"

"Newts...um...newts... newt's ears. Yes newt's ear, "His glasses were slipping down his face; sweat was forming on his forehead.

"Got them, give the book to me, and then I can finish the spell"

Harry passed the book on to her while quickly scanning the toilets.

"You know I don't have such a good feeling about this, the last time we did a spell in here, you turned into a cat and the Chamber of Secrets was found. Oh yes, I ALMOST GOT KILLED!"

"Nothing bad will happen this time, we've had enough bad luck. One more ear and I am done!" Hermione then began to read out

"Iksi sightsi, rumble umble, Gwaffle Swa...swaflling, I have the power of the fellowship, to power of three, to oversee, to oversee."