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Chronicle I

It was dark, and the night was cool which was a relief after the hot sun that beat upon me this afternoon. But for some reason, I couldn't sleep.

"Mwt (mother)?" I asked as I poked my head from the silk covers.

Do my shock, she wasn't in her bed that was next to mine. I frowned and slowly slid out of bed, slowly standing on my wobbly legs and started walking. Walking was a little difficult since I just evolved from crawling, but I wanted to impress my mwt when she saw how grown up I was becoming. With this determination, I walked down the hall that was lit by torches that flickered shadows from the statues of our god Ra, Horis, and Osiris, and sometimes I saw the beautiful woman Isis, kneeling or standing.

"Mwt?" I called, still walking on wobbling legs down the hall.

I hoped to find her soon because my legs were going to fall out from underneath me and I'd be forced to crawl. But I wanted to impress Mwt so much that I tried walking a little faster.


"Whaaaaaaa. Whaaaaaaa."

I stopped, and listened. There was a baby crying, and it was coming from Auntie Neferhnd chambers and quickly made my way towards her golden door and grasped the doorframe, peering inside. There, sitting on a stool was Mwt, and my Auntie was in bed, a bundle in her arms.

"Mwt?" I asked and she looked up with a start, and smiled.

Mwt is a beautiful young woman, just reaching the age of sixteen, with beaded black hair that fell to her shoulders, and red die that painted her lips and finger nails. Her skin was evenly tanned, and her face held high cheek bones with big bright black eyes that anyone would adore. Especially my I't (father).

She slowly rose from the stool, her silk white, almost transparent shenti (skirt) swirling around her ankles.

"Atemu!" she cried and went to me picking me up, balencing me on her right hip. "What are you doing out of bed? You should be asleep young man."

"Mwt, is Auntie sick?" I asked, and Mwt smiled, shaking her head, the beads and braids flew everywhere.

"No mrw-t (love), Auntie Neferhnd is fine. But want to see something?" she asked, her mischeivious smile on her face and I nodded eagerly.

She placed me upon the edge of the bed and pointed to the bundle in Auntie's arms. Auntie Neferhnd is my Mwt's twin younger sister, but the only difference between them is she had shoulder length died red hair and she blue eyeshadow instead of green. Otherwise, they couldn't be told apart.

"Come here, Atemu," Auntie Neferhnd whispered and I crawled towards her and peered at the bundle in her arms, and smiled.

The baby had a chubby round face and wisps of blond hair on the infant's forehead. Just like me.

"Would you like to hold him?" she asked, holding out the baby.

He? Yay! I have a boy cousin I get to help take care of!

I happily held out my small arms and she carefully placed my baby cousin in them.

"Hold his head up," she warned and I did, and smiled down at the sleeping face.

"So, sister," Mwt said, smiling. "You were yet to tell me the name of your young son."

Auntie smiled, and stroaked the baby's face.

"I shall call him...Heba (Game)."

"Heba," I said and smiled down at him.

I liked that name.

"You aren't naming him after a god?" Mwt asked curiously.

"I was thinking about it, but...I feel this little one needs something different."

While my mwt and Auntie talked, I was talking to the baby.

"Hi, Heba," I said. "I Atemu. I takes lots of care of you!"

Heba continued to sleep, but it didn't bother me. Because when he grows up, I just know we were going to be getting along just fine.


"Prince Atemu!" Simon suddenly shouted and I started, jumping. "Are you awake?"

Sheepishly, I turned my face away from the window and my violet eyes fell upon Simon, my I't's follower and my tutor. With a sigh, Simon massaged the bridge of his nose and looked at me with stern eyes.

"Young Prince. You are the heir to the throne, and do you know what will happen if Hm-f (His majesty) would to die and you were to take the throne?"

I slowly shrunk down in my seat, dread turning my stomach.

"Kemet would...fall?" I asked.

"Correct! Kemet would fall into a disaster and you would be sending us all into the other world with no one to embalm us or anything!" he roared, starting one of his daily fits. "You are already eight years old and yet you can't seem to memorize anything in that bubble head of yours! What is to become of us all!"

Now I was getting bored, and straigtened up, resting my cheek on my fist as I stared at the hieroglyphs. What was so important about memorizing how to identify numbers on a papyrus sheet? Pharaoh's don't have to deal with numbers. They just sit on their ass all day saying, 'Oh off with your head, and kill that person, let him go, no kill him...yada..yada...ya.'

"Prince Atemu!" Simon suddenly shouted and I looked up with a start. "Were you listening to anything I've been saying?"

"Of course. You were complaining that I can't memorize a single number on this sheet and that I'll be the ruin of Kemet if my I't suddenly dies out of the blue and I become Pharaoh," I answered, studying my finger nails that were surprisingly clean.

I heard a fustrated sigh and Simon shook his head sadly.

"Let's call it a day, your highness," he said, and waved his hand. "Go on and play."

Rising up from my chair, I casually went for the door, but once I was a good ways down the hall I ran. My first step was the balcony to see if Heba was in the garden, sketching, and sure enough there he was. I smiled, eager to meet him down there, but I took a moment to watch him for a while. Heba had grown into a cute boy with hair just like mine, except tamer and had this lone bang that hung in the middle of his small forehead. His skin tanned immensly and he was thin, like me. But what I admire about him is his big beautiful purple eyes. I just love looking in them, especially when they were happy. They would light up, and somehow it would make me feel happy, and I like that feeling...well who wouldn't?

Breaking off from my thoughts, I hurried down the stairs and into the garden, hiding behind a papyrus clump. Heba was humming to himself, as he placed the sketch down and stretched, splashing his feet in the pool of water built from slabs of stone. Crawling on all fours, I slowly went towards him, and with both hands, pushed him in.

"Eep!" he squeaked as he fell in with a splash, and I laughed, crouching near the pools edge looking down into the water.

"Feel good doesn't it?" I asked with a grin, and he surfaced, giving me a pout.

"That wasn't funny," he protested and I chuckled.

"Of course it was. That's why I'm laughing."

Heba glared, and before I could react, he jumped from the pool and grabbed me around the neck, pulling me in and it was so sudden that I don't actually remember falling. I surfaced, coughing, and shot a glare at my laughing cousin.

"Awe, now you've done it," I said dangerously and plunged into the water, and glided towards my cousin, grabbing him around the waist and dunking him under.

Both of us resurfaced at the same time, and we both had our game faces on, waiting to see who would make the first move. Water lapped onto my face, and with a cat grin, splashed Heba in the face. From then on we had a huge water fight, and even splashed one of I't's High Priests, who scowled at us, and muttered about rude little boys.

I just stuck my tongue at his back and called him a pamiu (old tom cat) before grabbing Heba and dunking him under the water again.

"That's...(pant) not fair..Atemu. You're....(gasp) bigger then me!" Heba protested, and I pulled myself out of the pool, and wrung out my hair, smiling.

"Well, not my fault you ended up on the short side."

"What! Why you..." he scowled and grabbed my ankle, pulling me back in.

"Hey!" I shouted and splashed him and he splashed me back, and we started splashing each other again, laughing.

But the fun was cut short when _he_ came along.

"Are you too having fun?" came a cold voice and we looked up to see our older cousin, Seito, a priest in training, and he was alwasy cold towards both of us.

"Yes, but then you go on and ruin it with your presense," I said rudely and climbed out of the pool, wringing out my hair and shenti (skirt).

Heba climbed out after me, blowing a piece of blond hair from his face and wrung out his shenti.

"Heba," Seito sneered. "You're not wearing your gold pieces. Don't you know that the gold shows your authority?"

"You're just jealous because you're not even close to being the heir to the throne," I muttered and Seito's blue eyes flashed dangerously.

"I would hold that tongue young cousin. Heir or not, you can be punished if you are rude to the messenger to be of the gods."

"I thought only pure people could be priests."

I had the satisfaction in seeing Seito bare his teeth at me.

"Shut up, Atemu," he snarled and turned towards Heba who was staring at us with worried eyes. "Who are you staring at?"

"Depends. Atemu or the cobra," Heba answered, folding his arms.

Whoa. I never knew Heba could talk back like that. Seito must have known he wasn't going to be getting our tempers up anytime soon, so held his nose up high, sniffed, and started walking out of the garden, like he was some god or something.

"That stuck up little..." I growled, starting to follow him, but Heba grasped my arm, shaking his head.

"Let him go."

I could never deny my cousin and nodded, letting it go like he said, and turned to look at him. The sun reflected off the droplets of his face, causing his skin to shine, and his eyes held rainbow lights, dancing upon the surface. Unconsiously, I slid a hand onto his cheek, staring at him, before my mind woke up and I dropped my hand, turning.

"Let's go to the kitchen. I'm hungry after the big water war."

"Okay," Heba said with a big smile and followed after me.

Heba always did love food. In the kitchen, we were unlucky to meet with one of I't's advisors, who was tall, old, and ugly. He bowed to us, his thin lips pressed together and he smiled a devil grin.

"Greetings young Prince Atemu, Heba," he said and held out a tray with a cup of chilled wine. "Won't you have a drink?"

Heba's eyes brightened and he reached for it, but I snatched it up first.

"Hey!" he complained, and I looked closely at it for any signs of different color of smell.


"Atemu, I want to drink some!" Heba said, but I shook my head.

I didn't trust it, but I didn't want to dump it. The advisor would tattle on me that I was waisting good wine and I would get in trouble. So I drank it. All of it, so Heba wouldn't be tempted to do so too. Once I finished, I smirked, placing it back down.

"Thank you," I said, and started out of the kitchen.

"Atemu! Wait for me!" Heba shouted, running after me.


My eyes snapped open, and I felt a great weariness fall upon me and I groaned, wiping sweat from my brow. Where was I? I tried getting up but my body felt like a huge weight and couldn't even twitch an eyelash. Everything was swirling together and I couldn't concentrate, and I squeezed my eyes shut, a few tears falling from my lashes.

"Someone help me," I croaked, and I immediately felt a hand upon mine and I tiredly looked up to see purple eyes staring sadly into mine.

"Atemu? Atemu please don't die!" he begged, tears falling from his big eyes. "They said...they said you wouldn't live..."

"What...happened?" I asked, squinting to keep his face in focus.

"I don't know," he said regrettablely. "I heard the doctor say something about poison! But...he's wrong, isn't he?"

"Heba," I whispered and reached for his face, and I could feel cool tears upon his face, then winced.

My body hurt, and it was getting hard to breath and my hand slipped from his face to clamp to my chest, panting. Arms wrapped around my head and I was barely aware of Heba's sweet embrace.

"Heba," I murmured and looked up and reached up to touch his face, but my fingers drew back as his face changed into a young man's with ageless features and deep peircing black eyes.

I drew back in fear, and then noticed I wasn't in bed anymore, but standing, feeling perfectly healthy and flushed as I realized I wasn't clothed at all.

"Who are you?" I asked, not meeting his eyes.

"My son," he said gently, and held out his hand. "Come, it is time to go."

"Go where?"

"To the Other World where your heart will be judged," he answered, and my eyes widened.

"Lord Osiris?" I asked, and he nodded.

"It is time for you to go," Osiris repeated and I nodded, reaching for his hand.


My head whiped around looking everywhere.

~Atemu! No, Atemu! Come back, please come back!~

"Who is calling me?" I asked, looking around. "A voice...he sounds familiar."

~Atemu! Please come back to me! Atemu!~

"Who is he, Lord Osiris?" I asked curiously, and Lord Osiris waved his hand and a light appeared behind me.

I turned to see myself upon my bed, still, and unbreathing, while a young boy sobbed over me. My heart ached and I gently touched the image of the boy, tears filling my own eyes. The boy shakily stroaked my pale face and I saw blood dribbling down his lower lip, and I guessed he accidently bit it.

"Heba," I whispered, my fingers brushing his image. "Heba, no don't cry. I'm coming back Heba, please wait for me!"

I turned to see Osiris watching Heba with a little bit of amusement and interest, and I felt some kind of emotion boil in me.

"Lord Osiris," I said, and fell to one knee. "I'm sorry, but I can not die yet, Heba needs me."

"The world is filled with pain and bitterness. The paradise that awaits hold undieing happiness," he said.

"Yes, I know," I answered with a small smile. "But what kind of happy world would it be without Heba?"

Osiris looked at me with judging eyes before nodding, and even smiling.

"I knew you would make the right choice," he muttered and nodded towards the image. "Bitterness and harship is the harsh desert that scorches a travelers back, but in every desert there is a flower. A desert flower that gives hope and love. I've found mine, will you find yours?"

I was puzzle by his riddle, but nodded and turned towards the image, and a light filled my vision. When my eyes snapped open, it took me a moment to realize I was hearing sobs filling my ears.

"Heba," I whispered and I slowly drew myself up and looked up to see I't, Mwt, and a healer behind him, but I'm afraid I didn't notice them.

My eyes only were on Heba, who stared at me with watery eyes and hugged me tightly and kissed me. It was a small peck on the lips, and since he was five he probably meant it as a friendly gesture, but it had a great impact on me. I flushed, and touched my lips gently, staring at him, as he smiled at me.

"Atemu! I'm glad you didn't leave me!" he said smiling, and everyone in the back started talking in murmurs, my parents praising the healer, muttering of all the gifts he would be rewarded for curing me.

But I knew it wasn't the healer, but I wasn't going to say it. The healer could use the rewards and praises, but my eyes continued to stare at Heba. The real one who drew me out of death. And from then on, my brotherly love for him was no more. Instead, it was replaced my firey passion for him. I felt love for him, and not as a family member.


Two years passed, and now I was now mired with scrolls, learning how to catch a flaw in treaties and was gnawing my lip in fustration when I could find nothing wrong with a particular one.

"Simon," I complained. "I see nothing wrong with this one!"

Simon sighed in frustration, and a tanned hand pointed to somewhere in the middle.

"If I may speak, Prince Atemu, Master Simon," came a deep voice behind me. "But I just wanted to say look at this part. Here it says that they will give you five thousand cows for four thousand bottles of our beer. Now what is wrong with this? Think."

My eyes wandered up towards the ceiling as I thought, and looked at my favorite High Priest, and Guardian, Mahado, for help, but his blue eyes only showed that he was waiting.

"Um...we don't have space for five thousand cows?" I asked.

Simon moaned in frustration, but Mahado smiled with patience. I guess he was used to stupid answers like mine because of his apprentice, Mana. A pretty young girl with thick long blonde hair and big bright green eyes.

"Think a little deeper. Why can't we trade the cows for the beer for this country? They said that when we give them the bottles of beer, they'll give us the cattle. And we need more cattle to create milk, cheese, and all sorts of food. And we need the meat of the cows to feast upon. Now what's wrong with this?" Mahado asked.

With a groan, I pressed both hands to my head and stared at the contract, my eyes roaming from one place to the other, hoping some answer would come to me! Suddenly, I could hear someone breathing in my ear and slowly looked up to see Heba looking over my shoulder. I quickly looked away, hoping my face wasn't too red.

"H...hey, Heba," I gulped. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to see what was taking you so long," he answered, still staring at the hieroglyphs.

I coughed and he looked at me.


"Opps, sorry," he said and took a step back, moving more to my side then from behind me.

I glanced at Heba, who was bent over the contract and couldn't help notice how beautiful he was looking today. His golden bangs fell into his face, and he looked so cute as he was concentrating. His eyes were staring hard at the table, and his lips were pursed together, while his fingers tapped the table nervously.

Sighing, I tore my eyes away from him and started searching for that flaw. For what seemed like hours, I sighed with fustration and sat down in my chair.

"I can't find, I give up and pass it!" I said, reaching for the ink pot, but Heba's hand suddenly grasped mine.

"But Atemu," he protested. "The people don't have cows."

I frowned.


"Remember. The people of this country are famous for sheep. They don't have any cows. And if we sent our beer first, they could run off with it without having to pay."

I blinked dumbly, feeling really stupid that I didn't figure this out, and slowly rose, patting Heba upon the shoulder.

"Okay, it's official, Heba's the New Pharaoh," I said.

Heba stared at me, then laughed.

"Don't be silly, I wouldn't want to take what's rightfully yours. Besides, I know you will make a great Pharaoh someday, Atemu," he said, with his special smile.

I felt my cheeks flush, and I scratched the back of my head in embarrassment.

"T...thanks," I murmured, and looked up at him, feeling shy.

"If I do become Pharaoh, you will be there to support me, right?" I asked, and he hugged me tightly.

"Of course I will. I'll be your number one follower!" he said excitedly, then his eyes went wide, and gasped. "I forgot! Mwt wanted to fit me for the dinner tonight! I'll see you later."

Heba's arms slid from me and he started running out of the room.

"Do I sense something in the air?" Mahado murmured in my ear, causing my heart to jump.

My cheeks must have been bright red, and I quickly looked away.

"What makes you say that?" I asked.

"Just a hunch," he said and winked, and I quickly left the room, despite Simon's protests that we weren't done, before I was going down the hall.

And joy, Seito appeared and he grinned at me like a cobra.

"Hello, my dear cousin," he said slowly and I started to quicken my pace, but unfortunately Seito was taller then me, so was able to keep up with my pace easily. "I think you would like to know that I've seen a vision of death."

"Great," I muttered. "Did I die from a cobra or did I drown in the river?'

"Oh, no. It wasn't about you," he said shaking his head, his cobra grin growing.

Now my interest was up.

"Who?" I asked, no, demanded.

"I certain little brat who was murdered my a Pharaoh's hand," he answered, and I turned on him angrily.

"My I't would never hurt Heba!" I shouted, glaring, and I felt uneasy as he stared at me with cool eyes.

"Who says that I'm talking about your I't?" he asked, and I frowned in puzzlement, when my eyes widened.

"No, you liar!" I shouted and punched him in the face.

Seito cried out in pain, as he fell to the ground, clutching his red cheek, and stared at me with shock.

"Liar!" I shouted again. "I would never shed a single drop of Heba's blood!"

He sniffed, as he rose back up, and stared at me with narrowed cold eyes.

"Oh, that's what you say now. But how do you kow what you will do in the future? The vision was sent by Osiris himself, and it was vivid. More vivid then the dreams of your death. Your death is unclear, and many possibilities come up, but Heba's is clear. And it's clear that his death has to do with you. So, tell me. Why do you hate Heba?" he asked, taking a step forward.

I slowly took a step back, angry rising in my chest.

"I don't hate Heba! I lo-" I was about to shout, but stopped, clapping a hand over my mouth.

But it seemed Seito understood what I was going to say. His narrowed eyes widened, and he took a step back.

"Disgraceful," he hissed, before turning to leave.

I grabbed his arm, and despite my short height, I was able to slam him against the wall.

"Now you listen," I hissed, putting all my hate and anger into my words. "It's obvious you know my secret, and you better keep it like it was your own. Because if I find out I't heard one breath of it, I will send your soul to the Realm of Darkness and your body will be mindless and left to be eaten my the crocodiles. Do I make myself clear?"

For the first time, Seito looked shaken, and nodded frantically before I released him.

"Good," I said and walked away from him, feeling his eyes upon my back.

The more I put distance between me and my idiot cousin, the more I felt better, and my heart lightened when I realized I was getting close to Heba's room. I stopped at his chambers and gently knocked.

"Come in!" my Aunt called and I opened the door, poking my head in.

Auntie was sitting on a stool, Heba sitting on her lap, and both were facing a full length mirror.

"Ah, Atemu. Here to watch your cousin get dressed for the big dinner?" she aske, and Heba slid from her lap, and wrinkled his nose as he shook some braids off his shoulder.

His usual star shaped hair style was now braided, and all of them fell to his shoulders and made little nosies when he turned his head. His usual shenti was replaced by a white one with a golden waistband and a rings on his fingers, and golden manacles on his wrists and forearms. He looked so beautiful, I wanted to do...something, but didn't, and only smiled.

"Cute," I said and Heba blushed and smiled.

"I think it's a little to much..."

"No, nonesense. You look like a Pharaoh already!" I said and his face turned red, and some of it creeped down his neck.

"And now its time for you to get dressed," came a voice behind me and I turned to see Mwt with clothing and cold in her arms.

"Awww," I complained, but she took my arm and dragged me towards the bathing room and pushed me in.

"Scrub behind your ears and don't forget to clean the dirt on your neck," she instructed and I grudgingly did so.

Once I was done, a servant dried me with a towel and dressed me. A white shirt tucked into a golden waist band, with a white shenti down to my knees. My hair was combed and perfumed and I felt the cold eye liner being painted under my eyes. I waited patiently as they threaded golden anks into my ears that dangled down and a beaded gold neckalce with a scarab in the middle that hung at the neckline of my shirt and was tied at the back. Mancles were slid onto my forearms and wrists and rings were placed upon my fingers. Last of all was my crown with the eye of Horus in the middle that was slid onto my forehead and I stepped out of the bathing area. Mwt clapped, and Auntie curtsied.

I blushed from their compliments, then my eyes went to Heba, who hid behind Auntie, and stared at me, his cheeks flushed, and he gave me a shy smile.

"Aren't you the little Prince of Kemet," Mwt teased, and I blushed.

"Mwt," I complained.

"Oh don't be so modest," she said, and placed a hand on my head. "You're going to have all the girls after you."

"No I won't," I protested weakly, and I glanced at Heba, who was playing with one of his braids, and avoiding my eyes.

Suddenly, Mahado poked his head in, knocking softly.

"Sorry to interrupt, but guests are arriving," he announced.

"Thank you, Mahado," Mwt said and he nodded before leaving, and I glanced at Heba who was looking at me.

"Ready?" I asked, and to my surprise he grasped my hand.



So, how was the first chapter? I wanted to try something new, because Yugi always ended up the slave, and Yami always the Pharaoh, so what if they were cousins, and related? I mean, it's not uncommen in Ancient Egypt, since Pharaoh's marry cousins, foregin woman, sisters, and daughters. A little wrong, but they wanted to keep the bloodline pure. Sorry, I'll shut up.