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Takes place the day after the chapter sixteen.

Then From Love Until Forever…
Chapter Seventeen: Together Forever

"Promise me you'll behave and have fun."

"Well, eh…I know I can promise to have fun…but behave? I don't know Kagome, all those gorgeous chicks in skimpy bikinis, I don't think I could possibly resist."

"That's ok, misbehave all you want little puppy. But I guarantee you'll be rolling in agony after you hear what naughty, exciting things I experienced in your absent."

"Are we so sure?"

"Absolutely positive."

"Fine. I'll be good boy, a depressed lonely boy, but a good one."

"Why because you'll feel terribly guilty for resisting such gorgeous babes?"

"No, because you won't be with me."

"I love you."

"I love you too."



"INUYASHA!" Kagome screamed sitting straight up in bed, beads of sweat dripped from her temples, while her breaths came out in short labored heaps.

"I am here, baby," Inuyasha whispered, rising from his spot to pull his wife down besides him, "what's wrong? Bad Dream?" he asked, stroking her hair and hugging her body to his.

Kagome nestled beside him realizing it was only a dream, a quaint smile on her lips, "Ermmm hmmm. When you hit the cab…"

Inuyasha chuckled, tucking her head underneath his chin, "You mean when the cab hit me?" God, that was such a long time ago. He waited for a response but he received none. Kagome had fallen back to sleep. Releasing a satisfied smile, he glanced across the dark room to the illuminated clock.

5:00 am

Damn, he was going to have to get up in a half hour, so he could get started. Today was the day. The day he would surprise his wife with a wedding to renew their vows. He had so much to get done. So did everyone else but frankly Rin and Destiny had the most difficult task. They had to get Kagome to believe that there was an important formal dinner party for the family's company so that they could get her ready for the wedding. Then get her on a jet that would take them back to their hometown without her suspecting a thing. The entire idea seemed impossible to him, but Rin assured him that she would pull it off though he hadn't the faintest clue as to how she would do it. No matter, today would go down as one of the best of his life.

"Oh, girl I'm so grateful that you are still mine…" Inuyasha quietly sang before tightening his hold on Kagome and drifting back into a light sleep.


"No, I refuse…" she retorted.

"Then I shall carry you…" he responded.

"I refuse that as well…" she remarked, her eyes beaming with defiance.

"Then you will not go…" he returned.

"What am I? Two?" she replied, feeling as if she were a child who was not allowed to do what she wanted.

"No, you are my wife. You have been placed on bed rest until the doctors know you and our child will not harmed if you are active."

"But, it's their wedding…" she whined, crossing her arms over her chest and sticking her lip out in a melancholy pout.

Sesshoumaru stared at Rin for a brief moment, "I retrack my comment," he said, watching her face grow with hope, "You are two."

"Argh!" Rin fell back against the pillows, covering her face with one and screaming as loud as she could into it.

It was too early in the morning to be arguing about this but he understood her frustration. They had argued about this million times since she was shot. Rin had always been an extremely active person and considering that yesterday doctors removed the sutures – Rin had hoped they would allow her to walk and do small things since she no longer had the threat of reopening her wound. However, the doctor advised at least another two weeks of bed rest for the safety of their child and her own self.

His eyes moved from Rin, who now silently laid with her arms outstretched and the pillow on still over her face to the wheelchair he had brought for her to use at Kagome's surprise wedding. He was even going to tell Destiny to decorate it with flowers and ribbons for her. But he should have know that Rin would have wanted to walk down the aisle as one of Kagome's matrons of honor instead of being wheeled down it.

"Could we…" her muffled voice was laced with desperation and defeat, more than likely figuring that he would not go for this idea either, "couldn't you just escort me, let me use you as a brace. It's only a few feet and I promise I will sit in the wheelchair the rest of the time."

"Do you promise," he asked, retrieving his watch from the nightstand.

Rin sat straight up, a grin plastered across her lit up face, "Yes…"

"Very well," he agreed, resisting the urge to cover his ears when her squeal of joy echoed throughout the room.

She got up on her knees and wrapped her arms around his neck since he was standing next to the bed, "Thank you," she whispered, soaking in his scent and the warm of his body, "you don't know how much this means to me."

Sesshoumaru's arms encircled her waist, his lips kissing her temples softly, "that is where you are wrong…because I do."


"Yeah, Inuyasha stopped by my room like twenty minutes ago before he left for the airport. So he should be with Miroku and you in a few hours. Sesshoumaru is leaving the office around nine to fly back home so he could help his mom and Kagome's mom with the arriving guest." Rin said into her cell phone, motioning for Destiny's attention from her spot on the couch of the family room. Destiny sat on the floor watching Lilo and Stitch munching loudly on her cereal.

"Destiny, honey, finish up your breakfast so you can go get your mom. We are going to have to leave soon."

The young girl looked away from the screen to look at her aunt, "oh-okay!" she said mimicking the little blue alien on the screen, "Tell my daddy not to forget grammy Kaede."

Rin smiled brightly, mouthing a silent okay to the child, "What did you say Sango?"

"I asked you to tell me your perfect plan," Sango said, her voice filtering into Rin's ear.

"Well, its simple actually. Destiny and I are taking her to Shantay's to get her hair, nails, and make-up done for the 'dinner party'…its simple, you all just think it is difficult."

"Yeah so you say. But how you are going to explain the tiara and the veil. Kagome is bound to notice those…she isn't like Inuyasha."

"Ah, yes I have that covered…the tiara is part of her costume…or so she will be told. The veil will attach to the underside of Kagome's mass of curls but the veil won't be added until right before we get to the Tama Mansion." Rin responded, confidently.

"Mmmm Hmmm," Sango's voice rang slightly sarcastic, "the big, white wedding gown might give you away."

Rin's chocolate eyes watched Destiny pop up with her bowl in hand and dart out of the room, undoubtedly to go wake her sleeping mother.

"Blindfold, my dear Watson. I am going to tell her that Inuyasha bought her a special dress for the occasion but that he wanted to see her in it first." Rin grinned, propping her cell between her ear and shoulder so she could use her arms to balance her self so she could get up and move to her wheelchair.

"Rin, you are unbelievable sometimes."

"Well, that is my specialty, after all."


"Ladies, we are beginning our decent, please make sure your seat belts are fasten securely. We may experience some minor turbulence," the pilot of the Tama Jet said over the intercom.

Destiny, who had been dancing in her gown for the upcoming event, whined softly, dragging her feet as she returned her to seat across from her aunt and next to her mother.

"Where exactly will we be landing Rin?" Kagome asked, raising her arms a bit so the flight attendant could buckle her belt since Kagome lacked the ability to see at the moment.

"Where the party is being held," Rin retorted nonchalantly.

"Honestly, Rin, how stupid do you think I am?"

Destiny giggled from her seat, "Very, mommie!"

Rin huffed, "I don't think she's stupid and frankly I haven't the slightest clue as to what she is talking about." And with that she crossed her arms and stuck her nose in the air not that Kagome could see her anyways.

"Why am I blindfolded?" Kagome asked, her hands running softly over the delicate fabric of the dress Rin and the attendant helped her get into only a short few hours ago, "I am sure Inuyasha would not mind me seeing the dress he wants me to wear. Really, how would he know if I even like it and would want to wear it at an important party such as this?"

"Hey, I am only doing what I was told," Rin defended, adjusting her own dress, and giving her niece a wink. Destiny giggled.

Kagome sighed knowing that she would get no further information form her good friend. Her fingers trailed the satin dress for the hundredth time, wondering what it looked like, what color it was, and why so there was so much effort being put forth to assure that she did not see the dress. One thing she did know for sure was that the dress was strapless, very tightly fitted around the waist and bodice, and flared out into an elaborate dress at the hips.

The day had started out quite strangely considering that she had been told nothing of this important party until her daughter had drug her out of bed and downstairs to Rin. The entire morning was spent at Shantay's, the city's most expensive and renowned salon. She received a French manicure, and a French pedicure. She watched as Madame Shantay fussed over her hair, not even asking what kind of style Kagome would like. Her hair was pulled up into a high ponytail and then curled around her head. Thin strands were pulled around her face, ears, and the base of her neck and a beautiful tiara was placed to finish Madame Shantay's masterpiece otherwise known as Kagome's hair. Rin and Destiny's nails and hair were done as almost the same way the only difference were the pale pink roses that laced around and within the curls. All three females also had their make-up done as well.

Then after the droning hours at Shantay's, the limo took them to the airport where Kagome then found out the that party was to be held in entirely different city and that her husband, brother-in-law, friends, mother and brother were already there. This idea thoroughly confused her but it wasn't until she was lead onto the private jet, blindfolded then helped in a dress that a was soon discovered as her party dress that she was not allowed to see. She had tried to coax her daughter into telling her what the dress looked like but she got no where, the only thing she did get out of Destiny was details of the girl's dress.

"The limo will be waiting for us," Rin said breaking Kagome's thoughts.

"Will it now?" Kagome responded, her eyebrow rising above the top folds of the cloth around her eyes. Her mind etched to know why there was so much secrecy being put forth for this party but there was no use. For once in her life, Rin was keeping her mouth shut.


The grand ballroom of the Tama mansion was decorated beautifully with pale pink, purple and white roses. There were matching colored candles and ribbons everywhere. He watched her closely from his spot in the large doorway. He studied her as she helped the caterer set up the tables for the reception later that afternoon. His wife had been singing, dancing, and smiling the entire day. Sango was not usually the bubbly type. Miroku's eyebrow scrunched together. There was no mistaking it...something was definitely up with her.

Sango was clearly in a good mood. A wicked smile graced his lips, whatever the cause of her pleasant attitude, he hoped that it was because of something he had done. That meant - Miroku licked his lips, his eyes sparked with passion - that meant he would be receiving mind-blowing sex very soon. Oh, yeah! Any intelligent male understood that to please the woman meant pleasing the little friend downstairs. He had to have done something to make her so happy because after all he was Miroku! He was every woman's dream; just his presence would gratify any female. So, undoubtedly he was the reason behind his wife's mood.

His feet began moving, his body started to sway and it was not long before Miroku was in full fledge dance of celebration. Suddenly he stopped all frolics, his face distorted slightly as he looked down and spoke, "Hey, no one asked you to pop up. You might as well calm down because we still have a long day ahead."

Miroku looked up and adjusted his slacks. Oddly the last part of his comment made him sorely depressed. His gloomy caprice quickly faded and was replaced with hot sensations in his cheeks. Across the room, not all that far from him, stood his wife and three other female servers laughing.

Well, at least his problem was gone...his little friend had run for cover.


It was mid-afternoon, Inuyasha smiled, everything was going as planned. He stood outside where the ceremony was to be held. His golden eyes fell to the old tree that held the memory of Kagome and his first kiss. It seemed like such a long time ago but yet it felt like just yesterday when they both were standing there watching the stars.

He had married her once, lost her, and now he would marry her again to mark the start of their second chance to live the way they were always meant to live. Naraku was facing two life sentences and no amount of money was going to buy his freedom. And even though it still pained him, Kikyou's death assured that the Shikon family would never infer with his again.

The clouds moved in the sky almost as if each was racing against time. The sunlight beamed through the branches of the tree. Inuyasha scanned the area. The chairs were all in place and almost all of the guests had taken their seats. Arches of sparkling shooting stars lined the isle while yards of pale pink and purple silks were draped over tall, white hooks around the perimeter of the wedding area. At the sound of his cell phone, Inuyasha walked away from the chattering guest and towards the mansion.

"Yeah," he said, noticing Rin's ID.

"We are here," the woman responded in a sort of hushed manner.

"Great, we will be ready to begin in about fifteen minutes." he replied, his voice laced with growing excitement. He could hear Sango in the background complimenting Kagome's dress.

"Alright, well please inform my great protector that I will be need of his services. Also, Kagome's mom is bringing my much hated wheelchair over to you to put in my place next to Sango during the wedding."

Inuyasha chuckled, "No problem, Rin. Well then I will see you in a little bit."

"I can't wait, Kagome's inquiries are starting to drive me crazy," Rin exclaimed, obviously a little louder than she intended.

"And being crazy would be abnormal for you because?"

"Oh, you..."

Smiling, Inuyasha cut her off, "fifteen minutes, Rin."

"Yeah, whatever." she retorted before ending the call. Inuyasha could tell he had ruffled a couple of feathers but she was Rin. Rin always forgave him.

He walked back over towards the tree, a quaint smile upon his lips. The beginning of the end had only just begun.


Kagome stood outside...that much she could tell. She heard music playing not far away and her friends fussing around her. She still had no idea what was going on or why she was still blindfolded.

"It's time," she heard Sesshoumaru state. Kagome frowned she didn't even realize he was there.

"Wait! We still have to attach this..." Sango replied and a second later, Kagome felt her friend's fingers messing with the back of her hair. Soft fabric hit both her shoulders and draped over her form. Kagome's eyes grew wide with realization.

"Oh my God...!"

"Sessy, I think its time to take of the blindfold, don't you think." Rin giggled.

"Mommie, you look so prettiful!" Destiny exclaimed.

Kagome was glad when the weight of the cloth around her eyes was removed. The sunlight immediately poured into her blue crystalline orbs, temporarily blinding her. After a couple of blinks she was able to make out dark shapes. Seconds passed and she saw a beautifully elaborate wedding ceremony. She stood under a large canopy just a few feet away from a white carpet isle. At least a hundred people sat in chairs on both sides of the lane and Inuyasha waited for her at the end.

A smile formed on her lips and tears gathered in her eyes...Inuyasha.

"He wanted to surprise you with a wedding to renew your vows." Sango spoke up as she moved the veil over Kagome's head.

Her entire body felt numb. Could she possibly love him more than she already did? She would have never imagined that he would go through such great lengths to surprise her and show her how much he loved her. Excitement began to build within her and it was only a matter of a few heartbeats before it sprang in all directions.

Destiny's giggle caught Kagome's attention as her eyes fell to her daughter. The girl had a smile bigger than the sky; she twirled in her beautiful dressing causing some the rose petals in her basket to fall out.

"It's time," Sesshoumaru repeated, walking over to the chair Rin sat upon and offering his arm to her. Sango handed Kagome her bouquet of roses with silver glitter decorating each flower.

Kagome tried desperately hard not to squeal and jump up and down like a schoolgirl as she watched the bridal party get into position. Destiny was first to follow the white carpet towards the crowd of people and her father. The young child skipped merrily down the path, singing and throwing her petals straight up into the air. Sango, Rin, and Kagome laughed while Sesshoumaru merely rose a single eyebrow at the girl's antics.

"A hundred bucks, says she runs out of petals before she reaches Inuyasha and Miroku," Sango choked out.

Rin grinned, "I'll take that bet."

"Oh, leave her alone. Obviously no one showed her how to be a flower girl," Kagome mused in response.

"Oh yes we did," Sango interjected turning her head to the side to address Kagome, "your daughter just has the attention span of her aunt here."

Rin and Sesshoumaru stood between Sango and Kagome, "I resent that!" Rin huffed.

"You would," Sango cheerily retorted before taking her leaving down the isle.

"Oh you little...get back here," Rin responded as she tried to walk forward after her friend but Sesshoumaru's arm restrained her.

Kagome more tears of joy formed in her eyes the second Rin and Sesshoumaru left her temporarily alone. Her life was absolutely perfect. She had the most beautiful daughter in the world. She had the love of a man that absolutely adored her. She had the life she had always dreamed of. She felt the stream of tears run softly down her cheeks and a cry of laughter escaped her lips when she saw Destiny drop her basket and run straight into her daddy's arms.

It was not long before it was her turn to walk down the white path. Time seemed to slow, and every emotion she had ever felt rushed at her like a avalanche. Her sparkling orbs examined the people as she passed. Friends old and new smiled at her. Her mother, brother, Shippo, and Kaede all looked upon her with great adoration. Kagome's smile only seemed to grow.

Sango arrived and moved to her spot next to the bride, soon followed by Rin who was escorted into her wheelchair by her husband. Sesshoumaru walked over and joined his brother's side. It was then that her ocean blues met the amber wood of Inuyasha. He stood waiting for her, holding their daughter. His own eyes sparkled with a bit of moisture and all the love he possessed for her radiated from them as if he possessed the sun in his orbs.

With every step closer Kagome had to fight off the urge to run to him. The anticipation was almost as bad as it had been the night of their reunion. The seconds were agonizing but within moments she was facing him, the only thing between them was her veil and as the preacher began to speak she heard him whisper, "I love you."


A soft melodic song filtered from the speakers during the reception. Guest mingled or sat around the tables finishing up remains of their dinner. Kagome and Inuyasha stood together, his arm wrapped securely around her waist, talking with old friends. Destiny sat on her aunt's lap squirming and giggling while her Rin's slender fingers tickled the child's sides. Sango and Miroku danced closely together in the center of the room as if the rest of the world did not matter to them.

"So are you going to tell me what has made you so happy lately?" Miroku's deep voice slid into her ear.

Sango felt tingles through her face, her lips stretching from ear to ear, "Maybe..." she teased.

"Was it something I did?" he replied hopefully, attempting to keep the naughty thoughts from his mind.

"I would say it was defiantly something you did."

Yes! Miroku's mind was in completely merriment and there was no doubt that he would have sex on his mind the remainder of the night. Unless...unless he could somehow talk his wife into briefly taking leave of Kagome and Inuyasha's reception. Not a bad idea...not a bad idea at all.

"I'm pregnant."

Lost in his own thoughts of various sexual fantasies he could ensue with Sango, he failed to register his wife words. Sango waited in his arms...waited for a response and wondering why there was none. After a full minute, she wondered what it would be like never to hear another thing again.

Miroku yelled a single word upon realization, "WHAT?"

"I'm pregnant you bozo..."

Sango was not able to finish before she was swept up into the air and twirled around and around, hoops and hollers jumping from Miroku's loud mouth.


Inuyasha and Miroku spent a good half an hour congratulating and toasting to each other. Sango, Rin, and Kagome fussed over baby shower plans and baby names. The sun had finally falling beneath the horizon and guest has begun to flood the dance floor. At the sound of the music stopping suddenly the wedding party and guests looked toward the DJ for an answer only to find a slightly inebriated Inuyasha and Miroku holding the microphone.

"We would like to play a little song, that will get it started in here!" Miroku said and ended with a brief impression of the song by the Black Eye Peas, "Lets get it started here in, ha!"

Sango slapped her hand over her face, muttering words under her breath, to calm down the flow of blood rushing to her cheeks.

"Yes, a song that everyone has to dance too. Including you, Sesshoumaru!" Inuyasha was next to say.

Sesshoumaru ceased his conversation with Souta and Kohaku and gave his little brother a stare that clearly stated, "Like hell I will."

"Yeah, so here is our song..." Miroku smiled and walked towards Sango. She yelped as he carefully dragged her to the dance floor.

Inuyasha laughed, "Lucky for you all, we aren't going to sing it. Our buddy here," he grinned slapping the DJ on the back when the music began, "Myouga, has the song on the Cd thingy."

Kagome rolled her eyes and as she watched Inuyasha move in her direction she decided to meet him halfway. Once she reached him, he snatched her up and began what some might call dancing. Her actions to join were soon regretted, she really should have ran screaming from the room.

Miroku hummed the introduction to Sango while he swung her to and fro. Sango pressed her forehead to his shoulder, hoping no one pay them any attention. He stopped dancing unexpected, only to pull her face up, look her straight in the eyes, and sing first verse of the song to her with all his heart.

I get such a thrill
When you look in my eyes
My heart skips a beat, girl
I feel so alive
Please tell me baby
If all this is true
'Cause deep down inside
All I wanted was you

All embarrassment faded at way, and her heart melted at his words. Her warm pink lips found his and she delighted in the taste of his mouth. But before the kiss could go any further, Miroku grabbed her hand and spun her around. She fell into a fit of laughter when he pulled her back against him and his body began moving perfectly instinct with the music. She found herself singing with him the chorus of the song. Their nose brushing against each other and sneaking small kisses between breathes of air.

Makes me wanna dance
It's a new romance
I look into your eyes
Best years of our lives

Kagome tried to keep her amusement hidden as Inuyasha moved them from one end of the dance floor to the other managing to hit every person in their path. It was nearly impossible to dance so fast in her dress but luckily Inuyasha hold on her would not allow her to fall. She laughed, God the both of them probably looked like a pair of stringed puppets. Inuyasha defiantly did not know how to dance to island music. But then again...did anybody really?

Inuyasha pulled her from her thoughts, his mouth came to her ear, his arms tightened around her, his movements slowed and he softly sang the second verse of the song,

When we first met
I could hardly believe
The things that would happen
and we could achieve
So let's stay together
For all of our time
ohh girl I'm so thankful
That you are still mine

"I love you, my angel," he whispered quickly before pecking her on the lips and picking her up to spin them around the dance floor some more.

Kagome could feel the joy of the song sing to her soul. Her head fell back on their second lap around the room squeezing him tighter to her. After a few moments, she pulled her head back up and grinned at Inuyasha, "I love you more," she responded back.

Makes me wanna dance
It's a new romance
I look into your eyes
Best years of our lives

The instant Destiny jumped off her lap to join the party, Rin's bottom lip poked from beneath her top one. Her arms folded and her head sunk. She wouldn't even look in his direction because she knew he would never...ever take her out there to dance. For a moment she wondered how she ended up with her polar opposite. But nonetheless, she loved him more than anything in the world. She sighed, she really, really, really wanted to dance, and her lip stuck out a little more. Maybe he wouldn't notice...HA! Fat chance.

Suddenly Sesshoumaru was in front of her and pulled her to feet. His arms encircled her waist as she braced herself on his shoulders. His face held the same classic look but her cinnamon orbs studied his amber hues and there was something in them she had never seen before. His hand came up to brush along her face as the third verse began. She knew that this was his way of showing her the connection of the song with his feelings and her smile lit up the room.

My world's a better place
'Cause I know you're mine
This love is so real
And it's no surprise
Come on and say, "Yeah"
I got a song
'Cause through the years
I'll be right by your side

Rin crashed her lips against Sesshoumaru's in a searing kiss. Her tongue fought his as she expressed her emotions to him. She could have never imagined her life without him. Even when the world tried to tear them apart a lifetime ago, their love - like Kagome and Inuyasha - withstood the test of time. Her smile spread across his lips when she was lifted off the ground and further into his embrace. He broke their kiss briefly only to stoically say, "You are...my life, Rin, you are the air that I breathe."

Makes me wanna dance
It's a new romance
I look into your eyes
Best years of our lives

Miroku and Inuyasha knocked into each as they yanked their partners up, down, over, and out. They eyeballed each other, glanced at their wives, and then took off together dancing and weaving between other couples. Sango and Kagome doubled over, holding on to each other in order to keep balance. Their lungs screamed for the oxygen that would not come because of the hilarity of it all. However, both females made a mental note to keep the alcohol away from their spouses the rest of the night.

See, you always consider me
Like a ogre, nothing
And treat me
Like a Notre Dame
I says why
I helped you keep my shine on
A perky little something
To keep my mind on
'Cause you had my mind gone

Her chocolate eyes darted back and forth. Sesshoumaru was behind her, talking to his mother from the sound of it. She quickly looked behind her and was pleased to see his back to her wheelchair. Her tongued darted out and wet her lips. She was going to make a run for it. If she could make it to Kagome and Sango then she could use them for support so he wouldn't completely kill her for going out there.

Taking a deep breath of air, and being as careful as she could, Rin quickly walked the short distance to the dance floor. Her face expressed all the anxiety and anticipation she obviously felt over being caught. But she really wanted to dance and her friends would make sure she remained safe. Upon reaching Kagome and Sango, let out a puff of relief and soon joined her dancing friends as they both held on to her. Kagome and Sango, though, only laughed even harder when they saw Sesshoumaru heading their way.

Aa-aa, aa-aa, aa-aa
Turn the lights on
Come on baby
Let's just rewind the song
'Cause all I wanna do is make
The rest years the best years
All night long

Sesshoumaru was not pleased, however, as he thought of different ways of kicking her ass without actually hurting her, he tried to understand that it was Rin's nature to be...well Rin. She watched him and gave him the 'I'm innocent' look the entire time. He would not fall victim, to that look - not this time.

Hiding behind Sango did not achieve what Rin had hoped. Sesshoumaru nonchalantly picked her up, placed her over his shoulder, stocked off the floor, and put her back in her wheelchair. She crossed her arms. Her face was red with annoyance and embarrassment. But like she always does when didn't get her way, her lip poked out again.

Sesshoumaru ignored her antics, walked behind the chair and preceded to push her back out unto the floor. Rin's eyes grew the size of saucers at his audacity to mock her. Her mouth fell open and a shocked sound emitted from her throat.

"There my dear," was all he said before returning to his mother.

Rin stuck her tongue at his retreating back, "Kiss my ass..." she remarked at her husband and her two friends after they fell over in convulsions of giggles. Her retort only made them laugh harder.

Makes me wanna dance
It's a new romance
I look into your eyes
Best years of our lives

Destiny ran up to Rin and pounced on her lap just as Miroku and Inuyasha returned from their trip down fairy lane. The small group circled and enjoyed the last chorus of the song. They had been through everything together - high School, college, the loss of Kagome, her return, and everything in between. Life would never be same was it was at that moment. But each one of them knew that they always had each other...forever.

Makes me wanna dance
It's a new romance
I look into your eyes
Best years of our lives


Two Years Later…

Rin rested her head against Sesshoumaru's chest. Sango laid in Miroku's lap. The children played on the small rug in front of them as they waited...and waited...and waited. Destiny would every so often get up and pace the small area before reluctantly giving up and sitting down with the two toddlers.

Phoenix giggled as she finally put the moon shaped block in the right hole; she looked up at her parents as smiled just like her mother. She looked like her father with her mother's smile and hair. Rin grinned back, knowing that Phoenix was Sesshoumaru's pride and joy. That child was his weakness and even at barely two years of age she already knew that she was daddy's little princess.

"Alex, push that button and see what happens!" the now seven year old Destiny encouraged Miroku and Sango's little boy. The toddler looked at the older girl, then back at his parents before pounding his hand on the plastic cash register. The drawer immediately popped open making him and Phoenix jump.

"Sir, put your cap on before you go in there," a nurse was heard saying down the hall.

"Feh, I'm getting to it woman."

The footsteps of the two people came closer to the group sitting in the small area, "Well it seems that Inuyasha has arrived," Miroku mused.

"Finally," Sango muttered.

Inuyasha passed the group, decked in the proper attire on his way to the maternity ward, the nurse trailing at his heels.

"I would not be surprised if the baby has already been born, Inuyasha," Sesshoumaru retorted when he saw his little brother.

"Shut up. So I am late...its not my fault!" the younger male cried as he stormed through the double swing doors and out of sight.

"Dude! He was stuck on the crapper for two hours because he decided to eat Mexican for lunch! How can it not be his fault?" Miroku busted out in a deep chuckle.

"Argh, Miroku I didn't want to hear that." Rin cried.

More hours passed. More waiting continued until the clock marked Kagome's tenth hour of labor. Suddenly the double doors swung open, revealing a smiling, sweaty Inuyasha. His facial features expressed pure joy which only grew when Destiny flew into his arms.

"WELL!" Miroku, Sango, and Rin yelled earning hushes from the people at the nursing station.

"It's a boy!" he responded, "I announced the birth of Jasper Tama to the world!" And as he finished, he spun Destiny in his arms. He had Kagome, he had Destiny, and now he had a son. His life could not get any better than this. For so long as he had his family and his friends...nothing could destroy the perfection he called his life. Forever...was the time he had to enjoy the memories of his story.


The End

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