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Harry collapsed on the lawn in front of the Dursley's house and pondered over his predicament. The situation hadn't gotten any worse so far, but it was still his most horrible summer by far. At least, he mused, in second year I didn't have to do work. He tilted his head and stared at the bushes on the far side of the grass.

The sun beat down mercilessly on his face and bare arms. He was almost as red as a tomato from spending so much time outdoors during this unordinary heat wave. Harry closed his eyes and tried to ignore the small beads of sweat rolling down his forehead. He had to resist the erg to swipe them away... doing so would irritate his skin and cause it too possibly blister even more than it was already. His hand clenched down on the gardening sheers in his right hand. What he wouldn't give for a glass of water.

"Boy! Where are you? You better have finished pruning!" Aunt Petunia's shrill voice floated out the kitchen window and Harry winced. There was the creaking of a door and he hastily scrambled up from his prone position. He turned to find his Aunt narrowing her eyes at him from the doorway.

"You lazy scum!" She hissed, "Get up! The weeds need pulling!" She flounced back indoors and left him standing in the middle of the lawn staring incredulously. He had pulled all the weeds the day before yesterday! It was impossible from them to have even begun to grow back after only 48 hours. He wisely kept his mouth shut. If he had told her there were no weeds to BE pulled, she'd probably tell him to paint the fence again. He sighed and scrubbed a hand through his matted raven black hair.

Half an hour later Harry walked cautiously indoors. He'd just spent thirty minutes walking idly back and forth across the green grass and whenever his nosy aunt peered out the window, dropping to his knees and pretending to look for weeds. He glanced through the living room doorway to see Dudley firmly attached to the couch and watching the tele. He had a whole liter of pop in a plastic bottle next to him and a huge bag of crisps. Harry stared longingly at that bag and his stomach rumbled. He shut his eyes and tried to ignore the emptiness gnawing a hole in him.

"You done boy?" The voice came from behind him and Harry tried not to jump. He turned around slowly and attempted to look as innocent as possible.

"I—I was just wondering if I could have a glass of water Aunt Petunia. Please? Everyone says that it's not good to be outside for long periods of time and—"

"I don't care what everyone says!" She snapped and sniffed disdainfully. "Fine. But make sure you wash your hands first, they're disgusting. Oh, and wash all the dishes while your at it." She stalked into the living room, looking an awful lot like a mangled swan. Harry glared at her back, but did as he was told. If he didn't then he wouldn't get what little was fed to him anyway.

After washing ALL the dishes and checking the small piece of paper he'd grown to hate called a chore list, Harry was finally free to make his slow way upstairs to his bedroom. He entered the small space that he called his own and slumped down on his small, creaky bed. A small hoot to his left and Harry turned his head a fraction of an inch. Hedwig, his snowy white owl, was once again padlocked in her cage.

"I'm so sorry girl." He whispered. She hooted at him in reassurance. After three weeks like this, he had hoped that his friends might at least begin to worry. That they might at least write and he could ask for help. He stiffened, but did he deserve help? Did he deserve to be rescued? He cut off his chain of thought and turned away from Hedwig. He mustn't think like that, he thought furiously. He wasn't his fault, it wasn't! But some part of him couldn't help but wonder if it was... if he hadn't been so damn honorable and taken the cup before Cedric had had the chance. He would have still been alive.

Harry's head drooped and fatigue overcame his mind. He curled up in a ball as he dropped off to sleep, and the last thing his mind registered before conscience slipped away was that tomorrow was his birthday.

The dreams came again as he slept. Always the same, he dreamt of the graveyard and Voldemort's red, glowing eyes boring into his mind. Those eyes were always watching him and cruel laughter always followed his waking. He shivered in his sleep and tried to shut his minds eye to the visions as they came. His scar stung and began to bleed again, like it always did. The faces of his parents loomed up before him in the dark and Harry shied away from their disapproving gazes.

"It wasn't my fault. I'm sorry." He whispered into the darkness. "I'm so sorry... "

Harry's eyes snapped open. He sat up quickly and his mind registered the fact that it was dark out and he'd missed dinner. He sighed. Leaning over the side of his bed, he pried up the loose floor-board and rummaged around inside. This secret stash of food left over from the year before (thank god that Mrs. Weasley had the insight to put preserving charms on them) was probably the only thing keeping him alive. He only had a little left, he mused, he'd have to ration it. He broke a biscuit in half and then dropped one piece through the bars of Hedwig's cage. She hooted her thanks and the biscuit disappeared quickly. He ate his half slowly to make it last longer.

Suddenly, there was a tapping on his bedroom window. Harry got up curiously and opened the window as quietly as he could. He poked his head out curiously, there was nothing there, wait... what was... WHAM!

Harry flew backwards as a small ball of feathers and energy the size of a tennis ball careened into his head. Harry let out an 'Oof' as he landed on his backside on the floor. Said ball of feathers began to twitter madly and zoom around the room. Thanking his lucky stars that it wasn't so late that the Dursley's had retired from the T.V. yet Harry levered himself off the floor and with years of Quidditch practice to back him up, snatched the bird out of the air.

"Shut up!" He hissed at it, and relieved it of its package before tossing the annoying owl out the window and slamming it shut. Too late, Harry realized his mistake and hastily opened the window again, but the owl was gone. He shut the window softly this time and sat down on his bed in defeat. That owl, that annoying ball of feathers had been his only hope of salvation from the Dursley's. Harry moaned and punched his pillow. Stupid, stupid, stupid... he chanted in his head.

Eventually Harry turned his attention to the package that the owl had delivered. There was a small letter attached. He reached out and untied it from the rest of the bundle before unfolding it to read.

Dear Harry,

I know Mum told us not to write and to leave you alone because of what happened at the end of last year, but I felt that you should at least receive this one letter and gift for your birthday. I know it's a bit early, but then, I know Ron was going to use Pig to send you a present tomorrow, and... well, I didn't want him to know I sent you this. He'd tease me mercilessly. I know we're not really friends, but you DID save me from that Basilisk and I finally dredged up the courage to send a present this year.

I hope you accept it, and I hope you like it. I found this in a nifty little antiques shop in London a week ago when Dad took us all out to go shopping in the Muggle world. It reminded me so much of you, so I bought it. It wasn't that expensive, so don't worry, the Muggle in the shop thought it was rather useless, so I got it cheap.

I don't know how to word this next sentence Harry, but I thought I'd tell you this now. When you first met me, and I you, the only thing I saw was the scar, not the person behind the scar. Now, however, I know differently, and I just want to let you know that if you ever need someone, I'll be there for you. I know that sounds kind of mushy, but I'm serious. I also know I'm a year younger than you, but hopefully that won't make a difference.

About last year. I won't say anything other than what I'm writing now. I know how you feel. When you almost died for me in the Chamber, I felt that I could have prevented it all. I had nightmares about it that have never really gone away, and I remember people always telling me it wasn't my fault, and not to feel sorry for myself, and I just grew sick of it all. I won't tell you any of that now, but other's will. If you ever need to talk about it, I know Ron and Hermione will always be there—and so will I.

That's it I think. Except, Happy Birthday Harry. I hope you won't think any worse of me for this letter.



Ginny Weasley.

Harry slowly lowered the letter. He'd never really given a second glance at Ginny before—she'd always been 'Ron's little sister' to him. But now, after this letter, he wondered if maybe he should have gotten to know her a bit better. After all, she WAS only a year younger, that wasn't much. He smiled. At least someone cared, in any case. He glanced down at the package and wondered what could possibly remind Ginny of him. He picked it up and started to unwrap the brownish paper.

The paper fell away gradually to reveal a small medallion. A tiny linked chain was wrapped around the middle, so Harry lifted it up and unwound it carefully. The medallion itself was round and had two lions rearing up—rather like the Gryffindor lion—on each side of a small crest. The crest itself centered on a lightning bolt with ivy wrapped around it. Harry's eyes widened at the sight of the lightning bolt... it was just too coincidental. He shivered and turned the medallion over. It had a strange ruin carved onto the back. What it meant, Harry had no idea, but he knew Hermione would. He resolved to ask her as soon as school started again. Harry flipped the medallion back over and peered at it once more. Just as he was about to look away again, his eyes caught sight of a few small words scrawled down at the bottom, along the rim. He squinted, but he couldn't quiet make them out. They looked to be in Latin, however, and Harry figured all he needed was a magnifying glass and he'd be able to read them clearly.

It really was a thoughtful gift, when he didn't even deserve one. He'd never gotten Ginny a gift before, never glanced in her direction, and yet she'd written to him and gotten him something without any incentive but her own. He smiled and unclipped the chain and did the necklace up again around his neck.

The medallion was a cool weight against his hot skin as it thumped against his chest. Grinning from ear to ear, Harry lay down again and closed his eyes, for some odd reason, no longer afraid to sleep.


Harry collapsed down on his bed for the second time that day. The first being when he'd been sent up to his room with no breakfast for being late down. He grimaced. It was his BIRTHDAY, and yet today had been the worst one out of the whole week. Perhaps, he thought, it was because his Aunt and Uncle KNEW it was his birthday, and so they conspired to make his day a living hell... his thoughts were interrupted by a loud tapping on the window. Ah, that would be the promised birthday gift from Ron, and maybe more.

It took awhile until Harry had managed to shoo all the owls out the window except one and neatly arrange his pile of presents. The owl that had stayed was a foreign owl and Harry had no idea where it came from, but Pig had flown straight back out the window before Harry could catch him. Harry eyed the owl carefully before picking up the package it had delivered and smiling at the neat and tidy handwriting on the front of the letter—Hermione.

"You'll do." He told the owl absentmindedly while he read through her letter. It pretty much said the same thing as Ginny's had; that she would let him talk about it on his own time and if he ever needed anyone she would be there for him, and of course, Happy Birthday. It also mentioned, he noted, that she hadn't in fact, visited Krum that summer... so far. He smiled when she ordered him to do his homework, and then realized that he couldn't possibly comply unless someone got him out of this hell-hole. He hastily unwrapped her present (which looked suspiciously like a book), and indeed it was.

Advanced Defense Against the Dark Arts; Edition V

Harry shook his head in amusement; trust Hermione to get him something like this. The owl perched next to him shifted impatiently and Harry sighed. He turned Hermione's letter over onto the back and searched the pile of broken junk at the back of his closet for some sort of writing implement. He eventually found a snapped pencil. There wasn't much lead left, so Harry would have to be careful how much he wrote. He chewed on the shattered remains of the end of the pencil and contemplated what he should write. Help, from Harry, would be the best possible choice, but he might send Hermione into unnecessary panic. He finally decided on a reasonable letter.


You've got to save me if you ever want me to do my homework. The Dursley's have locked all my things away and it's almost a repeat of second year. I can survive, but please tell Dumbledore. I don't think I can stay here much longer.


Harry cursed softly as the tip of the pencil lead broke. His name now trailed off down the parchment. He scowled and folded up the letter. The delivery owl hooted when Harry presented the letter to him and told him to take it back to where he'd come from. He watched the owl fly away, letter clutched tightly, before turning back to his other presents and letters.

When Harry read through Ron's letter he almost laughed out loud. Apparently the twins HAD followed up on their bargain and gotten Ron a nice pair of dressrobes. Ron took up several lines of the letter talking about the twins sudden funding and their suspicious attitude concerning the dressrobes. He made several wild guesses about the benefactor of the twins' joke shop that had Harry silently chuckling and momentarily forgetting his dire predicament. Ron ended the letter by saying that he was trying his best to get Harry invited over, but it didn't look promising, and to have a Happy Birthday, hope you like your present.

It turned out that Ron, of al people, had gotten him a book. Of course the shock vanished rapidly when the book turned out to be about Quidditch. Several candies also fell out of the wrapping paper which Harry thanked Ron for mentally over and over again. However much he wanted to devour the sweets right then and there, he held himself back and carefully placed them under the loose floor board.

Harry particularly cherished the letter written by Sirius. Sirius's gift (coincidently enough) was a package consisting of TWO books. However, when he unwrapped them he felt tears prickling in his eyes. One book; The Marauder's Guide to Marauding complied by Sirius and written by Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs. The whole thing was written in neat handwriting, most probably by Remus, and, Harry was tickled to see while flipping through it briefly, 'useful' comments by James and Sirius in the margins with rather colourful illustrations. Peter hadn't really taken part in the writing of the book with the exception of a few comments here and there and his part in the acknowledgements. Harry scowled when he caught sight of Peter, that TRAITOR'S, handwriting.

The second book made Harry's eyes light up when he read the title. The Complete Guide to Animangus Transformations by Ima Kyat. Looking through the book Harry took note of some of the more gruesome sketches of people half transformed and the like. It reminded him horribly of the Polyjuice Potion Hermione'd brewed in their second year. He shuddered at the memory. That was one of the more unpleasant memories he harbored. Harry set both books down on his bedside table and flopped back down on his bed. A cold weight thumped on his chest, and startled, he pulled out the medallion Ginny had given him. So far he hadn't taken it off. It was rather an odd little thing, but still thoughtful—and with that in mind, Harry Potter fell into the second fitful sleep he'd had since the Tournament.


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