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Pikario & Chuigi: Poké Star Saga!

Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End of the Beginning!

There were fireworks over the Shroomish Kingdom making it all sparkly and pretty! Yay for the blue sky!

Peach then appeared and bellowed, "SHUT UP!! I'M IN DENIAL!!!!!!!"

"You are?" Shroomish #1 asked!

Sitting down, Peach looked around! And she might've seen a clown! Until she asked, "Now what?"

"Um, some lady is here to, uh, um... I dunno..." Shroomish #2 trailed off, somehow scratching his head!

Upon her introduction, the Goodwill Ambassador entered. "I wish to do good! Here is Pandora's box!!! DON'T OPEN IT!!!!!!!!!!" she warned, showing a strange looking box to everyone.

Shroomish #3 sweatdropped. "Come again?"

"MY NAME IS-A PEACH-A!!!!!!" the princess shouted randomly.

Everyone else made a face and sweatdropped as Peach went up to her throne to sit down...again!

"Gimme my present!" she screamed.

The assistant walked up to Peach to hand her the box thingy!

Opening the freaky box, Peach suddenly started to say, "What the...?!" but the freaky-ass box made some weird sound effects, like "GRRRRR!"

"What kind of box says 'GRRRRRR!'?" Shroomish #4 asked Shroomish #3, who shrugged.

"PANDORA'S BOX DOES!!! EEYAH HEH HEH HEH HEH!!!!" the Goodwill Ambassador shouted, turning into Cackletta, the evil Umbreon lady!

Soon after the assistant turned into Fawful, the evil Aipom/monkey thingy! "EEYAH HEH HEH HEH HEH!!!!" he repeated, taking out Peach's vocal cords!

Peach coughed and choked, but soon stopped because she was such a ditz!

Shroomish #1 added to the chaos! "Ewwwwwwwwwwww!"

Fawful sweatdropped as he realized his mistake! "Oops!"

"Oh, well! That's good enough!" Cackletta said, stuffing dynamite down Peach's throat. "WE'RE OFF!!!!!!!!" She and Fawful then flew away into her face, which was in the sky!

"I think that's bad..." Shroomish #4 said, restating the obvious!

"I wish I could do that..." Shroomish #2 whispered to no one in paticular!

At Pikario and Chuigi's house, the heroes were being their stupid, yet funny selves...yay for them!

Chuigi looked around and frowned up. "Why am I even out here? The only kind of clothing we wear is our cool Italian hats!"

Shroomish #3 just happened to run up shouting, "EMERGENCY!!!!! EMERGENCY!!!! CHUIGI IS TRYING TO STREAK!!!!!!!"

Slapping his forehead, Chuigi replied, "No, I'm not!!!"

Running into the house, Shroomish #3 called, "MARIOOOOO!!!!!!!!"

"WHAT?! WHO'S THAT?!?!" came the reply!

"Whatever..." Shroomish#3 wondered, walking into bathroom. "I need to pee!"

"GET OUT! GET OUT!" Pikario threw soap at Shroomish #3!

Dodging the soap, Shroomish #3 asked, "What the hell is going on in...?" He suddenly stopped! "My God!"

Lo and behold, on the toilet with Playboy magazines, sat Pikario!

"It's not what you think!" he tried to cover up!

Shroomish #3 couldn't take it anymore, so he ran away yelling, "THE WHOLE WORLD IS GOING TO HELL!!!!!!!!!"

Chuigi, who was playing with a rope, shrugged. "Eh..."

Running away, Shroomish #3: added, "OH, YEAH! AND PRINCESS PEACH'S VOICE IS GONE, TOO!!!!"

Chuigi, who was playing with a rope, shrugged. "Eh..."


"What the hell?!" Chuigi was confused!


Chuigi was dragged! "My rope!"

At the castle, Peach was crying and Bowser was there, and, uh, that's really BAD!

"Wow! I'm so fat and heavy," he stated! "I can shake stuff like this!" He bounced up and down, shaking stuff!

The Shroomishes all went, "Eeeeeeeeeek!"

So, Bowser went, "Gwa ha ha ha!"

Just then, Pikario busted in and threw off the rope, still yelling, "...EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Bowser was confused! "Huh? Each? Each what?! Each as in 'I will kill each and every one of you'?"

Chuigi was his rope! "My rope!"

The rope somehow decided to fall on Bowser!

Bowser, still confused and now angry, turned around, "WHO DARES TO ABHORRENCE ME?!"

Chuigi sweatdropped. "Uh..."

Being the smart one, Shroomish #1 got out a dictionary! "I think that means to hate..." he said, flipping through the pages.

Bowser scratched his head! "Oh, really? I've been trying to use big, bad, and scary words in my vocabulary because rumor has it that if you say big, bad, and scary words, then you will become big, bad, and scary! Gwah!"

Chuigi suddenly grabbed the rope!

Bowser saw him and shouted, "HEY, YOU! PUT THAT BACK!!!"

"NEVER!!" he retaliated, hiding behind Pikario.

"I WILL LAMENT YOU!!!!!!!" Bowser shouted!

Battle Mode Start! The star Thingy flew into the screen! Whee!

"I'm too fat and slow to go first!" Bowser admitted!

So, Pikario jumped on Bowser!

"OW!" Bowser barked, dying!

Battle Mode Completed! And now, Pikario can continue on with whatever the hell he was doing!

Pikario sweatdropped and Chuigi said absolutely nothing!

Bowser got out a dictionary! "I am breathing my last breath, giving up the ghost, kicking the bucket, departing this life, expiring, passing on, passing away, going to meet my maker, my life has ended, fallen apart, gone down..."

"WE GET THE IDEA!" Pikario shouted.

"I'M NOT FINISHED!" Bowser called back, continuning! "...packed up, stopped working, conking out, giving up, pushing up daisies..."

Shroomish #2 ran up the star of the game/fic/show! "Pikario! Something bad has happened!"

"I know! Peach has lost her voice!"

"Peach has lost her... DAMN IT!" Shroomish #2 cussed!

Peach suddenly interjected with "?:)&#$&$#!#$#$#)(&#!$#($#&($$&(&$$##&($& $#$&()&!!!!!!!!!!"

Pikario cluthed his fist! "I must find the bitch who did this!"

Shroomish #4 questioned. "How'd you know who did this?!"

Pikario just stared at him! Was the culprit really a dog?!

Suddenly, Bowser woke up and started reading from the dictionary again! "I shall... formulate haste! I am... incapable of embezzling the princess, so I shall... employ the use of my Koopa Cruiser to acquire Peach and... eradicate you all! Gwa ha ha ha ha!!!!!!" he said, as he flipped through the pages!

In the Plaza, Pikario was almost ready to go to a new place to find Peach's voice!

Shroomish #3 suddenly came up to him. "I don't know what you can do in here besides gawk and laugh at the horrible topiary..."

"I thought you were still at my house!" Pikario shouted.

"Well, now I'M NOT! Are you happy?!" the third Shroomish asked in annoyance!

So, Pikario walked around and gawked and laughed at the horrible topiary!

Then, he came upon Shroomish #2, who had a problem! "Ah! My poor Mushroom!" he pointed out!

Taking the Mushroom, Pikario mooned Shroomish #2! "It's mine now!"

"No fair!" Then Shroomish #2 started to cry!

"Wimp!" Pikario called back, as he ran away!

"Why am I here?!" a random Koopa Troopa asked no one!

"Because you're lost!" Pikario answered.

"Really? Oh, then who am I looking for?"

Pikario didn't feel like answering that question, so he blurted out, "Uranus!"

The Koopa Troopa was happy! "Great! Where is it!"

"Uh... Thatta Way?" Pikario pointed in a random direction!

So, the Koopa Troopa went in a random direction!

Pikario then saw his little brother, Chuigi!

For some strange reason, Chuigi decided to bounce, so he did! And the sound effects said, HACK! KOFF! And Chuigi was confused, while Pikario sweatdropped!

"That's some cold you got there..." he stated.

"Ghsijfheirhgoseoiwre!" Chuigi said! A picture of Bowser appeared over his head!

Pikario cocked an eyebrow! "What the hell was that?"

Exasperated, Chuigi tried to explain. "I don't know! It's just in the script! Theiurhdoirewahjw!" A picture of Bowser's butt appeared on his head!

Pikario raised another eyebrow! "...You'"

Chuigi frowned up. "NO!!!!!!!!!"

"I hate this!" the Pikachu concluded!

"Damn it, Boswer's just up ahead!" Chuigi FINALLY said!

Well, why didn't you just say so?! Pikario went ahead and Chuigi followed!

As Pikario walked in, he saw a Save Box! "A floating book... How nice and original..."

"It's a Save Box. You have to save your game on it." Chuigi informed him.

Ignoring Chuigi, he starts to leave!

Then, Shroomsworth ran up. "MASTER MARIO!"

"Damn it! Why is everyone calling me Mario?!" Pikario groaned!

"Here!" Shroomsworth handed him a suitcase! "This suitcase is possessed, so you can use to make zombies!"

"Cool!" So, Pikario took the weird suitcase!

"And here is... a bag of stuff..." Shroomsworth added.

"Thanks...?" Pikario took the bag of stuff because he was a packrat!

Shroomsworth then turned to Chuigi! "Luigi! Are you going with Master Mario?!"

Disgruntled, Pikario pulled on his ears! "FOR THE LAST TIME, THAT'S NOT MY NAME!"

Chuigi shook his head vigorously! "Hell, no! I'm staying here to look at his Playboy... POP-UP books! Pop-up books! Yeah!" He then smiled, very stupidly!

Shroomsworth sweatdropped! "Uh..."

During the confusion, Pikario went to the ship! "This is stupid!"

Bowser saw the Mouse and called out to him! "MARIO!"

Pissed off even more, Pikario shook his fist. "WHAT?!"

Bowser, with his dictionary, read "Where have you existed?! You are belatedly tardy!"

Chuigi rubbed his stomach and licked his lips! "Mmm, Pop Tarts!"

"MWAHAHAHAHA!" Bowser laughed evilly! "I exchanged my laugh to this because I like KA-PEE- TALL letters!"

Boaring the ship, Pikario waved to Chuigi! "Bye, little brother! Leave my stuff alone!"

Making a cheesy grin, Chuigi waved back! "LEAVE ALREADY!"

"I shall currently entitle my wrongdoers!" Bowser proudly stated, for no reason! "BOWSER BADDIES!"

The Koopa Troopa looked around. "Where the heck is everyone?"

Just then, a squad of Koopa Troopas and Goombas came in!

The leadSquirtle, Koopa Troopa #1 sweatdropped! "Sorry we're so late! We all had hangovers!"

"SHUT UP! SHUT UP AND GET ON BOARD!" Bowser bellowed, jumping up and down.

The first Koopa Troopa confronted the lead! "Hey! I was here first, so I'M #1!"

"No, you're #0!" Koopa Troopa #1 told him!

The first Koopa Troopa begged to differ! "That's not a number!"

"YES, IT IS!!!!!!!!!" Koopa Troopa #1 said, rightfully!

Seeing a fight about to break out, Bowser stopped the two! "You're forgetting that I'M the #1 of out..." He paused to look in his dictionary! "...each and every one of you organisms! Gwah!"

"YES, SIR!!! We shall begin boarding!" Koopa Troopa #1 commanded! Almost instantly, all the baddies charged towards the ship, running over Chuigi in the process!

"HEY! Get away from me!" Chuigi unleashed his Thunderbolt attack shocking everyone and they went, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Unfortunately, since Chuigi was a Pichu, he shocked himself! "Damn it! I forgot about that!" he scolded himself!

After the boarding was done, Koopa Troopa #2 went to Bowser! "Your Nastiness, we have completed in boarding the Koopa Cruiser!"

Bowser was shocked! "What?! How dare you call me nasty?! I shower at least once every month!"

Pikario made a face and covered his nose! " Eww..."

"SHUT UP!" Bowser commanded!

"Unfortunately, we have one deserter!" Koopa Troopa #2 added.

"WELL, GET YOUR REARS IN GEAR AND CATCH 'EM ALREADY, DAMN IT!" Bowser responed, still pissed off for some reason!

Down below, Chuigi ran away, all the while shouting, "In case you haven't noticed, I need to go home and sexually endorse myself!"

Hearing Chuigi, Bowser stood near the edge of the ship and shook his fist! "That's very nasty language for someone your age, and once I get you onto this ship, you WILL have a bar of soap in your mouth!"

Koopa Troopa #3 reported to Bowser! "Sir! That Pichu is much too fast for our speedy, yet clunky piece of crap!" This pissed the King off AGAIN!

"For saying that, you have earned a ticket to hell! Go below deck and wait for me to execute you!" Bowser threatened!

"Damn it!" So, Koopa Troopa #3 left to die!

"Koopa Troopa #1, you have been demoted to Koopa Troopa #3!" Bowser demanded.

"What?! WHY?!" Koopa Troopa #1 questioned, making Bowser lose his patience!

"BECAUSE I SAID SO!!!!!!!!!!!" was Bowser's reply!

The first Koopa Troopa was victorious! "HAH! So, now I'M #1!" So he became Koopa Troopa #1, as Koopa Troopa #1 became Koopa Troopa #3!

"Bowser! We have captured the Pichu!" Koopa Troopa #4 reported.

"Good!" Bowser was finally happy about something! Taking out his dictionary again, he turned to Pikario! "Go join your... idiotic sibling and... transport him... up to this point for further instructions and... uh... STUFF!!!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!"

Going below deck, Pikario shook his head. "What I wouldn't do for a Playboy magazine right now..."


And the moral of this chapter is: Paper Mario pwnz and there's nothing you can do about it! HA!

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