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Then From Love Until Forever

Chapter One:  Gone…Forever?

The tiny grains of white sand squished beneath his feet and between his toes.  The rain pounded fiercely on his soaked form, yet Inuyasha felt nothing.  He had not felt anything for what seemed like an eternity.  His long silver hair clung to his skin and clothes.  The sound of crashing waves echoed along the shoreline.  She was gone.

She was his wife, his love, his best friend, his Kagome.  She had been taken from him.  He could not find her.  Now after six years without her by his side, he was nothing more than a shell of the person he once was.  He had no spirit, no life, and no emotion but sorrow.  He was empty.  She disappeared taking his soul with her.

God he missed her so much.  He missed the way her smile never failed to light up a room.  He missed the feelings she had him feel.  He missed the warm of her kisses and the softness of her skin.  He missed her.

Inuyasha had searched over every mile of the earth in search of his beloved.  Investigators by the hundreds had looked for her for over two years before giving up.  There was no sign of the female, no body, nothing.    Inuyasha bit the bottom of his lip roughly, not realizing he broke through the skin until the coppery taste of his blood leaked into his mouth.  He ignored it.  Nothing mattered any more, nothing but finding his wife. He was the only one who believed she was still alive; he was the only one who still clung to the hope of seeing her one-day.

He continued his short journey down the beach towards the mansion where he lived with his brother and his wife, Rin.  They had taken him in after Inuyasha had almost drunk himself into coma out of despair.  Rin and Sesshoumaru had kept him from drowning and wasting away in bottles of alcohol.  The mansion was very different from the one his parents owned back in their hometown, clearway across the country.  It was much larger, and rested on a cliff over looking the massive ocean behind it.  Inuyasha could see the manor towering, and glowing from the moonlight in the distance.

The fresh smell of jasmine entered his nose, although not a single flower survived on the abandoned shore.  It smelled like her, Kagome.  She was his soul mate, and he was completely lost now that she was gone.  Inuyasha closed his eyes as a flash scene of their wedding day appeared in his mind. She looked like an angel emerging from heaven; her long, white silk dress had a train six feet long. Her hair was done up in a pony and curled round the diamond tiara in her hair.  It was the greatest day of his life, their wedding, the day he took Kagome to be his wife.

He had married her that summer, two months after he had asked her to marry him and spend the rest of their lives together, eight weeks after their graduation.  Together they had begun college in the fall, opting to live in an apartment about five miles from campus.  Together they spent countless days at home, in the park, in the library doing assignments and often talking more than completing their tasks.  Together they lived, unconditionally happy, for two years.

 Inuyasha could feel the place where his heart once existed, quiver with familiar sadness and depression.  If his heart had not been crumbled, shattered, broken, and destroyed; it would be experiencing the same fate as his mind unwilling relived that terrible night.


He stood in small, dark room waiting almost impatiently in the closet for her to exit the bathroom.  She was getting ready for her night class, fixing her hair and putting on some foundation to tone down the brightness of her husband's recent love mark on her neck.  An evil smile spread across his face, she was in the shower when he got home.  His wife was not aware of his presence. 

Inuyasha's eyes lit up with excitement as he watched her entered their bedroom from the crack between closet doors.  His heart rate quicken at the sight of her, she was beautiful.  She wore nothing but pink lacy panties and matching bra.  Her hair was done up in a loose bun, a few strands broke loose when the air conditioner kicked on, blowing pass her form.

She stood in front of their bed with her back to him.  Her hands fiddled through the pile of clothing that he assumed she had pulled from the dryer earlier in the afternoon.  Stealthily he snuck out of the walk-in and crept silently towards the unsuspecting female.  He choked back a laugh as he quickly grabbed his wife by the waist, twisting himself slightly and allowing his back to fall on top of the king-size bed, Kagome landing on top of him.  Her initial reaction was to scream, causing him to wince at the high-pitched sound.

It took only a moment for Kagome to recognize his hands and the gold band on his left ring finger. Instantly she let her head fall aback against his chest, he watched enticed by the rapid rising and falling of her round breast. 

"You scared the hell out of me, Inuyasha." She said through a breathy voice.

"And you drive me insane by walking around the apartment like that, your point is?" Inuyasha asked her amusedly, while he slid from beneath her, allowing her body to fall gently upon the bed, "I couldn't help myself, your just so tempting,"

Inuyasha pinned her to the bed, showering her neck and shoulder with heated kisses.  He smiled against her warm, creamy skin at the sound of her soft moans. 

"Inuyasha," she whispered trying to catch his attention.

"Hm?" he muffled into her ear, his hand stroking up the side of her body, beginning at her knee along the side of her thighs, hips, stomach until it reached its destination.  He sensually massaged the mound of flesh under his hand.  He knew she was having trouble resisting his ministrations after she was silent for some moments before speaking again.

 "I have to…um…I have to get to class." Kagome arched her back, when he sucked soft on the crock of her neck.

"And?  It won't hurt if you're a little late, hell it won't even matter if you don't show up at all."  Inuyasha lifted his head to stare into her beautiful crystalline eyes.

She smiled brightly at him, a tint of mischievous in her eyes but determination as well.  Inuyasha swore he would never get tired of that trademark smile, that seemed reserved solely for him.  Her hands stroked his back, until one glided over his shoulder, up his neck to cupped his cheek with her silky palm. 

"I wish I could, baby, but we have an exam tonight and unless I am in the ER, I have no excuse for not being present."

He mumbled about "fucking professors, and university policies" under his breath until his wife leaned up and captured his lips.  And his mind was lost, wallowing in the feel of her tongue massaging the contours of his mouth.  Her taste, her smell, it was intoxicating.

She reluctantly pulled away.  A sad look glazed her blue orbs.  She reached up one last time, pressing her tender lips to his mouth before moving from under him and standing to get dressed.

Inuyasha groaned as he fell face first into the soft fabric of their comforter and remained there.  He could hear the soft rustle of clothing as she dressed for her class.  He did not want to her fail her exam but he did not want to let her go either.  He wanted to spend the rest of the evening with her in his arms, watching a movie, eating ice cream, and then falling asleep to the sound of her gentle heartbeat.  He sat up when he heard the sound of keys jiggling together. 

"I have to get going," she said tenderly.

Inuyasha barely heard what she said his mind was entranced at the sight before him.  She always took his breath away no matter how many times he had looked at her.  She wore a simple jade shirt, with sleeves that reached her elbows before they release from her arms to hang down to her hips.  'Princess sleeves' was what she had called them when she first purchased the article of clothing.  Her black skirt reached were an inch above her knees but it had slits up both sides half way up her thighs.  She looked stunning.

"Are you listening to me?" she asked, he figured she saw the dazed look on his face.

"Yes," his responded almost immediately, shaking his head slightly, "May I walk you to your car, m'lady?" He asked with a devilish smile and extending his arm out to her.

"Yes," she gleamed back at him, taking his arm, and kissing his cheek.

They walked arm and arm out the apartment and down two flights of stairs before reaching her car parked right next to his red Trans Am.  She made a move to unlock her car, but her husband snatched her up into his arms, once again showering her with kisses.

"Inuyasha, honey. I am going to be late..." she pleaded, grasping his shoulders firmly.

"I know, but I am going to miss you," he said, pulling away from his attack on her neck and watching her intently.

He observed her smile and his heart soared, "I will miss you more."

"Feh, no you won't you will be racking your brain trying to remember what the hell are the defense mechanisms as delineated by Freud," he snorted playfully at her, tightening his hold around her waist.

A smug smirk spread across her face and she opened her mouth to recite from memory how Freud defined each of the defense mechanisms.  She was really too smart for her own good.   However, Inuyasha ceased her attempt to speak by stealing her breath away with his lips.   He felt her arms pull him closer, her slender fingers tangling in his long silver hair.  After another minute, Inuyasha finally pulled away, not wanting her to speed to class so she could get there on time.

"I love you," she said in a breathy voice.

"I love you, too...Always and Forever." 


He had watched her drive off that night, not realizing, never knowing that it would be the last time he would she her again.  He clearly remembered the hours of worrying and dread after she failed to return home from her class.  He had called every friend he knew she had to see if she had gone out with them or something.  But none of them had seen her.  Hours passed, and he felt sick to his stomach.  He drove around the city and university searching for her car, a crash maybe, anything. 

Days passed, Kagome was nowhere to be found.  It was as if she had disappeared off the face of the Earth.  Her classmates had said she left right after class was released, very eager to get home to him.  Sesshoumaru and Rin arrived a short time after her disappearance to help him.  The Tama brothers used every single resource they had in the search for Kagome Tama.  They had only managed to find her metallic green Mazda, wrapped around a tree sixty-seven miles from the university.  Blood stains covered the driver's seat but that was all that remained of Kagome.  Her school books were gone, everything Inuyasha knew was in her car had vanished from all her Cds down to the candy wrappers she was so found of just throwing in her backseat. 

Inuyasha's body fell back on to the rough sand; his toes dug into the course grains.  His arms rested on his bent knees, as his head hung between them.  Six years of searching for her.  Six years of having to face each horrible day knowing there was nothing left in life to live for.  He worked twelve hour days, often days longer as vice president of his late father's business.  Sesshoumaru took on the role of president, which was to be expected since he was the eldest child.  Working non-stop was the only way to make it through the long torturous months and years.  And Rin.  She had been such a blessing to him.  Inuyasha was wrong; he was not the only person who believed Kagome was still out there.  Rin did too. 

She had taken on the role of his caretaker, making sure he ate properly, and did not over exhaust himself.   She kept him in line, not allowing him to flounder for too long in grief.  Rin was constantly reminding him that Kagome would not want him to just give up.  She was right, he knew it, but without Kagome there was not point to anything. 

The police, inspectors, detectives, and investigators could not find even as much as a body.  There was not proof aside from dry blood that Kagome was actually dead.  And Inuyasha held on to that hope as if he would die if he let it go.   Something deep inside his being told him she was not dead.  He knew he would feel it if she was.  Yes, her presence still walked somewhere but without him.  He wondered a million times an hour, where she was, what she was doing, was she trying to get back to him, or was she held captive, tortured, sick?  His thoughts were starting to drive him mad. 

As much as Sango, Miroku, Kagome's family, and his own loved Kagome, they did not believe she was still alive and thought Inuyasha to be wasting away with his dream that she still was.  But nonetheless, they still supported him, encouraged him, and helped him through his ordeal. 

He leaned back, lying on the moist sand.  The rain had ceased for the time being, but high tide was coming in, sneaking closer to him with every wash of a wave.  He didn't care.  His solemn golden orbs found the bright stars that twinkled brilliantly in the night sky.  It was late…early…whatever, he would have to get back to the mansion soon, and he had a conference with the border of directors before his morning meetings.

He stared intensely at a particular star that stuck out among its siblings, shining brighter making the others seem dim.  Inuyasha did not know why he remembered but the star was officially known as Sirius, the Dog Star, it was the brightest star in the sky its aside from the sun.  He knew his Kagome was out there, somewhere.

"I will find you, Kagome.  Even if it's the last thing I do, I will find you." He vowed into the blowing wind closing his eyes to rest for a moment.  For a split second the star increased in brightness, twinkling ten times its magnitude than usual before returning to normal but the sleeping male did not notice.


A female in her mid-twenties sat alone on a cliff over looking the vast valley below.  The wind blew her dark hair wildly behind her.  She pulled the wool blanket closer to her body, trying to soak up as much warmth as she could possibly muster.  The sun was setting giving off bright colors of pink, yellow, orange, and purple as it mixed with the darkening blue sky.  Stars began to appear one at a time, and her brilliant blue eyes focused on the brightest star. 

Her mind began to wonder to the questions that had been plaguing her mind ever since she had come to live in this beautiful wilderness.  Who was she?  Where did she come from?  How did she get here?  And why can't she remember anything?  Tears began to prick at her dry eyes.  She felt so alone, as if she had lost something of great importance. 

The tall, slender female was not alone; she had the old woman who had taken care of her since her arrival. And she had Destiny, the only clue she had to her past.  The young woman let out a pained sigh.  She had been brought to this great valley many years ago, with nothing but the clothes on her body, a necklace with a small pink orb as a charm, a wedding band and engagement ring on her left hand, a beautiful antique ring on her right hand, and most importantly a growing child in her womb.  She had no identification, and no memory of her life. 

Her heart was constantly grieving, and she could not understand why.  Had she lost something so great that it would haunt her even when she had no recollection of it?  The woman stood to her feet; the blanket she clutched in her small hands fell to just brush against the blades of grass beneath her feet.  Her eyes never left the star, proudly shining like a jewel under a spot light.  She had tried to leave, to find her past, but the old woman said it was impossible.  Enormous mountains surrounded the untouched lands, and the old lady had said those who had brought her to this place had blown the only exit closed. 

The only way out was to scale the towering mountains that extended far into the clouds.  She knew the task would be unachievable not to mention the danger to herself and her daughter.   The female's mind wandered to her beautiful daughter who was a few months over being five years of age.  She loved the child more than words could describe.  The girl had raven black hair and piercing, warm amber eyes.  Something deep inside her heart, told her that she had loved the man who had fathered her daughter with every ounce of her being.  But for the life of her she could not remember a single thing about him.  Destiny never asked about her father, partly because she was not around anyone who would tell her she was supposed to have a mom and a dad besides her mother and the older lady.

The star continued to hold the woman's attention and for a moment twinkled brighter before returning to its normal magnitude.  The female's breath caught in her throat, she felt the overwhelming sensation of hope take a hold of her thin body.  Maybe someone out there was looking for her.  But how did she wind up here in the first place?  Did she come willingly or had she been forced?  Did the father of her child not want her anymore? 

Her head hung in defeat, so many questions that could never be answered.  But the hope still lingered.  Would she ever find what her heart knew was missing?


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