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Huck sat down heavily in his quarters. His mind was reeling a bit. Skinner was revealed to be a traitor.

Huck was angry, too. He had become familiar and even began to like the invisible man. If Huck had known of Skinner's true loyalties… Huck only cursed himself for passing up an opportunity to find the Fantom's whereabouts and come one step closer to reaching his goal. Of course, hopefully it would be a moot point. The Fantom was arrogant enough to wait and watch his own handiwork in Venice. They would find him soon enough.

Huck rubbed his thumb on the handle of one of the Colt pistols. Tom had had his name etched on it, and he had been so proud of it. That is, until it came into practical use. It didn't mean much to have your name on your gun in a gunfight.

Huck had never used the pistols. Just the rifle. It was more accurate, had a cleaner feel. But this was the weapon he was going to use to kill the Fantom. He mimed shooting with it, and pulled the trigger. It wasn't loaded. A movement, directly opposite of Huck, caught his eye. He glanced over to the door. It was open.

Huck's rifle—fully loaded—was on the table where the movement had been. He had no other weapons closer to him. If Skinner was in the room and where Huck thought he was there was no way Huck would be able to get to the rifle first.

There was a silence, and Huck felt the other man's eyes on him. They stood like that for countless minutes, daring the other to move first.

Skinner moved. Huck heard the other man's feet hitting the ground, running towards him, and he jumped up, dropped the pistol and stood in a fighting position in front of Skinner.

Skinner just shoved him backwards, into the seat, and was out the door. "No!" Huck shouted. Stupid, stupid, stupid. How could he have forgotten the door? How? Huck kicked the chair as hard as he could, then slammed the door shut. He sat down again.

Another opportunity gone. Huck banged his head against the wall behind the chair several times. There. The stupid, angry feeling was going away. Now he could think. Though, next time counting to ten might work better.

So why didn't Skinner kill him? The rifle was there, it was even pointed towards Huck! He made a mental note to put away the rifle. Wouldn't Skinner have been angry with him for screwing up the Fantom's plans at Gray's library?

Of course, killing Huck would make it that much harder for Skinner to get out unnoticed. Although the rest of the League might be perfectly satisfied with the excuse that he had accidentally shot himself.

How had Skinner even gotten into the League? How had he been found by the Fantom? It seemed too much of a coincidence that the man who was working for the Fantom was found by 'M'. He was an invisible man, for crying out loud. Usually, that meant that you couldn't find him. How exactly would it be probable that he would be found by both sides in the fight? Unless he was planted.

Well, what if he was? He was getting shot at like everyone else in Gray's library, and he helped to take out the sharpshooters. Being an agent of the Secret Service, he knew that people were expendable, but your only spy? Unless there were more of them.

Suddenly Huck was feeling very paranoid. No, they couldn't all be spies, he told his brain. That would be rather pointless. So, who could have been able to live through an accidental bullet through the head at Gray's library? Mina and Dorian Gray. And it was at Gray's house that the Fantom had ambushed them.

Huck decided that now would not be a good time to tell the rest of the League of his discovery. With all the suspicion, blame would probably fall on him. It wasn't a bad idea, actually. He had been the only one who hadn't been chosen to be on the League.

Huck heard a scraping noise, and the submarine shook. "Must be close to Venice," he thought aloud. He grabbed the rifle, loaded the pistols and holstered them, grabbed his hat, and walked out the door.